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The best actor in 2019 Rami Malek and secrets about the private life

The best actor in 2019 Rami Malek and secrets about the private life

Rami Malek

Actor Rami Malek has won the Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody at the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood. The first famous actor to become an Arab in history received the best actor award. After the ceremony, Malek expressed his opinion: “I don’t think the decision about this movie is unanimous.” He told the backstage with a sincere smile. For Malek, this is a path from alienation and social anxiety to great success. Growing up in an Egyptian family as a first-generation American immigrant, he never thought he could do something like this. “I’ve never seen anyone in a lead role look like me,” he said. “I never thought I could play Freddie Mercury. Until I realized his name was Farrokh Bulsara. And that is the most powerful message sent to me from the beginning.”

When Rami Malek was young, sometimes he was not proud of his origin, he admitted. “As a child, part of me felt the need to shake off some of those things. I didn’t feel fit and I definitely felt like an outsider. As I get older, I realize how beautiful my roots and traditions are. It is the richness of culture, magic and pure music and movies and art from the Middle East. And now I am very proud to represent it”. The legacy of Freddie Mercury, not only transforming for Malek, the actor said that “Mercury is the inspiration for all of us.”

The man stepped onto the stage and he moved people in a way no one could do. And all the burning passion in him allowed him to see everyone else and say, “Hey, I see you. And it’s not from a place or looks like a thing, a race, anything.”

Rami Malek, who knows before he shines with the role of legendary rocker, once had a very bad career when he only took on small and supporting roles. Sometimes it’s not even named in independent films or dramas.

Graduating from Evansville University, Malek started taking part in notable film projects like TV series The Gilmore Girls (WB), Overthere (director Steven Bochco), The War At Home (FOX). But his reputation was still stubborn. The character of Rami in real life is somewhat mysterious as the hacker role he takes on. Quietly, thoughtfully, rarely talking about himself, speaking of apple half-child, half-adult, but the meaning inside is extremely deep, sharp, sometimes startling others.

The New York Time commented: “Rami is very reluctant to talk about himself.” This is also the point that makes him attractive, more intriguing to the audience.

Somehow this is also a clever way to make Rami’s image never boring to the audience. Because he had countless hidden things, he did not want to exploit it outside.

The childhood of an actor without a father

Rami Malek loves his family

Rami Malek loves his family very much. They were also the first people he mentioned in his presentation. Even though his mother was there, Malek’s father didn’t. And it is a sad story of our actor! With all his success, actor Rami Malek is nurturing a secret pain. We can reveal the star’s father who died before he could see his son become a Hollywood superstar. However, in a proper legacy, Rami took on the role of his father to ensure he took care of his family. Previously, his parents did not want him to become an actor. Instead, they wanted him to pursue a career in law or medicine to get good financial and social status.

He continued to fulfill his dream and started working professionally about 15 years ago. Before receiving the coveted movie role of Freddie Mercury, he had a few difficult problems. In addition, Rami is extremely proud of his Egyptian heritage. Even that led to him being single when growing up in America. “There is an inherent difference. And I don’t know if that feeling is what you create for yourself.” But he’s always fighting against you until you accept something beautiful and powerful, as a long tradition and your genes. When talking to GQ Middle East in 2018 as part of his debut, Malek said that his parents were serious about keeping the Egyptian tradition alive. “You will not lose these roots,” Malek remembered them talking.

He is not the first choice for Freddie Mercury.

Ben Whishaw

The biggest shot of Rami Malek’s career so far is nothing but the role of rocker Freddie Mercury in the legendary Queen band. Taking on a big role, the pressure that Rami faced was extremely terrible. The first is from the huge fan base that the band owns. They will require extremely strict actors to transform into idol characters.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role once you’ve seen Rami Malek’s almost perfect portrait of Freddie Mercury. But Malek is not the first choice for this part. The star Borat Sacha Baron Cohen is the original goal. Speaking of this, Cohen had a strong share with Howard Stern. He thought the movie would be great if there was no mid-incident. Freddie had died. He believes that viewers will not want to continue focusing on a work where the main actor dies of AIDS. Therefore, the continuation of this famous rock band is impossible. Cohen officially left this project. Later, guitarist Queen Brian May called him“a liar”. He expressed his wish that Ben Whishaw (Mary Poppins Returns) will continue to play Mercury.

