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Mike Tyson life and tragic details

Mike Tyson life and tragic details

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson left a mark on the world on Nov. 22, 1986. At just 20 years old he became world boxing heavyweight champion. Being the new reigning champion, Tyson’s life took a complete turn. His New York life would soon change forever.

His powerhouse uppercuts amassed him a fortune in competitions. Being rich then, he didn’t falter to blow everything on trivial buys. $140,000 on two Bengal tigers and $2 million on a bath for Robin Givens, his then wife. He did express that money is not a problem for him, it was never about the money. He also added that if he did want to make money, he would not be here right now.

The individuals who follow Tyson’s closely are most likely having quite a chuckle. His activities throughout his boxing career and conduct are questionable at best. He has quite a bit record, biting off piece of his adversary’s ear, a rough street rage episode. And topping it off with an assault charge that landed him in jail for a long time.

Regardless of his many trouble, many do share a sense of compassion with the boxer. Particularly if you’re thinking about his awful childhood. He’s an abuse victim at seven years old. Even getting his first taste of liquor when he was a newborn child. Here’s “Iron” Mike Tyson’s genuine story. God loaded his life with bitterness, violence, and tragedy.

Addiction at an early age

Mike Tyson 2

He was different prior to turning into a world champion, piling on titles like the WBC, WBA, and IBF. He was living with his mother and sister in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Also, he was almost a year old when his mother helped shape his addictions. His mom would nourish him with alcohol and medications to get him to rest.

His first boxing supervisor, mentor Cus D’Amato, kicked the bucket in 1985. That was Tyson boiling point, it pushed him over the edge. He told Oprah Winfrey amid a sincere meeting that it’s when he started abusing. He started abusing medications and liquor to fight the sadness.

Tyson later explained his addiction while on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. Being addicted is like having a constant hunger. And heroin, cocaine is what helped sated that hunger. He also added that despite being drug-free for a while, it’s a constant battle. When you’ve been through addiction, it will eventually come knocking again.

Quitting school

Mike Tyson 11

People Mike reported that Tyson’s conduct issues started at an early age. He attacked an instructor eighth grade. His conduct means he invested a large part of his time in special education classrooms. He did, in the end, drop out of school.

He did, at last, had a motivator to get his General Equivalency Diploma, though. It was when he was in a correctional facility, the Indiana Youth Center. The court sentenced him to ten years in the facility for raping a woman. If he passed the GED test, though, they would reduce his sentence by three months. The New York Daily News uncovered that Tyson failed the GED test. He did end up going free three years later for good conduct. Of course, he was on probation.

Mike Tyson was an addict

Mike Tyson 10

Mike Tyson originally used cocaine at 11 years old. He kept on using it for a long time. The boxer was emphatic and relentless in his prime. But, he was high more often than not.

But there are drug tests for athletes, right? How did he get past those test then? He explained to utilizing a Whizzer, which was a phony penis. You put in it somebody’s drug-free pee to breeze through your medication test.

He proceeded to portray himself as a cokehead in his journal. Also, he admitted that he was under the influence in his June 2000 matchup against Lou Savarese. His public interview with his rival Lennox Lewis in January 2002 was no exception. A dramatic fight between the rivaling camps.

Sexual assault

Mike Tyson 9

He revealed to Opie Radio that someone assaulted him when he was 7 years of age. An old man grabbed him off the road and explicitly assaulted him. Tyson said it happened once and he fled from the man. He didn’t report the wrongdoing to anybody nor did he saw the man again. He kept the horrible episode a mystery for a long time. And then he explained to the radio hosts that nobody needed to know.

One would expect the competitor didn’t get over the ambush. He expressed he didn’t know whether the occurrence definitely transformed him or not. The memory of that unnerving day would remain with him. He does not recall detail vividly.

Who was Mike Tyson’s dad?

Mike Tyson’s dad

We got to know him more in Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth (through Buffalo News). The fighter expressed he wasn’t actually certain who his genuine dad was. Purcell Tyson is the name on his birth certificate. But he knew Jimmy “Curly” Kirkpatrick as his dad. The man was a pimp while Purcell was an unassuming Jamaican taxi driver. He said the being the son of a pimp was more safe, especially in that part of town.

Kirkpatrick left Tyson when he was only 2 years of age, as indicated by DNA India. Tyson’s boxing career took off, his dad, in the end, returned in 1991. His dad tried to explain what happened between him and Tyson’s mother. Tyson had no interest in the story but he understood. Sometimes adults don’t get along, and that’s okay. Once in a while kids will have to endure. It simply occurs. Tyson doesn’t hate his father and held no ill-will.

Kirkpatrick died in 1992 of a heart attack. Tyson was in a correctional facility at that time. Kirkpatrick’s passing upset him, he was in distress. However, he didn’t request consent to leave the office so he could go to his father’s burial service.

Mike Tyson and his dysfunctional family

Mike Tyson 8

The previous heavyweight champion revealed to TRACE magazine his crazy childhood.  He portrayed a portion of the frightening episodes that molded his developmental years. Things like mother’s boyfriend molesting their daughter, alcoholism, and abuse. All the details are just so graphic.

He talked more on his horrible youth and a horrifying experience with a man his mother was seeing. Eddie, the man in question, knocked his mom’s gold tooth out. He and Denise [his sister] were shouting non-stop. His mom threw boiling water on him and everyone was screaming. Quite a violent childhood we would say.

