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Megan Fox’s transformation step by step

Megan Fox’s transformation step by step

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is commented by everyone as a strong personality. She is straightforward, dares to say everything she thinks and never regrets it. This personality girl has many strong points. She is smart, talented, good at acting, able to incarnate in many different roles. Moreover, she has a strong sense of faith. She is strong in personality, fierce, daring to face challenges. Let’s see how this personality girl changed over the years.

Megan’s favorite character in childhood was Dorothy.

Megan’s favorite character in childhood was Dorothy

Megan Fox spent her childhood with her mother in Tennessee. When she was 2 years old, the time when other children were learning to speak. She wanted to be an actress. When she was 4 or 5 years old, her favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz (via The New York Times). She really admired Dorothy in that film and she wanted her mother to call her name to follow the character’s name. When her mother explained that Dorothy was not real, just fiction, another actor played Dorothy, which did not make her sad. She increasingly aspired to become an actress since she was a child.

However, her childhood did not flow smoothly like other children. Her divorced parents made her feel very lonely. At the time of the interview with GQ, Megan’s younger sister was 13 years old. She always wanted to perform in her own house. And she pretended to be acting so that everyone focused their eyes on her.

Megan Fox had a period of bullying at secondary school.

Megan Fox had a period of bullying at secondary school

Megan was caught in school violence. She was shunned and bullied by friends at secondary school (per Elle). This is so bad that a little girl decided to have lunch in the bathroom to stay away from her friends. She is strong but she has experienced a difficult time when she came to school.

Megan thought the main reason for getting into violence from friends was because she got along with the boys. This probably made some of her classmates unhappy. Despite meeting difficulties in getting along with friends, Fox still doesn’t give up her passion. Megan Fox seemed to see it as her experience lesson.

She played the role of a spoiled girl.

 She played the role of a spoiled girl

Megan had a few special experiences in her youth to help her fulfill her wish. She used to be a model and an actress when she was 14 years old. This acting could be a big advantage for her later. The first film she was honored to attend was the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, Holiday in the Sun (via The New York Times). Megan’s incredible success was her acting in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in 2014. At that time she just was 17 years old.

She played the role of a spoiled girl. And she doesn’t know how to act properly when making that movie. All she did was imitate the spoiled girls she had seen before. Sharing about her experiences during filming through the interview, she thought that the blonde girl is sweet girls while the dark girl is sexy and have something very spoiled. Fox moved to New York after the resounding success of the 17-year-old film she participated in. However, she went through a lonely life in this most bustling city. She had no friends, alone, spent most of her time in the apartment. Perhaps the difficulty had not let her go.

Will success at work help her solve internal problems?

Megan Fox is not an exception

For every actor, when they incarnate into a role, they want the audience to acknowledge their efforts. So they want to play their roles as best as possible. Megan Fox is not an exception. She wanted to be an actress. And her destination was reputation and success. She yearned for the limelight. Megan Fox acted completely because she loved this job – in an interview with GQ.

Every time Megan achieved success at work, she felt her body was liberated. Then she was completely confident. However, there was a disagreement in her thoughts. She felt uneasy, puzzled about how exactly she wanted to be. To explain this instability, she thought she has been affected since her parents divorced. The actress always felt rejected and didn’t see her father for a while. If we have never experienced things like Megan Fox, we absolutely cannot understand her feelings.

She met the man of her life at the age of 18.

She met the man of her life at the age of 18

Actor Brian Austin Green who played a role in the episode of the TV show,  Hope & Faith, in 2004. Talk about the first meeting with the person who later became her husband. Megan Fox fell in love with Green at first sight. She found the man of her life at age 18. Although the first time they met, this talented girl wanted to spend her life with the actor. The age gap was the only thing that hindered them in this relationship. At the time of filming, Green was 30 years old while Fox was only 18 years old.

This was not too big a problem. Fox convinced his future husband to agree. They had a sweet time of love. And they ended that sweet love with a happy wedding in 2010. However, every marriage is turbulent and the couple is not an exception. Megan once decided to divorce in August 2015. Fortunately, they successfully reconciled after a year. Sharing about the couple’s turbulent time, Green revealed that marriage was much more complicated than love. But that did not frustrate them. The duo would preserve and maintain this happiness (via People in September 2017). After successful reconciliation, Megan announced having a third child. Towards Megan, she did not give any comment about the short split between them (through Elle).

The trouble between Megan Fox and Michael Bay.

 Megan Fox and Michael Bay

When Fox was 17 years old, she played an important role in Michael Bay’s cult movie, Transformers. The film has brought her great success but it is not completely calm from beginning to end. Fox had grievances about the film’s director. She thought they said untrue statements about her. All she can do was expect someone to speak out for her protection. She was hoping but no one did it (According to The New York Times).

There seemed to be a misunderstanding between them. The third part of the Transformers franchise was released when Fox resumed contacting the film director and apologized to him. First, she sent greetings to the success of the movie. Then, she expressed her sincerity. She felt remorse for her words with the media at the time of the dispute between them. She hoped those negative things would no longer exist. Luckily, Megan Fox and Michael Bay are both understanders. They sympathized with each other and felt that there was no longer any barrier between them. After solving misunderstandings, they collaborated with each other many years later.

The audience had negative comments about Megan Fox.

The audience had negative comments about Megan Fox

There was a stage in the career when the audience commented that she was shallow but also very charming. She felt everyone was brainwashed by the mass media. The media that exposes the audience to her was not true. Fox knew the appearance of these negative words but changing people’s perceptions was very difficult (per the LA Times).

Megan Fox was bound to become the person she wanted. What she said or how she expressed was not important. And she cannot control herself. Megan gave eloquent comments to show people what she really wanted and who she really was.

Her favorite role is to be a mother.

Her favorite role is to be a mother

Apart from being an actor, was there any role that Megan liked? The answer was to be a mother. The turn of the three children in 2012, 2013 and 2016 has clearly answered this question. She has her first child at 26 years old.

Despite being a woman of work, she still enjoyed being pregnant. She loved children. Creating a new life was the most wonderful thing that all mothers could get. She believed that there was a connection between mother and child.

Megan Fox believes in god which makes her feel safe.

Megan Fox believes in god which makes her feel safe

Megan Fox is a man of intense faith. She believes in god. The actress may have been affected during her time in Tennessee where she joined the Pentecostal church. She felt the intense energy in the room that she compared to the footage of a Santeria gathering or someone doing a voodoo. Spoke in tongues was the special ability that she achieved when she was 8 years old.

Megan Fox wants to control her own body so she didn’t take medicine or alcohol. She chose to speak in tongues at church because she believed in god. And she felt safe in God’s arms.

Megan will do the opposite of what you want her to do.

Megan will do the opposite of what you want her to do

The actress is a strong personality. She would do the opposite of what someone wanted her to do. If you advise her not to tattoo anymore, one certain thing that she would continue to do it as violently as possible. She didn’t care what others said. She just wanted to satisfy herself.

The talented woman had to deal with difficulties since she was a teenager. The difficulty not only made her frustrated but also made her yearn to fulfill her dreams and got closer to what she wanted to achieve. It seemed that many people have felt unreliable about the 12-year gap between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Someone advised her not to cooperate with her husband during mediation. She proved to them that their judgment was completely wrong.


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