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Several facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians

Several facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians

Kim worked when she was young

Paris Hilton

One of the facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians is that she used to work at an early age. Unlike her reputation never do anything other than be beautiful, Kim really toiled for four years in a clothing store as a teenager. She went to work for her father out of high school. After that, she worked as a Hollywood wardrobe stylist for many productions.

In addition, she performed an entrepreneurial inspiration at a young age. Her particular job is to sell the items on eBay, clean and arrange celebs closets and split the proceeds with them. She began with Sugar Ray Leonard and Bernadette. Then she picked up a slew of clients such as Rob Lowe, Serena Williams, and Cindy Crawford.

Kim used to be Paris Hilton personal assistant. Kim also appeared on The Simple Life with her before gaining fame on herself.

The show was meant to boost their businesses

Kris and Kourtney

One of the largest raps against the Kardashians clan was they are popular for doing nothing. But the basic idea for Keeping Up With the Kardashians is to represent them to work and offer free advertisement for their two stores. It is an important note that might change the way you look at the Kardashians.

For six years, Kris and Kourtney operated a children’s clothing boutique Smooch together. Kourtney wrote on her website ( in 2009. It was the experience that she worked in the store all day and stay there for hours after closing. She was obsessed with it.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe launched the clothing boutique DASH in 2006. At that time, the space beside Smooch was available. Part of the main reason was to provide an adrift Khloe some direction after Robert Kardashian died of cancer in 2003. The Kardashian girls then read business books to pursue success. Kim talked with Player magazine about the way the sisters paid for the store. It is such a delight that she is looking for herself. She said she has a friend that was joking the other day. This is her first month paying for herself during her life. Her friend is twenty-six years old. She has nearly ten years of working experience compared to her friend.

Perhaps that sex tape did not do as much as people imagined

Ray J

Kind of negative thing of facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians. The conventional wisdom, which is Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has got the green light in 2007. The time that Kim’s sex tape with singer Ray J was released. However, in a tape announced 10 years later, the New York Post told that the TV show had improved well before the sex tape came.

And gossip writer Perez Hilton asserted that fame would come for Kim as well as her family without the tape. He told the Post that he thought the sex tape injured her rather than its help.

They publicized the genocide against Armenians


The Kardashians are partial of Armenian lineage via their father Robert. His ancestors immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s, before Ottoman Empire’s extermination of Armenians. The New York Times mentioned that on April 24, 1915. And then 1922, approximately 1.5 million Armenians died. Turkey, one part of that empire, still refuses that genocide.

This is still a controversial problem, and one many Americans did not even aware of that until the Kardashians used their fame for goodwill. Kim Kardashians and Khloe, along with Kanye and North West, came to Armenia in early April 2015 before the 100th anniversary of the above horrors. They had received international publicity for this travel. Especially, when they went to the extermination museum and memorial. Khloe tweeted when her sister (Kim) and herself tried to bring awareness. It is not only to their Armenian extermination but also genocides and human murder. Knowledge is the real power!

After that, Kim wrote an article on her website. She criticized The Wall Street Journal for operating an ad which refused the genocide. Her letter was in an advertisement in The New York Times. Thanks to the Kardashians family’s actions, countless people studied about the genocide who would otherwise have ignorance of it.

The Kardashians do not usually know who they can believe

Trust is one of the facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians. Most of us probably know who we can depend on in our life. When you are famous, you may have fake friends who just want to use yourself for an approach to the finer things. You have to concern about anyone in your life might kick you out to the tabloids to make advantages for themselves.

When Kim and Kanye had their baby North, they worried that somebody they knew would sell images of North. Hence, they can set a trap by sharing undetectable baby photos with a few people in their life. The people who had doubts about. To ensure, somebody actually tried their best to sell one of the pictures.

They often do not pretend that they basically look that way


Kardashians need time to make themselves become pretty, as the facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians. The Kardashians confessed that it takes them significantly in order to look fabulous. Kim has mentioned about using laser facials, botox, and face fillers as well. Khloe admitted how her fillers went wrong. Besides, it might take some prodding, but Kylie finally fesses up to complete her lips.

In 2015, Kim described to Into the Gloss about her makeup and skincare cosmetics she used. A list including everything from Neutrogena to La Mer. For instance, the kicker was a Guerlain moisturizer, which costs $455. Jezebel added up all the cost for her products and revealed it was among $1,977.75.

