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Secrets in the celebrity college admissions scandal that you don’t know!

Secrets in the celebrity college admissions scandal that you don’t know!


For the rich, they are willing to donate a library to help their children can go to a famous school. But that was in the past, things were different because of the strict management of the government. But, recently, the FBI has discovered a fraud in university enrollment nationwide. This is a shock! The report said that many rich parents bribed millions of dollars to help their children go to quality universities.

In the list of these parents, we have interesting information. Looking at the list, you see the names of the CEOs, and the famous Hollywood actors. They have set up sports photos, participated in the SAT, and paid Division 1 coaches. Their goal is to use sports to help their children attend schools. Although these sports are unfamiliar to their children, or even the school does not offer this sport. It’s like a ridiculous game when you want an Ivy, you just need some Photoshop skills, Amazon Prime, and pass some small tests. However, when the FBI talked about this issue, no one was really surprised. Everyone seems to know this secret long ago. And this is why this scandal is paying attention on social media. There are many conversations about this scandal. They learn about wealth to help children succeed. Is this a fair thing?

This is the biggest college admissions scandal we know. Read below to find out more!

In Operation Varsity Blues, there is a list of 50 people…


The FBI accused 50 people of a secret list from the Varsity Blues Campaign. This is a big scam. It is worth millions of dollars. The New York Times has called this the largest university admission prosecution ever. According to a source from NBC News, we have $ 25 million for fake sports records. The parents (including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman) bribed coaches and administrators. Fraud occurred in college exams. The children of those on this secret list passed at famous universities like Stanford, Yale, or UCLA, Georgetown, and USC.

William Rick Singer is the mastermind behind this scandal. William is the founder of a business based in California. His company is The Edge College & Career Network (also known as “Key”). William Rick Singer used The Key and Key Worldwide Foundation, a non-profit organization, to implement his conspiracy. William gave tax-free bribes to coaches and administrators. Faced with the evidence, William Rick Singer has partnered with federal prosecutors. He declares a list of conspirators. The source on NBC News reported that on the list of 50 people, 33 were parents, 9 were college coaches, and the rest were administrators.

William Rick Singer received a lot of money!

William Rick 3

Standard test scores are the only way for you or at prestigious universities around the world. So, what is the difference between receiving a scholarship and a denial letter? So rich families have used their money to help their children pass the SAT with the best score. This scandal is at a whole new level. But we know, tutors cannot help underperforming students get into an Ivy. But money, lots of money is possible!

According to The New York Times source, parents on the secret list spent 15,000 to 75,000 dollars for each test. They helped their children cheat on the SAT and ACT. How did they do it? They have the right answers. They repair the work of their children. Or even let the third parties fake it as their children and sit in class to take the test. According to NBC News, William Rick Singer hired Mark Riddell, a Florida man, to carry out these wrong acts. Mark Riddell changed the answer. And he took the test for about $ 10,000. Singer used his charity to transfer money to Mark!

To avoid public opinion, William Rick Singer told parents on the secret list that let their children “be diagnosed with learning disabilities”. This allows children to have more time on the SAT or ACT (via sources on Deadspin). Moreover, these children will take the test in a private location. This is also where William Rick Singer has “bribed supervisors” to change the answers on the test!

William Rick Singer got$ 25 million

William Rick

For sports recruits, they allow students to have a slightly lower test score than other students. Taking advantage of this factor, William Rick Singer earned about $ 25 million from rich parents. From 2011-2018, William Rick Singer redeemed Division 1 coaches and university administrators. Once a child’s average grade and test scores are unsatisfactory, they will recruit him as an athlete. That’s ridiculous! Most of these kids do not play sports. In some interesting cases, schools do not even offer the sports they participate in. Has anyone noticed this ridiculous thing? There has been some people pay attention to it! But the coaches received a large amount of money, and they worked with admissions officials. All is money!

