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Jeff Bezos accompanied by potential new lover at the Golden Globes.

Jeff Bezos accompanied by potential new lover at the Golden Globes.

Jeff Bezos and adultery scandal

The Amazon CEO allegedly had a new girlfriend for a long time. He did this despite the recent announcement of leaving a 25 years married life with his spouse.

People took pictures at Beverly Hilton Hotel. In these ones, Jeff and his alleged new love were very close. Both of them interest mingling at the Golden Globes after-party earlier this year. All the while wearing his ring, as emphasized by Radar Online. AOL coverage.

Jeff Bezos - Amazon CEO

Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (on the right)

Things being what they are, exactly who is this other lady? According to Radar Online, she is Lauren Sanchez … spouse of William Morris Endeavor headhunter Patrick Whitesell. Yowser.

On Jan. 9, the National Enquirer revealed that Bezos, 54, had an eight-month illicit relationship with Sanchez, 49. They guaranteed that they’d been researching Bezos private life for four months. During that time, they had discovered that he’d been traveling with his special lady friend off. They visited many lavishing locations on Bezons’ $65 million private plane. The paper likewise attests that their discovery was prompted Bezos to openly report his separation from spouse MacKenzie, 48.

“We feel extraordinarily fortunate to have discovered one another. And we profoundly thankful for all of the years we have been married”. Bezos published this announcement himself online. “As our family and dear companions know, after a stretch of adoring investigation and separately living, we have chosen to separate and proceed with our common lives among loved ones”. And this is the latest of his announcement. According to this one, Bezos revealed he and his wife had live isolatedly each other for quite a while. And they were going ahead and legally part ways after 25 years.

According to many information sources, National Enquirer claimed to have possession of photos depicting Bezos and Sanchez’s affair. They also published text messages from Bezos to Sanchez. In which, Bezos confessed his love (and said a few cringe-worthy comments).

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

Lauren Sanchez is considered as another lady of Jeff Bezos

Bezos and Sanchez became closer when she worked with him at the Blue Origin aerospace company. She reportedly filmed aerial shots for the big man of Amazon with her helicopter pilot experience- according to Page Six.

Whitesell, 53, was said to have been “completely taken back”. “He hasn’t the slightest idea that his wife was unfaithful or how long”. The Insider said after Bezos’ alleged infidelity with Sanchez was published.

Whitesell and Sanchez’s marriage was not smooth sailing. There were issues in their marriage. However, they’d been “striving to work things out.” – according to the magazine’s source.

The Us Weekly ‘s other source says that Whitesell himself proposed that his wife and Bezos cooperate on a project.

Whitesell, who has been an agent for people such as Matt Damon and Hugh Jackson. And Sanchez is could also be getting a divorce. They share two kids, while Sanchez additionally has another kid from a prior marriage.

Jeff Bezos and his wife

If Jeff Bezos and his wife divorce each other, half of Jeff Bezos’ property will have to be shared with his wife.

Bezos’ could stand to lose billions of dollars to spouse MacKenzie if the marriage does come to an end. Bezos has an estimated worth of $137 billion. This makes him become the most wealthy individual on the planet (by means of Bloomberg Billionaires Index). He presently positions above Microsoft co-owner Bill Gates ($93 billion) and popular representative Warren Buffet ($80.8 billion).

Apparently on the grounds that he wasn’t even a that rich when he wedded MacKenzie in 1993. TMZ takes note of the fact that he didn’t end up one until 1997. The two allegedly didn’t sign a prenup (by means of Page Six). This implies MacKenzie, an author, could cash in on an enormous payday.

This divorce will make Bezos drop down to being the fifth on the top billionaires’ list. But on the other hand, MacKenzie can possibly get half of Bezos’ cash following the split. And which would win her an incredible $68 billion. And if this happens, she would turn into the most financially powerful woman in the world. MacKenzie Bezos would then dethrone “Walmart ‘s Alice Walton,”. She is the lady who has $46 billion (by means of Refinery29) in value. All of these, are assuming that Bezos and his significant other do split their wealth equally.

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