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Some inappropriate characters in video games you should know

Some inappropriate characters in video games you should know

characters in video games

The world in video games is always special and different. What you see in an online game today will be different from the game worlds 20 years ago or more. Some game worlds will be very beautiful while some will be very dark and full of violence. But compared to previous years (about 30 years), the game world has become better, more beautiful, and creates more emotions for players. Game developers have paid attention to the thoughts of players and their emotions when they first set foot in the vast virtual world. If you still have framed thoughts about Custer’s Revenge, ignore it. The game industry has grown incredibly. It made a lot of difference!

In every game world there are always characters, which is the required piece of an online game. Sometimes, the design of a character’s shape is great but it is no longer suitable today. Maybe by the time the game is released, that character is a symbol. But all is just the past. It is interesting that this article brings us to these characters in the past. Who are they? Let find out!

The Girl Cortana in Halo


First, we come to the character called Cortana. For those who do not know, Cortana is one of the most interesting characters in the Halo universe next to Master Chief. Talking about Cortana, we have emotional stories. As soon as you see the words ‘Welcome home, John’ (a scene in Halo 4), I believe you will cry in joy. Above all, I think Cortana is a great character!

It is interesting to see a giant elephant in a room with an attractive AI. Bungie brought in this room a character almost like a naked woman, and she was really beautiful (in my opinion). It is clear that this girl’s actions are to seduce players. But is this really appropriate? Almost 20 years have passed, and we still have no answer to this naked AI appearance!

There have been some rumors that Cortana is a girl with lots of emotions. She feels sad when she takes someone out of their favorite game. But this doesn’t seem to be a good reason for Cortana’s nudity. Besides Jen Taylor’s interesting voiceover, hopefully 343 will buy a nice outfit for Cortana in Halo 5. But I know there are some gamers who won’t expect this lol!

Next is Poison in final fight

Final Fight

We come to an interesting character of the Japanese game ‘Final Fight’. Her name is Posion. In the original game, Posion and Roxy are two members of a female gang. However, because of some European laws and mayor Mike Haggar’s rules, Capcom made a ridiculous decision. In order for the game Final Fight to appear on pavement ads, they transformed beautiful girls into transgender men in the American version. It was shocking to see that they still kept the women’s costumes (of the original version) in the shape of a man. Of course, there were criticisms about the appearance of Sid and Billy (two alternative characters for Poison and Roxy).

Although Capcom’s decision was supported by a group of players, they didn’t want fans to be too curious about Posion’s gender. The Japanese developer was very clever when setting Posion’s gender as a “mystery” to create interesting debates on social networks. Although that was an interesting story, we won’t be able to see Posion’s strange images today.

We have candy kong in donkey kong 64

Candy Kong

In the past, some developers have chosen the “promise of sex” trend as a great end to the video game. This is clearly demonstrated in the final stages, after defeating the Boss, you rescue a hot female character. However, in Donkey Kong 64, it is not ‘a person’. It’s terrible when we see that this game has applied the ‘sex promise’ trend to a monkey or something like that!

Candy Kong is a female monkey that protects the save points of players in Donkey Kong Country. In Donkey Kong 64, the appearance of Candy Kong went off the track. The player feels uncomfortable seeing this monkey with a sexual design. It has thin face covers and oversized boobs. And Donkey Kong 64 was rated E on Nintendo’s game rankings. We all know that Candy Kong is just a minor character, but that is not appropriate. Not only that, we continue to see Candy Kong in Smash Bros. I don’t think this is a good idea at that time!

The fighter ash in streets of rage 3

Streets of Rage 3

Next, we come to Streets of Rage 3. This is a famous Japanese fighting game. The game has many plus points from the image to the stats and skills of the character. However, Yuzo Koshiro had an inappropriate fighter. Fortunately, this game has not been popularized outside of Japan.

The character I’m trying to mention is Ash, the boss of the first stage. With looks like a homosexual, and offensive actions, this character causes controversy. Although Streets of Rage 3 has a lot of update patchess, players always remember Ash as a minus point. He wears leather clothes and his skills are … slaps. And if you meet the requirements, you can even unlock Ash after you’ve owned Roo and Shiva.

The European version of this game has been modified compared to the original version. But no one forgot Ash. Currently, the images of the LGBT community have become sharper and more beautiful!

Character dhalsim from street fighter


The gladiators in a fighting video game are often designed based on WWE boxers. However, if you look at Street Fighter’s past, (another Japanese fighting game), we find that there are some strange characters. They do not meet the criteria of a gladiator, they do not have the symbolic appearance of strength and enthusiasm!

If we have American fighters with big bodies, muscular blond girls … Dhalsim has the shape of a skinny person and he is almost the embodiment of crime. Dhalsim is an Indian warrior and he is good at yoga. He will attack you with his hands and feet, he can really stretch them and make you surprised. You will even be unconscious if you cannot dodge the fire in Dhalsim’s mouth. However, if Dhalsim appeared in the 21st century with an old shape, I think this is not reasonable. Although the new Street Fighter games have optimized Dhalsim’s appearance, I found that he was only slightly better. But he still doesn’t have a standard figure of a gladiator!

It was duke nukem


In the past, there were also some video games that were developed based on images of action movie stars. If you love the character Vin Diesel full of muscles in the movies of Fast & Furious, check out Duke Nukem!

Duke is a hero in this game. However, it has problems with gender discrimination at the time of the game’s release. His mission is to fight the bad guys and rescue the hostages. With the image of a guy wearing sunglasses, holding a gun, and willing to kill the evil, Duke is really cool in the eyes of the player. However, he is quite shy when he has an appointment in Bulletstorm.

Lo Wang in shadow warrior

Lo Wang

We have a duke ‘Lo Wang’ with old-fashioned costumes here. Although Lo Wang was not involved in racism, he was also disappointing. Do you see the name Lo Wang is also a weird thing? But that’s not all!

Shadow Warrior is a game of yellowface voice acting. It brings you to the jokes about penis and it is about sex issues every time you meet a woman in the game.

Fortunately, in the 2013 remake version, there were some edits. Although Lo Wang is still voiced by a white man! Players will not expect any character similar to Lo Wang to appear in 2019. That’s a bad thing, really bad!

Letitia in Deus ex: Human revolution

Deus Ex

In Deus Ex, the player is angry that Mankind Divided will invoke apartheid. Among the criticisms, we have a black character that is curious for players. Players want to know when this character was created. And the answer is 2011. This answer starts another wave of indignation!

The name of this character is Letitia, an NPC in Detroit. The shape of Letitia is too old and it is not welcome. Although Letitia has certain roles in the game, she is shocked by the disgusting voice. Creating a black character to emphasize racial equality, but perhaps Letitia did not succeed!

The princess peach in video game super princess peach

Super Princess Peach

With past video games, we often see boring scenarios: a hero who fights monsters to rescue a princess. One of the games that applies this story is the legendary Mario. In the Mario game, the plumber boy Mario always has to fight against the army of Mushroom kingdom to rescue Princess Peach. But in an exception game, Princess Peach had to find ways to rescue Mario. She has no strength, but she can use the women’s fickle emotions to complete the difficult tasks!

Super Princess Peach is the game I want to talk about. Nintendo developed this game with stories revolving around Peach. Our princess can run, jump, climb in freedom. Besides, she can change her emotional state. Peach appears on Vibe Island and her figure is not really good. Although Nintendo didn’t say Peach was PMSing, the player didn’t like her shaping. Nintendo apparently also realized this and at Mario Odyssey, there were some updates that applied to Peach!












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