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Reveal big secrets of R.Kelly’s life

Reveal big secrets of R.Kelly’s life

Robert Kelly

In the music industry, Robert Kelly is maybe the most controversial singer. He is famous for his signature style. That is a blending of bizarrely explicit R&B sex ballads with the inspirational gospel. His songs have drawn intense criticism while also propelling him to superstardom. However, the truth split in the public cognizance of Kelly is not about his kinky romantic lyrics. Many people have questioned Kelly about his alleged preference for sex with underage girls because of his infamous hearsay marriage to Aaliyah when she was just 15 years old. The scandalous thing was his acquitment of 14 child porn charges in 2018. But that definitely wasn’t the end of the story. After then, he’s maintained to produce music and tour with some breakdowns.

The Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly unveiled a slew of once-buried and never before revealed allegations against Kelly. That included accusations ranging from sexual abuse to domestic violence to holding underage girls and young women hostage. The singer has denied all of the assertions against him. Sources close to the singer affirm he didn’t watch the series. However, he still plans to sue everyone involved with it in an effort to defame all of the courageous women and girls who’ve come forward with allegations against him, TMZ reported.

Here are some of the stories and dark secrets that R. Kelly has tried to hide.

Untell stories about his divorce

R. Kelly and his wife

Kelly and his wife, Andrea Lee Kelly ended up their marriage, not so long after the end of his late 2008 child pornography trial. Their marriage, like every other aspect of the celeb’s life, has an enormous degree of drama. In 2005, Andrea submitted a restraining order against Robert. She claimed he hit her on multiple occasions. Instead of filing for an extension, she later let the restraining order expire. In an interview with Essence, Andrea refused to answer a question about the restraining order as “old news”.She also denied the couple’s then-separation had related to the child pornography case. They just simply grew apart at the time the restraining order was valid. But they were trying to make the relationship go on.

By 2018, Andrea joined the community of her former husband’s accusers. She finally revealed to The View that Robert violated her on multiple occasions. Andrea claimed that he physically assaulted her. He even once “hogtied” her by binding her hands to her feet. All of which tragically led to her intention to suicide. About her reason to speak out, Andrea expressed via Instagram that she was ashamed and forced into silence for a long time. But now she wanted to help other victims of domestic abuse find the strength to break free from it and speak their own truth.

His book revealed a lot

Kelly even came to a fast food store first after he had won his child pornography trial

Kelly wrote his memoir in his signature style of stream-of-consciousness prose. It named Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me. That book has too many odd and random tidbits to list. For example, he spends a lot of time in the book describing his love for McDonald’s. He mentioned it as “the place that gives me comfort in times of trouble.” Kelly even came to a fast food store first after he had won his child pornography trial. He also unveiled several dark secrets. Such as the claim that he observed his 8-year-old girlfriend, Lulu, drown in a river when he was a child. Moreover, the fact that he was a victim of repeated sexual abuse starting when he was 8 years old.

Unfortunately, there are even more terrible parts relating to Kelly’s childhood trauma. First, he recalls,  when he was a child, he peeped at two adults having sex. When they found him watching, instead of being mortified, they invited him to watch them finish. He even took photos of them in the act. Since then, Kelly states that an older woman in the house started physically molesting him, according to LA Weekly. It was a sad look into a past. Many people viewed that as a logical puzzle piece regarding his own sexual misconduct allegations.

His nasty history was brought to light

Kelly specially defied the bombshell report

As a music critic, Jim DeRogatis has covered R. Kelly for the Chicago Sun-Times for years. Throughout his time there, he wrote a lot to detail charges brought against Kelly. It’s not only the video recordings at the center of the child pornography trial, but also dozens of additional accusations of statutory rape. In 2013, DeRogatis met The Village Voice reporter Jessica Hopper. They laid it all on the table in an attempt to try to understand why the general public, in particular, Kelly’s loyal fan base, didn’t mind.

“I think in the end there were twenty women with different levels of details. Clearly,  the women who were part of the hundreds of pages of lawsuits. There were girls telling a simple story. And there were a lot of girls who told long stories. To be honest, those stories make me sick. It wasn’t one girl on one tape. Or one girl and Aaliyah,” DeRogatis said.

Kelly specially defied the bombshell report. He told Atlanta’s V-103 (via HuffPost), “Well It seems like I had the football man, I’m running towards the goal, stopping and looking back. It’s a mess around. I’ll make it right.”

His difficult tell-all article for GQ

Kelly made a big lie that he was at his beloved mother's bedside when she died

Kelly didn’t support a tell-all GQ interview in 2016. He should have offered candid confessions or apologies but Kelly rambled through many contradictory statements. Finally, he had caught in a giant lie. He even repeated the same defense for years. He’s used that in the face of multiple accusations that he had sex with underage girls: They were all liars and blackmailers. He claimed that he only settled with them on the advice of his lawyers. And that makes he regrets now.

