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Revealing the end of Minecraft

Revealing the end of Minecraft


People usually have a saying that if you stay focus enough, you can accomplish anything. Many artists and geniuses also claimed that the final limit of a man’s abilities is his imagination. And in Minecraft, players are free and have the motivation to explore their imagination. As you can see, in Minecraft players are able to do nearly anything that came up to their minds. The game named “Minecraft” first came to the game market in 2011. Since the day they released the game, Minecraft has gained much love from players.

In Minecraft, you can freely explore the world in your ways. You even can start a palace for your own as you can be King and Queen if you want. Nearly you can build anything you want to with the pickaxe. For example, you can make cell phones, computers, houses,… Moreover, you can create a game for you and friends with something like magic or new technology. The world of Mojang’s Minecraft is such a big world to discover. And it contains many things including the end for its own story.

Even though players seem to be able to fully control and make the world in their style, the story already has its end. However, it is not such a hard challenge for you to achieve. You are totally capable of finishing the finish line depending on your skill. When you finish the final challenge, you will get a rich reward and more for the capital-E End. People recently are talking about its game, then let’s find out the mystery about it.

The End is here.

Minecraft 2

As we mentioned before, The End is out there for you to search. If you want to find it, you can check out all the worlds that you used to accomplish. Easily by scouring the worlds, you are able to find it. Do you remember there are about 128 strongholds in Survival Mode? When you play in this mode, you can check out beneath the blocks of the earth. The End could be somewhere within these 12 strongholds. Moreover, we have passageways, iron bars, 1 or 2 libraries in the stone walls. However, you can only find the beginning of The End in the End Portal.

Let’s take a second to talk about the End portal. We have about twelve frames from lava in the End portal room. No matter how well players do or where they are in this game, they get 1 one to get to the End portal’s strongholds. It is throwing ender eyes in the air to gain the achievement named “The End”.

And we have to tell that the producer did such a great job to bring out a true “The End”. When you are able to play the final game “The End”, you will go another dimension. In this dimension, there is nothing but the dark and ethereal realm. There will be nothing for you there. The void and end stones are the only things you can see there. You can’t hide or run as well as you can set up a shelter for your own. The only way for you to get out there is defeating the Ender Dragon.

How can we get there after all?

Ender Dragon

Before you make up your mind to take down the Ender Dragon, you should get through the idea clearly. Because it is not as easy as cake for you to achieve! In case you are not a speed-runner, a magician or able to find glitches, you should be more careful. If you want to get to The End, you must first get over the underworld of Nether. However, the underworld of Nether is also a huge challenge for anyone. It has fire and brimstone which make you have a walk in the dark. Some people said that it was as hard as defeating the End Dragon.

If you want to get the Nether, you have to make a portal to go there. And a Nether portal is all you should put into consideration. With this portal, you are able to become and leave the Overworld. However, there are some ingredients need to make a portal. Some of the needed ingredients are obsidian books. And you can get them by mining the diamond pickaxe. When you are finally able to get to the Nether, mark my words. You shouldn’t take the upgrade mods like Ghasts and Blazes. Because probably people defeat you and cause you to drop Blaze rods in Blaze’s mods! And Blaze rods can change into Blaze powder. Besides, you have to remember that Blaze powder is important to make ender eyes with ender pearls. So you will need Blaze powder as well as ender pearls to create ender eyes.

Therefore, players in Minecraft will have to get into a battle to get enough Nether eyes. Because when you kill the Endermen, you can get the ender pearls. After all, you need about 12 ender eyes to have the chance of facing the final challenge. Hence, the journey for players to have a battle with the ender dragon is full of bitter.

But why do we have to put an end to this Endless game?

Dragon’s Breath

From the very first days of the game which was back to 2D platformers, players knew that an end came with a prize. The prize is big enough to be worth your jumping, punching and crafting all the time. The prize will satisfy your attempt to explore every world. In the end, you will have to face the final boss of the game as well as the final challenge. No matter how much freedom that Minecraft’s give to us, it is not an endless game.

You, finally, get into the dimension of the End Game. There will be nothing you to use there as the dark and void are only things you can find. Moreover, the Ender Dragon will appear soon enough when you get there. It is a massive dragon with big black skin and purple eyes. Of course, it will try everything it can to kill you. And you will do anything to kill it and finish the game. The Ender Game has a big body using to break any block and hit you. When the dragon hit you, you will receive serious damage. Besides, you also must consider is fire breath and noxious purple smoke. Therefore, you must be careful unless you want to obtain some kind of Dragon’s Breath.

