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Do you know about Iron Man’s weaknesses?

Do you know about Iron Man’s weaknesses?

Iron Man

Tony Stark has been very successful in the field of superhero movies. He is a famous actor nicknamed ‘Iron Man’ of Marvel. Since Iron Man appeared on the small-screen in 2008, it has become the perfect start of the Marvel Cinema Universe. Currently, there are many comics with content related to strong emotions about Ego, the Living Planet. So you can easily capture the content of the movies that made for ol ‘Shell-Head. For over a decade, in the comic and movie versions, Tony has proven to everyone how great a hero is. With intelligence and foresight, he designed dozens of different Iron Man suits. Iron Man leads the Avengers and he uses nanoparticles to build special armors. Hulkbuster is one of Tony Stark’s super products.

Obviously, Iron Man is a super soldier. He is very strong. But … do you know that he also has weaknesses? Iron Man is just a human inside a superior armor. The leader of the Avengers and CEO of Stark Enterprises had a lot of minus points. Some of Iron Man’s minus points will be bad if you compare them to other superheroes. Learn about Iron Man’s weaknesses!

Does he want a heart that is made from palladium?

Iron Man 2

We will come to Iron Man’s first weakness. This is a weakness that you can see clearly. Tony Stark doesn’t have a strong heart like the armor he’s wearing. You can learn more about this weakness through the scenes of Iron Man working with Spider Man. Iron Man spends most of his time advising young Spider Man. He is trying to redeem his past mistakes. But if we talk biologically, Iron Man’s heart has a normal beat and it is the heart of a normal person. In some MCU films, we know that Tony created an arc reactor to power an electromagnet. This technology keeps shrapnel from crashing into Tony’s heart.

We also know that in the comic version, this technology has been mentioned. So, what happens if this system fails? Can an EMP explosion bring death to Tony? This is absolutely possible!

In Iron Man 2, we see Tony’s desperation. He needs to make sure that the arc reactor still works normally. Because the palladium core of the arc reactor has encountered a problem, it affects badly to Tony. Until Tony could create a new armor, he looked down at the gun barrel with shrapnel piercing through his heart. This is one of the few weaknesses we don’t know about Iron Man. For some reason, they do not appear on both comics and movies. In Iron Man 3, we saw Tony undergo an operation. He succeeded in removing the last piece of shrapnel. But during the comic, Tony was healthy during Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s 2005 “Extremis” arc. If you watched the movie Iron Man, you know that this has a big impact on the story!

The second weakness: Tony’s big ego

Iron Man 3

We come with Tony’s second big weakness, he has a big ego. This is Iron Man’s biggest weakness and he cannot change it. However, it is not difficult to understand when talking about this weakness. We know that Tony is a technology billionaire. Look at the successes and achievements that Iron Man has achieved, what else do you want? Tony is so good, so successful, and he thinks he’s the best! If you compare him with technology billionaires in real life, do you think they have a small ego? I don’t think so, even when I’m talking about a billionaire that hasn’t really saved the world!

In the Marvel universe, we have a lot of superheroes. They may be humble superheroes, but Tony is not. In the Avengers, do you see Iron Man’s angry face when he talks to Steve Rogers? Remember the scene Tony uttered the words “genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist”. Tony clearly showed his ego in the “contest” with Captain America. After that, you can see the battle scene between Iron Man and Thor, a true god. And what did Tony say? If he has an armor that shoots energy, it can be pushed back! This is a very interesting example!

Tony’s ego, once again, caused serious trouble. He created Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Reason? Tony wants to assert his ego! Tony cheated Captain America and his companions in Captain America: Civil War. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man doesn’t care about Sniper Man. One of the most interesting small-screen scenes for Tony’s ego you know. That’s when Tony raised his hands in a Christ’s pose, and the bombs exploded behind! (Iron Man movie)!

Tony has a link to become a villain

Iron Man 4

Next, we come to another interesting aspect of Tony. Through the episodes about Iron Man, do you think Tony is a fool? Stan Lee once stated that he likes challenges. Lee wants to create a special character that fans will hate, a person. But, if you’re a superhero, I’m sure fans will love you. And Lee created Tony Stark, a billionaire with a big ego. In the first episodes about Iron Man, we found that Tony had rude behavior. Another example, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony said that he has no concept of saving!

