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What do you know about Jen Aniston’s 50th birthday bash?

What do you know about Jen Aniston’s 50th birthday bash?

Jen Aniston's 50th birthday

It was in early February 2019, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 50th birthday. In that day, she had a very milestone birthday for her own. However, the Dumplin’ star seemed to be not sweating. Though she was turning 50. We have information from an alleged insider answering to Us Weekly. She thinks her beautiful life be only better. And she has no intention of looking back”. Then who on earth would do that? Especially when you’ve tried to build a $200 million net worth. And you got some Hollywood’s biggest stars to be your best friends!

Aniston decided to celebrate her 50th birthday at the Sunset Tower Hotel. And to many people, it was just like the Oscars of birthdays. Reasonably, her guest list was its own much impressive. People can see it as the list from a royal wedding. To be frank, the star holds in her hand an unbelievable power. So it will shock us if guests denied getting $30k swag bags on their way out.

As you can see, the real thing like this just allegedly occurred in the Grammy Awards night. You know! It was simply quite unfair. We could see Diane Keaton, Amal and George Clooney at the party. And even Jason Bateman showed up there. We had Demi Moore, Isla Fisher, Sacha Baron Cohen, Barbra Streisand, and Jimmy Kimmel. These celebs were all in attendance. Even Brad Pitt appeared in the party. As her infamous ex Brad Pitt showed up there, her party seemed to be more interesting.

Then what really happened at Aniston’s birthday? The celebration seemed to be surprisingly under wraps.

She celebrated the party at the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel

Jenifer Aniston held her 50th birthday party at the Sunset Tower Hotel

Jenifer Aniston made up her mind to hold her 50th birthday party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. The swanky West Hollywood hotspot has been improving her career since 1929. And it restored in 2018. Now people still call its Art Deco style. Take a second to think. It was the Great Gatsby. But Leonardo DiCaprio seemed to the only one that didn’t come. However, we all know that Aniston did go to his lasted birthday party.

We got the information from Luxury Travel Advisor. Truman Capote used to see the Sunset Tower as a special place. John Wayne officially said “keeping a pet cow on the balcony”. Sometimes, someone paid $14 for a side of seasonal fruit. And it could actually haunt you for that. Over the years, there was a lot of drama here. And it truly makes the perfect setting for Aniston. Media coverage of the celeb has unfairly focused on her relationship problems. It was to make the most amazing party in 2019. Girl, 50 looks great for you.

The Friends reunion was just like what we dreamed of.

Jenifer and her friends in her 50th birthday party

Though the guest-list for the birthday party was truly impressive. There was someone came not to enjoy the party. But they wanted to know whether a Friends reunion actually happened or not. Some announced: it really did but just with no the choppy ’90s haircut. However, Aniston reportedly never had a good feeling about “the Rachel” anyway. Both Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow appeared to enjoy alongside their good friend.

We received information from E! News, Aniston still keeps a good friendship with Courteney Cox. As it was back to the time starring in the famed NBC sitcom. They are friends and have helped each other through career successes. Do you remember Aniston’s Cougar Town cameo, marriage and birthdays galore? Aniston also has divorced two times. But It was in a week before Aniston’s golden celebration. People said that there was a problem in their friendship.

The Dumplin’ actress faced betrayal. It was when Cox and Kudrow intended to do a TV series. And of course, they didn’t want her in. However, the “wrecking ball” seemed to be not real enough to actually hit the star’s mental. She really didn’t want to work in the field of TV. And she just has a new Apple series. As it was the cooperation with Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

To another source, David Schwimmer didn’t come to Aniston’s party. From what we can see, they may just be not together anymore.

Aniston wondered about inviting Brad Pitt

Jenifer invited Brad Pitt to her 50th birthday party

Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt seemed to be one of the most infamous divorces in history. The stars came to an end in 2000. But in 2005 the rumors about the relationship between Pitt and Angelina Jolie started headlines. However, a photo from the New York Post showed Aniston laughing. Of course, when the divorce came to the public in 2016. Then Aniston decided to marry and also left Justin Theroux soon.

