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Secrets of Nicole Kidman’s marriage that you didn’t know!

Secrets of Nicole Kidman’s marriage that you didn’t know!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of the most famous Hollywood couples in the world. While Nicole Kidman was successful in movies with a winning actress award, Keith Urban was a talented country singer. They dated and then married in 2006 in Sydney. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban always appear together everywhere, from big events to interviews and Urban shows. Previously, Nicole Kidman had been married to actor Tom Cruise but they later divorced in 2001. This time, Nicole Kidman started dating Keith Urban!

Although they are famous and happy people since they had two cute children with their marriage for more than 10 years, there are still troubles around them. However, the lives of celebrities are always a topic for reporters to exploit. So today we will learn about interesting things between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban! I believe there are many secrets that you will be surprised!

Kidman had been waiting for a phone call from Urban for four months

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at Gala G'Day USA took a picture

They met at Gala G’Day USA (2005). And then they started their dates. Kidman told Vanity Fair in an interview in 2007 that her love for Urban is not like something unexpected. Through news from Ellen DeGeneres in 2013, Kidman said that her husband (Urban) spent 4 months on a date outside!

Kidman shared that when she met Urban, he said she didn’t like him at first sight, but he was there and didn’t give up his intention. After 4 months, they have a date!

In fact, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at Gala G’Day USA took a picture, which is the photo Urban posted on his Instargam to celebrate 10 years of dating. On Instagram, the male singer said that this was their first photo in 2005, right after they knew each other for the first time. And he gave the sweetest words to his wife!

The truth is that Kidman wants to get married after only a month of dating

Kidman wanted to marry Urban

Maybe Urban took 4 months to have his first date with Kidman, but Kidman wanted to marry him after just a month of dating, through an interview with Kidman on The Huffington Post.

The wedding of this famous couple took place too quickly, Kid man admitted this to Us Weekly. She thought that they were able to date for a while longer!

Urban and the substance abuse

Kidman said that she supported her husband

Urban has used drugs. However, he escaped it. In fact, Urban checked himself on the substance abuse issue. In an interview with People, Urban said that he made a right decision.

Urban shared that he had a hard time quitting the drug. Of course, everyone will be like that! Urban said that this was a difficult task for Kidman. But Urban thinks when he does something that brings a better life, he will do it because he’s afraid of losing everything!

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kidman said that she supported her husband. It was a turning point in his life and it was very important to her. Kid man thinks they need to overcome this although it will be quite painful. She hopes that everything ahead will be better!

Urban has no intention of going to rehab

Urban shared with Rolling Stone magazine that he had been in rehab for a short time

In 2014, Urban shared with Rolling Stone magazine that he had been in rehab for a short time, but that was Kidman’s effort. At first Urban had no intention of going to the rehab but his wife persuaded him along with encouragement. Kidman helped Urban quit the drug successfully!

Urban said he was a lucky person when Kidman was by his side and helped him in the most difficult time. Everyone is at his side, and finally, he goes to the rehab. Urban shared that Kidman is the most important factor for him to effectively quit the drug and return to his family!

They used to feel lonely before meeting each other

Kidman and Urban met at a party, and they fell in love

The lives of celebrities are always accompanied by parties, especially Hollywood stars. Kidman and Urban met at a party, and they fell in love. In a private interview with Vanity Fair, Kidman said that she felt lonely before meeting her husband. Therefore, the first time they date is the time they love each other the most!

Information from US Weekly that Kidman wants a mate who can share the joys and sorrows of her life. She wants to have more babies. And she had what she wanted! Is that luck? Kidman didn’t think she was lucky when she changed and made her own decisions.

About Urban, he told People that he and Kidman were two lonely people who met at the right time. It is possible that Kidman needed some courage at the time. They, after that, really followed each other!

Text or e-mail? No, they don’t need them!

Kidman and Urban didn't use messages and emails even though they were busy with their work

In fact, Kidman and Urban didn’t use messages and emails even though they were busy with their work. Interesting, isn’t it! On DuJour in 2014, Kidman said that they only really used the phone when away from each other. But they did not text, they called each other. And if Kidman ever texted Urban, the text of the message was: “Call me, I want to hear your voice!”

