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Meghan Markle’s baby news makes Princess Eugenie unhappy?

Meghan Markle’s baby news makes Princess Eugenie unhappy?

Princess Diana

The Interest in the royals. It had been decreasing ever since the shocking death of – Princess Diana. Harry’s beloved mother. Fortunately, the appearance of Kate Middleton on the scene reversed that trend. She really created a new space where someone like Markle could shine in her way. Many people argue that 2018 will go down as a huge year in the history of the royal family. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Itself is not only just capture the imagination of the British public. But it attracts millions of people around the world as well

Despite that fact that many still prefer Middleton to Markle. However, the now-retired actress has added a touch of Hollywood flair to The Firm. It is more important when she’s brought diversity. She becomes the first mixed-race woman to marry with the royal member

Even though while Queen Elizabeth may have been over the moon to hear the news the Markle was pregnant. One of her granddaughters had a very different reaction to this event. The daughter of the queen’s second son, Prince Andrew- Princess Eugenie. She was absolutely furious to the following Markle’s big pregnancy reveals. And here is the reason why.

The news broke during Eugenie’s wedding-the most meaningful of her.

Princess Diana 2


Actually, it wasn’t so much the news that could upset Eugenie, but the matter is the timing of it. According to many kinds of reports. The former Suits star Meghan Markle allegedly chose to reveal this hot news. But it is right in the middle of Eugenie’s wedding. She said to Jack Brooksbank. The one, who works as the European brand manager for Casamigos Tequila. The princess’ big day had already been in chaos. And it is also accused that her wedding was a waste of taxpayers’ money. The price tag was reportedly about $3 million. But the baby news reveals supposedly made Eugenie unhappy and she couldn’t deal with this news.

A secret source from Radar Online that. “ Eugenie disappeared for a while after Harry and his wife Meghan told the royal family the news”. Also, “She felt furious and felt Harry and Meghan upstaged her.” The insider claims the princess was so angry that she immediately left the room. After Markle’s spotlight-stealing bombshell. Radar’s spy put it into perspective like this. “One, their wedding at the chapel was being watched by millions on TV and in person. That compared to the hatred that was slung at a Eugenie for spending so much on her day. Secondly, Meghan beat her at her reception by Meghan when she announced she was expecting.”

The official announcement stole her newlywed thunder

British Royal

Radar Online’s royal insider claimed that. ” The younger York sister’s reaction to the baby news was easy to understand”. Many people know that Eugenie and her sister, Beatrice. They have often been the subject of ridicule over the years. But in fact, any bride would have got upset and angry by something like that, the source said. Why they publicly break the baby news during Eugenie’s wedding. But they also make an official announcement from Kensington Palace just a few days later?

The official Kensington Palace’s Instagram account posted on Oct. 15, 2018,  shows that. Their British Royal of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019. Also, since Harry and Markle’s wedding in May, they have received a lot of the support. And their Royal Highnesses have appreciated about this a lot. They are very happy to be able to share this happy news with the public. Prince Harry and his wife are going to have their first baby sometime in 2019. Mrs. Doria Ragland, who is Marble’s mother called it “lovely news”.

She also added that she couldn’t wait to meet her first grandchild, but should the rest of us even know about this yet?. As a gesture of respect for Harry’s cousin. Harry and his wife could, and arguably should, have waited so that Eugenie could have her best moment.

This will result in war between Eugenie and Meghan?


Markle’s alleged decision to reveal her baby news on purpose during Eugenie’s ceremony. Maybe because of some pre-existing wounds. There are some rumors emerged in April 2018, that. Eugenie and Princess Beatrice-her sister. They might have some problems with Markle. According to the source, which told New Idea that Bea and Eugenie were jealous. They don’t agree that Meghan is good enough to be a royal member. The York sisters were apparently delayed by a tense Easter gathering. They feel tired of ignoring royal duties to support the American newcomer. If that’s the matter, Eugenie already had a bone to pick with Markle. Just maybe before the royal rookie upstaged her at her wedding.

But it’s not all, there’s more royal drama. Rumor has it Eugenie wanted to marry Brooksbank in 2017, but she didn’t have permission to do that. “There was also some talk about a wedding in 2017, but [Eugenie and Jack] had to wait for Harry to go first,”. According to a source within the royal camp told Vanity Fair in September 2018. “The feeling is that she deserves to have her moment in the spotlight and a big royal wedding with all the frills.”

Princess Eugenie’s mom used to snub Markle on Twitter

Kensington Palace

It’s possible that it was just a crazy coincidence. But in fact, it doesn’t seem like this from Eugenie’s mother was an accident. The moments after Kensington Palace dropped the official royal baby announcement online. Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson posted on Twitter a picture of herself from her daughter’s big day. Following she thanks to the designer of her beautiful dress. It is a silky green number by French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. But she completely ignored the fact that Meghan Markle was having a baby.

