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Secret things about the relationship of Mario and Peach you don’t know

Secret things about the relationship of Mario and Peach you don’t know

Super Mario Odyssey

Over 30 years have passed, there is no great love story (in the world of video games) that is bigger than the fairy tale of Super Mario and Princess ‘Peach Toadstool’. From the first game released in 1985 as Super Mario Bros, we know that Mario must defeat King Bowser to rescue Princess Peach. After that, we have Super Mario Odyssey which was released in 2017. Recently, Nintendo introduced another interesting moment, which is the moment where you control Mario to defeat King Bowser (again) to rescue your princess. This is a symbol for the end in the world of video games!

However, there is a big question that everyone wonders! The truth is, we have too little information about the real relationship of Mario and Princess Peach. When did they meet? Why does Mario want to save Peach? All the evidence we have in the game is interesting and “endless” rescues. Then we can see some “sweet” scenes in some Mario games. What do you think about this relationship? Is it normal? Or is it a strange relationship? Here are some situations (evidence) about Mario and Peach that will surprise you. Are they really lovers as you think? Let find out!

Mario and another opportunity after 30 years


The first situation I want to say is a sad situation. It is possible that Mario loves Peach, but our princess does not. What do you think if Mario is just a plumber guy, risking his life for a girl he loves for over 30 years? Mario always tries to prove his love for Peach. Although Mario is a hero, he has absolutely no chance with Princess Peach!

Through the game, we have never seen any scene that Peach considers Mario to be her lover. They all say that Mario is a special friend of Peach. When Mario saved Peach, she said thank you to him. Then we know that Mario and Peach’s life are two different paths. Talking about Mario, through adventures, he has a lot of gold coins. However, if Mario thought that gold coins could help him become Peach’s lover, he was wrong! Perhaps Princess Toadsworth should show Mario that money is not the way he won a woman (in video games).

Remember, Mario can win a stage and receive gold coins. But he still couldn’t win against the girl he loved. The defeat of monsters to rescue Princess Peach from danger is good. But it was not enough to help him own her. Maybe she would ask him to go to the movies as a gift, but that wasn’t really enough!

But the truth is very sad, Mario does not understand that. Mario thinks that every time he successfully saves the princess, he takes a step closer to the wedding ring. You know, Peach doesn’t seem to care much about this. Although Peach always gave Mario a kiss on the nose, it was not the kiss of love. What do you think? I think it’s just a friendly act to thank Mario, Peach is a princess and she’s very polite. Besides, I think Mario is not the style that princess likes. She can’t like a short and fat guy!

Remember that Peach kisses Luigi too!

Mario or Luigi

When you are in love with someone, you often give sweet kisses to your lover. But in Peach’s case, she doesn’t just kiss Mario, she can also kiss Luigi, Mario’s brother. When we talk about kisses, it can be a kiss of love or it can be a kiss of friendship!

As you can see, in some of the Mario games you’ve ever played, you can choose Mario or Luigi. And Peach can almost treat Luigi the way she treated Mario. Indeed, the Mario game only provides an end. Even if you control Mario or Luigi, the ending will not change. This is a normal thing in the thinking of Nintendo development team. For over 30 years, there has not been any change for this end. And there aren’t any gamers who care about it.

What do you think about the end of Luigi? Will it be different from Mario’s? Luigi will have gold coins? Luigi will have a fireworks display full of screens? Peach will show her vibe. She will hug and kiss the hero who saved her. And you know, even if Mario is not the hero of Peach (in Super Luigi U), we still have a familiar ending. Big Green rescued Peach and she kissed him. Don’t think too much, it’s simply a reward!

In some interesting games, typically Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, we have ‘weird’ endings. In the final scene, both Mario and Luigi brothers are heroes. Peach kissed both in the same place. And every character feels happy. Here I have an interesting theory, maybe Mario and Peach are not as lonely as you think. Maybe they have their own choices, but a sibling in the relationship will be hard for Jerry Springer to feel comfortable with!

Peach and Mario are rarely together in adventures

Super Mario Bros

A secret that you may not know, Princess Peach is not a weak girl. According to a trusted source, she is a powerful witch. Peach can really cause destruction that you didn’t expect. If you’re a fan of the Mario series, you’ll know that when Peach fought, she was really scary. When Peach combined with Mario, they like a lovely couple!

Since the developer has the first scenario, Peach has been a powerful witch. You can check this out in the manual for Super Mario Bros. However, Peach doesn’t have much time to use her skills. In the majority of games, Peach is always imprisoned by Bowser. Well, if you’re thinking about Super Mario 2, it’s just a Mario dream. Do not bring that illusion story into this article!