According to The New York Times reporter, William Rick Singer created fake profiles for students. Including impressive sports information, but all are fake. William Rick Singer urges parents to come on stage. He handled digital photos of children. Through photos, they’re playing sports they don’t really play. In a typical case, a couple paid Singer 1.2 million dollars for ‘a sports photo’ of their daughter. In the picture, the little girl is the captain of a famous football club in Southern California. This is part of Singer’s plan to help the girl be recruited into Yale’s women’s soccer team. And the girl didn’t even play football. Yale’s coach, Rudolph Meredith, is on the scandal’s list. Rudolph Meredith received $ 400,000 to recruit this girl.

USC’s Senior Associate Director and lies

William Rick 2

During the process of implementing the plan, Singer was lying unbelievably. At least one student counselor paid attention to this. Later, Donna Heinel, USC’s Senior Associate Director, was informed of these lies. However, Donna Heinel and water polo coaches ‘Jovan Vavic’ are those involved in admissions fraud that involve USC!

Vavic and Heinel are those who recruit students who have sports related records. For example, a student has a picture of his victory in water polo, but the boy in the picture is not him. And the school does not have water polo in the list of sports they offer. According to correspondent of Deadspin, the boy’s parents bought the water polo equipment for a photo shoot. But there was a question for USC’s admissions office. Heinel asked the USC Admissions Manager that the student had played at the LA Water Polo Club. He participated in international competitions, why was he at school?

Then we know that Heinel received $ 20,000 a month after recruiting a fake basketball player. Heinel also suggested Singer use a fake profile for all female basketball students in the plan. According to sources from The Orange County Register, both Vavic and Heinel were fired. But I think this is a slight punishment!

Lori Loughlin paid half a million in this scandal!

Lori Loughlin

Full House actress Lori Loughlin is a rich mother. She worked with USC’s enrollment counselors. It is about studying for the actress’s two daughters. Lori Loughlin is one of three Hollywood actors on the secret list. She and her husband paid $ 500,000 for this scam!

The FBI has revealed a phone call (via NBC News). This evidence accuses Loughlin of wanting her daughter to be “a member of L.A. Marine Club”. Actress Loughlin sent her daughter to take a picture on a rowing machine. This makes her profile look more real. And you know, Loughlin’s daughter doesn’t really know row!

According to CNN reporters, Giannulli and Loughlin pleaded guilty to ‘commit mail fraud and honest services’. When the FBI revealed this secret, Giannulli’s bond was $ 1 million and he had to surrender his passport. At the time of writing this article, Loughlin accepted her crime with the federal authorities in Los Angeles.

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy spent $ 15,000 on this scandal!

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy

William H. Macy is a famous star. He plays roles on scammers. And William H. Macy pleased the audience when he was involved in a real-life scam. The actor, along with his wife, actress Felicity Huffman, spent $ 15,000 in this scandal. They want to help their daughters “have no time limits” on SAT exams. According to an NBC News reporter, Huffman asked another person to take a test for her daughter. But then she changed her mind. The actress is afraid that this will reveal the whole scam plan!

Through the recording, we saw that the tutor (supervisor) was worried if she left the examination room. But she did this in March and May. NBC News revealed that this recording was evidence of Huffman’s wrongdoing.

According to sources from TMZ, the FBI arrested Desperate Housewives star. The FBI met Felicity Huffman around 6 am on March 12, 2019. Some sources said Huffman had known a little about the arrest and that she would “surrender on her own.” At the end of March 12, Huffman spent $ 250,000 on bail.

Stanford’s sailing coach is on the list of 50 people!

John Vandemoer

One of the notable names on the list is Stanford University’s head coach, John Vandemoer. The coach earned about 770,000 dollars from Singer’s fraud. According to reports from Mercury News, Vandemoer held recruiting for two special students. They bribed the Stanford sailing program.

Vandemoer received $ 110,000 during the sailing program in May 2018 (via Deadspin). At the end of the summer, students studied at another university. Vandemoer agreed to hold another position for $ 500,000. But the coach has not yet received the money, according to Mercury News. Although the student had studied at another university, Singer still used his charity account and sent the coach $ 160,000. This is the amount for a position of future students!

According to an official report from the federal indictment, Vandemoer was fired for 11 years, according to CNN. In court, Vandemoer said he didn’t really receive any $ 270,000. He used this money to buy new equipment for the sailing team.

