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Interesting facts after the ring of Ronda Rousey

Interesting facts after the ring of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the most successful mixed martial arts women in the world. Rousey is a former Strike Strike champion and UFC and she is also the first female champion at UFC. She successfully defended the UFC bantam title six times before losing it to Holly Holm two years ago. Rousey won the first 12 games in her career easily. She repeatedly defeated warriors like Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufmann, Liz Carmouche, Cat Zingano and Bethe Correia. However, she lost the last two battles against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes through knockout matches. Her future in MMA sports suspected and she has linked with WWE.

Despite her recent failure, she has strengthened her legacy as one of the greatest female athletes in history. Besides being successful at MMA, Rousey is also the first American woman to win a Judo martial arts Olympic medal. She won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing at the weight of 70 kg. Rousey is not only successful in MMA, but it also translated into Hollywood. Rousey has appeared in movies and TV shows like The Expendables 3, Furious 7, Entourage, Fighter in the Sky and Blindspot. She will also join the movie Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg next year. For a period of 5 years since 2010, the name Ronda Rousey is really a terror to any fist in the martial arts village of UFC or MMA. The 1987-year-old girl possesses a winning circuit of up to 18, and especially an extremely “leopard” style.

In addition, she played herself in the movie Entourage and frequently appeared on late-night talk shows. After the ring, she really is the show host. She often appears in open and beautiful dresses. However, Ronda’s playing career did not complete successfully. In addition, she also had trouble with personal problems. The beautiful symbol of the sports village also has some secrets not revealed from her past.

She has a problem with the old manager

She has a problem with the old manager

Darin Harvey is the former manager of MMA Ronda Rousey star. Events Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm in Melbourne, Australia in UFC 193. At the same time, Harvey announced that the former UFC bantam champion was a bad person. The former manager of Rousey Darin Harvey – the person next to her helps a lot when her career has just started taking off. On Instagram, he said that KARMA will not need revenge. Darin Harvey thinks that God will punish those who are at fault. So just sit and wait and see what happens. This sarcasm shows a bad relationship between these two old colleagues. In the latest news, they are disputing over the dissolution of their previous business relationship. Few know Rousey as Harvey, who split Rowdy in 2013. All goodwill between the couple seems to have completely disappeared.

The former manager added: “I created a truly monster. It is Ronda Rousey. ”Perhaps their argument stems from the fact that he thinks she is not grateful to him.” Ronda is very special, but he does not want the press to deny his role. “They absolutely did not give me success in my career.” And for him, Ronda Rousey is not a good person. According to MMA Junkie, Harvey acknowledged his complicity when building her Hollywood character. Who is right? It sounds sad but the truth is that their old relationship has ended.

She rumored to be the one who ruins the happiness of others

Ronda Rousey changed fashion style dizzyingly

In the past, Ronda Rousey has repeatedly been suspicious of dating a male boxer Travis Browne. But both are silent until today. Images of both in public places constantly appear on social networking sites. Both are silent about anything about this issue. Until this day Travis Browne suddenly announced he and Ronda Rousey are dating. “Ronda and I started talking to each other all summer. And now we are dating”. This is understandable when recently, Ronda Rousey changed fashion style dizzyingly, more beautiful makeup. Her hair also takes care of and style better.

Respect our private life. And that’s all I can share with you. ”However, Ronda’s explanation does not satisfy the audience. Most people think that she needs to be more polite. She is living the life of a celebrity. Therefore, she should prepare to deal with the media. They can explore your personal issues at any time. And above all, learn how to apologize sincerely.

Before the battle with Holm, she did not make contact with her opponent

Ronda Rousey's defeat in the battle with Holm

Ronda Rousey’s defeat in the battle with Holm was the most embarrassing of her playing career. A series of famous American figures not only did not comfort fellow compatriot Ronda Rousey but also criticized badly “Queen of UFC”. Lady Gaga, the pop queen, was the first to publicly criticize Ronda. She thought Ronda was disrespectful when she refused to fight with Holly Holm. This is a martial art gesture before the 2 boxers compete. On Instagram, Lady Gaga wrote: “That’s the price she has to pay for not touching her gloves.” While at an interview on Monday, Holm said Ronda’s “rude behavior” was not a bother, but gave me a bit of war. It is really a shady and unprofessional gesture.

Fans also paid close attention to Floyd Mayweather’s view of a heterosexual colleague. Before that, the two had either fallen or joined each other when Ronda claimed she could defeat the “Queen”. Through a 50-cent rapper, Mayweather finally found a funny way to mock Ronda. He asked this close friend to post a knocked-out Ronda picture on the social network to retaliate. Finally Donald Trump – who is in the campaign for president of The United States. Last week, “The Queen of UFC” announced that she would never vote for a very talented guy like Trump. The American billionaire only knows how to run with the money.

And this time it’s the real estate boss’s turn to protest. “It’s great to see the Ronda Rousey losing the championship. This spelling is a failure, right?”

The act of Rousey refusing to touch gloves is equivalent to her disregard for her opponent. Maybe she is very good, but the contempt of the opponent when the match has not happened is very bad. This shows that she is an ignorant person and does not know how to behave.

