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Persona 5 How to raise kindness

Persona 5 How to raise kindness

Persona 5 How to raise kindness

With people who love the genre of RPG, Persona 5 is not a strange name. This is the final game in the series Persona by Atlus. With enhanced mechanics, this game is the most well-received entry in this series. However, the main topic that I want to mention today is not about how well is Persona 5 than its previous games. I want to mention a small but important detail in this game. It is the kindness. The fact that kindness is so important in this game but so many gamers don’t know how to raise it. The proof is that many people asked me about Persona 5 how to raise kindness. If you also concern about this issue, follow me in this article to find out the answer.

The important of Kindness in Persona 5

Kindness in Persona 5

Firstly, we need to find out how important is Kindness in this game. As you know, in Persona 5, the social simulation element is an extremely important part. It is evaluated by the Social Stats and these ones affect so much to your effectiveness in battle. And Kindness is a stat in the Social stats. This one allows gamers to interact with various systems in the world as well as increase the relationship with other characters in this game. Especially, Kindness is so important in progressing relationships with confidants.

Persona 5 How to raise Kindness

Purchase nutrients and feed your plant

Flower shop in the underground mall

The fact that there are so many ways to raise kindness in Persona 5. However, before telling you any way else, firstly, you need to clean your room and access to your plant as soon as possible. This is one of the easiest ways to raise your kindness. Once you have access, all you need to do are visiting the flower shop in the underground mall and purchasing some nutrients. After that, use these nutrients to feed your plant and you’ll get +2 kindness for each time doing that.

Note: You need to examine your plant before sleeping and always make sure that you have enough nutrients. Besides that, the feeding your plants only can be done once every two weeks. So, keep an eye on the time.

Spending time with Sojiro Sakura

Spend time with Sojiro Sakura

Sojiro Sakura is the adoptive father of Futaba Sakura. Currently, he is a Cafe manager in Youngen-Jaya. At the first time when you meet him, you can think that he is a crusty old man. However, the more you contact him, the more you realize that he is a man with a sweet and warm heart. And melting his rude and bitter shell will help you increase your kindness. What a kind and useful way! This is the reason why when mentioning Persona 5 how to raise kindness, I strongly recommend you to use this way. Moreover, the result when you spending time with this man is so sweet, +3 Kindness. Are you surprise? Another recommendation for you is that you should spend your time with him in the evening of April 26th.

Working at the flower shop or Crossroads bar.

Work at flower shop or crossroads bar

Another way to raise your kindness in Persona 5 is to work at either the flower shop or the Crossroads bar. This is also a great way to have kindness when each time you working there, you’ll receive +2-3 Kindness.

Reading book

Reading book to increase the kindness

The fourth way in Persona 5 how to raise kindness that I want to recommend you is reading book. The fact that reading book helps you not only increase your kindness but also other Social stats (eg: knowledge). In order to use this way, you need to check out books from the school library or purchase them at the bookstore. On each book, there is a short description that let you know which stat will be raised when you read that book. So, you can choose a suitable one based on this. In case you are lazy to read the description of each book, I will tell you the name of some books that helps you increase your kindness.

Firstly is Zorro, the Outlaw. This book is available in the School library starting on April the 18th. You can read this book on the school library or on the train. After completing it, you will receive +3 kindness.

Secondly, you can read the Illusory Popess to raise +3 kindness. It is available in the School library starting on July the 9th.

Thirdly is the Buchiko’s Story. You always can find this book at the Shibuya Bookstore because it is automatically available. Of course, similar to other books, completing it you will have +3 kindness.

The final book that I want to recommend you in this article is Call Me Chief. This book is available in Jinbocho. However, you need to unlock it by reading Musty Pages (available 9/1) to read it. In addition, you also can unlock it by leveling up the Star Confidant to level 4 or accepting the invitation of Makoto on August the 15th. Like three books above, when you read this book completely, you also receive +3 kindness.

Use Mega Fertilizer

Mega Fertilizer can help players increase their kindness

I bet that lots of gamers even including experienced ones in this game don’t know that using Mega Fertilizer can help them increase kindness. So, in this guide about Persona 5 how to raise kindness, I want to mention it. The fact that this is an extremely useful way that can help you raise +3 kindness each time you use it. You can find the Mega Fertilizer at a flower shop in Shinjuku (the red-light district). Remind you that don’t make a mistake between the flower shop in Shinjuku with the one in the underground mall.

Watching movies

Watching movies help increase kindness in persona 5

Another way to raise your kindness is to watch movies with Ryuji Sakamoto. This activity can help you increase your kindness to +3. There are a total of four movies that can help you. They are Dark Byte Heising, Mes Miserables, The Goodfather, and The Duhvengers. In which, Dark Byte Heising (5/6) and Mes Miserables are available at the Shibuya Theatre on Central Street (8/2). In addition, the Goodfather is available in the Yongen-Jaya Theatre in September while The Duhvengers is available at the Shinjuku Theatre on 10/1.

Playing the game

Playing game - Persona 5 how to raise kindness

You may surprise with this method, right? The fact that playing game also helps you increase your kindness. All you need to do in this way is play the game Train of Life successful. This game is available at the Akihabara Retro Game Shop and when completing it you will have +2 kindness. Remind you that you only can access the Akihabara Retro Game Shop after 8/31.

Other activities help raise Persona 5 kindness

Persona 5 how to raise kindness - drink Aojiru

In addition to some ways above, there are some activities that can help you increase your kindness. They are:

Drinking Aojiru at Shibuya Underground Walkway helps you increase your kindness to +1.

Ordering Nostalgic Steak at Shibuya Diner helps you increase your kindness to +1 and knowledge to +2.

Leveling up the Tower Confidant with Shinya at the Arcade in Akihabara. With this way, you will raise your kindness to +2

Conclusion: Above are all ways to increase kindness in Persona 5. The fact that getting kindness up early is very important. It helps you increase your relationship with your teammates and confidants. So, don’t let any opportunities pass you by. Moreover, with this article, now, Persona 5 how to raise kindness no longer a difficult question with you, right? So, still with the words that I told you above, don’t let any opportunities pass you by. Good luck!

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