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Lady Gaga helped Rami Malek to avoid the incident at Oscar 2019

Lady Gaga helped Rami Malek at the 2019 Oscar

According to information from the Referies29, Gaga saw Malek’s bow in trouble, and she helped him. At Oscar for the 91st time, Gaga adjusted the bow and made Malek look more perfect. With black gloves reaching to the elbow, Gaga made a beautiful moment!

According to E! New, this moment happened before the Oscar 2019 ceremony started. Malek (37) hugged and whispered in Gaga’s ear (32 years old), according to Mashable!

Fans are very excited to see the simple exchanges of their idols. Although the details between Gaga and Malek at the Dolby Theater took place not too long, there were comments on Twitter: “Lady Gaga edited the bow for Rami Malek, it was so beautiful!”, “Rami Malek raised his thumb, a sweet moment! “,” So cute, Gaga is pure “!

Although they are celebrities, they always have good and simple actions, and we enjoy such good things happening – through Referies29. Although some people do not see the interaction between Gaga and Malek, we cannot see all the interactions of those present at Oscar 2019!

Certainly, Malek thanked Gaga for adjusting his outfit. At Oscar 2019, Malek went with his girlfriend, Lucy Boynton, the actress in the Bohemian Rhapsody film.

However, Malek may not remember Gaga’s help because he won the best actor award for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. That was his best thing in the night Oscar 2019!

Meanwhile, Gaga is busy with the best original song award (along with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyat) with the song Shallow. Even the performance of Gaga and co-star Bradley Cooper shocked the internet! It was definitely one of the best moments of Gaga’s career. Viewers saw Gaga appearing at the Oscar 2019 with Bobby Campbell, her manager. Currently, Gaga is single, she just ended her engagement with her fiancé Christian Carino!

An interesting situation that many people don’t know: Rami Malek has fallen, and Gaga is not there, according to USA Today. He fell down the stairs and was helped by the people around him before being treated by EMT. Information from People indicates that Malek’s injury is not serious!

The audience did not see Malek posing with the winning artists at Oscar 2019. But he took pictures with them later!

USA Today says Malek’s name is engraved on the prize. Malek opened a bottle of champagne and he was happy, we are sure that Malek won’t hurt!

Congratulations to Gaga and Malek. With Oscar Awards 2019, let’s wait for their future works!

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