As of this writing, the universe finally got back into its own order. More than that, all the loving dramas are just the water runs under the bridge. Pitt still tried to give an apology to his former flame. An apology waited more than a decade after their breakup. From some source, they did talk to each other for a while. And let’s think about their perception of divorces. Becoming the exes could lead to many things talked about. And this may be the main reason that Aniston waffled on his invite. After all, is your B-day the kind of occasion to feel sad about that?

Via People, Aniston fulfilled her party with a lot of surprises. The guest list contained “every single person having a feeling” with her. But she denied and responded if she should invite her ex-husband. Ultimately, she decided to widen the offer. She intended to trigger rumors of a rekindled romance. But it was hard for us to believe in it.

And Pitt actually came to the party

Jenifer and Brad Pitt in the party

There are some things from the past of us that need to come back. Like frosted tips, clothing inexplicably made of PVC and bedazzled denim. And take a look to Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt relationship. Theirs may just be in that category. “You can’t believe that they are over to each other. And it even lasted for longer than they are together.” Nonetheless, Pitt did show up at his ex’s 50th birthday bash.

There was nothing like their headlines 15 years ago. And things were no drama between the two exes. Entertainment Tonight informed the reason Pitt accepted to come. It was because he “wanted to support” his former flame. And they are friends anyway. The former couple didn’t choose to have a lot of time together. It was a birthday party then a brief chat and friendly hug are enough. But Aniston was happy and that’s all. No more any special attention for him. Pitt finally chose to spend his time hanging out with friends. George Clooney and Orlando Bloom are good to talk to. And Aniston was too busy to care for other guests.  And he didn’t even join so long. Unnoticed, he left the party after working with security. Sorry, that’s enough as nothing here to look at.

A star-studded photo booth was on the way.

Photo booth in Jenifer's 50th birthday party

It’s quite much like a rule that all good parties will end with a photo booth. And people admit Aniston’s was something more than a good party. No need to say, many beautiful celebrities to rival New York Fashion Week were in the photo. And it happened simultaneously on the other coast.

If people have to choose a photo booth champion beyond Aniston.  But she obviously gets the crown as she spent for the photo booth. Goop founder and yoni egg queen Gwyneth Paltrow’s photo can be an option. They saw her in a couple of photo sessions. That provides serious FOMO and forces us to think of all those bizarre Goop beauty tips. Because she truly looked beautiful despite age. Can we consider the pure smiles in the photos with Kate Hudson? Can it be possible to have one of those martinis?

Paltrow went on Aniston’s birthday festivities by sharing another photo booth on Instagram. It came along with a sweet wish to the girl. Paltrow posted. “We do love you girl and to let you know. Your 50 is [fire emoji]”. It was something that no one can disagree.

A social media ban could be on the way

Jenifer is so happy with her friend in her 50th birthday party

Absolutely no one wants their bestie accidentally share a dancing photo. Especially, when you were an idiot on their birthday. Even the most important people deserve a day in a year. A day that they don’t have fear of public embarrassment. It was Jennifer Aniston’s social media ban ladies.

The actress even required her guests to lock out their social media accounts. It was even harsher than ADX. Aniston did have some best friends on earth. Because it looks like many people ban. It’s hard to catch more than a few snaps. And every single one came from the party’s photo.

Katy Perry was the founder of the no-share rule away. Kate Hudson posting alongside Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. He was drinking a martini. Then he shared some photos booth on his Instagram account. Perry came to it and firmly commented. “SOCIAL MEDIA NOT AVAILABLE”. Thank god, Aniston allowed Hudson to do so.

Dolly Parton didn’t get any presents yet.

Dolly Parton came Jenifer's 50th birthday party without gift

Dolly Parton also was in Aniston’s exclusive guest list. Dolly tried everything to make the event. It’s hard to say if she actually came. But the country legend became busy with Grammy duties. She would perform with her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus at the awards show. In an interview, Parton admitted not buying a birthday gift for the star. Actually, she just intended to say Happy Birthday!”.