After you managed to finish the dragon, its body will fall from the sky and disappear with beams of light. And then you can come and get your reward after you kill the final boss in Minecraft. A Dragon Egg is what you will receive. With a dragon egg, you can generate only one world or simply keep it as a trophy.

You are able to use Speedrun in this game

And this has changed the way people play Minecraft

No matter how crazy as it sounds, you are totally able to speed up your gameplay. Why do you have to do it? When you use Speedrun in Minecraft, you can get motivation for exploring, creativity. Moreover, you will feel building intricate and complicated structures don’t take long. Speedrun can be suitable for many people. For example, people like gaining materials and crafting an iron pickaxe the first time. Or maybe they will want to enjoy their first square-off with a creeper.

With the help of Speedrunner, an amazing record in defeating the Ender Dragon used to be 3:20:9. If players don’t use Speedrunner, it will take them much time to craft tools. Players have more chances with the help of Speedrunner. Recently another player named Geosquare has broken the record with 1:35:33. That is how important Speedrunner is to defeat the Ender Dragon.

And this has changed the way people play Minecraft. Now they intend to use tools and glitches to accomplish the challenge. And this is slowly killing Minecraft. In Illumina and Geosquare’s case, they are good at making use of world seeds. Quickly they find what they need and use them. To do so they will need help from her seeds. They will come to the overworld first and have a couple of minutes in Nether. Then they will reach the stronghold with teleport and get through the portal with an End Crystal.

Moreover, player Geosquare found a way to fool the game’s system. Geosquare could lie the system that he did kill the Ender Dragon. Sometimes it is before the battle can begin. However, there are some players like AlphaCreeps who used tools or glitches to make a run. And AlphaCreeps made the fast run with 2:31 sprint. People considered that is the fast run using human reflexes only.

Check out the Poem


Now you are the dragon slayer and the story has come to its end. If this is a movie, you will the credits roll in the end. Of course, normally it is nothing to care about the credits. However, in Minecraft, they are so much more mysterious than the murky world of the End.

Amazingly it can be, the end of Minecraft is like poetry. After the battle with the Ender Dragon, the winner will get the chance to be proud of their work. After they finish the End Game, the system will show them a scroll of text in blue and green. And this scroll directly points out their Player name. According to its content, it sends greet to the player.

There will be 2 voices talking about how good the player did in the game, how amazing that they can come this far. And it also talks about moments they dreamed and truly lived in Minecraft. The scroll seems to be like a poet which the producers deliberately do to greet the players. After all, players are the most vital elements making the success of the game. It will last about 10 minutes. And in 10 minutes, you will get the feeling that building billions of atoms was worthy.

What a surprise the producer prepared to the players? It is a weird 10 minutes but it is worth hearing to it. There will be 2 speakers attending to read the scroll. And their voices make us feel like they are gods in Minecraft. Or they are some kinds of higher living that give a speech to the chosen. The speech seems to contain many meaning aspects of life. Speakers show how much they think that players actually live in the game. Players eventually get deeper into the game and confused about how it could be that real to them.

The possibility that a god is Notch voicing


In Minecraft, people seem to be free to create their world in their own way. But how can they do that? Markus “Notch” Persson is the man who has the main part in making this game come true. To him and many people, this game is not just an ordinary game as usual. It is where people start their own journey to find a promising land. It is where people begin one of the most epic adventures. Therefore, Minecraft is something bigger than just the blocky landscapes. Inside this game, new games could exist and it showed the personalities of players. Thanks to Markus “Notch” Persson, Minecraft can develop to what it is now. Basically, Notch is the man that builds the first bricks of this game. Hence, does it make him be a god in this world?

In fact, some profiles wrote about him and mentioned him as God in Minecraft before. And everyone including fans of Minecraft supported this idea. They believed that he was suitable for this place. As no one is able to take on the title but him! At the end of the poem, he will act as 2 gods and send his greet to the winner. He seems to stand on high ground and can be prouder to his players. They not just played his game but also lived in his game. This must be the greatest honor to who finished the final challenge. Minecraft is where he can give out the experience that he can’t express.