He gave the man a quarter to help comfort him when his sister cared for his blisters. He said the man purchased liquor with the cash for Tyson’s mother. Tyson explained that it was that moment that changes his sexual behavior.

Tragedies are a friend

Mike Tyson 7

His trainer D’Amato is his legal guardian, he and his mother did not stay together. Tyson did later reconcile with his mom, Lorna, but at that point, she wasn’t so well off. At that point, cancer was robbing her of her health and slowly killing her.

Tyson did go to visit his mother in the hospital, though the visit was tragically short. Flies were buzzing all around the room, he went in, took a look, and left right away, just like that never went back.

His mom died in 1981 without his knowledge, no one even bothered to notify him. Tragedy would soon hit him once again in 1990 when his sister died. Denise Anderson had a heart attack and passed away at the age of 24.

Mother in 1981, his trainer in 1985, sister in 1990, father in 1992, all important people in his life passed away one by one. His dad’s death was the last, he was then the only family member left.

The death of his 4-year-old daughter

Mike Tyson 6

Tyson’s daughter Exodus died in 2009 in her Phoenix, Ariz. home, and at just 4-year-old. Her mom and older brother, who was living with her couldn’t believe it. The family’s treadmill’s wiring reportedly caught and suffocated the child.

His daughter’s passing was a devastating blow, Tyson. He’s still unsure how it all came to be. The boxer told Oprah Winfrey he wasn’t completely sure. There’s no way to know the truth, but if he did found out, and a name came up. Well, let’s just say that someone is as good as dead.

He talked about his ordeal on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and how he felt as he came to the hospital. And that was a sad time for Mike!

He said goodbye to his $400 million fortune

Mike Tyson 5

The Washington Post reports on Mike Tyson’s spendings is quite a sight. He earned millions of dollars during his career. But wasted most of it by spending it on needless indulgence. A Connecticut estate with 61 rooms and 38 baths needs no description, and that’s only one of six houses. Mercedes-Benz cars bodyguards?? $410,000 at a birthday party?? What was he and Robin Givens thinking?

Tyson made close to $400 million during his career. He, however, couldn’t avoid bankruptcy thanks to his crazy spending habits. He was in debt to pretty much everyone, the IRS, HM’s tax money, and child support, you name it. The boxer was shouldering a $27 million debt on his shoulder.

He did manage to pay off most of the debt back through various means. However, fighting income, selling properties, and etc isn’t enough to pay off that much.\

Harassment and its profound effect

Mike Tyson 4

The sporadic athletes have two distinct features, his high-pitched voice, and his lisp. He doesn’t take himself too seriously though. He made tons of money selling shirts that made jokes about his lisp.

The harassment though was no snickering issue. At 12 years old, he even joined a gang, and we know they aren’t that nice, are they? They called him “Pixie Boy”, and you can take a wild guess as to why.

He revealed to GQ that the harassments were beyond what a young Mike Tyson could deal with. A kid could only take so much abuse, and he took any kind you can imagine.

His face tattoo’s back story

Mike Tyson 3

Mike Tyson tattooed his face in 2003. His conduct at the time was sporadic and unpredictable. It was definitely a surprise, but many didn’t think much of it. He clarified the genuine purpose for his actions to the Guardian later though. The boxer was in self-loathing and decided to change himself.

At first, he asked for stars tattoos on his face, but settled for a Maori ancestral pattern. Well, cause the artist refused to do starts.

He does not regret the decision one bit despite his new appearance. Tyson did say that his face frightens many since it’s so intimidating but it’s a good piece no doubt. The boxer fully embraced his new look.


Mike Tyson 12

Tyson and Robin Givens had quite a marriage. News outlets had some great time exploring their troublesome relationship. There was a ton of rumors going around that he was abusive towards his wife. He later revealed in his book that Givens took one of his greatest punch.

Another crazy ordeal happened in 1988. Givens hung out at the U.S. Open instead of spending time with Tyson at his training site. The Daily News reported that Tyson told Givens he’d kill himself.

Tyson later slammed his vehicle into a tree. He suffered mild amnesia and blacked out thanks to that. He really did do it, what a crazy dude.

A spooky kin relationship

Mike Tyson 13

Tyson and his brother’s life went down totally different paths. A life of a boxer, an ex-prisoner is different from a medical staff’s. Rodney, his older brother, picked an actual decent career. His brother never talks about that life that they shared together when they were young.

Rodney didn’t even try to read Tyson’s book. Tyson reasoned that he does not care for the world Tyson is living right now. Though we’re sure, he’s also wondering why?

They are siblings but their relationship is non-existent. Tyson revealed that they don’t meet at all and never talk much, it’s a harsh reality. His family is one with so many dysfunctionalities that we can’t blame his brother.

Mike Tyson’s mother didn’t trust him

Mike Tyson 14

His mother did let his boxing coach be his legitimate father. She also didn’t want to support Tyson’s dreams. He isn’t sure if his mother is proud of him. In his words, it seemed that she didn’t like him very much and didn’t believe in him.

He disclosed to The Guardian that his mother thought he was crazy when his career took off. His was raking up wins and money but she didn’t believe him.

Mike had no idea what to do with love

Mike Tyson remarried in 2009, not long after the death of his little girl Exodus. Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer was his third marriage partner. Tyson told DNA India in a meeting that it opens his eyes to the concept of love.

Tyson opened up to Oprah that he’s just getting old, that it’s time to look for someone to stay and support him. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore and craves for intimacy.

He, however, does not like receiving affection, but rather to give it.







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