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Star at My 600-Lb – Sean Milliken passes away at 29

Star at My 600-Lb – Sean Milliken passes away at 29

Sean Milliken passes away at 29

Sean Milliken was a star of My 600-Lb. Life. He joined the reality TV series that talked about the heaviest people. The hospital received his case and he died several days later.

Matt is Milliken’s father. Matt shared on Facebook that Milliken had to go to the hospital a few times before he departed his life (via Radar Online on Feb. 19). Milliken had an infection and his death is a side effect of infection. Sean Milliken had to go to the hospital some days ago because of an infection, Matt said. On Sunday, he felt breathless. Doctors just could revive him in a relatively short time. After that, his heart stopped and he passed away forever.

Matt was very proud of his son. He reminded Sean Milliken as a good man and had a good heart.

According to Radar Online, Milliken enjoyed a single life in an apartment in Texas. He was quite young, just 29 years old.

Milliken confined to bed and moved hard because of a serious leg injury in high school. As the result, when he could not walk, he gained weight quickly. He has increased by at least 400 pounds. But it might be due to the fact that his parents divorced when he was young. Milliken didn’t know what he had to do so he came to eat to bring comfort. Actually, he had problems with his weight since childhood (via Daily Mail).

My 600-Lb. Life welcomed his appearance in 2016. Sean Milliken easily became the heaviest person ever to participate in the show at that time. He had reached the threshold at 900 pounds, according to Radar Online. His appearance was only available in a single episode in the fourth season of the series (via Hollywood Life). Standing stably for more than 30 seconds was a really difficult thing that he couldn’t do. Every day he woke up, he must face how bad his life was going. Sean was so heavy that he was difficult to move. He shared on the show (via the Daily Mail) that he could get up, but I could only walk a few steps. All he could do is lie on that bed and didn’t work at all.

After appearing on the series, he decided to move to Houston, Texas from Cameron Park, because he wished to be eligible to be able to perform weight loss surgery. My 600-Lb. Life cameras shared that he was not really sure of his decision and seemed very confused. Milliken was extremely anxious because of the long distance to there could make him fall. It took from 30 to 40 hours to drive and the long distance there could make him fall. So it would be bad if you couldn’t find a hospital nearby.

Making this decision was very difficult. Milliken’s mother (passed away) encouraged his son by cheering, helping him understand how important it was to enjoy the rest of life. She really hoped for good things to her son. TMZ emphasized that no one knew if he had ever performed weight loss surgery before moving.

Ashley Boone is one of Milliken’s friends. She praised him as a special guy and he would never disappear in her heart. Milliken had a solitary life, few friends. Only when you know him well, you would find that your previous judgments about him were wrong. He was really not that close. And he was like an artist, kind, witty.

Moreover, Boone shared to Radar Online that his mother’s death caused Milliken a lot of psychological influence. When his mother died, he must become more independent. He was in a wheelchair and couldn’t earn money to support his life. Social security checked his situation and pays for him to maintain life.

Milliken’s mother told to My 600-Lb. Life that he needed someone to do everything for him every day. He couldn’t do something without help. Self-care and weight control were impossible for him. He seemed to anticipate his future. And he was afraid he could not live to be 30 years old (said on My 600-Lb). Milliken just wanted to step out, enjoy his life. And he didn’t want his life to continue and end like this.

Matt informed about his son’s death by a post on Facebook. He said that his son had lost the fight with weight. It was when he was free and comfortable with his late mother, Renee M. Milliken” (via Radar Online).

He said the best place was where no one struggled to fight with their own bodies. Both Milliken and his deceased mother are enjoying the peace as much as possible.

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