When he contacted to play Freddie Mercury, Rami admitted that he could not sing, dance, and play the piano. However, with a professional actor, what you don’t know can always learn. The guy immediately flew to London, took part in vocal, piano, guitar and dance classes. And then broke out with the role thanks to the results of his training. To talk about Rami Malek, many viewers agreed to give him two words “inspiration” and “boom”. In art, artists always have their own “crazy” qualities. This is a bit difficult for Rami during training because he is quite casual, free and easy to “adventure” at will. However, the madness helps Rami transform into sublimated Freddie Mercury on the stage and help his character sublime on screen.

Ben Stiller protects Rami Malek from doubts

Ben Stiller

The star of “Rhapsody” by Rami Malek has Ben Stiller to thank for his first movie role in “Night at the Museum” because movie owners hate the role of a Pharaoh. Therefore, they are seeking to remake the role of Ahkmenrah of ancient Egypt in the 2006 film, but Stiller stood by his man.

Rami who believes he only got the role from the beginning because of Egyptian origin, he told WENN, “Fox is a bit worried about my explanation and is trying to remake. Maybe I watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean too much”.

And Malek, who combined with some of Fox’s bosses, who hated his Ahkmenrah portrait in “Rhapsody”, admitted he had a very special memory from the shoot. “We shot it in New York at the Natural History Museum where we had to go out in the snow.”

We have frozen and told to improvise so we robbed and found it. ” He had a big bulging jacket. Along with snow boots with the rainbow on them with this eyeliner. Those are things that he can’t leave. “Fortunately Stiller had some faith in me and motivated me to stay.” He remembers a special moment with Stiller and the late Robin Williams.

Many people see him as a “terrorist”

Malek found his Middle Eastern platform a help and obstacle when he started acting

Born in Los Angeles in 1981 in an Egyptian immigrant family from Cairo, Arabic Malek from small and raised in Orthodox faith Coptic Church. He said he grew up in a multicultural community in the San Fernando Valley, between Latinos, Filipinos, and Asians. He also studied at Notre Dame, a Catholic high school in Sherman Oaks, at the same time as the star Kirsten Dunst and The Last Kiss, Rachel Bilson.

Malek found his Middle Eastern platform a help and obstacle when he started acting. The first role included pharaoh in all three Night at the Museum films, an Egyptian vampire in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. This last role, aired in 2010 made him reject all negative depictions about Arabs. “He is an accessible terrorist! After I did [24] I told myself. So nonsense. No more. This is not the way I want. Any call coming from playing Arab or Middle East in a negative light? I don’t need to answer any of them anymore. No more.”

Speaking on the Hollywood Press Association’s podcast in 2018, Malek said that he was one of the lucky ones. He had seen Middle Eastern actors change names to avoid terrorism. But Malek never used this way. He wants to remind himself that he is a Middle Eastern, but he is still very normal. And Malek wondered if he wasn’t white enough, so people treated him like that? (via Billboard). “So I’m trying to navigate them.”

Eyes that look “weird” are the key to success

Rami Malek is a unique silver screen star

With mysterious powers and fierce eyes, Rami Malek is a unique silver screen star. He appeared in small parts but especially in films like The Master and TV prestige like “The Pacific” miniseries. The place where even producer Steven Spielberg noticed his magnetism – before the US “Mr. Robot” unleashed all his extraordinary talents. During the show, for which he nominated for a Golden Globe, Malek played the troublesome hacker Elliot, Alderson. He is the one who has a mysterious atmosphere that suits Malek. For the Royals portfolio, we paired him with Kit Harington, another anonymous star. It was the person who became the star in HBO’s “Kingship Game”.

What was the first award you received?

Rami Malek award

The actor said the first big part that he really, really loved was playing Snafu in The Pacific. It produced by [Tom] Hanks and [Steven] Spielberg. It is a life change. “I just immersed myself in it. I remember attending that audition. ” And then Tom wrote a letter that typed into the producer saying, “This guy has obsessive eyes.” And I was like that, great. At least my oddly looking eyes are attractive enough to receive a call from Tom. However, Malek’s appearance problem is the subject of discussions since he has a leading role. “His charisma is mostly eyes”. (According to The Global and Mail). They commented that he had giant, blue-eyed eyes. It is the color of one of the natural mineral pools in the Rockies.

