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How was Noah Wyle after he left ‘ER’?

Whatever came to Noah Wyle’s life

Noah Wyle

His first appearance to the public was in the 90s. At this time, the movie industry was on its development then many people wanted to be a movie star. Many men and women began attending this growing industry. However, not many of them can make their name famous. Noah Wyle also came to acting like them but he managed to make it out. Actually, his success has lasted long enough in comparison with others. In his entire career, Noah Wyle seemed to be less ambitious. He also got suggestions to have leading man roles. But he turned them down to play his favorite “supporting player” part. We can see this in the first days he became an actor. He used to appear as “supporting player” in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise. And in WWII misfire Swing Kids which released in 1993, he was Hiler Youth leader.

It was a year after he took part in Swing Kids and the movie came to the theaters. Swing Kids described the time in WW 2. it was about a group of young men trying to be different and forget the cruelty of the war. They managed to be Swing Kids and Hiler Youth at the same time. Through their journey to gain their perspectives, we saw images of Germany youngster. Noah Wyle decided to attend to another series on TV. That series was ER which was one of the most famous TV series in the 90s.

In the ER, Noah Wyle played as a young doctor who was still learning the ropes. The series took place at a Chicago hospital. The series had an attractive story, which was a factor making it a big series at that time. Actually, ER was a big boost and motivation for Wyle and other members of the cast. Thanks to it, they became overnight stars and gained more fame in their career. However, Noah Wyle tended to not fit the notoriety. Up to now, he has never been stable in the Hollywood spotlight. Then what did happen to Noah Wyle after his role in ER?

Noah Wyle and Friends 

ER made a star out Noah Wyle

Definitely, ER made a star out Noah Wyle. Its success had proved a rating powerhouse and it was one of the most famous shows. However, there was another show what shared the same famous rate to ER. Friends is a landmark sitcom which appeared on NBC in 1994. Hence, it appeared at the same time as ER and also achieved a big success. And some audiences believed Friends was the most popular TV show at that time. These shows gained love from audiences with their critics and attractive stories. With only the second half of their first seasons, they did hit the biggest viewing rate. Therefore, NBC came up with the idea to have a crossover between two of them. As they wanted it would be a lever helping the ratings of both shows.

That amazing crossover idea seemed to a good one. The producer of the show got 2 stars from ER to the show. They were Noah Wyle and Mr. George Clooney. Wyle and Clooney then got into the charming world of Team Central Perk. Moreover, the show also found them as emergency room doctors. Then Wyle and Clooney couldn’t distinguish the Monica and Rachel. And these women both had the date with these hot doctors. How kooky the hijinks were?

He played as Jobs

He played as Jobs

After his name became famous since ER released, Wyle got many suggestions for many roles. Moreover, people always seem to ask him for interesting roles only. He had shared story about one of them in his 15-year stint on the show. It was the move about one of the genius leaders in Silicon Valley. And it was Pirates of Silicon Valley. They made the movie in 1999 when technology was on its first transforming days. The movies had shown us some tech-savvy frenemies. These things later would change our world to a new one. They would change from communication to transportation technologies. Moreover, music and pop culture also got effects.

The movie demonstrated the conflict between 2 big bosses in Silicon Valley. They are Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and Steve Jobs, father of Apple. And Wyle had made a beautiful job when he played as Steve Jobs. He did have perfect cooperation with Anthony Michael Hall. To Wyle, having a chance to work with the 80s icon is one of the best things in his life. Furthermore, he also had great performances with Joey Slotnick. Joey Slotnick played as Steve Wozniak but they cut some of his scenes on the movie. These combinations between the actors made the movie worth watching. Pirates of Silicon Valley had made such a big hit that people think it was not for TV show only. In fact, it should have been a blockbuster at that time.

He got Darko with Donnie

We all knew Wyle for his success on TV shows

We all knew Wyle for his success on TV shows. To be frank, he started his career on the small screen and it truly made him famous. However, Wyle was such a gifted man in the filming industry. Hence it would have been a mistake if he had not turned to the big screen. As a result, he started gaining success on the big screen.

For many years, he attended many movies though he also chose the supporting roles. You can see his performance as the youngest child in Bard Freundlich’s. He played as a boy who played an important role in The Myth of Fingerprints. And he was an actor as well as the producer of this movie. Another movie was White Oleander released in 2002. In this movie, he played as an adoptive father. Later he impressed people with the role of former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Don Evans. This was in Oliver Stone’s divisive George W. Bush biopic W.

Of course, he had the most memorable role in his life. And it was the physics professor in Donnie Darko. He was a professor to the troublesome teenager, Jake Gyllenhaal. And this movie was one of the most famous movies of Noah Wyle. This one truly marked his work on the big screen works. In fact, he helped to bring intelligence to his character. He made people absolutely believed in what Professor Kenneth Monnitoff said. He played as Professor Kenneth Monnitoff perfectly when he talked about wormholes. His performances while explaining theoretical physics drove the audience to a new world.

He appeared in Librarian

The relationship between Wyle and TNT began his role as Steve Jobs

The relationship between Wyle and TNT began his role as Steve Jobs. As you can recall, the TV show Pirates of Silicon Valley was the perfect one in his career. After being as the father of Apple, Wyle and TNT decided to improve their strong relationship. As a result, it was in 2004 that Noah Wyle finally agreed to play in a movie of TNT. It was an adventure movie named The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. In this movie, Wyle would be a “professional student”.