However, this is just a rumor and he has not made any confirmation about this theory. The only thing we can be sure of is that he loves this game and put this poem in the end. It was a good poem actually.

The poet of the end

Minecraft 3

It was in 2011, Notch demanded writers and creative make a text. But he means a “silly over-the-top-out-of-nowhere text”. Notch was looking for the right people to help him with this. And Julian Gough appeared. He and Notch had known each other before they cooperated in making the end for Minecraft. Actually, Notch was the guy that came up with this idea. But it was Gough after people around him told him should do that. That was the reason Gough suggested Notch work together to create an end for Minecraft.

Notch and Gough decided to be partners in making the end poem for Minecraft soon enough. There were some questions that Gough had to find the answers by himself. It was how big the world in Minecraft was and how it became bigger after launch. To be able to find the answer, Gough had to get into the world of Minecraft. Because Notch had told him that he could do anything he wanted and he had full freedom. The only thing Gough must complete was making Notch surprise. Later, Gough came up with the idea for his poem. The poem had the name as “No Second Drafts”. And Notch seemed to have the same feeling with Gough as he kept the whole poem then.

Gough answered an interview with Boing Boing. In the interview, he claimed that it was a good poem. And the end of the poem seemed to perfectly match with it. He got the feeling that the universe had written the poem through his hands. He made it from everything he watched in Minecraft. It was a masterpiece to him as the players will hear the idea of the universe speaking to them.

The reaction from the Internet

The Berean

One thing for sure that Gough’s poem has hit the internet when people started to know about it. However, no one knew what the meaning of the poem when I first came to it after defeating the Dragon. Gough also claimed that some people didn’t like to sit and read the poem for nearly 10 minutes. The mysterious text wasn’t enough to make them do that. However, Gough was happy when some players started to thank him on social media for his work. They wanted to thank him for giving them an amazing experience like that. Meanwhile, some people found it boring and citing short attention spans. Moreover, a group of people considered the poem as a philosophical one. Because you can see how it gave the game a religious undertone.

Immediately the religious websites spoke about this poem. They thought that the end of Minecraft had some problems to deal with. Some religious websites like The Christian blog, The Berean Call had spoken about it. They believed that the poem had equated players with God. Which is unacceptable in their religion! However, Gough answered this in the interview with Boing that he didn’t intend to do so. Definitely, he didn’t want to make a new religion with his poem. As a result, a controversy around considering players as a god had raised in people.

What is the main meaning of the poem? It was about games or reality.


Above everything, the final line of the poem created the controversy with words: “Wake up”. These words had made people consider a lot about the true meaning of the poem. In fact, at that moment players seemed to get too deep in this game. They seemed to forget the real world that they are living in. The last line wanted them to “wake up” after a time stayed in this game. The poem described Minecraft as a dream to players before. And what you have to do when dreams are over: you have to “wake up” then. Some people believed that the poet wanted to get players back to reality. It’s time for them to put the controller down and live a fulfilling life. People have to stay with reality and actually live in it.

MatPat, who is a YouTuber and game theorist extraordinaire, made a game theory video. However, he showed people the opposite idea. According to this guy, Minecraft is the reality instead. You could do anything you want to do in Minecraft. You could create the world for your own truth. The theory of this youtube didn’t warn people the effects when they ignored their life. He recommended people to continue living in a game and making their world.

It was a dark and twisted version


The poem transferred a positive message the life is beautiful enough to live on. It was a beautiful one writing about how players did well in the game, how Minecraft loves them. However, a part of player communities didn’t want to see the value of the poem. They found an innocuous dialogue instead.

In Minecraft, there is a ghost called Satan or Herobrine. It is a ghost that players can find every aspect of the game. This one truly is a creepy-pasta indeed. And someone said that it is scarier than the ghost of Notch’s brother and a tortured man. And a theory came along on the internet. The theory claimed that Minecraft is about a tortured man who tried to find a world where he belongs. This is the world that he will feel no pain and happily live in it. The final text “Wake up” seemed to be not for players but the ghost Herobrine. The poem became a call to the pity tortured man that it is the time he stops dreaming. In this though, the game became more sorrow and darker than a game should be.

Moreover, you can make it even weirder if you want to. After all the poems seems to be a plain confession of Satan. Gough got a strong interest in Satan, djinns, aliens, and poltergeists. And apparently, these things affected him when he wrote the poem




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