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Marvel fans overreacted to their fandom

Marvel fans become little crazy

Marvel fans become little crazy

People say that comic book fans seem to never grow up. Forever they are children in grownup human form. The children spend time in the basement to learn about zealots needing medication. And we have to admit that you have to be crazy enough to be a comic book fan. The same thing happens to music fans or sports fans. Clearly, when you deeply fall in love with something, you can go insane about it. For example, it is the quarrel between mighty Thor and the Incredible Hulk, which can get out of the track for some reasons. And this can make some fans crazy about it and start making chaos on the street. Literally, they are able to get to that insane level.

However, it doesn’t mean to prove comic book fans are extremes people. Besides, with the success of their movies on the screen, more people become Marvel fans. And we also line up some of the fans that are little crazier than others.

Turning to Green is not that easy

Turning to Green is not that easy

The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner, has tried to escape from his inside monster for his entire life. Then a Brazilian fan decided to dress up like the Hulk and he later found out it was such a mistake.

It was in 2012, Paulo Henrique dos Santos is a 35-year-old Brazilian. He usually attends a running event and every time he all appears like the Hulk. It was not the first time he attended and tried to look like the Hulk. Moreover, he also painted as green as the Hulk with the paint in his store. But in 2012, he didn’t have any paint left in his store so he bought new paint instead. However, he had no idea that he had bought the military paint which they use to paint on missiles and nuclear submarines. At the result, the paint didn’t come out after he tried to clean it away. He took the bath for nearly 20 times and it didn’t make any chance.

Therefore, he needed help for his friends to scrub. And it took them 24 hours to completely turn him into a human again. And bad luck didn’t spare him. The local media got the news about him and they publish a picture of him with his mom. It was when she helped him scrub the paint. But instead of his mom, they announced that it was his girlfriend. Paulo definitely got his unforgettable experience.

Hail Hy… wait for a second! Something is wrong here.

Captain America

The writer Nick Spencer had twisted the comic fans’ mind with the saying of Captain America. It was at the end of the first issue of Captain America. Suddenly, our Steve Roger said “Hail Hydra”. The saying raised many theories in the comic community at that time.

These two words are not strange to fans as well as people anymore. They appeared in the comics many times before. And recently Marvel Studio made a big success with Captain America movies. They represented a Nazi organization. However, fans reacted to this twist badly. They believed that the writer Spencer did it on purpose. Because he had some troubles and disagreements with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. On tweeter, they showed their anger to him. They used bad words to describe him as “disgusting” or “repulsive”. Some fans became too angry that they told him to die or kill himself.

The best thing he does is drink.

The best thing he does is drink.

It was in 10/2017 at a comic convention in Australian. As you know, Wolverine likes drinking wine pretty much. And one of his fans decided to perfectly be like him. A 28-year-old man started drinking wine at the convention and the police came to arrest him later.

After getting out of a pub at 2 am, this man did attack 2 men. He hit them so hard that one of them became unconscious. People got both injured men to the hospital to check up. And they also called the police to arrest him soon enough. The interesting detail was that this man dressed up as Wolverine. Police interviewed a fan dressing up as the blue Power Ranger. People didn’t know whether fight broke out after they called a drunk man “the dirty mutant” or not.

You will receive what you pay for

You get what you pay for

It is hard to believe that a fan could go that far to ask for what he paid for. It happened in 2019 when a fan on the CGC collector’s forum considered him as “Wrightson Fan”. Bill Wrighton is a famous writer and artist in the comic community. He is famous for his creations like The New Mutants, Daredevil or Legion. And one of his fans decided to give him $100 for a sketch. In that time, he emailed and called Bill’s assistant continuously. And he posted “No thanks to Bill”.

After that, they tried to fix the situation between them. Finally, the fan got the sketch after 18 months waiting. And he was happy with that. However, we got the news that the fan wasn’t clear about what he wanted in the sketch. He literally toles Bill to sketch whatever he likes. And from some source, Bill did send him a sketch with a head like a penis.

In case you are worthy.

In case you are worthy

As you recall, in Avenger: Age of Ultron when members of the Avengers took a turn to lift the Mjolnir. It didn’t follow any physic and technology as Mr. Stark claimed. Even Captain America was just able to lift it a bit which stunned Thor for a second. However, the Mjolnir did claim that only Thor was worthy enough to use the hammer.

And the idea of using fingerprints came to a science star on YouTube, Allen Pan. He got this idea when Stark thought the key is Thor’s fingerprints. Finally, Allen made a Mjolnir for his own. It was an electromagnet shaped like a Mjolnir. Then he made videos that people could lift his hammer by all means. After that, he will appear and easily lift the hammer before these people. The key is his fingerprint when he touches the hammer. By that, he would be able to turn off the electromagnet. And of course, he coded it with his fingerprints only. It was a good idea after all. Moreover, he also made a video of flying Mjolnir. He made it with a drone and his lightsaber.

