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Princess Diana and the secrets from the close butler

Princess Diana and the secrets from the close butler

Princess Diana 3

Derek de Koff

Derek de Koff

He is a renowned former butler. He served Princess Diana for a long time.  He also holds a lot of secrets of the princess. Two people close enough to completely hide any anything. On the other hand, the princess was very attentive and willing to share with the butler confided this. And the fact that the queen did not reveal anything about homosexuality news Burrell. So she carried that secret to his grave.

At 18, Burrell began work as a servant of Queen Elizabeth II. According to The Telegraph, he moved to live in Highgrove 1987. His daily job is Prince Charles and cares for Princess Diana. Sometime later, the royal marriage and breakup problem appeared. This time, he is still the butler of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. Years later, their relationship has become increasingly strange. It has developed into a pretty tight relationship. That Princess Diana was ever publicly called Burrell “my rock”.

  • The secret service of the royal family

After that, he does not do butler anymore. He became the secret service of the royal family. A job is interesting, but also challenging. The scandal of his first visit occurred in 2002. British Royal accused him on charges of disclosing secrets. Royal said that he sold the “story” of his for the British tabloids. It published in the Daily Mirror for between 250,000 and 500,000 pounds. Moreover, he also published two memoirs quite famous. We named A Royal Duty and The Way We Were: Remembering Diana.

The secrets of the Royal increasingly reveal more. Even, he became a regular guest of the program I’m Celebrity I’m out of here. This is a reality TV show attracted a lot of attention from the audience. That’s where a lot of the secrets of the Royal have revealed in detail by Burrel. News special pays attention about a date night with the prostitutes on the street. Or even the sexual contacts were also made public. The secrets that really caused uproar and significant impacts to reputation Royal. He was a shaman particularly talkative.

Princess Diana relating to prostitutes?

Princess Diana

Princess Diana had secretly involved with a prostitute? British royal has ever accused Paul Burrell on charges of stealing hundreds of Diana’s belongings. But in November 2002, crimes have disabled. Means that the court has acquitted him. According to ABC News, there are a few reasons why he became innocent. One of which derived from the use of these items. These include pepper grinder, “Indiana Jones whip”, an autographed photo of “Diana”. Milano Prada bag or card transactions and Baywatch. David Hasselhoff signed all of them for Prince William.

Although Burrell became innocent, it seems he does not feel remorse. The evidence is that he had a “statement of evidence” extremely sensitive. He has revealed this news to the News of the World (according to The Telegraph). Articles which have become like a wave of panic, entitled: “Secrets of Whore-Able”.

The New York Post has published an extremely scandalous spokesperson of Burrell related to Princess Diana. Burrell said he had escorted Diana to Paddington Station to go out with prostitutes. The Fortune Hunters in the book, the author Charlotte Hays has revealed many things. The ladies talk to Princess Diana fairly close. They waved from outside her BMW: “Hello, Princess Diana. Well?”. And according to the book, Diana enthusiastically said: “Very nice. Are you busy?”. And according to Burrell, she even took out two fifty sheet table to entertain. She told the other woman said: ” The girls look here. Overnight with me. Go home with your child.” Burrell said the princess had to ask for his help in the wild that night. Diana asked him: “Please help the girl. Come on, Paul!”

Prince Charles wanted Princess Diana died?

Prince Charles wanted Princess Diana

The death of both Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed boyfriend in January 2004 became an event that shocked the world. However, soon after, a British tabloid newspaper – Daily has launched a story even more explosive. On the front page of this newspaper, they said that Diana had doubts Prince Charles wanted to kill her. When this news came, the accident has not yet concluded the official. And coroner Michael Burgess, the royal family had just started the investigation.

However, in The Evening Standard has said about this. All rumors derived from letters that Princess Diana was to come. They said that she wrote the letter in the state is extremely painful. After divorce with Prince Charles, surely she was very heartbreaking. So, the authenticity of this letter untested. Besides, a relative of Prince Charles does not have any comments yet for this news. “That’s something no one wants. As unfortunate and deeply hurt.” A friend of the prince said: “People are not so stupid to believe this ridiculous rumor”.

Official Burrell shared his views on this letter in 2017. (Through an interview on Sunday evening in Australia). At the same time, it is also relatively ghost. She saw and prophesied his own death. (According to the Daily Star).

Burrell ready to help Princess Diana vomiting

Burrell ready to help Princess Diana vomiting

Painful relationship with Prince Charles she revealed in 1992 and 1993. All the stories told in the 2017 documentary Diana: In Her Own Words. Under the context of an interview, she said they only met 13 times before they married. But, she loved her husband more and more. So, Prince Charles has ever betrayed the love of Princess Diana to wholeheartedly run out well with the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. Although it is the adultery before the Prince again expressed more envy with his wife Princess Diana.

But jealous here again very different. She was very much depressed. Who had an affair with her husband à Cornwall Duchess?. This shocking news for a while and that Diana suffered bulimia. “Everyone in the royal family is not concerned about bullying. They blame the failure of the marriage. But things are not like that. I feel very sad!”. She also said she was eating an exception to the rule. She viewed it as a way to hurt themselves discreetly.

