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Selma Blair and her MS diagnosis on the red carpet

Selma Blair and her MS diagnosis on the red carpet

Selma Blair walked on the red carpet with a cane

Selma Blair appeared after a long time. This is the first time people have seen her since she had multiple sclerosis (MS). To repeat, that MS was in the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Now, she walks on the red carpet with the help of a cane.

In the 91st Academy Awards, all stars witnessed the Vanity Fair’s party in Beverly Hills. It was on Feb 24, 2019. Blair also attended this party. She wore a stunning multiple-colored gown. It included pink, black, mint, and light blue stripes (via InStyle).

Blair shared that producer David Lyons looked for her leather for the cane. Besides, the costume designer Bic Owens applied it to the walking stick. After that, Blair posted a photo with a special caption. It was like she cried for happiness. Those presents helped her much. She cannot give them enough thanks for this.

Some fans five Blair good comments. A person said that Blair is worth to be the real winner of Oscar night. After the MS, Blair was full of inspiration. She had to the cane to help her walk on the red carpet at the VF Oscar Party!

Another tweeted: Selma Blair returned after MS diagnosis. She needs a cane to move. However, she proved to us that she is a real fighter!

Her untold story – MS diagnosis

Selma Blair walked red carpet with a cane following MS diagnosis

Blair shared about multiple sclerosis in October 2018. She received a diagnosis of the autoimmune disease. On her Instagram, Blair said that she had #multiplesclerosis. She was disabled. She fell easily. And she dropped things unintentionally. Her memory was gone gradually. So many things came to her…

Blair kept her speech. She wants to give hope to other people. She knows exactly this kind of disease and deals with it for years. Blair had symptoms for a long time ago. However, she ignored it. Until she fell down and her nerve got on much, she cannot deny it. It happened to her among 15 years, at least.

MS affected negatively to your connection between the brain and body (Mayo Clinic). It causes nerve deterioration. About the symptoms, you will feel your arms or legs become weaker. Fatigue, tremors, vision loss… will also come to you. Overall, you may have to suffer from losing the ability to walk, for example.

Nowadays, doctors have not found a way to cure this disease entirely. However, patients can receive treatment to calm down this sickness. Those kinds of treatments are to recover from serious attacks, or to control bad symptoms, etc.

After sharing her private life, Blair commented on the way it influences her. She stated in her Instagram post. It was like she felt difficult to go out and become social. Her brain felt like it was on fire. She felt alone sometimes. In a nutshell, Blair’s daily life became very severe at the time she committed with MS. On the other hand, she still kept the positive thinking. Although she had to suffer a lot, she still succeeded and loved her life.

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