Ronda Rousey spends disrespectful words when referring to Holm

Rousey's confidence was too great

Rousey’s confidence was too great. In a recent battle, she almost hit the opponent. It was a moment like the classic WWE. In just a short time, Rousey has won over her enemies. “Every opponent I have to know, I came here for one reason only to win.” Her opponent said Rousey had placed fists on her face. “I didn’t touch her. Only she touched me. It was really a sweet, sweet act that I could see right away.” For her part, Ronda Rousey didn’t deny: “I’m real. For me, I appreciate all the respect and everything you have for me, because they’re all sweet, maybe the things I do right now are fake, but the answer will be Sunday.” Rousey bravely admitted.

However, apart from this statement, Rousey did not really focus on training for the competition. She is participating in an outside drama and a lot of other celebrity work. And that may be the reason why she does not prepare for battle and losing. It is an expensive lesson when a warrior does not give respect to their opponent. And in fact, Holm is a famous former martial artist. She was more worthy to win.

Colleagues reveal the secret of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey 4

Ronda Rousey is a martial arts talent. She became the biggest female MMA star ever. However, her colleagues did not record this result. They think that her position in the ring is using the money. Is Ronda changing money for fame? Miesha Tate – one of her enemies shared on Fox Sports: “Ronda Rousey’s career is a problem.” She claims that Ronda has forgotten her main job as the MMA’s fighting woman. Ronda has done a lot of different things. She is on the magazine cover, movie poster. In the history of MMA, there has never been any such person. That’s right, jealousy is inevitable. Perhaps they did not receive the same reward.

Rousey uses violence with her ex-boyfriend

Rousey uses violence with her ex-boyfriend

The aftermath of a convincing victory lasting 34 seconds before Bethe Correia has yet to cool. Ronda Rousey continues to “create waves” with public opinion when declaring her autobiography, “My Fight, Your Fight”. The content of the autobiography will adapt into a movie. And it is you and not everyone else who is the main actor in this movie.

The film will tell about the journey to the greatness of Ronda Rousey, who is an unbeaten MMA career with 12 wins – 0 losses. Moreover, she is holding the UFC women’s chicken championship. Paramount Pictures, the film publisher, bought out Rousey’s autobiography adaptation on condition that she would be the main actor and production director. That ensures the film has a content that portrays the most honest person and career of Rousey.

In the book, Rousey recounts punching an ex-boyfriend’s face in the face! However, she forced to defend herself because her boyfriend blocked her exit. It is not an act of domestic violence. At that time, she just wanted to free herself from an uncomfortable situation. In the autobiography, Ronda Rousey uses his right hand to slap him. However, he still did not move. Therefore, she “grabbed his neck, kicked him in the face.” Then, she threw him aside on the kitchen floor. She described very detailed details. He tries to follow her car. “He staggered back and fell to the door.”

Soon after, Rousey circled around the car, grabbing the hoodie collar again. I went to the sidewalk and let him suffer there, and she sped away. And in this autobiography, she was very controversial, while she claimed that she was protecting herself. But someone said that it was the abusive behavior of a woman.

Loss of media along with large double standards is the benefit of Ronda Rousey

Dana White explains the loss of media Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey will return to Octagon for the first time in more than a year when she faces the female champion Amanda Nunes during the main event at UFC 207. But she talked a lot about it during the battle week.

In fact, Rousey has really had anything to say in the days leading up to her battle. Because the former champion did not appear in any pre-combat functions as the standard fare before any big UFC card! Dana White explains the loss of media Ronda Rousey, before returning to UFC 207. She will not have to carry out any media obligations during the week.“Ronda completely attracted the audience with a long shot in UFC history. Therefore, the loss of Rousey media during the battle week is what she wants. She did a lot of things for this company. I also talked about Conor all the time, but Ronda did a lot of things for us. ”

White received a lot of compliments about the decision to allow Rousey to ignore the obligations of her battle week. He also pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200 for refusing to travel from Iceland to Las Vegas during a press conference. To promote his rematch with Nate Diaz! “The whirlwind Ronda Rousey does a lot. Make more media than anyone in the history of this company, big media, and no other media can get. She did it all and this is what she asked for.” Another concern raised about Rousey’s special treatment. It’s her relationship with the new UFC owners at WME-IMG. The powerful talent agency currently not only owns UFC. But they also happen to represent Rousey as a customer. And the explanations for double standards are clearer. Especially when White brought them out in the same calendar year!

Edmond Tarverdyan – the causes make Ronda Rousey lose

Edmond Tarverdyan

After the UFC 193 defeat in November 2015, Ronda Rousey spent a year away from the ring. In early 2016, when asked about Ronda, Edmond Tarverdyan answered: “I know how to advise Ronda. I know her very well. She doesn’t need to review the match with Holm. It’s a past failure, and what we’re doing to prepare for the next game is more important. I’ll look at Ronda’s move, do everything for her to win the match against Holm.” From that moment on, the “no need to review failure” of Tarverdyan made the public feel odd.

