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Pete Davidson and process to overcome suicidal fear in Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson and process to overcome suicidal fear in Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson comedians are getting more and more open. He is removing his silence.

Pete Davidson comedians are getting more and more open

At the end of 2018, Saturday Night Live star made the public worried about their health situation. He shared extreme suicidal thoughts in an Instagram post. On January 19, 2019, Pete Davidson first officially appeared in public after the event. He participated in a weekly sketch comedy show in a section “Weekend Update”.

“I spent a really terrible month. Today I want to share everything about the things I have overcome.” Davidson started. “Is it a problem with mental health?”. Colin Jost answered. However, the comedian denied: “No. The new Clint East movie – The Mule.”

After that, he mentioned close friends, comics, colleagues, etc. Those are the people who help him make an assessment of the movie. Especially former writer SNL John Mulaney. However, the unexpected duo first solved the negative situation at hand. “I’ve been with Pete so much. So I spend time talking to him. Therefore, I want to try to show him about the good things. That he owns a life in comedy is not crazy. It is a sober, very alert family life. Mulaney shared when asked about this difficult period. “However, it seems that all my efforts have been fruitless. I have followed John’s life for a long time. After that, I decided to publicly threaten suicide.” Davidson smirked. He added: “I’m sorry. Because I know I’m not happy to make that joke. But it’s funny.”

At that moment, Oh’s star, Hello Show, reassured Pete. She said: “Do you see anything?. People still love you very much. We are really comfortable and happy because you’re fine.”

Pete Davidson shared a confusing state on Instagram

Pete Davidson shared a confusing state on Instagram

In a news published by Nicki Swift, they had a specific share of his post on Instagram. Davidson, 25, has caused fans and families to worry widely for his health. Specifically, he shared a confusing state on Instagram at the end of 2018. “This earth is not for me anymore. I tried my best to be here, to work and to contribute to you. But I think I will not be able to maintain the situation any longer. I feel that the work that I have tried so hard to help people. ” Davidson’s cryptic message later deleted with his account. On the popular social media platform. Along with being a heart emoticon, independent comics share: “Just remember that I once told you that.”

After this event, Pete received a lot of love and sharing from celebrities and fans. Therefore, Davidson returned briefly to SNL to announce an upcoming art activity. It was a performance of music guests Miley Cyrus. That’s what he tries to help people feel comfortable and happy.

The thing that the audience may not know about Davidson

The thing that the audience may not know about Davidson

There is one thing that the audience may not know about Davidson. He was the one who shared frankly about the struggle to solve his mental health problems. He has a boundary personality disorder in 2017. The consequences of this affect his family directly. So he spoke out about the treatment of social media. Right after the end of the relationship with the good fiancée Ariana Grande. The couple has been causing media shocks in mid – October 2018. They suddenly announced the cancellation of the engagement ceremony after five months of research.

“I was silent. Never mentioned any characters. I never shared about anyone or anything that happened.” He said. At that time on Instagram, he shared below a fairly long status line with a blue heart emoticon. “I’m trying to figure out how to solve it when something happens to a guy. The whole world only attacks him without any inquiry or fairness.” Davidson goes on: “No matter how hard the internet is or anyone wants me to ruin myself. I will still be happy. So I even have to share this.”

For her part, Grande expressed his dislike on Instagram Stories. “I think you have realized this. But I feel the need to pay attention to my


fans. Reduce the negative thoughts with other people’s mistakes. So I really do not support anything but altruism and positive thinking “. Those the lines shared by the 25-year-old girl. There’s no denying that she cares very much for Pete and his health. “Thank U, Next” singer added: “I will always have an undeniable love for Pete. That why I always respect him! ”

Davidson’s joke

Davidson's joke

Sensitive issues are a sensitive personal issue. That’s why they looked very carefully before making public announcements. Some netizens, typically users social media have argued with each other when it comes to Davidson’s joke on weekends. “Pete Davidson’s suicide joke is not fun! It really makes me very worried.” Another person sh


ared on Twitter: “Does he think suicide threats are quite funny?” That is comedian Michael Rapaport, who is the one who recently received a lot of backlash from the event stems from your comment about the appearance of Grande.

However, many other fans expressed their sympathy for Davidson’s way. “Pete and the show has solved this excellent!” A fan shared on Twitter. “Accept and face it. I understand the difficulty of wearing your face. It’s like an uncomfortable mask. You do it just to make people happy. It’s okay. We are very happy because you didn’t kill your life. Pete (and John) shared this situation, it made the segment funniest. (Emoticons laugh out loud). At least in this program!. Keep doing anything that makes you comfortable, Pete.” Meanwhile, another Twitter account humorously wrote: “Maybe John Mulaney has adopted Pete Davidson. I’m happy about that.”

Anyway, we will remember the recent sentiments of John Mulaney. We are very happy to see Pete Davidson getting better day by day. Hopefully, he will regain his old form. Don’t think too much, Pete!


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