On the comic side, fans have mentioned one of the greatest examples of Iron Man’s rude behavior. It was in his past and the comic series AXIS 2014. In the comic version, the superheroes and villains in the Marvel universe will have “links”. These links open up new interesting stories in which we have superheroes to become villains. And we have Tony, a selfish man with a big ego. The billionaire focused on making money by selling special technology and dangerous weapons. And if you read the end of the series, Tony is actually one of the few characters that can’t return to the old link. Tony has become a true villain. But this is not good and the Marvel universe needs to help him!

Lol don’t stress, just kidding. In fact, Tony found a way to get back to his true nature. But the ego haunted him! We are glad Tony is not a villain. I hate the scene where the Hulk smashed the Iron Man armor!

And Tony … has a problem with alcoholism

Iron Man 5

Comic fans will know this secret through color comics. Iron Man once fought against Justin Hammer, Whiplash or even Thanos. These are dangerous battles, but they are not the biggest battles of Iron Man. You know, Tony is just a normal person. And he … has a problem with alcoholism. One of many comics has talked about this social issue. It was in the 70s and 80s, when the government was struggling to deal with issues like homelessness and drugs. In the Demon in a Bottle comic, Iron Man’s enemies are Whiplash, Justin Hammer, and a very powerful enemy … alcoholism. Being a superhero in the Marvel universe could not help Iron Man get rid of the B list. On small-screen, you may not have seen Tony’s alcoholism. But in the comics, this is one of the best arcs about Iron Man!

This interesting story became the basis for the scenario of the movie ‘Iron Man 2’. As you can see, both Hammer and Whiplash appear in ‘Iron Man 2’. This is similar to what you read in comics. But … Tony’s alcoholism was not on the movie version. Why is it not part of this movie? Yes, writer Justin Theroux answered this question that the film crew did not want to bring the bad image of Iron Man in front of the children. A thirteen-year-old audience will not want to see a drunken Iron Man.

This weakness of Iron Man has appeared again in 2011’s Fear Itself. We see Tony not really awake when meeting Thor’s father (Odin). What do you think when a drunk person tries to convince Odin to stop the Serpent and save the earth?

Tony is just a man in a powerful suit! No more!

Iron Man 6

Iron Man had a lot of fans because of some spectacular fighting scenes on the big screen. People will remember the amazing Iron Man armor Hulk used in Age of Ultron movie. And do you remember Tony’s first armor compared to armor against Iron Monger in Iron Man movie? And the fierce battle at the end of Iron Man 3 movie? When was the last time you saw Tony’s armor? In Infinity War, Tony appears with Kamen Rider-esque super-battle armor to fight Thanos. We see that Tony always upgraded his armor. Through each movie, we see Iron Man appear with another armor, and new features!

The Iron Man armor is a powerful fighting machine. Of course, Tony is the one who controls the armor. He has talent, and he is very rich. But the fact shows that Tony is just a normal person when he doesn’t have the ‘Iron Man’ armor. You know, Iron Man is quite clumsy when he’s in danger and he’s far from the armor! Even Captain America had a special training course to help Iron Man’s combat abilities become better. And that is in comics! But all is not enough, in a physical battle with real warriors, Tony is weak! Iron Man is only dangerous when his armor is active.

In the battle against Cap’s team (in the Civil War movie), the Iron Man armor still works normally. And if Tony’s supercomputer is turned off, he won’t be able to face the enemy. I know that Tony has a brain of genius. He is very intelligent. But Tony could not become a good martial arts master. Tony is just a superhero when he has the Iron Man armor!