After more than ten years, in the ‘Super Mario RPG’ game, we have a pair of heroes. Mario and Peach together fight the enemies in the mushroom kingdom. In this game, we see Peach using white magic. Peach can treat herself, and create a giant explosion to destroy the enemy. And if you’ve ever played Super Princess Peach, you control Peach to save Mario and Luigi from Bowser. With power from magic, Peach destroys all enemies on her way. I don’t believe it’s a princess who needs Mario’s help. When Peach goes into a crazy state, she becomes a fireball and she can cause earthquakes. Even Peach’s tears can submerge her enemies. And when our Peach is happy, she will use tornadoes to fly all enemies in a second. I think Bowser is not a rival of Peach. She deliberately entered the prison to test Mario’s power!

When Mario sees the power of Peach, he is not afraid (the power of love). However, Mario and Peach rarely appear together. This is what Nintendo doesn’t want!

Peach is Bowser’s wife, do you believe in this theory?


Any relationship will be affected when a woman has a child with a man. So if Mario knows that Princess Peach is Bowser’s wife and they have a child, what will he do?

The theory that I said in this section may be true. In Super Mario Sunshine game, we have Bowser Jr. And when you meet Peach, Bowser Jr will yell at you that leaves his mother alone. Wow, that means the princess has a child. When Bowser Jr called Peach “Mama Peach”, we knew that it was Peach and Bowser’s child. Maybe this is a secret Peach has covered for years, but this truth is too painful for Mario.

However, Peach always asks Bowser Jr that “is this true?” Does Peach suffer from amnesia? Is Bowser Jr. her child? Or … she’s simply pretending … We just know that Mario was there, and he was shocked! Mario does not know who Peach is…

Then we have a big proof. In one scene, Bowser Jr admits to Bowser that Peach is not his mother. But why did Bowser Jr have such reactions? Peach may not be Bowser Jr’s mother, but her reaction is very strange. Apparently, something happened during the time when Peach was kidnapped at Bowser’s castle. Did she fall in love with Bowser? Peach was pregnant?

If I’m wrong, who is Bowser Jr’s mother? I couldn’t find any Bowser girl in the castle even though I played a lot of Mario games. So, maybe 90%, Bowser Jr. is Peach’s son. If I was Mario, I would find Peach and save her in another world. I will not save Peach in the world that has the appearance of Bowser Jr!

They really don’t fit together!

Mario 2

In most Mario games, fans claim that Mario is a plumber, even though he has the appearance of an animated person. But in the Super Mario Odyssey game, we are excited with the upgrade of in-game graphics. Now, Mario is not completely a human being, and so is his girlfriend!

So, I have a question, what is Mario? What is his species? This question was actually answered by Nintendo many years ago. Mario is not homo sapien, he is a homo nintendonus. This is a branch of mankind, but it’s a little different. Simply put, Mario has human thoughts, but he is a bit “advanced”!

And next, we learn about Peach. Do you think she is a human? Don’t let Peach’s appearance fool you. In Super Mario RPG, Peach’s grandmother is a toad. Information from Nintendo reveals that Peach’s mother is also a toad. But why do we call Peach princess? Simply, her father is the Mushroom King, a human. And did you understand? Peach is the daughter of a human and a toad! An interesting thing that doesn’t belong to science!

Surely there was a beautiful love between Peach’s father and mother. We should know that they have to overcome many challenges because it is not a traditional relationship. I hope that the arrival of Roger and Jessica Rabbit, or Kermit and Miss Piggy, are good things!

Mario’s Odyssey behavior!

Super Mario Bros 1

In Super Mario Bros 1, we see that Mario is a perfect hero. But in Super Mario Odyssey, he has strange behavior. At the end of the Odyssey, after Mario is present on the Moon, he defeats Bowser. This is the eleventh time that Mario won. After that, King Koopa gave Peach a bunch of piranhas. But Peach is not happy, because King Koopa is very cruel and he eats people. Mario comes in, and he meets Peach. But Bowser was not treated like the previous games!

You will find Mario similar to Popeye. He gave Peach the flowers. Peach does not like men that watch her as a prize. Finally, Peach didn’t choose anyone. In a bold decision, Peach jumps on Mario’s ship, she is pleased to let the boys stuck on the dangerous Moon. Can Peach be an evil woman? Let’s talk about this theory at another time! Luckily, Mario is fast enough to jump on a ship and return to Mushroom Kingdom with Peach.

We have Daisy and Pauline!

Super Mario Odyssey 2

In a relationship, what do you think if your lover still has contact with her ex? Mario is the character that violated this. And does Peach feel happy knowing this secret?

The fact that Mario is related to two more women. Next to Peach, we have Mario and Princess Daisy. You can verify this relationship in the Super Mario Land game. Mario traveled to Sarasaland to rescue Daisy. When he met Daisy, he said “Oh Daisy! Daisy!”. I think this relationship has more secrets than you think. But we don’t have much information about it! After that, Daisy disappears and Mario returns to a familiar life with Peach. Years later, Daisy suddenly appeared. Whenever Mario played sports with Peach, Daisy was always there! Why did Daisy always appear when Mario was with Peach? Mario invited Daisy? Daisy had come to see Mario herself? Although Peach is a beautiful princess, I believe Daisy is also an attractive girl. This is a love triangle, and it wouldn’t be good if Mario made the wrong decision!

