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Some of Twitter reacts to the 2019 Oscar Nominations

Some of Twitter reacts to the 2019 Oscar Nominations

2019 Oscar nominations

The Academy revealed its 2019 Oscar nominations in the morning of Jan 22, 2019. It consists of The Favourite and Roma. They conquered the field with 10 nods apiece with the Best Picture award. BlacKkKlansman, ‘A Star Is Born’, Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther, Green Book,… The Academy only appoints eight films. The Paddington Bear 2 accidental will upset about that one.

Stop giving further introductions. Now we will show you a short round-up of the artist in the Oscar awarding list. Additionally, we will introduce to you the most well-known Twitter reactions. They are all about the 2019 Oscar nominations.

Could Lady Gaga win Best Actress in this 2019 Oscar nomination?

Singer Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s star is well-known. It will become brighter now. Because she secured two Oscar appointments. She did that for Bradley Cooper’s musical drama reboot ’A Star Is Born’. Her nominations were relatively much a given. But the truth is that Gaga has made history.

Crooked Media’s Louis Virtel tweeted about Lady Gaga. She was the first person achieving the Best Actress and Best Original Song. Especially, she gained them in just one year. However, Virtel also had some jokes at Gaga’s ancestor in the 1976 version of the film. Barbra Streisand teared up all of her ivory turtlenecks.

Filmmaker April Wolfe does not share the Academy’s excitement. She made a guess that voters actually bought that moment when Lady Gaga screamed in the bathroom. Then later, she screamed in a hallway. She also commented about asking a question ‘do people know what actors really do?’. The fact Glenn Close already had to share a reward with her, it was not suitable. People did not understand about the naturalistic and conversational kind of acting. She actually did good enough and where the beginners start. But, it was definitely not GREAT. We can see the Little Monsters were marching towards her comments in a full battle gear now.

Ethan Hawke got ‘robbed’

Actor Ethan Hawke

First Reformed became one of the best-reviewed films in 2018. It mainly focused on the performance of Ethan Hawke. The Tribeca Film Institute called Ernst Toller “his career presentation”. Toller was the actor’s draw of the pastor. Hence, it was a shock to many people when Hawke did not gain the Golden Globe nod. Spoiler: Hawke’s work was over by the Academy.

Uproxx writer @Steven_Hyde tweeted about Ethan Hawke. He said that not getting an Oscar award was another example of Generation X had overlooked. Crooked Media’s Louis Virtel chimed in with a different zinger. It quipped: looking at the upside of #Oscars purposeful ignore. The statement of Ethan Hawke, Timothee Chalamet, and Toni Collette get robbed. It sounded like an extreme indie.

Twitter user @alyssajaylor gathered Hawke with another snubbed performer. That user wrote that Toni Colette (sic) and Ethan Hawke were somewhere smoking. However, it was Slate’s senior editor Sam Adams. The editor captured the hot take on how it often went. It occurred when a talented actor with an iconic career did not appoint for his top performance. Someday Ethan Hawke will achieve a make-up Oscar for his worst presentation.

Wakanda forever (making history)

Wakanda forever (making history)

Marvel’s mega-blockbuster Black Panther prepared a new bar for comic-book films. Black Panther gained a whopping 7 nominations containing the Best Picture. It could be simple to remove Black Panther as just another superhero film. However, the cultural influence on the representation necessaries cannot become an exaggerate. Vox had written that all told. Black Panther’s best legacy may not be what it has done for Hollywood, Marvel, or box office records. However, it has done for the culture. In Wakanda, it provided much to marvel at for audiences of every background. And black viewers in special have found out a cultural oasis. It feels like nothing we have seen before.

The groundbreaking celebration of black culture created an Oscar history. But the reactions to its Oscar love had more extends than the cast. A prediction: it will be a very long period until another superhero movie owns the Best Picture. This would happen in the case that the Black Panther 2 does not make the cut, it will be a lot longer. Indie wire senior film critic David Ehrlich commented on this prediction.

On the other hand, how the heck does Black Panther own the Best Picture when it was just a mediocre superhero movie. One of the most overestimated movies this generation. An account named @mebboss noted. He/she claimed that Black Panther should not even occur in this discussion.  This will be the case that Dark Knight could not even get any nominations.

We will be talking about Toni Collette’s presentation ‘for ages’

Toni Collette

Toni Collette is incredible in everything. In the terror freak-out Hereditary, Aussie actress gave the presentation of her career. As the female head of a seemingly imprecated family with a terrific legacy. The Academy did not acknowledge it that way. And also the fans of Collette’s turn in the terror flick were not pleasuring.

Toni Collette got robbed. We are going to talk about the presentations for ages. #Oscars. The film critic William Bibbiani had tweeted that. Horror fans then rapidly point out their opinions. The Oscars rarely accepted horror films, no matter how acclaimed. There are some comments. If Toni Collette cannot gain a nomination for her prominent performance in @HereditaryMovie. It became certainly a big disappointment. Besides, it was not even remotely unexpected (Jonathan Barkan, Editor-In-Chief of Dread Central). This is par for the course for terror/genre fans. We understand that it would come even if we did not really want to accept it. Oh well.

Sarcastically, Collette confessed that she did not actually like horror films. She claimed it in an interview with The Guardian. She agreed to join because the script was complex, dense and sincere. Hereditary is most obviously a horror film. However, it is not just a terror film (Collette explained). It is this type of beautiful fragile story about the people living with a large amount of emotional pain.

