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Review characters in Overwatch game

Review characters in Overwatch game

When talking about Overwatch game, there are a number of interesting characters that you cannot ignore. They are made with beautiful clothes and fantastic design. And well, are you wondering who is the most popular character in this game?

Therefore, if you want to know my personal opinion, let’s go through this article since I am going to reveal my answer in a moment. But at first, be noticed that this is just a subjective list. Therefore, it may be different from your personal viewpoint. Let’s check it out!

Road Hog

From the bottom of this list, I will choose Road Hog as the worst character in Overwatch. To tell you the truth, I am not a big fan of this character as he was designed in the wrong way. Instead, he should be made as a comedy character.

This is a type of portrait that is usually mentioned by the fans of Overwatch. However, Road Hog in the game is quite silly but serious. I do not understand why it is painted with the tattoo on the tummy.

But an irritating thing is that the tattoo portraits the cartoon pig, which does not match with the purpose of this character. So, the developer should arrange to re-design this character to make it more lovable and favorite among the fans.


In my opinion, Road Hog and Junkrat are sharing the same features when it comes to my favorite list. They both do not suit the theme of Overwatch at all. Some people may feel very frustrated to have a weirdo with a damaged leg on the battle.

And of course, the way he fights against the other is very difficult to understand. In particular, he does not use any weapons or equipment. Instead, he throws the garbage to his enemies. So, how can we like this kind of character because he does not make any great impression during the gameplay?


Next, we have Doomfist and I have to say that this character is not a bad one. However, he is extremely irritating in many ways. His only special ability is to punch other people with his big hand. This character is too straight-forward. As a result, there is no unique factor to mention him.


Going to another one, Genji is definitely one of the most generic and interesting designs in the whole series of Overwatch. To be honest, this character is good but nothing special. I feel like the developers have to include Genji because they cannot miss the existence of such a ninja when setting up a video game.


Zenyatta is a hero in the game Overwatch

If you know Zenyatta, I have to admit that this character is pretty cool in its own way. It is designed to portrait the sentient robotics plus the deep soul within this character. As a consequence, it is kind of more and more attractive among the fans of Overwatch these days.

Nevertheless, it is a waste that the developers do not focus on this character pretty much during the establishment. Thus, not many people can explore the great things about Zenyatta at the beginning of this shooting game. And then, the players only pay more attention to this character when the payload is ready.


Hanzo is a hero in the game Overwatch

For those people who are completely addicted to Hanzo, it is fine. However, I think that this character suits the other games more than Overwatch. The reason is that the image of Hanzo is different from the theme of this game.

He is built with a cool personality, but I am only interested in his background story. However, this element is never revealed during your gameplay in Overwatch. Hence, if this factor can be improved, Overwatch will be more and more appealing.

In particular, the developers can tell us a story about a man joining an adventure for his life. During his journey, he has to climb the dangerous mountains, defeat the other opponents, and unleash the sarcastic dragon in the final step. Sounds quite brilliant, right?


Sombra is a hero in the game Overwatch

Sombra is also cool and interesting in my mind. The combination of her appearance, as well as her hair, catches our attention. Moreover, you will be impressed by her superpower and her background story. All of these things add more curiosity to this character.

Nevertheless, there is a small point that makes her ranking in this list quite low. This character is a little similar to the main character from the Hackers many years ago. It is pretty disappointing!


Zarya is a hero in the game Overwatch

A number of people like Zarya because her image is awesome as a strong weightlifter. Also, her hair is designed with laser pink color. She always brings along an enormous particle cannon, and you should know that she is the only one can lift it by her hands.

Contrast to her look, what she performs in the game is not satisfying. She should do more than that to get people more exciting.


Torbjorn is a hero in the game Overwatch

Torbjorn is doing an excellent job of bringing you the fantasy world of Overwatch. And well, the way he reacts to the Omnic crisis is wonderful. But he still has a low ranking in this list since I am not happy with his beardless skin together with his success pose in the album. You can check it and understand what I mean!