The Pacific makes the actor in trouble

Rami Malek talked about his time working with The Pacific in a discussion of Hollywood reporters

Rami Malek talked about his time working with The Pacific in a discussion of Hollywood reporters. He said one of the most valuable skills he learned was far from himself. And Rami Malek also said that walking around the studio in the character and never separating himself from his character led to some rather intense mental anguish during and after the shooting. It was not until he learned techniques to separate himself from his character that he could enjoy his work and take on complex roles.

However, even with the mental separation, Malek said he did not know how to join a program. And the way to become loved and famous as fast as Mr. Robot did. The only way to deal with stress when trying to please fans. Above all, expressing such a complex character is continuing to work. “The only thing in my mind is part two. We have to do part two. I can’t stop working.”

Malek’s portrait of a white-hat hacker became an activist who assured him both praise and attention from fans. In the second season, Elliot will go to darker places when he explores more about his father. At the same time, he tried to evade the FBI after the events of the major financial industry destruction.

He skipped email of Robert Downey

He skipped email of Robert Downey

Rami Malek once exaggerated Robert Downey’s emails because he realized they were legal.

Rami Malek, 35, is currently in the drama Mr. Robot as Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security engineer and a hacker with anxiety and depression. The film, which aired 12 episodes of the second season on Wednesday (13Jul16), received critical acclaim. And even a superhero in the form of The Avengers Robert star. But Rami didn’t realize this at first. He chooses to ignore the letter from the Hollywood symbol, leading to some somewhat awkward moments.

“He emailed me and I was like ‘right, this person is a hole **”. R Rami shared in an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening. “After a while, someone emailed me that I knew and was like ‘Why did you reply to Jr.Robert Downey’s email? ‘. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did I blow this guy away? Is he really?”

Rami continued to send an email back to Robert and even organized an actor to visit his robot. He explained that he should realize that Robert actually wrote to him because he signed off the messages with the words Movie Movie Icon.

And the indigenous people in Los Angeles, who have been acting professionally for more than a decade and making their names in independent films.

Jr.Robert Downey went to the studio and it was spectacular and watched him act. “It’s like making me freeze for a few times.” The couple developed a friendship. RDJ even visited Malek on Mr. Studio’s set. Robot. “He watched me act,” Malek told Fallon. “Iron man came to visit me, it was wonderful.”

Rami Malek and twin brother – Sami Malek

Rami Malek and twin brother - Sami Malek

Malek is an award-winning actor with a growing background. And while Rami Malek seems to take on any role easily, he still keeps his personal life a secret. But that has revealed that he has an identical twin brother. The 37-year-old Bohemian Rhapsody star and brother Sami are only four minutes apart, and while Rami likes the glow of Hollywood, Sami has chosen to pursue education as a teacher.

In 2015, Rami admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that the couple “didn’t look the same as we used to be” but that didn’t stop them from getting into trouble.

“So one day he called me … Hey, do you know the Greek monologue from a Greek tragedy?” Rami told the talk show host.

“Yes, of course, I have done this for four years. Listen, I need you to go to my university – a big American university in Los Angeles. You do this for my class”. Rami then found his way to the lecture hall where the professor asked if he was ready to perform.

‘I go’ I will get my points and we will make this a reality ‘, Rami added. ‘And I gave this monologue before the entire auditorium and I received a few applause, everyone dug it. And I think she started to look at me in a way that accused ‘What the hell did you think?’. He had come to the right place (what Sami described as a class was really a full auditorium) and began giving his monologue. Finally, the actor received a lot of applause from everyone. “But I wonder if I will do it too much.” Despite the teacher’s skepticism, Sami received the grades needed to graduate.

Rami Malek refused to take a video with a fan and now it’s a meme

A video about Rami Malek refuses to say hello to fans' fans spread on Twitter

A video about Rami Malek refuses to say hello to fans’ fans spread on Twitter. And people are now starting to create completely savage memes about the whole thing. Rami, who is currently promoting the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, has generously stopped to take pictures with a fan. But when they asked him to say hello to their friends, he refused. And then Rami Malek tried to stop the video when he realized that he was recording. According to fans, Rami also tried to swipe from ‘video mode’ to ‘image mode’. This makes the situation funnier. Of course, a celebrity does not have to do anything when you meet them in public. Rami even stopped in the first place generous enough but an encounter like this is the worst nightmare for all fans.