Iron Man has a history of violence

Iron Man 7

 In Marvel, we have interesting superhero stories. They are good but their shadow is not. Clearly, this is an interesting impulse that Marvel creates. For some superheroes in MCU, their enemies appear after they have the position of a heroic identity. These superheroes are introduced by their bad past. With Tony Stark, he sold special weapons and dangerous technology to the highest bidder. This is also one of the reasons that Tony is a rich man before becoming a superhero. Tony’s customers are government, mercenaries, and black market. In the first two Iron Man films, Marvel did not hide Tony’s bad past. They used these facts to introduce Tony and they helped him redeem his mistake. And in the comic version, we have “Armor Wars“, another interesting story about Iron Man Tony Stark!

Tony was obsessed with his ego, and there was his past too. Marvel has many superheroes that are always obsessed with the past. But the enemies that come out of Tony’s past have one thing in common. They have modern equipment with high technology. Because they own Tony’s products. Have you got it yet? Tony needs to become a superhero to stop the bad guys who use his weapons to threaten the world!

Wealth doesn’t last forever

Iron Man 8

Every superhero needs secret bases. If Batman has a bat cave, Green Arrow has arrow cave, Iron Man will have a base of his own. For a billionaire that everyone knows, Tony doesn’t need to hide his base. It is a company and his butler is a super robot. Can you understand what I am saying? Tony’s base is really a high-tech treasure! In the Marvel world, Tony spends money in a way you can’t imagine. But maybe other superheroes don’t pay attention to this. Maybe, they don’t need money!

But this is Tony’s weakness … If Thor doesn’t depend on anything (because he’s a god), Tony is a normal person. Once Stark Enterprises’ profits fall, how will Tony continue his scientific research? Those are high-tech toys, and Tony needs a lot of money to serve them! I don’t think Tony has any other sources of income.


Iron Man 9

MCU has come a long way over 20 films. For the first time since Tony Stark defeated terrorists in a metal armor. Then we see Iron Man fighting the aliens. Galactic battles … when even Iron Man’s enemies are demons. And as I said, the Iron Man suit has improvements through movies. It’s hard when you compare technology with magic. Sorcerer Supreme and Doctor Strange are two typical examples. But I can say that, compared to magic, Tony’s technology has weaknesses. It needs money to create upgrades. And while magic can help you see the future, move to another place in a snap, technology is impossible!

In the Marvel Universe, it seems that the superheroes that are related to science cannot resist magic. Tony Stark is not really dangerous when he deals with threats coming from magic. When an enemy has magic, we need Doctor Strange and Thor, or someone but not Iron Man! Don’t think you saw Iron Man as the Sorcerer Supreme in comics. It is an alternative future. This is very likely to happen in Marvel comics. An alternative future and in it, Iron Man becomes the Sorcerer Supreme!

The family drama!

Iron Man 10

Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina once said that you will easily recognize happy families because they are the same. But with unhappy families, they have many different troubles. This is applicable to our Iron Man. At the time when Tony started acting, he got into trouble with his family (in family movies). And when Tony came to MCU, Tony was different. He trusts Obadiah Stane. Even Tony almost killed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers!

In Marvel’s comic version, family problems are even worse. Tony is constantly obsessed with his family history. This has been repeated many times when Tony went bankrupt. In the 2016 International Iron Man series, we know an interesting secret. Iron Man’s mother is Amanda Armstrong, an agent of the organization S.H.I.E.L.D.! And Tony’s father is an agent of H.Y.D.R.A.! Amanda killed some members H.Y.D.R.A. Later, she gave Tony to Howard and Maria Stark. That is interesting information. This is too little but it can help us better understand Iron Man’s strange person!

Tony’s extra life is all used up

Iron Man armor

Speaking of International Iron Man movies, we have 2017 Invincible Iron Man. In this episode, Captain Marvel almost killed Tony Stark in Civil War II. Well, don’t be confused with the 2006 Civil War comics and the movie Captain America: Civil War 2016. Back in Invincible Iron Man, Tony has been in a coma for a while. After that, he recovered. But it was the last reboot of the system!

During Tony’s life, he tried hard to upgrade the Iron Man armor. Tony wanted the armor to be perfect, and he put too much effort into it. But, like a computer, Tony stuffed too many files at once. At the time when Tony was in a coma, his body asked to restart the original installation. And this cannot be done twice. Therefore, if Tony meets an opponent who can bring him to death, our Iron Man will not be able to revive!




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