Instead, Urban wrote a love letter to Kidman whenever he had a tour away from Kidman. They have lived this way for 10 years, and they have no intention of changing this habit. On Ellen DeGeneres, Urban agreed with what Kidman said. However, he revealed that they used some special messages that contained images, as a way to make their love rise!

It’s sex texting, and it’s great. It looks like Urban is a bit embarrassed to talk about them!

They are honest about the problem they are having

They were both very lonely people

As other couples, Kidman and Urban have faced many problems in married life!

During an interview with People in 2015, Urban revealed that Kid man was his top priority. If you think that your marriage is not the first choice, you are not really married – Urban’s opinion.

There was a fight about the song The Fighter about traffic every day. Urban said that when Kidman was scared, she would be angry and what he needed to do was come up to her and pull her back. However, that’s what Urban must learn!

Whew, we come with a Kidman’s kiss!

Kidman told Graham Norton Show that she also kissed Urban

It was a real kiss, but not for Urban. Kidman kissed another man, and especially she was in front of Urban. Of course, there were too many articles about the life of this famous couple. But again, the reporter said Kidman had no intention of hiding her kiss! That’s alarming!

And it was on a 2017 evening, at the Emmy award ceremony. The best supporting actor award went to Alexander Skarsgard, Kidman’s co-star in the movie Big Little Lies. Kidman was there, with a kiss to congratulate her friend. The audience at the ceremony was a bit surprised, some said that Kidman was happy to kiss her husband and Alexander Skarsgard!

Talking about her kiss, Kidman told Graham Norton Show that she also kissed Urban. Although the reporter had taken a picture of Kidman kissing Skarsgard, that was what she had done on set. That is completely normal. About Urban, Kidman said he was a great husband and he would support her in any circumstances. Kidman believes Urban loves her more than anything!

Urban had been affected by Kidman’s work

Urban had been affected by Kidman's work

In some scenes of Big Little Lies, Kidman’s husband (Skarsgard) had physical abuse with her. Although it was only the actions in the script, Urban had reactions. Kidman said that when Urban watched Big Little Lies on screen, he reacted when he heard Kidman’s scream! Of course, because Urban loves Kidman!

Kidman said humorously that Urban’s brain and heart cannot distinguish between movies and real life. It is too much for him! Kidmad revealed to Entertainment Tonight that it was hard to review the scenes, but Urban was still with her!

Kidman said that she was very lucky because Urban was also an artist. He will pull her close whenever she feels sad, both physically and mentally!

Maybe you have been tricked, that’s just on the red carpet!

Kidman and Urban are happy

Kidman and Urban are happy, and they know that their actions are always recorded. On the red carpet at the parties Kidman attended or during Urban’s tours, they always had sweet acts for each other. You may find that their photos are showing a famous and beautiful couple. But maybe you have been tricked, that’s just on the red carpet!

For those who don’t know, Kidman is an inch taller than Urban. However, when Kidman wears high heels at events, their height has a clear distance.

At the red carpet, celebrities must wear beautiful clothes. For Kidman, she also needs to pay attention to her outfit. If you notice, Kidman often wears long skirts to cover her shoes. When the reporter suggested taking a picture, Kidman would step back a bit, her back would be slightly bent to make sure Urban and she had a perfect picture!

“Seal clapping” or “grinch hands”

Kidman had an interview with E! News

At the 2017 Oscar ceremony, Kidman caught the attention of the unusual way of applause which was later turned into GIF by fans. Some comments on social networks have said that it is “seal clapping” or “grinch hands”. In fact, Kidman extended her fingers, and just slapped her palm!

After that, Kidman had an interview with E! News. She said that the reason she clapped exceptionally was the 119-carat Harry Winston diamond that she wore during the awards ceremony. She was afraid to spoil her diamond. For her, the diamond is more important than applause. I agree with Kidman’s point!

Not stopping there, when Andy Cohen delved into the issue, Urban said that when you hit the ring, it would make an incomplete applause. Kidman added that people should focus on other things!























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