UCLA’s men’s soccer coach is another notable name!


 As we can see, there are quite a number of UCLA coaches on this list. UCLA football team is a dream for any young athlete nationwide. But the secret is that a position in the UCLA football team still has a price, which is a good price. According to the Los Angeles Times correspondent, Jorge Salcedo, UCLA men’s soccer coach, took a bribe of $ 200,000. This amount is for two positions of two new players although they are not really young players!

Through the Los Angeles Times, a female student used fake football records. Two USC women’s football coaches, Ali Khosroshahin and Salcedo, have made this record. In the profile, we see the transcripts and test scores of students. When the student was admitted to the university in June 2016, Singer moved $ 100,000 to a sports marketing company of Salcedo. Of course, Singer used his charity account to do this. In the indictment, the students’ parents gave 2,150 Facebook shares (over $ 250,000) to Singer’s charity. They call it a tax-exempt charitable donation. Singer paid some money for Khosroshahin. Then he sent $ 100,000 to Salcedo with another player position!

Later, Salcedo left the position of football coach because of “conspiracy to commit racketeering.”

We have two interesting names: an NFL Hall of Famer and a golf legend!

The San Francisco Chronicle

National sports stars are also present in this scandal. Those are the two highest performing athletes in the country. According to Fox Business, it is the NFL Hall of Fame Joe Montana (quarterback) and Phil Mickelson (pro-golfer). They worked with Singer in the scam!

The San Francisco Chronicle magazine revealed evidence of a scam. They show the Montana links with a post on Facebook in 2014 of Singer. In the post, Singer talked about working with football heroes and high-end customers. In a tweet, former QB 49ers used consulting services from Singer. But he said he didn’t have to cheat anyone. His children can choose some universities to study.

Mickelson, the athlete who won the Masters three times, has a similar response. Bloomberg revealed that Mickelson has no public connection to the scam. He tweeted that he was shocked by the event. Mickelson says he’s not a fraud. His children will not be happy if they know these actions. After that, the FBI did not accuse Montana and Mickelson. But is this true?

We need to pay more attention to college admissions!

Chris Hunt

Why is college admissions fraud so strong? The Los Angeles Times pointed out that parents feel good about hiring admissions counselors. They feel satisfied with those who edit college essays. This is a fact that is worth considering. Next, we have views about recruitment athletes. Most sports in fake records are not available at schools in low-income areas (typically rowing). The rich have spent a large amount of cash on their children’s study abroad. Their children will study in developing countries. And they will participate in community services in the middle of luxurious holidays!

In an interview, college essay advisor Chris Hunt had shared with the New York Times. This is an extreme case. It is subtle and illegal. The use of money is increasingly popular. But it is unacceptable to use it to gain an advantage in a race for a prestigious university.

And do you know who the real victim is in this scam? Those are the children. According to the New York Times, students say they do not know their parents’ decisions. This is a bad thing! I don’t think the friends of these students like them since their parents are on this list!

Lori Loughlin’s daughter!

Lori Loughlin's

Loughlin’s daughter is the girl named Olivia Jade Giannulli. She may have entered college with the help of Singer. But Olivia Jade Giannulli refused this. According to a source from People, our famous YouTuber said in a video that she just wanted to attend parties at USC. She doesn’t want to study at USC. Later, many people criticized Giannulli. They said she was “ungrateful” and “privileged”. However, Giannulli is not simple. She had feedback. She said that not everyone’s mother could use half a million dollars to help their children get into schools they didn’t want to study.

Olivia Jade Giannulli said (via People) in a video. “Basically, it is an extremely stupid thing. I know that I am grateful to refuse to attend college. It is a very beautiful school. But I really don’t care. I will continue to work as a YouTuber and not having to worry about school “.

In addition, the Daily Beast said that Loughlin could not even fill out an application. She was confused about how to do this. Loughlin knew that those were scammers. And she also understands that her daughter doesn’t like going to school!

For the students involved, what will they do?


