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Rihanna brought an action against her father

Rihanna brought an action against her father

Rihanna brought an action against her father

Famous singer, Rihanna, recently has come into a conflict with her father. And she decided to sue her father, Ronald Fenty. Of course, it related to business and money. Fenty was accused of allegedly using his association with her. And using her brand name to run and enhance his own business deals.

According to and reliable source, Fenty has founded the “talent development company”. And it is Fenty Entertainment in 2017. Thing is that he used his famous daughter’s trademark on the name for many business purposes. And most of them are notably her popular makeup line, Fenty Beauty. As a result, Rihanna as known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty is fighting back and take this to the court. In court, Rihanna claimed that her father and Moses Perkins used her name illegally. So these men deceptively represented her name. And they aimed to receive millions of dollars for concert bookings.

These bookings reportedly included lots of money. And this money included a Latin America tour for $15 millions and two concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for $400,000. Which means nearly 15 400 000$ received under the name of Rihanna. Fenty Entertainment had made an effort to book a 15-date Rihanna tour in South America. But it did not stop at that as Fenty tried to do same with concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And he did not that totally without her permission. ” He is Rihanna’s father. But he can’t and never has had enough authority to do that act on Rihanna’s behalf,” from Rihanna’s lawsuit.

Rihanna and her father

According to The Blast, Fenty has committed to having communicated with Roc Nation. And as he said, it is for the business deal. But Roc Nation is Rihanna’s label and she firmly denied what her father is saying.

Moreover, Rihanna also sued her dad for trying to trademark “Fenty”. Which he used for hotel boutiques, though the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office turned down his request?

And Rihanna has reportedly tried to send Fenty several cease and desist letters. Yet, he allegedly doesn’t have any sigh of stop trying to use the Fenty brand. And it is said that she wants an injunction against her father from using “Fenty” in his private business. But some say that the famous singer is suing for “false advertising and invasion of privacy.” And Rihanna is seeking $75 million in damage, according to Essense.

Besides Fenty Beauty, Rihanna also owns the lingerie brand Savage x Fenty and others. They include the trademarks for Fenty Glow, House of Fenty, and Fenty Fragrance. And everything should not be out of control and go to conflict like this. So Fenty as some point figured out that Rihanna is his daughter and he got the right to do so. At first, his company was founded for other reasons. And they are to develop original television programmes. As well as, to make motion pictures, live concerts, and to record producing. And according to some sources, Rihanna had tried much time to talk to her father. She then put effort to end this in a peaceful and tender way. But it is Fenty that deny her accusation as well as any responsibilities.

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