In his career, Ronda Rousey owns 2 victories by knockout. Although she had “pounded rice” Alexis Davis with GnP and took out former Olympic athlete Sara McMann with a beautiful knee-kick. It seems that Ronda only truly believes in his boxing skills after knocking out Bethe Correia at UFC 190. Many audiences still hope Edmond Tarverdyan can continue to hone his striking skills for Ronda. However they disappointed.

Ronda began to meet and practice at Tarverdyan’s gym since 2011. Thus, except for the first year, Tarverdyan admitted that he “didn’t pay attention to Ronda” and “let her practice”. Tarverdyan trained Training striking for Rousey for four years. The four-year period is not short to create a martial artist’s progress. Especially when compared to the master Striking coaches such as Duke Roufus and Rafael Cordeiro or Javier Mendez. They are people who only need a few months to make great progress for their boxers.

At this point, people forced to review the value of Coach Striking. Will Edmond Tarverdyan really skilled enough to train a top MMA fighter? These criticisms increased during the war against Rousey against Holly Holm. Rouse’s mother leads the case. Earlier, Dr. Ann Maria De Mars called Tarverdyan “a terrible coach.” He lost the Cornerman license in California because of misleading documents. The coach has a lot of shady business activities. However, things went too far when Nunes criticized Tarverdyan for putting bad thoughts into Rousey’s head. “I guess Rousey will attack me. Her boxing coach made her think she was outstanding. “Therefore, Rousey should stay away from Tarverdyan. Always fight in her instinctive way if you want to return to the second peak.

Ronda Rousey has a “big” income after her efforts

Ronda Rousey 2

Only competing once in 2016, Ronda Rousey still sat firmly in the 2nd position in the chart with 3 million USD contract thanks to 48 seconds present on the UFC 207 ring. At the time that Ronda was the defending champion of the Bantamweight female class. Rousey paid $ 75,000 when she was in the match against Holly Holm at UFC 193. Leading the UFC 207 event with defending champion Amanda Nunes, Ronda Rousey will also divide from television royalties.

However, UFC 207 is probably the last time that Ronda Rousey can “make money” when it comes to the UFC. Having knocked out in two consecutive matches, there are no more audiences. They believe in the victory of “Grand Sister” Rousey in the next competition. The fighting fans waited more than a year for Ronda Rousey, returning to the octagon. Also, it happened much faster than they expected. Known for defeating his opponents in record time, Rousey was on the other side of the incident. At this time, she returned to the octagon in UFC 207 on Friday evening.

Ronda Rousey returned after 13 months of absence, since the defeat of fellow countryman Holly Holm in November last year. This time, in UFC 207, Rousey has a completely opposite attitude to Brazilian rival Amanda Nunes. Simply, Nunes is the one holding the championship belt. All eyes were on her during the match, and perhaps she wished that it was the current case. The ruling woman, the third-class champion, Amanda Nunes, took care of her in less than a minute, when she defeated Rousey after only 48 seconds into the first round.

In his return day, when faced with Amanda Nunes, Ronda Rousey didn’t even have the chance to launch even a precise punch. Rousey’s comeback is similar, but even faster. After this match,Nunes earned $ 200,000 when winning the battle and retaining its women’s weight. However, only by agreeing to fight Ronda Rousey had $ 3 million. Wow, Rousey earns about $ 62,500 per second! Is this rumor accurate? Certainly, Ronda will not reveal this. The figure totally deserves the adventures of her peak fighting days. And surely that number has not stopped there.

Rousey is trying for her career in Hollywood to return to the ring proudly. And fans look forward to what she will continue to do. However, there is another source of information, with such a high salary, whether she still wants to continue to risk. And maybe this ability is very high. That means that her heart will never fight again, she can absolutely move on from the UFC regardless of the outcome of the war.

Previously, Rousey had dubbed the “Single girl to defeat” in the female UFC village (chicken class). However, 13 months ago, American “Miss” had the first shock in her career. after losing to Holly Holm. Meanwhile, Rousey also intends to commit suicide. Rousey almost disappeared after that failure. She spends most of her time practicing and acting. After the championship belt transferred from Miesha Tate to Nunes at UFC 200, Rousey decided to return to the competition, hoping to regain her title. However, that hope was not possible. In the past, Brazilian punchers had three times collapsed before Rousey. Most likely, after this failure, Rousey will retire before she turns 30. And the truth is that in the last 10 months, she joined WWE and quickly became the champion wrestler’s female champion.

Unlike the UFC era – where she only had about 2 matches a year, WWE gave Ronda Rousey the chance to make money every month. Everything won by WWE decided the script and perhaps Ronda Rousey will have an easy career until her name is hot enough. Ronda Rousey hinted at retiring from the sports village. Not only blame herself for the frequent absence that caused pets to suffer. Rousey also thinks that she needs more time for her family: “Sometimes I realize I can’t do everything. I have to choose I can’t wrestle for money forever and I start to realize my family is going down. ”

The family factor is extremely important to Ronda Rousey.




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