In this college admissions scandal, the students involved are poor victims. They really are not guilty, and they are not worth being treated like that. Vanity Fair revealed that some of the students involved locked their social media accounts. For some students, they deleted social accounts. Typical is the sister of Olivia Jade. TMZ said: Although Jade is an influential person on social media, her sister Isabella Giannulli plans to leave USC “for fear of bullying”.

Jack Buckingham is another related student. Jack’s mother paid $ 50,000 to cheat on the ACT test. Jack Buckingham is the only student who made a public apology. Jack said that he was sad because he had accidentally participated in a big scandal. A scandal about helping kids who don’t work hard achieve advantages over those who really deserve it. Jack shares with The Hollywood Reporter that it’s not a smart idea, but he needs to take it off his chest.

According to Time magazine, USC checked six candidates in the current enrollment period. It was 6 students involved in the scandal, and they rejected these students. But for USC students and those who have graduated, they don’t have a clear answer yet! The university is in need of time to consider on different cases. Besides, Stanford has a new policy. Students “may be unsubscribed” if their information is incorrect. Yale University and UCLA all have similar policies.

How much did the students involved actually know?

Zangrillos and Isacksons

In the Varsity Blues Campaign, no students were really accused. But American Massachusetts lawyers Andrew Lelling is considering this issue (by Time). Everything is subject to change. They are investigating how many students actually know this mess! When a student is in a sports photograph that he (or she) has never played, is this reasonable? Students do not doubt the photos? They never once asked their parents about the motives behind the photos?

New York Magazine said that some students don’t know about this scam and they are proud of it. But one of the Henriquez girls was gloated with a supervisor. In the case of Zangrillos and Isacksons, they may be suspicious when they can read emails about this scandal. Or the son of sales director Stephen Semprevivo, who turned his transcript to Georgetown’s tennis coach. In the transcript, this student notes his ‘bogus’ tennis performance. So, does he know? Lawyers have not yet reached a final conclusion.

We believe that not all students know about this scandal. Through a source in New York magazine, the professor of dental professor Homayoun Zadeh felt anxious. She did not go to USC with Singer’s plan!

The career of parents!

Bill McGlashan

 For some parents on the list of 50 people, that’s not good. This is an important criminal case that will negatively affect their career. According to sources from the Los Angeles Times, Loughlin no longer worked at Hallmark Canal. She will also not appear in the fifth season of Fuller House on Netflix.

On Loughlin’s daughter, she was no better than her mother. Although there is no official information from lawyers, Entertainment Tonight said that TRESemme and Sephora did not cooperate with Olivia Jade. In other cases, TPG Development’s partner, Bill McGlashan, has announced leaving the prominent roles. McGlashan is on the list of 50 people, the evidence comes from his private equity company. And we have lawyer Gordon Caplan, co-chair of Willkie Farr & Gallagher, who paid 75,000 dollars in this important scandal, quit his job!

Some people on the list have yet to face the consequences. However, they still feel ashamed. Nicffette Sheridan, Huffman’s co-star in Desperate Housewives, told Access Live’s reporter that the scam was “disgraceful”. Perhaps Huffman’s Netflix program will be affected (Huffman plays a prosecutor). According to sources from Entertainment Tonight, the Emmy winner is facing marriage problems!

FBI and unexpected evidence

John Bonavolonta

The fact that the FBI did not investigate a college admissions scandal with plans worth millions of dollars. According to sources from NBC News, they had a poll in May 2018. It was time after the evidence of “large-scale fraud” appeared in another secret investigation. And the government has expanded its investigation to six states. The investigation involved 200 agents and it took 10 months. Through court-authorized eavesdroppers, phone calls are recorded. Through NBC News, William Rick Singer revealed that more than 800 families used his “side door” to enter universities.

In the recordings of The Washington Post, Singer said that what he could do was help the children of the wealthiest families in the United States study at prestigious universities. Then Singer talked about the guarantees and wishes of parents!

In an interview with NBC News, FBI agent John Bonavolonta said his team used “special techniques” to uncover secrets. They believe this is a fraud system. This system takes away elite students nationwide at some of America’s top universities!











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