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Malia Obama and the little-known facts

Malia Obama and the little-known facts


Life in the White House is always a topic that makes people care. In addition to Obama’s famous father, she is also a prominent figure. The fact that she lived eight years in the White House and experienced a unique environment. Malia has the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most important people in the world during the term of President Barack Obama’s father. She grew up in power and now in college age. Malia left the White House in Washington, DC and moved to Harvard’s dorm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Malia shows her talent as her father. And she is creating an outstanding career for herself. With great academic achievements, she admitted to one of the most prestigious universities in the world – Harvard University. Along with the impressive events taking place in Lollapalooza (2016 and 2017), Malia proved her talent. She cannot be merely the eldest daughter of the President of the United States – Obama.

So are you curious about how special Malia’s life is? Her great process before, during and after leaving the White House. Not only is his father the President of the United States, but the life of the eldest daughter of the Obama family also has a lot of interesting things that you certainly do not know yet. Let’s read the article below with interesting facts about her!

“Malia is a spoiled girl!” Completely inaccurate

Malia is a spoiled girl

The truth Malia is the first daughter of the president of the United States. So many people think that people will pamper and meet all her needs. But the truth is exactly the opposite. Malia’s father is often very strict with her two sisters. To receive a grant, it’s not much, she and her sister did “sorta, kinda”. And certainly, this task comes with responsibility. President Obama has revealed that if his two daughters do all their work, he will reward. And that amount is one dollar a week.

Although she is a member of the White House, the two daughters have no special care. They still have to make their own beds and clean their own rooms right from the start of the move to the White House. Obama revealed in a conversation with Barbara Walters on ABC News. “My wife and I don’t want them to think they’re special. Although we love our children very much, I am always strict with them. Shortly after moving to the White House, my wife asked the staff here to not clean the children’s rooms. People think it’s just a joke, but I think she’s serious. The sisters are ordinary American citizens, who still have to do homework, will receive penalties for making mistakes. Therefore, there is no need to treat them especially. (Through The New York Times).

Although she is not a knack, she still loves sports

Malia is a member of the school football

Living with his parents is extremely talented, so Obama’s two daughters often don’t waste their time. From a young age, they were passionate about many different sports. “Malia is a member of the school football, dance and drama club. Besides, Sasha sister plays gymnastics and tap. And the sisters participated in tennis and piano practice.” (According to People).

However, they do not have a knack in this area. This revelation of Obama in an interview with the magazine surprised everyone. “I feel happy when my daughters interested in things they are not good at. Malia is very hardworking. And she likes soccer but is not really gifted. However, Malia is still very tall and slender compared to some of the naughty kids around her. Therefore, her skills are getting better and better. ”Perhaps it is Obama’s lesson for girls about hard work, perseverance from an early age. And his way of teaching is not only through words and coercion. Although he was busy, he was often there to encourage and encourage his daughter. Obama spent time in the presidency to watch her football matches. What a great father!

And another lovely disclosure is that Malia and her sister are fans of Argentine player Lionel Messi. During a business trip to Argentina, they expressed their desire to meet professional football players with their father. However, he did not use power to pamper his children. The US president does not want to break international sports schedules. Therefore, Obama girls have no chance to meet this famous soccer star.

Malia’s birthday is always special

Malia's birthday is always special

There is an interesting fact that Malia happened to share a birthday with the United States – July 4. This is an important annual event in the United States. It was at this point that American politicians expected to participate in all the fanfare, picnic and parade activities. Also, there will be beautiful fireworks displays. And perhaps, this event will be even more special with the first-born daughter of a politician. That’s perfectly appropriate when it comes to Malia.

And her birthdays are often very special. For example, her 2007 birthday took place during her visit to southern and central Iowa. And the truth is that she spent many birthdays in the hotel room, celebrating between her father’s appearances. It usually takes place in many parts of the world. But wherever it is, Malia’s birthday is still a true party with ice cream cake, music, and the whole family. (News from Chicago Tribune 2009). And things were more optimistic about her next birthday in 2008. Still far away trips, this time she went to a campaign in Montana.