Kelly also threw himself off by condoning his own alleged abusers. He admitted that he recognizes that sexual abuse is repeatable. As such, he believed that his abusers had been abused once. That is an astonishing admission for him to make. By his own logic, it would stand to reason that he would become a sexual assailant at some point. He explained that poverty is also a cycle which he broke free, so ditto for the sexual abuse stuff.

Kelly made a big lie that he was at his beloved mother’s bedside when she died. He told this story differently. However, in both his book and a Vibe interview, claiming he received a phone call informing him that she had passed away. It may be crazy but lying about your mom’s death is probably the last thing you should do in your life. It could be the attempt to lead straight to your shady past.

He’s accused of being the leader of a ‘cult’ of women

Kelly has intensely rejected all of the allegations

Two former lovers of Kelly advocated the parents’ claims. They also alleged Kelly physically abused the women if they dared to be too courteous to any male. The young women were brought to Kelly. Their parents wanted to help their children find success in the music industry.

Kelly was also accused of limiting the women’s cell phone usage and forbidding them from contacting family or friends without his permission. Kelly allegedly also made the females dress the way he wants. He even forces them to receive permission to use the restroom. At least one of the women has spoken out multiple times. She denied that Kelly has intensely rejected all of the allegations. His lawyer said, “Mr. Robert Kelly is both anxious and confused at the recent revelations related to him. Mr. Kelly definitively denies such allegations. He will work hard to pursue his accusers and clear their name.”

More and more cult accusations unveiled

Jerhonda Pace is one of the survivors of R. Kelly's alleged sex cult

Jerhonda Pace is one of the survivors of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult. Jerhonda made it clear that she was not with Kelly because she wanted to be or she loved him. But because he had controlled and abused her.

“For a second, I think that I’m a prisoner. Nobody talks to me. It was just me, myself and I. I got stuck into a depression,” she said on the 2019 Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly (via The Root). “I was mentally exhausted. Because he would break me down, then raise me up, then make me feel like s**t again, then do it all over again. He would really control my mind.  When Rob slapped me and choked me until I was faint, it was the breaking point for me.

Another survivor on the show is A’Iceis. She also confirmed that not only did the women and girls living with Kelly have to ask permission to use the bathroom, but they also had to relieve themselves in buckets. And that the buckets could only be emptied with the permission of the singer.

Linkingto his alleged sex tape lasted for years

R. Kelly

According to Time, a jury acquitted R. Kelly on child pornography charges for the main reason. That is a sex tape he allegedly made with a 14-year-old girl. Because the alleged victim claimed that she was the girl in the video. That girl has never been officially identified. However, singer Sparkle publicly alleged that the underage victim was her niece.Besides, Kelly also denied that it was him on the video.

Kelly’s denial was challenged again in Surviving R. Kelly (via USA Today). A woman who named Kitti Jones claimed she dated Kelly when she was 33 in 2011. She also said that she recognized the girl from the video. She was the one Kelly had introduced her to around the time they dated.

“A friend of mine asked me: ‘Have you watched the sex tape?’ And I was angry with her and felt disrespected. Because this is my boyfriend … But my curiosity stressed me out, and I searched for it,” Jones said in the docuseries. “I knew instantly it was the same woman. I just couldn’t imagine it. I felt like he cheated on me.”

Maybe multiple sex tapes have been hidden

Laura Van Allen

Laura Van Allen was alleged that she made several explicit videos with the singer. She explained that she never gave him permission to film her. Because he didn’t ask her. And he also never hid what he was doing. Kitti Jones said the same thing in a 2017 interview with the magazine. Reporter Jim DeRogatis has chronicled Kelly’s sex crime allegations for years. Base on what he knows about Kelly, he told The Village Voice that it wasn’t just the volume and number of sex tapes Kelly filmed. But the content within them that was so alarming. “The videotapes — and not just one videotape, a lot of videotapes. And a fun video,” DeRogatis said. He then illustrated the acts on particular tape as “a rape. “So we’re not talking about a celeb behavior. We’re talking about predatory behavior. Their lives were ruined. Read the lawsuits!”

He forced one victim to dress like a boy

Surviving R. Kelly

On Surviving R. Kelly (via Complex), one of the singer’s “former employees” claimed that not only does R. Kelly control what his women wear but he also convinced one of them, Dominique Gardner, to shave her head and behave like a boy

” Dominique is the rebellious one to Robert. She gets into trouble with him. She’s a tomboy, and Robert plays on that. He has made her be the boy he wants her to be,” the anonymous employee said. “So she had her head shaved and she dressed like a boy. He even paints a beard and mustache on to make her look more manly. Then he plays her like his boy toy.”

According to USA Today, Gardner ran away from Kelly during an episode of Surviving R. Kelly. Her mom urged her to do that. Till now, she still stays at home with her family.

