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Mathew Rhys takes on the lead role in Perry Mason

Mathew Rhys takes on the lead role in Perry Mason

Matthew Rhys cast as Perry Mason

It is recently updated that the limited series on HBO named Perry Mason, whose production team is from Team Downey of Robert Downey, Jr., has had Matthew Rhys as the lead actor. The series follows a famous defense attorney, who is also a private investigator among the popular culture.

According to Deadline, this project is reported to have started in 2016. Specifically, the main creator is Nic Pizolatto, who also wrote True Detector before. Robert Downey has also announced that he is the lead character in this series.

Nevertheless, Nic was too focused on making the third season of True Detective. This seasion also intends to become another hit in the near future. Consequently, Downey’s commitments have required him to delay the project. With Rhys’ confirmed appearance in the series, it continues to look for a director and executive producers board. At the same time, show-runners Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones will sponsor the series.

Overall, Perry Mason was defined as a front-runner legal drama that aired on CBS channel from 1957 to 1966, lasting for nine seasons. Raymond Burr became a famous actor after the show. Simultaneously, it has set an enormous foundation for other courtroom-based drama series afterward. Some particular circumstances are last-minute table turns. In which, Mason has a tendency to defend his client perfectly by bringing up a key witness or undeniable evidence that favor his clients, thus wrapping up the case effortlessly.

Nic Pizolatto

The legendary Erle Stanley Gardner was the one who came up with this iconic series. After that, the show had a remake at the beginning of the 1970s. It alonged with several TV movies that were broadcasted from 1985 to 1995. Almost all of the mentioned series revolved around Burr as the main lead.

To be specific, the new series from HBO is set in Los Angeles in 1932 centers around Mason. Which earns his living through courtroom cases. One day, a series of kidnapping cases is becoming much more severe, catching Mason’s attention. However, his involvement in the case threatens the power of the authority which cannot fear him. For that reason, he is on his way to becoming one of the most respected defense attorneys in this field.

Rhys’ announcement follows great news that he has just won Best Actor in the Critics’ Choice Award last night for his leading role in The Americans. Moreover, viewers will be able to see him again this year with The Report. It’s a film demonstrating the CIA’s next steps after the 9/11 event, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. In this film, he stars alongside Tom Hanks.

The Team Downey production company was established for a while. However, it has embraced a pretty slow start and development speed. Their only one popular movie was The Judge in 2014. However, it will no longer be this way in the near future.

Recently, the production team is working on the Sherlock Holmes series and some other shows at the same time. In these productions, Robert Downey is the lead character. What’s more? It also has an intention of producing a live-action movie named Pinocchio, along with an adapted screenplay of the book A Head Full of Ghosts. This is not to mention that they have a collaborative agreement with Hulu for a new graphic novel series.

Perry Mason is expected to be the opening shot of Team Downey in the field of TV production. And they have chosen HBO, the massive network of popular movies and TV shows, as their arrival stage.

In the future, I am pretty sure that we will see a lot of casting news on the newspaper. However, beginning with Rhys is definitely a good start.

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