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Let’s See How Nathan Fillion Becomes Nathan Drake in the Live Action Fan film

Let’s See How Nathan Fillion Becomes Nathan Drake in the Live Action Fan film

Introduction of Uncharted Movie

Nathan Fillion

With no doubt, this is such a surprising piece of news for every game lover! You may not know that a number of gaming fans have been requesting for the appearance of Nathan Fillion in the Uncharted movie.

And well, he has made our dream come true by approving to take the role of the fantastic adventurer Nathan Drake within this movie. However, you may be impressed to know that Fillion does not go with the Naughty God game franchise.

Instead, this amazing actor is pursuing something more attractive and adventurous. That is the bona fide fan film called Uncharted. Besides Fillion, you can see the other talented actors and actresses in this film. For instance, Stephan Lang will become Sully and Mircea Monroe will take the role of Elena.

Why Is Uncharted Movie Appealing?

Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar on Uncharted scene

Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar on Uncharted scene

With this brilliant cast, you can catch up with the adventurer steps and watch how he fulfills the challenging missions. If you have ever played this game, you should know that Sully is giving him the instructions from the outside. By listening to the radio earpiece, Drake can find his own way and seek the treasure of Afonso de Albuquerque.

For those people who are not familiar with the game itself, you can still find the best relaxation and comfort with this film. And if you used to play the game, do not worry that you are going to get bored! This film is definitely going to give you such surprising goosebumps.

There are very few fan films made with the strong passion like this one. On top of that, the actors and actresses are so recognizable that you can only see them on the big-budget projects. And well, Allan Ungar is the director of this short movie.

Thanks to the gifted director and the dreaming star casts, you can have the incredible short movie based on the game that you love. Especially, Fillion is known to perform all the stunts of this movie himself. This element makes the film more and more valuable.

Moreover, the audience is being so into this movie due to many factors. First of all, it is new for the audience since no one has done anything with it before. In addition, the characters are wonderful with the fantastic story. Therefore, why do we have to deny this amazing movie at all?

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