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It couldn’t be more romantic when Michael B. Jordan kissed his Oscars date. 

Michael B. Jordan kissed his mom at Oscar 2019

On the red carpet, the actor Michael B. Jordan made everyone faint from extreme emotion. They saw he gave a lady he took to the Oscars a big kiss. Then who was this lady?? It was on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, when the Oscar ceremony occurred. It was a big day not just for famous people but it attracted many people’s attention. Michael B. Jordan decided to take the most important woman in his life to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. It was where they celebrated the ceremony. And this woman was his beloved mother, Donna Jordan. Together they walked on the carpet before everyone. They also got some press photos and they were so happy. In one moment, Michael showed his love by kissing his mother on her cheek. And they made it capture the moment.

And this moment caught a lot of love from other people. To them, it was such a beautiful action that warmed their heart. Some people commented on his picture with his mother on the red carpet from MTV. “It is how a gentleman should be.” another one said. “It was a right thing to do. You mother is the most important person. You are such a good man and she is such a beautiful lady.”

Michael and his mother took many professional photos at the ceremony. But they also got some photos before they reached the Dolby Theatre. Of course, Michael posted it on his 9.9 million followers Instagram account. “My mother is so beautiful that I may have to fight for her. I love you mom”. He also posted a photo of them were smiling at the camera. And it came with #Oscars2019 #PopsIGotYou #DateNight. Besides, he also had a photo with the Black Panther cast as well. This American actor did make his name famous from the role of Erik Killmonger. Though he was not the main character, he still gained much love from viewers.

Now let’s take a look at their fashion at the ceremony. Michael and his mother, Donna has impressed people with fashion choices. Michael appeared with a Tom Ford tuxedo with a blue velvet jacket. Meanwhile, his mother chose a black gown with a “weaved” appearance.

People know that Michael B. Jordan is a man of the family. He loves his family so much and he could anything for his family. Once on Twitter, Michael responded to one of his fans’ tweet that he lived in the same house with his parents. It was in February 2018. But there is a little different than you should know. He doesn’t live with her parents but they live with him. The Friday Night Lights star made that all clear about this issue. He is an independent man but he wants to live with and take care of them.

Via Us Weekly, he said that he is having a great time with his parents. Living in the same house with his parents is not a bad thing at all. But it turned out to have some benefits that he shared to Us Weekly. “Coming first to this list is that we have home-cooked meals. After work, I went back home and my mom already made me loved meals. What more do I want? Having your mom cook for you is such a good and lucky thing you have. ” It seemed that he had made a deal with his parents. And they are all happy with that. And another thing you should misunderstand that he depends too much on his mom. He is a grown-up man and he is a responsible person. He doesn’t let his mom do his laundry. After all, she is his mother, not his maid.

However, Michael is not the only person that took mother to the 2019 Oscar Awards ceremony. We have A Star Is Born director and star Bradley Cooper in this list. He is a famous American actor and filmmaker. He defined his name since the Hangover comedy. After that, his career began to improve and gained a lot of success. People nominated him many awards. They include 7 Academy Awards and 1 Tony Award. And now he again came to the Oscar Awards 2019 with 3 nominations. It included the best actor, best picture and best-adapted screenplay. And these nominations are all from his lasted movie: “ A Star Is Born”. Bradly Cooper came with his mother and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

In the Award night, Cooper had impressed everyone with his performance with Lady Gaga. It was such a great performance that it received a thundering ovation. About Irina Shayk, Cooper had a daughter with her. The Daily Mail reported that Bradley’s mother, Gloria Cooper was happy to be there with her son. She was smiling and holding her son’s hand while they posed to take photos. Moreover, her appearance also impressed people showed up at the ceremony.

Gloria Cooper is 78 years old now but we have to admit her taste of fashion is amazing. Gloria chose a black lace and tulle dress with a velvet coat and embellished ballerina pumps. Not stopping at that. She was worn a pair of Gucci sunglasses as accessories. It was a pair of sunglasses that people trimmed jewel on it. And finally, she took a colorful walking stick with her to the biggest Awards ceremony. Frankly, she had her own style and she was not afraid to show it.

We had two amazing women appeared at the ceremony. And both of them are amazing mothers as well. Then it is time to open some kinds of Hollywood moms club, don’t you think? These ladies sit together, they could have a lot of things to share and talk to each other. For example, they could talk about how good their son is. Or anything happened in showbiz and the entertainment industry. And maybe they can share their taste of fashion as well.

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