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Some Dark Truth Behind ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Characters

Some Dark Truth Behind ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Characters

Some Dark Truth Behind 'Mortal Kombat 11' Characters

The characters in the Mortal Kombat series have some pretty dark backstories. It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore. Mortal Kombat does manage to keep a sense of humor about itself. But it’s still a series that really unique. The game features decapitation, blood, and gore like no others. It gathered massive controversies and became one of the most infamous video game. The Senate had to conduct a meeting concerning violence by game. The hearings took place in the early 1990s. People were afraid that playing can affect mental health.

Mortal Kombat 11 is releasing on April 23, 2019. Details are coming about what fighters are coming to the game and how it will play. Mortal Kombat 11 released news of 11 fighters. Let’s learn more about who they are.

Baraka’s look is from a classic horror film


Baraka returns as a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11. He first came gamers in 1993’s Mortal Kombat 2. Even so, not a lot of Baraka’s in-game backstory over the years, weird. However, the character’s terrifying look actually has an inspiration. It comes from one of horror cinema’s classic monsters.

Designing of Baraka went through several stages. Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias originally thought of a demon warrior. He named him Rokuro for the original Mortal Kombat, but the idea didn’t get very far. The MK2 team later found a mask at a Halloween shop. The team liked it so much that they modified it and Baraka is now a cult favorite.

Baraka’s appearance does make him more recognizable from the hordes of Tarkatan. Through the different Mortal Kombat games, the creator tries to change his appearance. Never forget that a Halloween mask with fake fingernails helped created a character.

D’Vorah is just a bunch of insects

D'Vorah is just a bunch of insects

Characters in the Mortal Kombat series tend to be gross, it’s a game theme thing. D’Vorah probably is the champ in this category. Her race called themselves the Kytinn. They are a race of intelligent insects that inhabit the Arnyek Islands.

If D’Vorah were just a big insect, that would still be gross, but pretty understandable. There’s nothing too weird in the world of Mortal Kombat. Each Kytinn is a colony of many insects that have nests inside them. That means D’Vorah is a walking nightmare, she’s got swarms of creepy and crazy bugs living inside her.

Jade is an arrogant assassin and betrayer

Jade is an arrogant assassin and betrayer

The world of Mortal Kombat is bloody and violent, people know that. Many of the characters in turn hail from unsavory occupations. In a world full of killing, mercenaries and assassins are always in demand in the story. One of the most notorious of the bunch is Jade.

She originally appeared as just another Kitana but with different colors. The story writer of the game over time gave Jade’s personality and characterization. She is a skillful warrior. So much so that Shao Kahn intrusted her to protect his daughter, Kitana. A friendship between the two blossomed over the years. When Kitana defected from her father, the decision was difficult. The emperor also ordered Jade to kill her.

Jade eventually follow her friend’s footstep because she views Kitana as a family. The two join forces to fight against the forces of Outworld. Jade is strong and took part in many victories. The last time we saw Jade, Quan Chi got control of her soul. Whether she escape from him is a question for another day.

Kabal is a psychopath

Kabal is a psychopath

Kabal’s origin story is inconsistent, to say the least. There’s been multiple time where they change his story throughout Mortal Kombat.

Kabal’s goal in the game is to resurrect the Black Dragon. It’s one of the most dangerous organizations in Mortal Kombat. They are a group who seek to take over the world, who split off from the Red Dragon crime syndicate. The Red Dragon sought to conquer the world, but through honorable means. The Black Dragon split off because that placed too many restraints on their members.

Kabal allegiance is back and forth as well. Black Dragon and fighting alongside Earthrealm against the forces of Outworld. His actions, of course, stem from his criminal past. He’s serving Quan Chi like Jade but as an undead revenant.

Bonus fact about Kabal: He was so ugly that he could kill the other fighter by scaring them to death.

Kano is loyal to no one

Kano is loyal to no one

Kano is one of those scum of the earth type characters in a game. And he is by far the worst in the entire history of the Mortal Kombat series. It would almost be easier to name out the people he has not betrayed instead of the other way around. He began as leader of the Black Dragon syndicate (the same one Kabal wants). And things in Mortal Kombat often get of control very quickly right after that.

He also gave Shao Kahn’s Outworld forces weapons to fight. He preps them for fighting against Earthrealm’s defenses. After Sonya left him to die, Sheeva recruited him to help overthrow Shao Kahn. Kano then betrayed Sheeva for a position in Kahn’s army. Then, he betrayed Shao Kahn and joined Quan Chi and Shang Tsung forces.

