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Some facts about Jeff Bezos’ marriage that you’ll find strange

Some facts about Jeff Bezos’ marriage that you’ll find strange

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie

One would think the Amazon CEO has a particular talent with women, yet Bezos himself doesn’t agree. The maturing entrepreneur graduated from Princeton University 1986. He wasn’t a very rich person. He depicts himself as a “proficient dater” in a meeting with Wired. “I’m not the sort of individual where ladies think to themselves, ‘What an awesome guy,’ after we’ve met for 30 minutes. I’m somewhat goofy.” Lucky for him, the love of his life accepted his wacky side. It was his irresistible chuckle that left impressions on MacKenzie Bezos (née Tuttle). The two dated and tie the knot soon after…very soon after.

After years of married life and four kids, Jeff sits number one as the wealthiest American. Despite fame and fortune, this couple figured out how to stay humble. It doesn’t get any more normal than MacKenzie got and dropped off her children in her Honda minivan. As much as this relationship fascinates us. We can’t disregard some of the unusual things about Mr. and Mrs. Bezos. Including the manner in which they suddenly declared their separation in 2019. It would be an end to a 25 years marriage. From Jeff’s habit of choosing his significant other’s clothes to McKenzie’s. Here are the odd things about Jeff Bezos’ marriage to MacKenzie Bezos.

She did the pursuing

Jeff sits number one as the wealthiest American

Jeff Bezos was working in back, climbing his way up to senior VP of support stock investments firm D. E. Shaw, as per Wired. This was before turning into the founder of Amazon. That’s when he met with MacKenzie Tuttle. She was looking towards a researching position at the organization. He had no clue she would turn into his better half sometime in the not so distant future. Jeff had as of then made his very own idea on how to locate a “suitable” wife, however, MacKenzie had her very own ways. “My office was adjacent to his, and throughout the day I tuned in to that infectious laugh,” she uncovered to Vogue. It would be a matter of time before she falls for that kind of laugh.

Jeff before long acknowledged Mackenzie was exactly what he was looking for. It was her who started their first date, proposing they snatch some lunch. Thankfully, she didn’t need to pursue him for long, and he realized he needed to put a ring on it immediately. All things considered, MacKenzie earns a heap of high fives for making the first move. Rarely is a lady confident enough to make the first move. What occurred next must be one of the snappiest marriages ever…

They got married really fast!

They got married really fast

The couple embarked on a romance that can only be described as like a hurricane. MacKenzie Tuttle got accepted into D. E. Shaw. She and Jeff Bezos became office neighbors at the investments firm. MacKenzie later became infatuated with his chuckle. Her adoration for him was eventually rewarded. Jeff later acknowledged that she was exactly what he was searching for. In an interview with Vogue, he complimented his wife intelligent, bright, and beautiful. He also highlights how lucky he was. As he was able to see her résumé and know her SATs score before they became acquainted.

Being a triple threat of brains, beauty, and high academic credentials. MacKenzie’s relationship moved like an Amazon Prime delivery. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and the 23-year-old researcher tie the knot. After just three months of being engaged. They previously had been dating for only three months.

She’s his number one priority.

MacKenzie Bezos cũng đã đến Đại học Princeton

Jeff never appeared to be short on time when it comes to his loving spouse. The fact is he is an incredibly busy man. He may have made headlines for meeting investors for only six hours per year. But he has a net worth of $160 billion to his name, and you don’t get that by slacking off!

MacKenzie Bezos also went to Princeton University. She was under Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, studying fiction. With some first class training underneath her belt, she proceeded to write two books.  Those were 2005’s The Testing of Luther Albright and 2013’s Traps. Guess who would take the time to give her input? Her significant other, obviously. “Jeff is my best fan,” MacKenzie told Vogue. Note that he’d clear his whole business meetings for the day just to go through her original copy in one sitting. He allegedly provided her with “careful notes” also!

Despite the fact that it’s kind of weird he can forget about his whole day just to read her books, we get it’s the least he can do. She did drop everything following their wedding to move from New York to Seattle. He also came up the extraordinary plan to market books on the internet before that. That idea is now currently known as the online business mammoth Amazon.

Mr. Fashionable

Jeff had often picked out clothes for MacKenzie

Vogue magazine uncovered that Jeff had often picked out clothes for MacKenzie. He even chose the Diane von Furstenberg purse MacKenzie was rocking. That is adorable. When it comes time to flavor up her closet, she stays as uninvolved as ever. No, she doesn’t have a committed individual beautician who gathers up hot pieces for her. Rather, it was her bae, Jeff Bezos, who do her shopping. Other times MacKenzie can often be seen around town in her Honda minivan. While wearing her standard, unfussy uniform. Vogue portrayed it as just pants and a T-shirt. We never would’ve speculated Jeff had such a sharp eye for ladies! Jeff had about purchasing his significant other’s garments. “I focus on what she likes to wear, and you’d be stunned by how regularly things work out.” “Once in a while it pleases her that I call and ask, ‘What’s your such-and-such size?’ and she says, ‘Why?’ and I state, ‘Not your concern!'”

Washing dishes for affection.

Jeff Bezos is a really busy man

Jeff Bezos is a really busy man. He’s the CEO of Amazon and has bought over many different organizations. He bought the Washington Post in 2013 and Whole Foods in 2017. Yet despite everything, he sets aside a few minutes to express his adoration for his wife. After marrying in 1993, Jeff still tries his best to win over MacKenzie Bezos’ affection.

In addition to the fact that he buys her unexpected attire when the state of mind hit him. He additionally flexed his abilities as a house husband. “I do the dishes each night,” Jeff disclosed to Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget (by means of Recode). “I’m truly persuaded it’s the hottest thing I do.” When we consider hot, scouring messy dishes isn’t the main thing that rings a bell. Yet something lets us know Jeff and his biceps can make any family task look great!

Don’t badmouth her man

Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon was published by Brad Stone

At the point when Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon was published by Brad Stone. He immediately understood that one person was not fond of his work. On Amazon’s site, of all places, you can find MacKenzie Bezos one-star review of the book. Disproportionate and deceiving, she wrote. Claiming it to be a false representation of the general population and culture at Amazon. She likewise pummeled the book for what she called “lies”.

Stone did reveal to The New York Times that he did meet with employees. Accounts of 300 previous and current Amazon representatives are in the book. He also said that most people— sans MacKenzie — find the Amazon’s story inspiring. With Amazon being a public site, MacKenzie could stand to be a bit less direct. But props to her for protecting her man.

Shocking announcement of divorce.

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie, announced that they were ending their marriage

Surprisingly enough, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie, announced that they were ending their marriage. They published the news in January 2019. In a post on Twitter on Jan. 9, the couple jointly states that they decided to go ahead with a divorce. Up until that point was lengthy and stretched out period of separation. “We feel fortunate to have discovered one another. And profoundly thankful for all of the years together,” said the announcement. Though their 25-year marriage has gone done for, the guardians of four have no regrets. They would do it all over again in a heartbeat knowing the outcome.

Things between Jeff and MacKenzie gave off an impression of being a happy couple. This was contrary to other celebrity marriage. In those, there are often clues before things turn sour. As recent as 9/2018, they gave $2 billion to The Bezos Day One Fund which is for to two charities. One for poverty-stricken families and another that makes “excellent preschools in underserved places.” The news reported by USA Today. It seemed strange that a couple on the verge of parting ways would band together and do this. But there is more than meet the eyes it seemed.

Our best wished from all of us here at Nicki Swift. How the couple divides up their billion dollar fortune will be a sight to see.

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