“I don’t have time for that. I have no time”. She added. “No, I’ll come up with something.”

To be frankly, playing Dolly Parton seems to be a gift for anyone. But is it possible to get some free tickets to Dollywood, too?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom on a motor

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in Jen's 50th birthday party

For everyone still want the angel Katy Perry never ever back to John Mayer or his smart-casual pajama pants, no need to fear now. She still has a strong relationship with Orlando Bloom. The couple definitely came to first in Aniston’s A-list guests.

Perry and Bloom really started the entrance to the Sunset Towers Hotel. They didn’t meet our expectation with a pirate ship. As we still can’t forget the remarkable Pirates of the Caribbean. The couple chose a motorbike instead. Perry snuggled up to her Sindarin Elven love before getting inside. The singer appeared in a head-to-toe PVC jumpsuit. Then we can only wish the weather in California be a chiller. Obviously, getting sweat like a pig is never good in style. She tried to cool herself with some bedazzled sneakers. And Bloom chose denim. After all, its fabric was much more comfortable.

Reese Witherspoon_ falling from the stairs

Reese Witherspoon also came to Jenifer's 50th birthday party

What a pity for Reese Witherspoon. The social media ban couldn’t keep people from catching Reese’s moment. But it was the most embarrassing one of the party. Witherspoon is a partner of Aniston on an Apple TV series. And she decided to get to the Sunset Tower Hotel in high heels. And here comes trouble. Wearing these kinds of heels made you hard to deal with gravity. At the moment the Big Little Lies actress got down the stairs to make a swift exit. She tried to hold on a glass handrail. With a hope to stabilize herself, but she missed the trained. Then she fell down to her knees and they captured all the things. You have to admit that it was so fun for everyone else.

Getting the information for The Mail, someone said Witherspoon had drunk little much cocktails. Then it made her incapable of keeping balance in platforms that high. Right at the time, the star took the tumble. She luckily met the help of a hotel worker, just in time she needed. However, it’s still lucky for her that her ankle was fine. The star quickly gets up and went to her car. Someone thought it was coming with little more than a bruised ego. After all, that’s all you have known so far.

Sandra Bullock was getting ready for the PDA

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock didn’t want to change a ton of tabloid headlines. But in fact, they’re still worth remembering, in a hard day working for an Oscar winner, right? The star finally decided to get herself a night off. And she went to Aniston’s 50th birthday bash. She also brought along her boyfriend Bryan Randall as an addition.

Bullock and Randall have a quick and low relationship. They came to each other in 2015 and chose to be apart. It made that fans feel it nothing but a fake story. A story was about their alleged secret marriage. However, the bright sign is they are stronger now. We received a story from Hollywood Life: The couple “showed some PDA” just right outside of the hotel. Just imagine how hot and heavy it was. “They were holding hand in hand”, romantically. Common! It’s public, you guys!

Aniston seemed to get a second party

Jenifer Aniston might have another celebration on the horizon

Aniston’s 50th birthday party was suitable for the ages. But she seemed to celebrate another one on the horizon. Her guest Ellen DeGeneres posted on Twitter. She announced the former Friends star hold a birthday party in February.

Aniston showed up on DeGeneres’ talk show. It was on air in early December 2018. At that time, the actress didn’t get any intention to celebrate her golden jubilee year. Or we can say, she came up with throwing the best party of 2019 in just a month. And It was pretty impressive by herself. The talk show host promised to make a party for the Dumplin’ actress on the show. “How about we celebrate your birthday here? For the whole show, we will wish you a happy birthday,” said DeGeneres.

Aniston agreed with a little condition. Following that DeGeneres had to be at the after party at her house. There’s nothing to discuss if Aniston will actually be at the show. That was the Ellen DeGeneres Show to celebrate the big five-o. A big milestone as she definitely deserves two parties.

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