  • The ludicrous actions of Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell

2018 is the 20th anniversary year of the death of Princess Diana. A few days earlier, Paul Burrell continued actions of his ludicrous. He joined the British programs In Treatment. It is a mentoring program for celebrities. In appearance, he has made a controversial statement. He said his only duty by allowing the fatigue of Princess Diana. “To make her feel comfortable, I’ll ask the chef to prepare something special. It’s a gallon of milk and eggs together with a lot of banana yogurt.” He shared with the psychologist of the program – Mandy Saligari. He also admitted that his very interested in Princess Diana. He thought the way she can to make themselves sick and solve them. “Then I want to reserve a pile of towels. I try to fulfill his duties. I want to do whatever best for Diana.”

Follow the life of Princess Diana as well as false marriage with Prince Charles, the outsider as we must also grieve not speak to how close in Butler. When did life in the Royal family, almost no-one can live with her true feelings. It’s all just “action”. He shared.

She bought a pregnancy test and giggle

Princess Diana is no exception

Fear not to prevent mischief. In life, always exist parallel opposing traits. Princess Diana is no exception. According to Daily Mail, Princess Diana had homophobic humor. They believe in her character “Shy Di”. Meanwhile, an independent person rather embarrassing when talking about her this way. They called her princess shy stubborn reason. The documentary, Our Lady described the life and legacy of Princess a close. This is a work of ITV Diana. Prince William and the Duke of Cambridge said Princess Diana was regularly sending them the rudest cards. Meanwhile, her two sons are also shared interesting. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, said the motto of his late mother. “You can be rebellious way whatever you like”.

Unless, of course, you volunteered to arrest. Police announced 39 pages each reveal as follows. Former royal butler Paul Burrell tells the story of one of the favorite joke of Princess Diana. She liked to the local pharmacy and buys the home pregnancy test.

“She was really excited to get to pharmacies in Boots. Then she would get pregnant kits or contraceptives. One way her lovely naughty.” Burrell shared via Daily Mail. At the time she interested in doing this, everything seems to go as planned reviews of Diana. The British tabloids began making speculation about Diana is expecting her third child. Even in 1985, the Daily Express have questions that: “Princess Diana was pregnant yet?”. (According to The Sun-Sentinel).

Princess Diana become the victims of the crash Monday ‘secret’

Princess Diana 2

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in France. The accident occurred when the Mercedes S280 limousine her trouble in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. By following observation of Burrell, she met a few other accidents before. This story became the main content of the film I’m a celebrity get me out of here!. This film released on February the year 2018 in Australia. It as a “Psychic readings” of “The average celebrity” John Edward (According to The Mirror).

The story is like chilly news from Edward. He notified about the death of Princess Diana to Burrell. “Hey, Burrell!. A friend of England met the accident vehicles.” Burrell slowly drinking tea and almost nonchalantly. “There must be two car accidents?”.

“It is like an omen and terrible.” Edward answered .

  • Diana’s wedding

Diana’s wedding

Diana’s wedding and monumental attraction of the eastern islands of the interest of the public. But, everyone knows behind the flashy becoming official members of the Royal family, Princess Diana has suffered heavy pressure bag. And her life from stepping into Buckingham Palace did not have retrieved a fun day.

Burrell apparently is self-applause about that. He confirmed “Yes! How can you know that?”. But Burrell and the movie has revealed far more secretive. That’s the secret in the crash of the Star Real Housewives of Melbourne, Jackie Gillies. He was fond of speaking the Edward talking exactly the spirit of Diana. Burrell revealed more about the days before Princess Diana’s death. Diana has fallen into the State of panic, she is afraid of something. She broke her car. She is hovering between nowhere. It’s hard to understand!

Following the aftermath of the crash, Princess Diana seems to no longer awake again. She asked of her housekeeper: “Burrell, what am I doing this. I have to do?”. Burrell immediately answered: “To a hotel near you soon. Secures the door and stops for anyone on both. I will come to pick you up now. Calm!”. Burrell revealed an extra special detail. On hotel rooms, you don’t find Princess Diana. Because she had to lock herself in the bathroom and cry a lot. He had pulled her out from the bathroom, take her home. Then ordered to drag the car caused the accident of her right in the night. Thus, this does not become a subject of talk on the Web.

She always blames because of the death of her mother

Princess Diana really loved Shand Kydd

The secrets of Royal families conceal reveal back more and more. Recently, in February 2018, former Royal Butler Paul Burrell again launched one more secret of Princess Diana. And it looks like this on purpose. We all know that she had not been well with her mother. Mrs. Frances Shand Kydd was absent in many of the important events of his daughter. But the real reason behind this stress?. The pressure and stress are causing the emotional relationship of Diana having problems. Diana always coping itself when the mummy of her mother took away. He revealed this process I’m a celebrity get me out of here!. (The Daily Mail). Burrell also said, adding: “Shand Kydd is not a very good mother as we think.”

