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Jackie Kennedy and things that you probably don’t know!

Jackie Kennedy and things that you probably don’t know!

Jackie Kennedy and things that you probably don't know!

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is the most talked-about woman in the world, through the New York Times (1970). She often appears with big sunglasses and she is a quiet person, according to E! Online.

Born into a famous family, the former first lady couldn’t avoid the eyes of the reporters. She was born on July 28, 1929 at Southampton, N.Y. The New York Times said that in the first year of the F. Kennedy presidency, the White House became a living stage. There were over 56 million people watching Jackie’s tour, and she became a fashion icon with pillbox hat, Givenchy, and Chanel.

And no one could imagine that JFK was shot in Dallas, Texas when he was in a limousine with Jackie – sitting in the back seat, according to NBC News. Jackie then talked about the assassination on The Seattle Times that she could see JFK’s skull thrown. But in this article, we are not talking about the assassination; we will talk about Jackie Kennedy Onassis!

Is she always polite?

Is she always polite?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is a beautiful and talented woman. When asked by The New York Times about her German Shepherd, Jackie described him thin, tiny, gay interior decorator, and he helped her in arranging the apartment. They met in the elevator and she almost stepped on him!

In an interview in 1964, Jackie talked about Lady Bird Johnson, US President Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife: “she is a trained hound” and “prune” is the word that Jackie said about Indira Gandhi, information from NBC News.

Jackie doesn’t want to talk about Martin Luther King, she despises him. Through the story of Jackie, Robert Kennedy said that King made fun of funerals. Jackie added that King arranged an orgy in the hotel in March 1963 in Washington.

She remarried and everyone criticized the marriage!

She remarried and everyone criticized the marriage

Jackie Kennedy remarried to Greek businessman Aristotle Onassis on October 20, 1968. At that time, the media criticized her, typically The Washington Post: “A saint has left America”, or Swedish newspaper Expressen: “How can you do that, Jackie?”, The New York Times: “People in NYC are sad and angry” while “gods are unhappy” is what The Washington Post said!

Five years after the assassination of JFK, Jackie’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis took place on Skorpios Island.

However, the Telegraph said that it was an unhappy marriage. After the death of his son Alexander – 24 years old (plane crash in 1973), Aristotle called Jackie a witch. The Telegraph says Aristotle is rich but aggressive. He was superstitious and blamed Jackie for breaking his heart – according to Time!

The coldness of Jeackie

The coldness of Jeackie

Before coming to John F. Kennedy, Jackie was engaged to John Husty Jr. – a stock broker. She ended her relationship with John Husty Jr. in 1952, according to The Telegraph. However, the reason why Jackie left Husty is so bad. Jackie’s mother, Janet Auchincloss, told Jackie that Husty earned $ 17,000 a year (via People), and then she ended her engagement with Husty!

Husty said that Jackie was as cold as ice, she took off the engagement ring and put it in his jacket pocket. He feels Jackie like a stranger. But J. Randy Taraborrelli of People said that Jackie is not a bad person, her decisions are affected by her mother. And Digest Digest also said that Jackie’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to have trouble with money!

JFK is an infidelities person!

JFK is an infidelities person

In the book The Dark Side of Camelot, Seymour Hersh said that JFK has sexual contacts every day. In a letter from Jackie (according to The New York Times), she said JFK is a bit like her father. She said that in love, JFK likes to hunt but when he has conquered you, he will be bored. After getting married, JFK will get angry with you and date another girl!

She wanted to divorce JFK

She wanted to divorce JFK

Newspapers talk about John F. Kennedy’s lovers. People say that the US president has ambiguous relationships with trainees at the White House, Mimi Alford and Judith Exner. He also had time to date with actress Marilyn Monroe. In the book A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams, author Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince said that Jackie intended to divorce. And if this becomes true, Jackie is the first woman to divorce her husband when he is a president, according to Daily Mail!

Daily Mail said JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, wanted to stop the divorce. He gave Jackie a check worth one million dollars. However, Jaskie did not agree. She said that if it was twenty million dollars, she would stay!

Jackie’s mother and her sister Janet Auchincloss all supported divorce. They think she needs to do that when her husband has many relationships with other women. Author J. Randy Taraborrelli revealed that Jacki had thought about divorce at least twice.

Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy have a showdown?

Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy have a showdown

In the book These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie, author Christopher Andersen says that Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are rivals. Jackie thinks that Monroe destroyed her marriage, according to The Telegraph. On Monroe’s side, she asked her friends if she was like the first lady!

Andersen said there was a phone conversation between Monroe and Jackie. Monroe called Jackie and said that JFK wanted a new life, via Inside Edition. However, Jackie’s response is quite interesting. She said that was great. She wants Marilyn to move to the White House as a First Lady, and she will leave!

A celebrity imprisoned!

A celebrity imprisoned

Actually, Jackie Kennedy Onassis hated newspapers. In an interview with Newsweek in 1994, she said that the news was like a muddy stream. Reporters always exploit Jackie’s life, they talk about her fashion style, they talk about her habits, and they talk about her outings. They even talked about how she smoked (but not allowed to take pictures of Jackie’s cigarettes). Actually, Jackie’s life is uncomfortable, she’s like a celebrity imprisoned!

Jackie wants to kill herself after the assassination of JFK?

Jackie wants to kill herself after the assassination of JFK

After the death of her husband, Jackie Kennedy has been drinking alcohol and pills, according to People. The priest named Joseph Leonard received a letter from Jackie, in which she shared that she felt bitter. McSorley said that he told Jackie about suicide, but Jackie stopped him. She knew it was wrong and she wouldn’t do it!

Jackie still lives, she admits that she has no purpose during the long winter of 1963, according to Vanity Fair. Old secretary Mary Gallagher said that Jackie rarely left her bedroom, she was suffering!

Jackie and her sister

Jackie and her sister

The relationship between Jackie and her late sister Lee Radziwill has many problems. Information from the book The Fabious Bouvier Sisters reveals that John F. Kennedy may have an affair with Lee Radziwill. The Daily Mail reported that Jackie was targeting Aristotle Onassis, Radziwill’s lover, as a way of revenge!

After Jackie died, she left $ 500,000 for Lee’s two children. Jackie has said that she helped Lee throughout her life!

Jackie’s personal belongings are protected!

Jackie's personal belongings are protected

Caroline Kennedy always protected what belonged to her mother, according to the New York Times. Interviews with Jackie were deleted (sealed up to 2067), Jackie’s related items were hidden, Jackie’s pink suit on the day that JFK was assassinated was locked until 2103!

The New York Times revealed that there was a schedule to pack Jackie’s clothes and accessories, including pink clothes on the day her husband was assassinated!

She had a wonderful life later

She had a wonderful life later

After the death of Aristotle, Jackie’s second husband, she found a job with $ 200 a week. Information from Town & Country indicates that this is Jackie’s first job since 1953!

Once again, the journalist looked at Jackie’s life. On the first day she went to work, journalists appeared outside the office building where she worked, through Town & Country. While working at Viking Press, she suffered from her colleagues’ scrutiny. After leaving Viking Press, Jackie works for Doubleday. Here, she adjusted the Moonwalk to Michael Jackson and she said that she was doing what she liked, really happy and wonderful, through Vanity Fair!

Vanity Fair revealed that Jackie is a good Editor. She was happy to work even when she knew that she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Jackie died on May 19, 1994. Later, many colleagues quit their jobs at Doubleday because they couldn’t work there without Jackie!

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