After people released The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, it gained a huge success. Though the movie shared some common style with Indiana Jones, the audiences didn’t mind. In fact, the movie achieved a 2005 Saturn Award Nomination. It was for the Best Television Presentation. Besides, its actors and actresses also had nominations. For example, we had Noah Wyle, Kyle MacLachlan, and Sonya Walger. Continuing its success, Noah Wyle made another 2 movies for TNT. Moreover, he also did make 4 seasons of Librarians. This was what TNT could imagine from the start. The story between Wyle and TNT was the sample of how you embrace a new relationship. A greeting kiss could help you out later.

Noah Wyle is always busy

Noah Wyle is always busy

Though Wyle was superb busy filming, he also had many activities behind the camera. After attending The Myth of Fingerprints and learning from TNT, he became the producer on his own. Not just a talented actor, Wyle was also a brilliant producer. He produced Return to King Solomon’s Mines and The Curse of the Judas Chalice. These movies were worth revisiting for many people. Besides, about 30 episodes of The Librarians series he was the executive producer as well. Maybe being a producer was more interesting than just an actor.

No matter how busy he was with The Librarians, Wyle saved time for writing another 2 episodes of the show. And he became the director of another five ones at a time. Therefore, whenever he didn’t have to be on the screen, he didn’t completely get away from it. When he was not an actor, he would be a writer, a producer or even a director. In short, Noah Wyle was a talented man who could be good at things.

Noah and the Falling Skies

Noah and the Falling Skies

Whatever he did, he was still an actor. As what he truly wanted to do was acting. In 2011, Wyle attended another TNT’s movie. In this movie production, Steven Spielberg was the one casting Wyle for the role. Falling Skies was a sci-fi series which TNT wanted to have 5 seasons of it. It indicated that Falling Skies was a big move of TNT. And it was a big boost for Noah Wyle. Wyle played as the patriarch of the Mason clan in this movie. The Mason clan actually is a group of human survivors after the attack of alien. Wyle would play as their leader. They would gather survivors and fight back. When they couldn’t protect us before, they would take it back. The story was so exciting to many people as Alien is never an old topic.

Because it was a sci-fi movie, people seemed to focus much on the effects. However, TNT wanted to make some difference. They wanted to give the audiences more than the effects and resonant human stories. TNT wanted the character could transfer emotions when the Earth is doom. That was the reason why they chose Wyle for that position. And his acting skills didn’t fail them. Falling Skies turned out to great success in Wyle’s career. Moreover, he was also the director and producer in the filming process.

Noah Wyle got on the stage to improve his skills.

Noah Wyle 5

Many actors and actresses chose to have a job in the theater first. As they all knew that theater was the best place to sharpen their acting skills. And the same thing happened to Wyle. From the first days of his acting career, Wyle worked in a theater. Sometimes he also returned to the theater to perform. With this way, he hoped he could sharpen his skills more. Noah Wyle was a boy in the south of California. In his young age, he worked on the stages in Los Angeles. It was in 1995 that he appeared in “The 24th Day”. The 24th Day was a play written by Tom Piccirillo. Later he appeared in another play of Kira Obolensky, Lobster Alice. He took part in these 2 plays as the production of the Blank Theatre Company.

This company was one of the most popular theaters in LA. And it was famous for creating many A-star in Hollywood. Moreover, it was where the talented Noah Wyle came from. After that time, Wyle suggested the company to get the position as Artistic Producers. Now he is still the Artistic Producers of the theater. In 2007 people gave him the NAACP Theatre Award. It was for his dedication to Michael John LaChiusa’s production of The Wild Party.

He returned it and took political

He returned it and took political

If you have already known Noah Wyle, you will get more surprises than an NAACP award. Besides a famous celeb, Wyle also had some philanthropic works and political advocacies. For years, he worked and supported his time as well as a celebrity for the world. You could catch the images of him in Doctors of the World, the Human Rights Watch Council. He wanted to do something for his country and community. Moreover, he also was the Cover the Uninsured campaign’s spokesman.

Besides Wyle encouraged people to be vegetarians. Because he wanted to raise the awareness of people about saving the world. He worked with the World Wildlife Fund to save the wildlife. Behind the scene, Wyle seems to be a real hero. He cares and loves other people. In 2012, he was working to gain the rights for disabled Americans. Then the police arrested him to investigate. It happened on the steps of Capitol Hill. Of course, they released him soon enough. But this will not affect his will to help others.

Wyle took part in Adoptable

Noah Wyle 4

It was in 2016, Wyle became the supporting role in Adoptable. It was a series in Scott Lowell’s web. The series was about Lowell’s real life. A documentary was after a famous actor who tried to find his true parents. Wyle took it seriously as he appeared in six episodes of it. After all, this one was a clever and touching series. What he did was just amazing. And you should watch the series to know more about Noah Wyle.

The Romanovs, The Red Line, and beyond

Recently Wyle was on set for The Romanoffs

Recently Wyle was on set for The Romanoffs. It was a new series of Matthew Weiner on Amazon. And he also planned to take part in The Red Line. It was a production of Ava DuVernay/Greg Berlanti. Thanks to The Red Line, he would get the chance to be back to Chicago. With the drama of white police shot a black doctor, this series is promising to hit the screen in 2019. Moreover, we got the information that he would be in A Killer Story as well. These are the reasons why we’ve barely seen him recently. With this busy schedule, we hope that we could see more beautiful works form Noah Wyle soon.


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