However, everyone spent the evening together in the Holiday Inn Express hotel room in Montana to celebrate her birthday. Obama ordered an evening dinner with birthday cake and cards from artists like Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. Malia was extremely excited and danced to the tune of this song. (The Tribune reports).

Malia’s birthday in the White House is very grand

Malia's birthday in the White House is very grand

However, you don’t need to feel sorry for Malia. Obama and his wife are very psychological parents. They understand that she will be sad when her real birthday often reserved in the hotel room. Therefore, a big sleep party with all of Malia’s friends often takes place right after they return home. They always wanted to let Malia know that her birthday was special.

However, in a 2008 interview with People, Michelle surprised everyone. She said that although they held a grand birthday party, they often did not give Malia birthday gifts. “A birthday party, movie tickets, pizza, and popcorn often cost hundreds of dollars. Therefore, we often do not give more birthday gifts. I want Malia to be aware of the value of money and the limits of fun. An asleep party is more than enough. And furthermore, Malia’s friends also brought a lot of gifts. ”

And in the White House history so far, she is the first in the family to have a birthday here. The source revealed from the 2009 Chicago Tribune. Her 18-year-old party welcomes Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae. Wow, this is not really easy. The party was really happy for the presence of 20 of her girlfriends to join her at Camp David. It’s not really bad at all.

Malia learns to drive from US Secret Service

Malia learns to drive from US Secret Service

The American Secret Service agents are often on duty to keep the presidential family safe, but now they are also the officials … driving teachers. Wanting the daughter of Malia Obama (16 years old) to feel a normal life like their friends, First Lady Michelle Obama wants her daughter to learn to drive a car. President Obama, the top leader in the world, is always busy with running the country and cannot afford to teach his children to drive. As for me, the first lady was also 7, 8 years without touching the steering wheel, and confused when the daughter asked how to park in the public parking lot. So she asked secret agents to teach Malia to drive. Michelle Obama shares with Rachael Ray (according to CNN).

In fact, these security officers also cannot reassure when Mrs. Obama teaches driving for her daughter because she did not drive herself for 7 or 8 years. And the Secret Service won’t even let you board the car with Malia. They will complete this task on their own.

The lady of the US president said that Malia could drive by herself, but she always followed closely by secret agents. “Security forces always surround her. But in order to learn how to drive, she needs to control herself. Perhaps they always wanted Malia to have a life like a normal child. However, they absolutely need a guarantee. And like any teenager, Malia excited to learn how to drive herself when the time comes.

Special prom night

Michelle Obama is really a very psychological mother

Obama and his wife are always trying to get their daughter to go through school as often as possible. The sisters ate lunch at school, went to class, did their homework like the others. Of course, to ensure the safety of the two sisters, the US Secret Service always sent security guards to Malia and Sasha. They dress up to slip into the crowd. Usually, when President Obama’s children are at school, the bodyguards wear T-shirts. When the two girls go to class, they transform into teaching assistants. Although the Secret Service taught her to drive, that did not mean she could drive herself. In fact, Malia has the right to disrupt these rules once. That’s what she can drive in the prom night.

Michelle Obama is really a very psychological mother. She tried to help Malia have a great ball at 16 years old. At Malia’s request, she did not want security personnel to monitor and protect her. Malia wanted privacy and she agreed. Secret Service only took a few photos and sent the couple on the way. She revealed in her Memories of Becoming (through People). “I tried my best to make her comfortable. However, we still need to ensure the safety of Malia. The security guards did some tricks on her back cover. In addition, they will also go to the restaurant that Malia dined before dancing. The Secret Service will be there and work quietly throughout the night.

She’s in trouble because of the Lollapalooza videos

TMZ has Malia videos shaking with friends

In 2016, Malia caught smoking at the Lollapalooza concert and while sitting next to something that looked like a “deck”, there was doubt about her use of marijuana. The scandal became even worse when the public knew that Barack Obama himself used marijuana when he was young. (According to the book Barack Obama: The Story of David Maraniss). At the same time, an image shows Malia in a “smoking” T-shirt. And didn’t stop there, she was standing beside a balloon. However, it seems that President Obama does not care much about this issue.

