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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and interesting things you didn’t know

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and interesting things you didn’t know

Shiloh 3

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a sweet married life for many years, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was their first child. As a daughter of the two biggest movie stars on the planet, do you think Shiloh will be happy? Let’s learn a little about this lovely little girl!

Shiloh and her high-profile debut

Shiloh and her high-profile debut

Shiloh had a very successful debut. She had her first official photos in June 2006. We can see these photos on People and Hello! magazines. According to the New York Times, People magazine collected $ 4.1 million for photos of Shiloh, a big record. However, People magazine said the money was for charity donations.

Africa is the place where Jolie gave birth to Shiloh


An angel named Shiloh was born on May 27, 2006, in Namibia. Jolie and Pitt chose Namibia to avoid being manipulated by paparazzi, according to the Associated Press. Namibia police have committed to the Smith couple that they will ensure an absolute security fence around the hotel and the hospital where Jolie gave birth to her daughter. It is clear that Jolie and Pitt had private and secret periods. There are no journalists who have information about the power couple during this time. No photos of Jolie’s daughter. There have been a few cases of illegal intrusions, and police have arrested several journalists along with their cameras!

Through a source in People magazine, Jolie gave birth to a lovely girl. Both are great. Brad was also with Jolie at that important moment and he felt very happy. Swakopmund’s Cottage Hospital is the place where Shiloh was born!

Shiloh’s birth, an eye-opening experience for actress Jolie

Shiloh's birth

In January 2016, through a consultation session with BB4 Radio’s Women’s Hour, Jolie revealed that childbirth in Namibia inspired her humanitarian activities around the world. Jolie said that she went to a hospital in Namibia, she will give birth to a daughter, and she was in breech. Jolie revealed that she needed C-section, she knew her condition, and she needed money for ultrasound. But at this hospital, Jolie saw a lot of women who were pregnant, and didn’t have any ultrasound machines. Our beautiful actress thinks this is a quality hospital!

The actor thought that an ultrasound could have significantly reduced the number of women who did not know them in breech. This may affect the number of babies and complications. But Pitt’s wife knows that there are many qualified people in this hospital. They are experienced people. And they are doing something important to women’s health around the world. She added that there are many groups to do this work, and this is a very important job!

Jolie, Shiloh, and the childhood


Jolie loves her daughter Shiloh. During a talk with Vanity Fair reporter, she thought that Shiloh was a fun girl. Her daughter is the most innocent and joyful child she has ever met. When looking at Jolie as a child, maybe people will think that she and Shiloh are twin sisters. Shiloh is very much like Jolie when she was young. She shared that her daughter has words, actions, and signs from an artist, an actress in the future. Remembering childhood, Jolie used to wear clothes and dance around joyfully!

Thinking a little about herself, Jolie said that she became a mother. She thought she was old. Jolie said that, at some point, you will feel things in a different way. Perhaps the reality that will change her life. The famous actress thought she was thinking too much, and she realized that everything in this world was not like what she wanted. Now she has Shiloh, everything can come back, but in a different way!

Shiloh wants Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to call her ‘John’

Shiloh wants Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to call her 'John'

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2008 (to promote The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Pitt said an interesting secret about his small family. When Shiloh was two and a half years old, she wanted her parents to call her “John or Pete”, the name of a boy. Maybe she thought of these names because she liked Peter Pan, Pitt said in People magazine. To make his daughter happy, Pitt called Shiloh “John”. Pitt once told Shiloh that “John, do you want to drink orange juice?” And Shiloh answered her father “No”. Although this is a wonderful and cute thing for Pitt and Jolie’s small family, some people will not like it if it happens in their family!

Shiloh wants to be a boy

Shiloh 3

In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2010, Jolie added in depth about the secret Pitt shared. Jolie and Pitt think Shiloh has a bit of Montenegro style. According to another source on Us Weekly, Jolie thought that her daughter liked to wear sports suits, sports suits for boys. She thought that Shiloh wanted to be a boy. After that, they agreed to let Shiloh go to the barber shop. Shiloh had a boy hairstyle, and a boy outfit. Shiloh thinks she’s a boy!

A few years later, Shiloh became a child star. She made an impression when she appeared at the premiere of her mother’s movie, Unbroken. With a suit and tie, Shiloh becomes a phenomenon. In an interview with E! News, Jolie said she loved Shiloh and she really supported her daughter’s fashion choices. When Al Roker asked about Shiloh’s outfit, Jolie shared, “Shiloh brought Louis Zamperini’s shoes, the shoes he used in the victory in 1940. It was an inspiration for everyone, including Shiloh! “

Shiloh rejected a role in Maleficent

Shiloh 4

Jolie has children, including her own children and adopted children. Among the love of Jolie, Pax, Viv Vivienne, and Zahara once appeared in Disney’s 2014 live-action Maleficent. Through an interview with The Hot Hit reporter, Jolie said she used to want Shiloh to play Aurora. But that was a weird thing when Shiloh wore a skirt. Jolie knew that her daughter did not like this. And that has never happened!

Jolie added that Shiloh wanted to become a character named Marcus. Although Jolie has suggested the character Aurora, Shiloh’s answer is No. She just wants to play Marcus. Later, Jolie asked Shiloh, ‘Who is Marcus?’ Shiloh answers her mother that Marcus is a character that has horns, a bow and arrows. Although Jolie didn’t know Marcus, it was a character in Shiloh’s mind!

Shiloh loves Jolie, she takes good care of her mother

Shiloh's 2

We will talk about Jolie’s humanitarian activity in Lebanon and Turkey in 2015. Shiloh participated in this trip. According to People magazine, in Lebanon, they had conversations with Hala, a 12-year-old Syrian girl that Jolie met a year ago. Shiloh knows Jolie values the refugee families very seriously. She asked her mother to participate in this humanitarian activity. Jolie once told Shiloh about Hala. She wants to meet Hala and her family again!

Jolie likes to meet and play with new friends. When talking to refugees who are children, Jolie knows about their pain. They are not sad because they have lost their home. They are sad because they lost friends by moving to a strange place. Shiloh asked Jolie a lot about this issue. Jolie found it hard to say everything to help Shiloh understand in the simplest way. Jolie felt sad when she thought about these things. But she was looking forward to the next trip, with Shiloh as a companion!

Shiloh is just a child

Shiloh 2

During Shiloh’s 10th birthday party (May 2016), she caught the attention of lovely moments. This is also the day that marks the change in her fashion style. But at the end of the day, Shiloh is also a child with lovely actions. TMZ said that in August 2016, their reporter saw Shiloh and Jolie buy a teddy bear. Interestingly, they bought the teddy bear from the lovely twins on the road in Lake Toluca, Calif. Later, Jolie paid $ 100 to the bear. Every cute baby gets $ 50!

It is clear that Shiloh is a lovely child. No matter how old she is, she still likes her mother to buy a teddy bear!

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