Do you think the above things are enough to create a mess? Mario still has another woman! In Super Mario Odyssey game, we have Pauline. Mario fights to defeat Donkey Kong. Then he rescued Pauline. You may not know, Mario met Pauline before Peach appeared. But no one noticed Pauline. In Odyssey, Pauline reappears. At this time, she was the mayor of New Donk City.

Have Mario and Peach even been on a real date?

Mario and Peach

Mario and Peach are always busy. And if you accidentally see a relaxing evening of the couple, you’re a lucky gamer. As we know, the Mushroom Kingdom has no king or queen. So who will rule this kingdom? This pressure weighs poor Peach’s shoulders. A girl who runs a kingdom in loneliness. Who else could be more busy than Peach? Besides, continuous kidnappings affect Peach’s progress. Maybe this affects the lives of people in the mushroom kingdom, and Mario is one of them! Peach ruled the whole kingdom and she was kidnapped once every week. Peach almost no time to date!

Next, we talk about Mario, the busy plumber guy. Mario is the hero in the rescue. And as you know, it takes hours to help Mario defeat Bowser and rescue Peach in real life. So in the game world, this adventure takes months. Mario spent a lot of time and energy on these adventures. For over 30 years, Mario has been constantly involved in adventures. He works continuously, fighting with enemies constantly … Mario is obviously a plumber, but Mario can also work as a carpenter. He was also a doctor and an archaeologist. In addition, Mario is the director of a toy manufacturing company. Mario has a lot of work to do, and he is very busy. Maybe Mario doesn’t know anything about Netflix, and he doesn’t have time for Peach!

And if you ask me about the times when Mario and Peach are together, maybe it’s on the sports field. Both have worked together in dozens of different sports games. They are baseball, tennis, racing, golf, and football … And if they are friends in sports, I believe this is a better moment than the love Mario is looking for!

Peach and Bowser are probably in this together

Princess Peach

After dozens of kidnappings, do you think Princess Peach will be angry? In fact, Peach could start a military war and use her magical powers to destroy the Bowser army. Getting Bowser into a guillotine is something Peach can do easily. But … through Mario games, we see that Peach doesn’t do anything. She was satisfied when Bowser took her into an iron cage. So what is the reason? Maybe that’s a hobby of Peach. Or as I said, Peach wants to test the power of Mario and Luigi!

Among the reasons I gave, perhaps the most logical reason is that Peach volunteered to be kidnapped. Maybe Peach told Bowser to show her the way to Bowser’s castle. And she will go there alone. Because if everyone in Mushroom Kingdom knew that Peach had a relationship with Bowser, the reputation of a princess would be reduced. So she will let Bowser become a true villain. Bowser will kidnap Peach. That is not a bad idea! Or maybe … Peach loves Bowser. This kidnapping is a curtain to hide their love! They will have a lot of time together, inside Bowser’s castle! I like this idea!

So, with this theory, what will Mario do? Actually, he is just a character. Poor plumber thinks he must kill a monster and rescue the little princess. All is just a plan, and Mario is in this plan. We know that Bowser is a violent demon. He is bigger than Mario and he can spit fire. But Bowser always lost to Mario! Is it that Mario has super power? I think it is not. Bowser wanted to lose to Mario. He pretended to die but he did not die. It was a logical ending for a Bowser and Peach date. A perfect plan of the couple. And you know, a date is not enough for lovers. So Bowser always kidnaps Peach every time the couple wants. For thirty years, this is the real reason that Mario must fight constantly! Bowser and Peach love is beautiful! Poor Mario!

How on Earth did these two characters even meet?

Mario and Peach2

Talk about the question I mentioned at the beginning of the article: How can Mario meet Peach? In what situation does a beautiful princess meet a plumber? Did the toilet in Peach’s room break and she told Mario to fix it? I think it’s not because Peach lives in the palace with many people who can fix a toilet. Or one of the toads (the servant of Peach) had a plan and they met each other? All is theory!

Peach, is a princess. She lives in a castle full of gold. It was a place for royalty. Look at Mario’s house, which is a small wooden house. Besides, Mario worked hard. Evidently, he is always interested in every gold coin. Maybe Mario likes money, but Peach is too bored with them! I’m not talking about the species of Mario and Peach, obviously, they have different habitats! A princess and a plumber!

Through the investigation, we have a unique “hint” related to Mario and Peach’s first meeting. It was during the Super Mario 1 game, Mario heard about the situation of Mushroom People, and he started a big mission. But how did Mario know about the situation in the mushroom kingdom? Does he read the newspaper or does he go into town? Or … Mario is dating Peach and she hasn’t been to Mario’s house for a while? Because if Mario doesn’t love Peach, he won’t risk his life to go on a big mission. I think they met before Bowser kidnapped Peach!

The relationship of the power couple in the video game world has created a lot of controversy over the past 30 years. If you think Mario and Peach are similar to Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie, it may be a funny comparison. But there’s less boats between Mario and Peach! Lol!

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