In 2017, Malia continued to return to Lollapalooza and attract photographic wings with generous dance with friends. The media this time had the opportunity to argue about the dress and the style said to have a “sexy” and “wild” part of her. TMZ has Malia videos shaking with friends. They also added that the girl had moved away from the festival in a difficult way. Even use the support of a golf car.

Malia encountered fake information when she joined politics during her preparation for Harvard

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are both Harvard alumni

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are both Harvard alumni. However, they encouraged their daughters to consult many different universities before making a decision. Malia learned all the most prestigious schools in the country – and her last choice was Harvard. After graduating from high school, Malia decided to spend a year on personal activities before going to college. Harvard – the school that Malia is attending – also encourages students to postpone enrollment for one year to travel or pursue community projects. During that one-year break, Malia had the opportunity to practice at the US Embassy in Spain, but the news about the event was very small. In the summer of 2017, fake news began to spread that she fired from her practice for smoking marijuana. All the information about Malia Obama during that internship was fake, and the fabricated news sites have all stopped working.

Unfortunately, that did not stop people from following the rumors.

Regardless of her career ambitions, it is clear that Malia tends to be political. Malia has strongly opposed the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline, running through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois states. In an interview with Seth Meyers, Shailene Woodley revealed that Malia attended the Sundance Festival. The talk attended by the president of Rock Rock Standing and some famous politicians. Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley had involved in DAPL protests and the US police had arrested him. With good political inclination since childhood, it is likely that Malia Obama will be a bright presidential candidate.

Malia’s passion for movies

Malia 2

In that position, the Obama family should never have to worry about unemployment. However, Malia is very hardworking in summer internships, especially in the entertainment industry. At work, Malia has always commented as “smart, enthusiastic and always ready to do all the assigned tasks”. Malia is particularly interested in the film and film industry. She worked at HBO as a production assistant on Extant and on Girls’ Studio. Then she also took part in an internship with the famous film producer Harvey Weinstein. Earlier, the President’s daughter also participated in the Sundance Film Festival during the screening of the movie Beach Rats.

However, it is not surprising that President Obama has such interests. Malia’s mother – Mrs. Michelle shared with People in 2012 like that. “Both father and son interested in reading books and movies. Perhaps that is one of the reasons she chose to experience at New York University. Because this is one of the famous universities for film making. Malia also loves to learn about this industry right from the first year of high school. And she also knows I have many years of college to discover my hobby. ”

She keeps the journey to South America a secret

She keeps the journey to South America a secret

Malia participated in a 3-month South American discovery program, to understand the socio-political movements, environmental protection efforts in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru. Her participation in this program is absolutely confidential, even with the tour guide and the people in the team, her family and the Secret Service.

The organizers only noticed the tour guide that a blonde girl would accompany us. And that person is very important, pay attention to her. This guide told the New York Times after learning it was the daughter of President Obama – Malia. “Malia’s appearance on this trip is really interesting. She speaks Spanish very well. Also, Malia is very friendly, she often talks to everyone at the party. And above all, she is not far away from people, on the contrary very modest. I feel very happy to have time to interact with Malia. ”

President Obama finds it difficult to say goodbye to Malia

Malia is still a child

Former President Obama and his wife used to be very worried when their eldest daughter was about to transfer to the university. In an interview, Michelle Obama reacted very strongly when Barack Obama called Malia “a woman”; the First lady quickly affirmed that “Malia is still a child”. Like most other middle school graduates, Malia is ready to leave her parents and home. Although the house is the White House. However, both her parents worried about Malia’s departure. Therefore, they are very happy to hear that she will have a year gap-year. Malia will delay leaving for a year with the gap between high school and college years. Barack Obama shared in an interview with Ellen Degeneres.

In addition, the former president also found it difficult to lose his best friend. He will probably take some time to adapt to this. “I am so sad. But it’s time for Malia to go. I will try to get acquainted. “

Malia and a date with Rapper Swan Lee

Malia and a date with Rapper Swan Lee

Beautiful, intelligent, Malia is now the “dream girl” of many guys, including rapper Swae Lee. Rapper wishes to have dinner with Malia and take a walk on the Bahamas coast, and also hopes to approve by the Former President. “I was very excited. That’s why I planned this dream for a long time. Our evening will take place at a height of 200 feet in the air at a 5-star restaurant.” (According to TMZ).

