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Some Amazing Points in Minecraft That The Kids Might Not Notice

Some Amazing Points in Minecraft That The Kids Might Not Notice

Minecraft game

Have you ever played Minecraft before? It will be a waste if your answer is no. But nothing is late, you only need to experience this fantastic game right now.

This is a great mixture of the adventurous element as well as the role-playing factors. Your ultimate goal in this game is to build the blocks without any limit. That said, you are going to manage the internal characters named Steve or Alex. And then, control them to help you create your own structure and defeat the dangerous enemies such as the skeletons, the monsters, or the zombies.

You may not know that Minecraft, based on recent research, is one of the most popular games in the world. This is very easy to explain since this game is totally friendly and simple to learn. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages and all playing skills.

Especially, kids can easily learn how to play this game in a few minutes. My children always talk about how they succeed in building the blocks in Minecraft and discuss how to improve their skills at home.

However, as an adult, you may notice many different aspects of this game when compared with the kids. So, I am going to introduce some dark and even weird things that only us, the adults can understand about Minecraft.

The Silly Things That Adults can Notice in Minecraft

Creepers in Minecraft

The weird shape of the Creepers

Creepers, with no doubt, are considered as the bad characters in Minecraft. They are kinds of the green monster going around the lands within this game and then explode. These monsters are the combination of many green blocks and some black pixels.

And there is one little strange thing about Creepy that you may not know. Let me show you now! Just look at the shape of these monsters. It should not be suitable for those games designed for the kids. They do not have any arms, instead, they only have some rectangular feet.

We do not understand where the developers take the idea for these origin shape. But if you used to join some health courses before, you may relate these greenish monsters to the shape of the phallic, indeed.

Too many Skeletons

Skeletons in Minecraft

Minecraft has its origin in Sweden, but people all over the world are going crazy for this game. And well, the appearance of the skeletons makes this game more and more interesting.

However, there seem to be too many skeletons exist in Minecraft. For the kids, it is not a big problem since they only focus on the game. But for us, how can there be a number of skeletons, which are regarded as dead people. We are wondering about their origin and why they can appear as a large group like that.

The appearance of Enderman

Enderman character in Minecraft

When it comes to Enderman, you should be reminded of the alarming character in Minecraft. These characters are designed with long and black arms. Their entire bodies are covered with black. The only special feature of Enderman is the purple eyes.

Nevertheless, you do not need to get scared of this character since they will not attack you if you avoid staring them in a long time. And some of you may recognize that this character is quite similar to the Slender Man. Perhaps, the developer has built the idea of this character based on the image of this urban legend.

The boring background music

Some videos game have become popular for having memorable background music such as Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. These amazing melodies assist the players to boost their spirit for every level and try to reach the victory as much as they can.

However, Minecraft is quite different from the other games in this aspect. This game is all about building the blocks and surviving from the battle with the monsters. Thus, the music should be exciting and thrilling.

In contrast, the background music in Minecraft is pretty boring and slow. Hence, it makes you easily fall asleep without any notice.

The Ending Scene

The Ending scene in Minecraft

For the parents out there, the ending scene in Minecraft is fine. But if you are still a kid, this situation might give you some fear.

In particular, this scenario is designed with the scary darkness. Moreover, you can see a number of sarcastic characters including the monsters, the evils, and the skeletons. It seems like all of the dangers are living there and waiting for you to come. Have a safe trip!

The Babies

Babies in Minecraft

My kids always ask me where the babies of Minecraft comes from. They are very curious about this matter, and I think this applies to many kids out there.

And of course, the easy explanation for this is that a baby is born after a female generic material meets the suitable male generic material. But there is a strange fact that some adults might notice in Minecraft. That is all of the animals there are described as genderless and non-binary. So, how can the babies be created? Sounds weird!

Adults and kids come to play Minecraft with different minds and purposes. In some words, kids are very simple since they are still learning new things about this world.

As a result, the parents should allow the children to play Minecraft to teach them a lesson. Speaking of that, you are giving them a valuable chance to know how frustrated and irritated to own and manage a house. While learning the living concerns, your kids can enjoy building their own house by choosing their favorite items.

In case they do something wrong, they will get a bad result. Or they may face the Creepers, who are going to destroy their dream home. But this kind of experience is great, so you do not need to care much about the adult viewpoints when letting your children enjoy this game.

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