Remember what I tell you, he is a menace.

Jonah Jameson would blame spider-man when the police captured him

In case J. Jonah Jameson would blame spider-man when the police captured him.

In 4/2017, one spider-man attacked an HSBC Bank in the Bronx. Before that, another Spider-man tried to get all the painkillers in a pharmacy in East Harlem. However, the pharmacy didn’t have what he wanted then he had to walk away with nothing. Besides, he brought along a box cutter to the pharmacy.

We don’t know why many criminal decided to use a spider-man mask to undercover. James Parker, a 58 -year-old man, robbed residents for years. And people described him dressing like spider-man. Moreover, in 11/2015, another spider-man attacked a store in Maryland with a gun. And in 2013, a man looked like spider-man used a machete to a gas station in Florida. We might know what Jameson said now.

He might be not that bad

He might be not that bad

Though we have seen spider-man as bad guys not all people use his mask to do bad things. It was in a quarrel between 30 to 40 guys in Ardwick. The situation was so bad that Kevin Gordon-Prior decided to put an end to it. He dressed up as the spider-man and ends the brawl. And he was 62 that time.

He usually dressed like spider-man to make fun for people. Many people in the locals know him. And after an event, he noticed the brawl and he did what he needed to.

He also informed the police about this before coming to the brawl. When he came, people got surprised and didn’t know what to do with him. He said that they were about to attack him. Then he shouted “police, here police” 3 times and people started to run away. They all run far away when police came. But the result was that he could stop the brawl by himself. Gordon-Prior has done this job for over 40 years. And he used to use spider-man to calm criminals. 2 years before that he had shown a man abusing a shopkeeper his spider-man suit. Just like a real spider-man.

What is superior?

Nick Spencer

The situation of Nick Spencer was not the first one that people gave death threats.

The end of Amazing Spider-Man #700 came online, it received the same result. In that ending, Peter Parker would turn to the bad guy and Doctor Octopus would turn to the good guy. The reason was they switch their mind to each other. Hence, the spider-man’s body was dead. Then things were really bad that Slott had no choice but ask for help from the police.

Slott posted on his Tweeter account. “I have reported who gave me death threats or violent threats. I also blocked the insults and vulgarity as well.”

After that 18 months, another series Superior Spider-Man came out. And the story brought Spider-man back to his own body. Finally, Peter Parker was able to gain his heroic body back. And this really calmed the fans down.

Great power comes with great Shamone.


It was a short time after Michael Jackson died in 2019. Then Stan Lee revealed how Michael liked Marvel and Spiderman. It is interesting to know that the King of Pop also had interest in spider-man too.

Stan Lee also claimed that he and Jackson once discussed buying Marvel back. At least, it showed the motivation of Jackson about getting Spider-man back to his own home.

Stan Lee didn’t know whether he wanted to produce or played as Spider-man. Because the discussion didn’t go far enough and he thought Jackson might take the role if he could. The screenwriter David Hayter informed MJ wanted to be as Professor X. It was 2 years before his death.

Do you see red?

Red Skull

The Red Skull character is not an option for you to choose as the subject of intense passion. Definitely when you are seeking for the most extreme fans’ obsession. I don’t think any fans can love their favorite character better than Henry Rodriguez.

He tried to look like Red Skull as much as possible. And he ended up with facial surgeries like eye tattoo, cutting his nose. He also had sub dermal implants in his face and brow. What a weird guy like his favorite character.

Tommy Hanson’s life is sad and short.

Tommy Hanson’s

Tommy Hanson is a fan of Marvel but he didn’t become extreme. Instead, his story was like an inspiration. It was in 1978 when they released a Fantastic Four cartoon. In that, we saw the Human Torch disappeared. Instead, we had H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot. For years, people were familiar with Johnny Storm, brother of Sue Storm, as the Huma Torch. The sudden change made people unhappy a lot.

The reason was NBC executives thought the cartoon could give bad effects to children. They didn’t want kids saw the cartoon and tried to be the Human Torch. They could set them on fire with that thought in mind. But it was just an excuse.

The truth was that they decided to make a solo for those characters. And John Byrne was still able to make use of urban legend. In Fantastic Four #285, the Human Torch informed his team that he didn’t want to be a hero anymore. Then Tommy Hanson was upset when he heard this news. In fact, Tommy had trouble with having friends. He was living in lonesome for years and his only idols were the Human Torch. Or we could say Johnny Storm was his only friend. When his only friend was about to disappear, he seemed to lose all hope. In the end, he came up with setting himself on fire to finally become the powerful Human Torch. Later he could make it in the hospital. And his action did bring Johnny back from giving up his responsibility.




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