He makes friend with the dirty cop

Alice Clary

Angelo and Alice Clary(Azriel Clary’s parents), said on Surviving R. Kelly that they attempted to work with the family of Joycelyn Savage to help their daughters escape from Kelly. They thought that their girl was in a hostage situation and Kelly kept the girls against their wills. The young women’s families asked the Chicago Police Department to conduct welfare checks on the girls at Kelly’s Windy City studio. However, a former employee of the singer claimed that the cops protected and serviced Kelly instead of the young women.

The anonymous employee alleged: ” R. Kelly had known about the wellness check in Chicago before it happened. Because he hassome friends in Chicago police department. And they told him about that.”

Savage and Clary’s parents said that they haven’t seen their children in more than two years.

His teammates were accused to help him made fake documents to marry Aaliyah


One of R. Kelly’s former employees confessed that he helped Kelly to fabricate documents. So the “Step in the Name of Love” singer could marry Aaliyah when she was just 15 years old. Demetrius Smith is Kelly’s former personal assistant.

“I stood there when they got married. I’m not proud of that,” Smith said. “I had fake papers for them when Aaliyah was underaged. It was just a quick little ceremony. She didn’t have on a white dress. He didn’t have on a suit. Just casual clothes. She was worried and scared.”

Who brought young girls to Kelly?

Bruce Kelly

On Surviving R. Kelly, several witnesses and former R. Kelly colleague accused the singer’s team of “recruiting teenagers”  for him. Kelly sometimes took trips to shopping malls in every city where he performed in order to meet young girls. Another witness claimed that Kelly came to her high school girls’ basketball games to watch a girl whom he was interested in.

The singer had beds in every single room at his Chicago studio. Jovante Cunningham is one of his former backup singers. She alleged that Kelly sexually violated a friend of hers when she and her friend were just teenagers.Also, Kelly was accused of picking out some young girls at his concerts.

Kelly’s own brother, Bruce Kelly, is a prisoner. He said on the show that Robert likes “younger women” . However it isn’t a big deal.

“You have people who are interested in different things. I like older women, you know,” Bruce said. “But that’s just a preference. So what is the big deal? What is matter with my brother?

The terrible HuffPost Live

R. Kelly 2

Kelly found it difficult to show off of his usual playbook. He denied everything and diverted attention back to his music. In one particularly awkward confrontation, HuffPost Live host asked Kelly how he felt about fans who were conflicted about continuing to support him in the wake of the allegations.

Modarressy-Tehrani did share a tweet, “Would I let R. Kelly look after my daughters? F**k no. But I would play his music at a family party” Kelly replied, ” I say I have a lot of fans around the world that love the real me. And I’m happy that they don’t feel the way she does. God bless her. But you can’t satisfy everybody, you know.”

His scandalous song with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

In 2013, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly shot a video clip for the song “Do What U Want.” This song includes itslyrics, “I stand up and then I’m okay. But then you break that sh**”.At the time, Terry Richardsonwas fighting his own accusations of sexual misconduct(he directed this video).

Clearly, it was going to be problematic to promote such a sexually explicit video. Meanwhile, one of its performers was being publicly accused of sex crimes. Gaga is a survivor of sexual assault. She said that wasn’t ever a consideration. Two singers did show the song on both SNL and at the 2013 American Music Awards. At the AMAs, R. Kelly squatted over singer Lady Gaga on a fake oval office desk instead. So go ahead and explain that artistic impression however you’d like.

He became sugar daddy of a 19-year-old girl

Robert Kelly 2

The Daily Beast reported that R. Kelly dated another teenager in August 2016. He met model Halle Calhoun at a show in North Carolina when she was 19. He then appeared several times in since-deleted posts on Instagram, including in a picture where she was in a hot tub in a bikini with him. So at that point, we can only assume they were hanging out socially. After they were caught holding hands at an Atlanta nightclub, the pair had seemingly gone public with their relationship.

We all know that it is legal for a 19-year-old girl to date a man 31 years old. However, it was kind of disturbing when that man happened to be R. Kelly. Whether you believe his alleged or not, the controversy factor here was through the roof. But the flame of scandal spread quickly when Calhoun announced in April 2018 that she was no longer with Kelly. Because she wasn’t his typical girl”. That’s a vague statement from an ex, but it certainly doesn’t denote a friendly breakup.

He makes women sign agreements non-disclosure

Robert Kelly 3

Jerhonda Pace told Buzzfeed in August 2017 that she was 16 when she engaged in a sexual relationship with Kelly. Several people approved with a claim the saite made close to Pace. Reporters also found a subsequent payment made by Kelly’s management company to Pace.Andher attorney requested a polygraph test regarding her relationship with Kelly.”

Kelly’s reps denied the tale. They claim that it made by individuals known to be dishonest. These reps also told Buzzfeed “the allegations against Kelly are false. Kelly again refused all of that and is taking appropriate legal action to protect himself from ongoing defamation.”














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