However, Princess Diana really loved Shand Kydd. In its announcement about eating disorders of Princess Diana. He stressed to everyone that she “pities” since the passing of her mother permanently. “That is the cause of the disorder ability eating her start. Probably until he left, she did not stop tormenting herself. She was suffering with it for life. That as a way that she punishes herself.” But, Princess Diana had died too long, the absurd should stop. When this episode on TV, it suffered harsh opposition from the council. Many people have shared disagreements on their personal pages. “My God! I’m so bored with his secrets. He was crazy with things related to Diana. He tried to remember every action and story details and sell.” On the other Tweeter, a colleague was ironic. “Paul Burrell and the 100th secret 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.”

Diana had sneaked into many palaces, including Kensington Palace

Diana had sneaked into many palaces

After the failure of her marriage to Prince Charles in 1996, Diana was quite negative. She had a relationship with a lot of some situation, there is no exact figure. She took his lovers to Herculean to secrecy. And appointments that usually takes place at night. Former royal butler Paul Burrell is probably the most familiar about this. He knew he had to find ways to put the servant of Diana at Kensington Palace. English as romantic spy missions and perform strangely. Even he had to hide the men of Diana in the back of my car.

Burrell’s news may sound a bit absurd. His works especially related to the territory of the bedrooms. He said details of that time. He has done everything possible to create favorable conditions for putting lover of Princess on offer. He told the gate guards the gate that he was doing errands. So don’t need to stop him returning. “Then I just blink and they automatically open the door for me.” (According to Daily Mail).

One thing to him through the police which is not announced he is in with anyone. Because according to the privacy policy of the Crown, upon returning to the Palace, he must leave the correct information. Each evening of the ride you are going along with the secret mistress or Princess Diana’s former lover. One of them is Dr. Hasnat Khan. He often came to the Palace and stayed with the Duchess for many special occasions. Often in the early morning the next day, Burrell will come and sneak him back. He reveals: “He had the relationship with Diana. But Khan often has to sleep alone in the Palace until early morning. At that time I will bring something for him to eat and then take him home.”

Dr. Khan is the best friend of Princess Diana

Dr. Khan is the best friend of Princess Diana

After the revelations of the common press Burrell, the dating of this sneaky with interesting names. “The visit of the late-night prostitute”, “The love hidden in the trunk”, etc. If none of these revelations from Former housekeeper, then the public will forever never learned. Princess Diana is really the master escape the press. Those relationships after divorce with Prince Charles in 1996 she’s quite complex. She conceals them quite discreetly. She dated a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Khan in 18 months. Information from The book The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. (Vanity Fair). But former housekeeper funny Paul Burrell again insists that Dr. Khan’s love of Diana’s life. “My lady love all his mistress. However, she reserved a special affection for Hasnat Khan”. Burrell revealed to the police. (The Daily Mail).

  • Pressure from the outside

Even Burrell said Diana was thinking of marriage. She consulted a Roman Catholic priest: “I can marry Dr. Khan silent mode is not. I do like ?.” Burrell was the one who personally moving news from the other priest to Diana: “That absolutely cannot happen.” Mention here, he recalled the evening of Princess Diana’s birthday. That day she wore the sapphire and diamond earrings and looks extremely splendid. But then, she immediately ran upstairs, naked and wearing only a fur coat. Then she stepped out to meet Dr. Khan.

But even Princess Diana has a bold look like, then their relationship cannot long. With the fate of Diana, it faces challenges insurmountable. Moreover, Dr. Khan is just a normal person. He could not withstand the pressure from the press in the outside world. He did not feel safe to continue to maintain this relationship further. Through Tina Brown, Ph.D. has confessed: “I cannot face the onslaught of the online community. Above all tabloids, they said I was a new person of Diana. I cannot adapt to that.” Thus, they had forced to bid farewell to the summer of 1997.

The last word of farewell to Khan from Diana!

The last word of farewell to Khan from Diana

A film in the series I’m a Celebrity Gets me out of here! continue airing in March 2018. The former butler Paul Burrell suddenly cried when he mentioned the death of Princess Diana.

“I’ve been dreaming about me and Diana sat alone together. We are cross-legged on the floor, talking together. And that day, Diana was wearing a beautiful blue dress.” I confess (Express messenger). “That dress she wore when finally meets me. I miss her!”. Upon receiving news of the death of Princess, It was just a game hoax public. Princess really is not dead. He even sat next to and chat after the princess was gone. He had her hand and I cry a lot: “Wake up, wake up, she’s not dead, right?”.

Earlier, in February 2018 episode, Burrell shared Diana’s last words to him. “The last words that Diana told me on the phone”. (According to Yahoo!). She crashed in Paris and the last words were: “Promise me, you’ll always out, my friends.” I was deeply moved: “ I will always be there. Do not worry.”

After Princess Diana’s death, Burrell to a new role. His task is to manage everything that Diana had left. Maybe she cannot do it so I want to ask Burrell to do it. He will care for those who live in it again.

But, it does not include former butler will keep secret Princess Diana.






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