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The official title and the poster of John Wick 3

The official title and the poster of John Wick 3

Rewrite John Wick 3

Poster from John Wick 3

Following the story of a man together with his dog, John Wick 3 has been released with the new poster and official title.

The sharp new poster of the next part of John Wick series shows the assassin master of Keanu Reeves standing outside and looking in.

Even though the official title does not appear on the poster, the producer announces it as John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.

The poster


The poster background refers to the time that Mr. Wick appears in New York’s Continental Hotel. This is the place where assorted lowlifes and killers gather together without the permission to do business (specifically: killing) within the premises.

Wick has earned a good position in the hotel after beating Santino D’Antonio in the lobby in Chapter 2.

As a defense, Wick has to face the Big Bad guy ire. From that, he meets many problems including blowing up his house, forcing to kill a woman.

In addition, with the big boundary, All of these makes him become the target of many other killers in New York.

The continuous story

From Chapter 2, Winston being the Continental’s owner has given Wick prior an hour before announcing his excommunication making a bounty worldwide.

That limited hour has now ended, and there will be intense truckloads of bullets exchanged between Wick and the underworld criminal.

That means Parabellum will surely bring the next part of its predecessors’ format – the purest story with action,  slam-bang, and tough-guy.

The cast

Chad Stahelski as the Director together with Derek Kolstad as the writer has come back with this version.

Furthermore, there will be the presentation of  Ian McShane playing as Winston; Ruby Rose to cast as Ares, Common as Cassian.

Also, Lawrence Fishburne will play as Bowery King role.

Besides, this installment also has the action of Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, Jason Mantzoukas.

Especially Tiger Hu Chen appearing in Crouching Tiger and the Matrix series will be the stuntman turned actor in this movie.

Reeves teased of this movie title in July 2018 when joins  interview. However, John Wick 3 has made its mark with an official confirmation.

In the interview, Reeves gave some details about uncover role cast by famous co-stars.

The film summary

John Wick Chapter 3

The With the confirmation of Stahelski about Parabellum being the highest kill count up to now, fans of John Wick hope for more than a normal blood-spattered movie format.

The film’s summary can be: “John Wick runs because of him being hunted in global at the price of $14 million for his life.

He also runs because he has broken the rule of killing a member from High Table on Continental Hotel land.

John should have been executed if there is without the help of Winston giving John one-hour period before the announcement.

The service industry helps John to survive after the fights in New York City.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum big hits for anyone who loves action movie.

You will have to wait until May 17, 2019, for the film being shown on the screen; For now, you can enjoy the beautiful poster.


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