Kano has also turned his back on Mileena, Erron Black, and Sub-Zero in recent games. One thing is clear: If Kano doesn’t like you, he leaves, you need to watch your back around him.

Is Kung Lao a pacifist?

Is Kung Lao a pacifist?

Kung Lao debut is in Mortal Kombat 2 and is one of the series’ fans favorite. He’s a member of White Lotus society, Liu Kang’s best friends. And also a descendant of The Great Kung Lao, one of the most famous warriors in Mortal Kombat universe. The Great Kung Lao won the tournament centuries before the events of the game.

Kung Lao is a pacifist and isn’t shy speaking about it. But, his skills when it comes to killing is somewhat out of place.

Raiden chose Kung Lao to be the defender of Earthrealm. But he declined to represent Earthrealm as he was a pacifist at heart. So instead, he chose Liu Kang, who won the tournament and set up the events of later games.

Kung Lao later changed his ways and renounced his belief. The death of his friends and fellow Shaolin monks made him realized the threat against Earth.

Raiden can do anything he wants

Raiden can do anything he wants

Raiden is one of the most powerful characters in the universe of the game. It’s good luck that he’s on Earthrealm’s side throughout most of the series’ story. However, he isn’t someone who shies away from underhanded tactics.

When Raiden learned of the Dragon God resurrections, he went to some extremes. He actually dug up the corpse of Liu Kang. Used necromantic magic to send his reanimated corpse to kill. Anyone who he felt could do harm to Earthrealm would be a target.

Raiden, through the story of Mortal Kombat, became an Elder God. But he soon abandoned that status to protect Earthrealm. The other Elder Gods made a decision to stay out of Shao Kahn’s business.

Scorpion is an undead ninja assassin that’s not evil

Scorpion is an undead ninja assassin that's not evil

Shirai Ryu is a clan of elite ninjas and Scorpion is a member of the clan. They are the eternal enemies of the Lin Kuei. But he is no longer with the clan since all of them are dead. Quan Chi later brought him back to serve as an undead assassin.

Quan Chi resurrecting him to serve and his scary appearance, but he’s not evil. Scorpion figured out that Quan Chi was manipulating him. He never planned to help Scorpion Clan. He fights with Sub-Zero often and harbors hatred, but soon let it go. He learned that the Sub-Zero who was an enemy to his clan is no more. The Sub-Zero he knows now is not the same man.

Scorpion sense of honor is still intact. His loyalty to his former clan’s ideals also keeps him sane.

Shao Kahn: hungry for power

Shao Kahn: hungry for power

Even if you don’t play Mortal Kombat, you’d still know Shao Kahn. He is that evil, not just in Mortal Kombat, but in all of the video games. Shao Kahn did some crazy things throughout the Mortal Kombat storyline. Even the way he rose to power is full of death and double-crossing.

Shao Kahn was an advisor for Onaga, the Dragon King. Onaga is the ruler of Outworld and is often in conversations throughout the series. Onaga was powerful, but no match for the cunning wits of Shao Kahn. He poisoned the Dragon King and seized the throne for himself.

Kahn began looking to invade other realms. He often went as far as enslaving or murdering entire populations. Devouring the magic of every world he got his hands on.

Sub-Zero is actually two different people

Sub-Zero is actually two different people

Sub-Zero is also another famous character of the game, arguably more than Shao Kahn. He’s perhaps, the most famous and popular character in the entire Mortal Kombat series. He got his own spin-off 2D game back in 1997, which was not even a fighting game. Two different people actually inherited the name Sub-Zero. One of them is pretty darn terrible, hence the confusion of Scorpion.

Aman named Bi-Han was Sub-Zero in the original Mortal Kombat. He murdered Shang Tsung in his palace and took any possessions he finds fitting. The undead assassin Scorpion was pursuing him to take revenge for his clan. He murdered Bi-Han and got his revenge, but Sub-Zero returned in Mortal Kombat. Super strange isn’t it?

It was actually the younger brother of Bi-Han, named Kuai Liang. They later worked together to unite their warring clans. While the two ninjas eventually reconciled, life is quite difficult for the ninjas. Bi-Han eventually came back to life as an undead warrior and goes by the name Noob Saibot.

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