Additionally, she also shared with paid website subscribers clips of her daily makeup routine. She confessed she spent nearly two hours for a day for makeup and hair artists with the aim of becoming more beautiful. Surprisingly, it can take about three to four hours in case that she had big events to go. Eventually, she carries double-sided tape to make her more cleavage. Otherwise, Kris usually spends an hour in her makeup table for being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Even the Kardashians struggle with their body issues

As confidence as the family members often appear, they have some concerns with their bodies. When growing up and developing rapidly, Kim said she had to pray for it to stop. Thanks to the paparazzi, Kim raised her cautions about when she goes outside wearing a bikini. She says bright days accentuate her cellulite, where overcasting days hide it. She is even free about wearing Spanx. Kim also has to deal with many criticisms for the pregnancy-related weight gain.

For years, Khloe was likely a “fat sister.” Although Khloe has lost weight, which is among 40 pounds, she still does not wear a bikini. Now, she becomes too thin. She responded that she is too fat at the first, and now she becomes too skinny. She loves this game! Brother Rob was too shy about weight gain. He did not want everyone sees him when he does not wear a shirt.

So that, as much as we may envy their lifestyles, they have issues, too. In addition, we do not get mocked in the tabloids unless we do not put on 10 pounds.

The Kardashians have been pioneers in business

Kardashians 2

Money is one of the facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians. The Kardashian women are kind of savvy when it comes to the zone of business. Not only do they generate money from the endorsements, TV show, and cosmetics. But their websites also paid subscribers and mobile apps. They are also able to earn a lot of money, as personal appearances. They also try to control to check out how to monetize social media and have blazed new paths in their business. It could make them $122.5 million in one year!

Kim Kardashians is the wealthiest person compared to all. As GQ put it in 2016 that Kim has very thoroughly monetized the act of living. The money she can earn from being filmed going about her life constitutes a relatively small amount. This could compare to the one she generates from letting people see pictures and cartoon drawings of the life she filmed. The magazine states that Kim has figured out how to be normal as herself. Something millions of people try to do every day into a more profitable business than being the most well-known rapper.

They are actually pretty intelligence

Smart brain is an additional fact among the facts that might change the way you look at the Kardashians. You cannot make and maintain hundreds of millions dollar if you are stupid. They may not have many advanced degrees, but the Kardashians are obviously smart. When they did not know something, they read books and come to classes to learn more about it.

Nowadays, people sometimes still guess their intelligence. When Kim comes to NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me in 2015, the network collected outraged letters. They contain a typical one saying that what is wrong with America today. To which businessman Gene Marks replied in Inc. magazine, that for NPR listener. Or anyone else who thinks mistakenly Kim Kardashian likes what’s wrong with America. This is a clever woman and also a savvy entrepreneur. In my point of view, as a business owner, she is everything that is completed right towards America.

They have fought against racism


Not only have most of the family members been in a different-race relationship, but they have been outspoken against racism. In 2014, Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired some especially bad instances of what they have to deal with the response. The Week describes the moment when Kris and Kim went to an impossible glitzy opera ball in Vienna. A man in blackface disturbed both of them according to an article. He approached Kim and said, “It’s me, Kanye!”. After that, Kim was on a plane ride with her kid North. Suddenly, a woman screamed at her and said that she went with a black guy, and that baby was black.

The show disclosed when Kim wrote in her blog. It related to how those events made her recognize that racism and discrimination have still existed.

Khloe said that she witnessed racism when her father had defended O.J. Simpson. They would get kicked out of restaurants. Due to the fact that Khloe’s dad was defending O.J. or just truly crazy things, recording in her TV show Kocktails with Khloe. She also stated that the detrimental reaction she received from marrying Lamar Odom. She claimed that she would never think to say. By the way, her husband is black. Therefore, when he comes in, do not let your jaw drop. When she moved to Dallas, it was the first time that directly came in my own face.

They have impeccable manners

The true thing that the Kardashians pass through as good people goes a long way to interpret their enduring popularity. They seem to be like folks that you would like to hang out with. Their good manners have lots of things to do with that. Kim does the handwritten thank-you notes. Kris Jenner hammered into all of the children’s necessary of being on time.

The lesson was held. A fan asked Kim in 2016 for job recommendations. Then she answered that: “Be yourself and be professional….and be punctual!!!!”

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