Reaper is a hero in the game Overwatch

Reaper is totally a fantastic character without the irony parts. You are exciting to look at the character carrying the gigantic goth gun. And especially, he never runs out of the bullets since there is an unlimited supply hidden inside his trenchcoat.

During the game, you only need to react to what he says. As a result, he ranks in this position since the other characters are better than him.


Lucio is a hero in the game Overwatch

Lucio makes his appearance as a sports commando along with a DJ. If you cannot imagine this character, you can relate to the movie The Return of Xander Cage. Lucio always equips himself with a sniper and the DJ items.

By turning into this interesting character, Lucio has an additional advantage when moving around. In addition, he has the rollerblades, but these items are not giving him more benefits, in my viewpoints.


Reinhardt is a hero in the game Overwatch

Moving to Reinhardt, I have to admit that you are going to be fond of his tragic story in the start of this game. Moreover, he excels at moving and walking battles. In overall, this character is an old man obsessing over his hammer. Just continue loving it if you are!

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 is a hero in the game Overwatch

If you ask me who is the most straightforward character in Overwatch, I will be confident to say Soldier: 76. He is great with his stunning skills, his interesting story, and especially, he has a good sense of humor.

However, if you put him next to An Actual Angel, he is just fine in my mind. He is good in this game, but nothing extremely special to make him in the top.


Mercy is a hero in the game Overwatch

The interesting part about Mercy is her job. She is the only doctor in this fantasy world where the other characters are fighting with one another by shooting the bullets or using their hammer. This is what makes this poor lady shining in this game.


Mei is a hero in the game Overwatch

When you first look at Mei, she is quite different from the other characters in Overwatch. She is made with a cute image, which is quite similar to a cartoon character. However, she is frustrating when it comes to her Ice Wall ability.

That said, she can automatically block the moving of the enemies whenever she wants. But I have to say that this is the most emotional characters up to now in this game. Thus, she is unforgettable for the fans of Overwatch.


Mccree is a hero in the game Overwatch

There is no point disliking McCree since the way he is made is very awesome, from the mysterious story in the past to the charming look. All of these things are extremely fantastic. And on top of that, his appearance is manly and powerful, which portraits a cowboy with the spurs. Hence, I totally love this character.


Tracer is a hero in the game Overwatch

Tracer is another spotlight of Overwatch. With no doubt, she is considered as one of the strongest characters in this entire game since she can embody the whole premise with her power. If you do not know her job, she is working as a fighter pilot with a special ability to reverse the time.


Brigitte is a hero in the game Overwatch

If you like Brigitte, you should know that she has a close connection to both Torbjorn and Reinhardt. Let me reveal the fact if you are confused. Brigitte is the daughter of Torbjorn and the sidekick of Reinhardt.

She is designed with a great image and gives us a wonderful feeling when accompanying her.


Ana is a hero in the game Overwatch

Ana is regarded as an upgrade version of Soldier: 76. But she is shining in this game thanks to the strange connection with her daughter, who is believing that she has already died. But these things make this mother stunning a powerful role in Overwatch.

Another outstanding skill that you may not know about Ana is her healing ability. By shooting the medicine bullets in your face directly, she can heal either your injuries or your damage. So incredible!


Orisa is a hero in the game Overwatch

Orisa is a friendly and nice robot that makes you happy for a whole day. She is unique with her story and is described as a genius kid in this game. But look at her eyes and you will see the special things! Well, I have never seen a robot with these impressive eyes.

And this is the special point that makes me give her a high ranking in this list.


D.VA is a hero in the game Overwatch

And this is the highlight for D.Va. Overwatch is made with different kinds of characters, but I am still obsessed with the appearance of D.Va with a variety of reasons. If you are talking about the gameplay, this character is simple to learn.

However, she offers you a diversity of great tricks to make your game more and more interesting. I like the fact that she is the only character having another chance to survive if her first form is killed. And on top of that, she is able to transform from a big robot to a small human, which gives her an incredible opportunity to fit in any situation.

As a consequence, she is fantastic in my eyes without any minus points. And how about your personal ranking for Overwatch? Let me know your thoughts immediately!

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