When The Cut contacted fans to ask about the incident, Black admitted that it was simply a bad time. Malek is a true person, and this is not the right time. He was really tired after a long day of work. So he has the right to refuse. “Choose a more appropriate time. In the daytime, he will be much more accessible.”

Rami Malek admitted that he found working with Bryan Singer “uncomfortable”

Rami Malek admitted that he found working with Bryan Singer uncomfortable

The 37-year-old actor doesn’t think anyone who expects the director will fire from ‘Rhapsody’ in the middle of production. But Rami Malek felt that “was” happening. When asked about his experiences working with the director in the film in a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, he said. “I’ve been sitting here talking about how people deserve a voice. And anyone who wants to talk about what happened to Bryan deserves to hear their voice.”

“In my situation with Bryan, that’s not pleasant at all. And that’s what I can say about it at this time. For anyone looking for any comfort in all. Both of these things, Bryan Singer fired, I don’t think that’s what anyone will see in the near future but I think that happened and it happened. “Bryan – who still gets direct trust on the film – has replaced by Dexter Fletcher. They officially fired him in December 2017. Against the background of reports of conflicts between him and his main actor. Besides these are allegations of sexual misconduct, which he has repeatedly denied.

Rami also offered support to men who accused the 58-year-old filmmaker of inappropriate sexual behavior. “It is horrible, noteworthy that this happens. I can judge High what they have experienced and how difficult this is for them. In the light of the #MeToo era that this seems to exist after that, it’s a terrible thing.”

The reasons why the community opposes Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek is working hard to help the community take a closer look at AIDS issues

The world premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody has collapsed by the AIDS ACT UP London group. The movie could not escape the controversy, even after it was over. Protesters argue that we need to raise awareness about the struggle against century disease.

Members of London UP Goldstein – Jeremy shares via Poz. They have a stigma towards migrants who have AIDS. Typical is Freddie ‘Killer Queen’ Mercury. At this point, migrants are still the most oppressed in the HIV / AIDS community. All protesters need to stop the behavior of detaining people living with HIV illegally. They are also human, they have human rights. Therefore, whether they are immigrants or HIV-infected people, we must treat them fairly. The ongoing crisis needs to prevent. It is impossible for HIV services to stop functioning as it is now.

For his part, Rami Malek is working hard to help the community take a closer look at AIDS issues. Bohemian Rhapsody is the best means for him to do that. He joined an organization specializing in AIDS in Africa called RED. “We have improved with a lot of current issues.” He said everyone is equal so they have a little more voice. However, that is not all the case. Those people are still facing many obstacles. Therefore, he wants the community to join hands. “Together, efforts and collective development are strong.” (Via WWD).

Freddie helps him find the real love

Freddie helps him find the real love

When Freddie Mercury first met Mary Austin, he was 24 and she was 19 years old. At that time, one could not imagine what the future would be for them, both as a couple and as a friend with a deep love for each other. Their real-life relationship examined in Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek as Mercury and Lucy Boynton as Austin. “That is simply not possible”. Mercury said about Austin. “The only friend I had was Mary and I didn’t want anyone else. For me, she is my joint wife. For me, it’s a marriage.”

As for Rami Malek, he could be one of the internet boyfriends. But Rami Malek said to be dating his Bohemian Rhapsody co-star. And everything is likely to become quite serious. That doesn’t mean Malek has found himself a long-term partner, but he said to be quite passionate. According to Us Weekly, Malek’s girlfriend is actress Lucy Boynton. He began to see after they met on the set of the 2017 Freddie Mercury biography film.

Although no stars confirmed the pairing, they were strong for several months. People magazine reported that the duo found kissing each other a few months later in August. InOscar 2019, Boynton was at Malek’s side. She is also one of many people the actor thanked in his acceptance speech. “Lucy Boynton, you are the center of this movie.”

There were many problems during the shooting, but it was difficult for Rami to have more motivation. Like Freddie who judged to be a myth and illusion when forming Queen, Rami, when bluntly remarked, “will be difficult to complete the role”. He has really exploded and won the first Oscar in his acting career.

Bohemian Rhapsody may disappoint not to win the best film award. But the best male lead for Rami Malek is undeniable. With the diversity and ability to diversify, what awaits Rami in the career ahead is extremely promising. Congratulations Rami Malek!

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