Was this an intentional action to the American after she stole her daughter’s thunder?. The U.K. press seems to convince that it was. “Kensington Palace publicly revealed about Markle’s pregnancy at 8.40am this morning. On the 59th birthday of Eugenie’s mother Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York,”. Mark Duell the correspondent of Daily Mail. on Oct. 15, 2018, the day of big pregnancy news. “Sarah posted a tweet to thank the designer for the dress she on her daughter’s big day last week. And it happens exactly at the time of the baby news.”


Even a royal ‘tweetstorm’ couldn’t upstage Harry’s first baby.

Daily Mail

That might be a slight exaggeration when the Daily Mail described it as a “tweetstorm,”. Ferguson’s Twitter output following the announcement was unusually high. The Duchess of York had only tweeted twice in October before the official baby news. But at the time Markle’s pregnancy was officially announced. Fergie immediately used social media to show her pride in her daughter’s marriage.

Ferguson captioned a picture of Eugenie and Jack. They were exiting St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and she said: She was so proud of Eugenie and Jack. Where the same chapel in which Harry and Meghan wedding. She also updated two more festive photos, along with more well-wishes.

Back in 1992, Ferguson almost lost all her chance to seat at any table together with the royal family. Despite the fact that she knows all too well what it’s like to be on the fringes of they want. When tabloids revealed the photos of her with the man. He was so-called her financial advisor, John Bryan. He was sucking her toes while the pair sunbathed in the South of France. The queen has been furious when she found out over breakfast. However, they have managed to rebuild their relationship for many years after that.

Her dad allegedly got in behind

Prince Andrew

Despite the fact that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew got the divorce from 1996. They still live together at Windsor’s Royal Lodge, despite divorcing in 1996. Ferguson shared in 2016 (via PopSugar) that they seem never live apart. In addition, he proved they were still close by following her lead. Prince Andrew posted one of his wedding photos that Ferguson had posted. He also wished her a happy birthday at the same time. He also reportedly made no mention of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby news. So why did he seemingly choose to ignore this breaking news?

According to reports, Andrew was allegedly to have some problems with the family. Just due to his daughter’s wedding. How lavish Princess Eugenie’s wedding should be?. Prince Charles, who is his older brother. He has allegedly been trying to phase the two princesses out. He seems to attempt to reduce the royal roster. However, their grandmother supposedly wasn’t having it. An insider told the Daily Mail that: “The Queen adores the girls” and she is keen for them to have some kind of a role,” Some people claim that Markle stole her dream wedding venue.

Eugenie had to delay her wedding


As we mentioned above, Eugenie had to delay her wedding because of Prince Harry’s wedding. But it’s not all, she also had to watch them walk down the aisle in the same venue she had chosen for her big day. There have been contradictory reports on St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle first. But one royal whistle-blower revealed that.” Everyone knows that at Princess Eugenie has always dreamed of having her big day there”. The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla apparently knew this all too well. And she, of course, tried to let Markle know this after that.

When they met together, Camilla really let Meghan know that one insider shared to New Idea. Camilla had told, That was cruel if Markle and Harry ruined Eugenie’s wedding plans”. Prince Harry should have known that Eugenie had always wanted to marry at St. George’s chapel. Another source told the New Idea that Eugenie wanted still have her wedding. It may be an act of defiance at Windsor Castle. She also thought that it would be the ultimate revenge if she got married at the same church as Harry would be.”

Meghan and Harry upstaged her engagement too

If there really is some kind of royal conflict between Princess Eugenie and Markle. It seems to be likely started when the princess was allegedly told that. “She did not have permission to announce her own engagement”. A person shared with New Idea that Eugenie was “angry”. Because she couldn’t share her engagement with the public. The royal family wanted Harry could announce his first. This really left a bad taste in her mouth and made her unhappy. The source also claimed that: It was the most exciting moments in any young woman’s life when he proposed to her — but Princess Eugenie had to keep it quiet for months just because of Prince Harry’s impending engagement news was a real slap in the face for her.

She couldn’t draw the same attention as Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry

After that Eugenie seemed to have turned her anger into a determination. She had vowed to make her wedding “more fabulous and more memorable” than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s. But actually, no-one expected two royal weddings in 2018. Eugenie is keeping trying and promising that hers will be the one that everyone remembers. The source claimed that Eugenie wanted to hold her wedding just weeks after. Unfortunately, some palace officials reportedly denied her request. They booked one in October instead of July date.

But it did turn out as she had expected. Princess Eugenie’s big day was never going to compare with Prince Harry’s. No matter how many famous friends she invited. The interest from the public just wasn’t there. And people at her wedding reportedly couldn’t help but they all noticed the differences between their two weddings, it is a fact.

According to the Mirror’s a lip reader, the queen’s eldest granddaughter told Harry the streets were “It is very quiet compared to the screaming at your wedding.”. Moreover, a royal enthusiast- Kerry Evans, who camped out for Eugenie’s wedding, told the Hull Daily Mail that she practically had the place to herself: “At one point there were more journalists than people watching.”

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