However, it seems that Lee was the first to accept the president. In November 2017, when she was a freshman at Harvard, Malia had discovered by a student with student Rory Farquharson. That was when they attended their first Harvard-Yale football game. Currently, there is no information about whether Farquharson still has a relationship with the Obama family. However, Malia’s romance does not appear in the media. And maybe if you want to date Malia, you’ll have to stand in line.

Malia looks “like an animal in a barn”!

Malia's appearance, as usual

Malia’s appearance, as usual, has always attracted the attention of many people. In August 2017, Malia moved to her dormitory at Harvard. Immediately after completing all the procedures at the dorm, the Obama ladies get acquainted and chat with new friends. Many people in the school also rushed to take pictures of the former president’s daughter. However, it seems that Malia does not like this attention. She refused a woman while trying to photograph her. Malia must say that she looks like an animal in a cage. TMZ caught this scene and launched the video online. Fortunately, in Harvard’s environment, it seems that Malia is more comfortable.

Perhaps the students here used to having some famous students here. Such as Malia Obama’s parents. They are all alumni of this prestigious school. And their names are more amazing than a small Malia. That is the share of a student in the Boston Globe. And certainly, Malia will receive equal treatment from other classmates.

Halle Berry and Lena Dunham are all praised for Malia

Malia is really hardworking and diligent

Malia is really hardworking and diligent. Probably the influence from the wonderful way of education of parents. Because of that, she did not leave herself free but immediately took part in the internship. With her position, Malia will easily find a job related to politics. However, she did not want to experience boring contracts, papers, and data. Malia decided to follow her own path and gain experience in her favorite fields. And the entertainment industry is always attractive to her.

Previously, Malia worked as a production assistant for the film Halle Berry (2014). The producer gave her a lot of compliments about hard work and a good attitude. They said that Malia always tried to complete all the tasks assigned by the PA. Malia has once again proven her talent. In 2015, she participated in and successfully completed her duties on HBO’s Girls Drama School. Later, Lena Dunham also admired the young girl’s ability to work. He shared with Howard Stern: “I really like Malia’s intelligence and hard work. She will do all the tasks and understand the idea very quickly”.

Malia’s attractive fashion style

Malia 3

Malia’s fashion style cannot become a fashion icon and can compare with her mother but with a height of the 1m85 and slender body, the president’s big girl still gets many suggestions for performing on the catwalk. Obviously, her mother’s style is an influence. The New York Times had an article about Malia’s fashion style. She is always busy with her plans such as attending film festivals, studying film making. Therefore, Malia does not care much about her fashion style.

However, when Malia appeared, she still stood out. “We have a feeling that she follows the pattern of her mother following the trend.” They often appear with bold color costumes and various patterns. “In fact, she and Sasha’s sister has been paying attention because of the perfect fashion since leaving the White House, Malia is a fan of Vancouver-based Aritzia retailer. She also likes to wear as her hobby. (In 2017, InStyle) And surely, her fancy and attractive style will soon become a new thing.

Malia Obama with a concert tune in the new music video ‘Walking on Air“

Malia 4

Yes, your eyes don’t lie to you. It is Malia Obama in a new music video from the indie folk-pop band New Dakotas. Barack’s oldest child and Michelle Obama are women who are wearing their hair. She held up a trumpet – a remix. Malia is lip-syncing to a song called Aerial Walking. We were hoping she picked up talent from a Secret Service agent or at Harvard, where she was a student.

She appeared charismatic, but her image has disappeared suspiciously. They edited this music video and uploaded another version of Youtube. Malia’s appearance in the video had cut. Specifically, around 1:40 and 2:00, the image of Malia is no more. And even the Boston Herald did not find a cause for this. That’s why they went to the Boston-based band to find out the reason. However, New Dakotas was silent and did not give any further explanation. After encountering strong opposition from the community, they only posted a single explanation. “We edited videos for some individuals’ privacy. Specifically, we have cut some pictures.”

Therefore, it will be difficult to review this original again. However, we can still hope for some new cooperation of Malia and another music producer.


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