Spike Lee is ‘stupid overdue’

Spike Lee

It is over three decades of producing films to define the black experience for a generation. By that time, Spike Lee became an Academy Award nominee for the Best Picture and Director. At the moment you feel shocked. You realized that the director of the seminal Do The Right Thing shut out at the Oscars. Presenter Kim Basinger stayed right there with you in 1989. At that moment, she ignored the teleprompter. She blew up the Academy for treating contemptuously towards Lee’s film. The Best Picture went to Driving Miss Daisy (more on that later) that year.

Thirty years later, Lee’s BlacKkKlansman has his first opportunity to bring home the gold award. Topher Grace played KKK Grand Wizard David Duke in the movie. He told Collider that Lee remains funny and warm. Eventually, he had to deal with serious issues at the same time. His experience has been the same what you like about the movie, what you would prefer about Spike. He used to say profound things, he told with a way when he spoke to a lot of people. And he usually makes people feel comfortable, in a method that is a meaningful gift as a director.

Therefore, it announced that Lee has secured his nomination. Grace ran to his Twitter to sing his director’s praises. He said that it was ridiculously overdue. However, he was beyond proud of being a part the film that finally had this guy his nom.

#spikelee #genius  #dotherightthingvoters #academyawards

Green Book is reaching heat

Image in the film Green Book

Green Book is one of those movies the Academy loves. Racism gets resolved in a feel good 2 hours, and everybody goes home with happiness. These movies tend to be the superstar of the show on Oscar night. They are The Blind Side, Driving Miss Daisy, and Crash. They dubbed the worst film within a decade by journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates. And they all nominated for the Best Picture.

The family of Mahershala Ali’s character called that movie such a symphony of lies. They did that to push the matters into the worse scenarios. The movie’s co-writer – Nick Vallelonga. He agreed with a debunked 9/11 Muslim conspiracy Donald Trump posted on Twitter. Jason Bailey tweeted that he may paraphrase a preferred politician of one among its screenwriters. Notably, Bailey was the Flavorwire film critic. Then, the GREEN BOOK could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone. Then it would not lose voters. An obvious reference to then-presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s indecent program remark.

The debate and the Academy not recognizing these movies are heading to the way of a dinosaur. However, the Green Book is up for the Best Picture. Noting the apparent parallels between the themes of the movies. Also, the director Spike Lee engaged in the dark horse contenders. The New Yorker’s Doreen St. Felix tweeted. It was about ‘the Thirtieth anniversary of Do The Right Thing and Driving Miss Daisy. We get BlacKkKlansman and Green Book…. Okay, the sands of time!’

If Beale Street Could Talk it would not be happy

Best picture in oscar 2019

Where were you when La La Land won Best Picture in 2017 then Moonlight won three minutes later? By the time that the chaos of that night has long since settled. Director Barry Jenkins’ indelible masterpiece will live forever. It would be a difficult task to follow up that success. Jenkins delivered again with the beautiful and tragic If Beale Street Could Talk. Neither Jenkins nor the film received Oscar nods. You can understand what happened next.

David Ehrlich joked on Twitter that one silver lining to global warming. That was our kids will probably be too busy scrambling for high ground. They questioned us how we could possibly give a Best Picture nomination to VICE. But, “UNLESS BEALE STREET COULD TALK”.

Self-claimed cinephile – Aidan Flynn, on the other view, did not willing to make jokes. Flynn wrote that the lack of love for If Beale Street Could Talk is aggravating. Barry Jenkins may have one of the best delicate touches of any American director. His love, appreciation, and knowledge of cinema show through his movies. #OscarNoms

The comedian Hari Kondabolu said if the ‘Beale Street Could Talk & Sorry To Bother You’ felt ashamed for the Best Picture. White voters would hit their Black limit before getting to them. #OscarNoms”. Let’s not bring up Green Book.

Will the discussion hurt Bohemian Rhapsody’s opportunities?

The 2019 Oscar Nominations

Bohemian Rhapsody became the worst-reviewed Best Picture winner at the Golden Globes. That event was in 1986 (according to ET Canada). But, a win’s a win, right? The blockbuster Queen biopic met another difficulty to snag the Oscar for the Best Picture. It gained a 62% of a Rotten Tomatoes score.

On Jan 23, 2019, it was long year learning with more than 50 sources on the record. The Atlantic revealed a disturbed and graphic report. It was about 4 men charged the director with a crime of sexually harassing them. By that time, they were minors. The Hollywood engaged themselves in the front of the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements. So, would the Academy risk become the most prestigious reward of Bohemian Rhapsody? The filmmakers were able to gap themselves from Singer. It occurred when they won their Golden Globe Best Picture. However, these allegations might be too excessive for voters not to pay any attention.

Vulture editor Jackson McHenry addressed the filmmakers with a little bit of snark. The filmmakers belonged to the eradication of Bryan Singer. He has commented on his Tweet. It was a Bohemian Rhapsody. Rhapsody owned a Best Picture nomination although no one pointed out. How weird it is! Tovie critic Guy Lodge expected you to remember all those unlucky wigs within the flick. He tweeted that definitely, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY gained more nominations than it should have. However, one of them was not for Best Makeup & Hairstyling. Silver linings!

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