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The best and worst actors to replace Henry Cavill for the role of Superman

The best and worst actors to replace Henry Cavill for the role of Superman


Henry Cavill was the first person to take on the role of Superman in 2013 and he also appeared in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and later Justice League. Since then, the audience has become so familiar with the image of the actor in a superhero costume on the big screen that shocked the superhero world by his extraordinary ability. This character has the ability to fly around the globe only in a short and regular manner in order to save the earth and solve the damage caused by bad guys. The audience thought that this role would stick with him all his life but there was disagreement.

Henry Cavill announced to the media about abandoning this role as Warner Bros in September 2018 (According to THR). Reports have documented the danger in this situation. Is this a bad strategy when the DC Universe has just launched a streaming service? The report also noted many controversies surrounding Superman.

Cavill’s post on Instagram is so confusing that the public does not believe this announcement is official nor clear from the actor’s close sources. The live discussions broke out and constantly questioned who would play the Kryptonian next as well as the Man of Steel’s alternative actor.

Superman has become America’s big screen icon for many years. While the character is criticized for not having as many special talents as his peers, there is a fact that not everyone can replace him. Based on that, we will provide readers with the best and worst actors that can replace the famous characters that Cavil has played for a long time in our opinion. Will any actors be named? Let’s take a look and follow the following 10 names carefully.

The first and best option: Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

After Cavill announced his departure, Michael B. Jordan became the first candidate for Superman. The alternative actor, who tooks on the antagonist role, Killmonger in Black Panther. The nomination for Jordan’s Superman position has become the most daring and unconventional option ever.

Jordan’s presence in the Black Panther created huge success for the film. It is possible to comment that Jordan is one of the main factors for the movie’s release. The actor demonstrated his outstanding acting skills with roles in different positions. Through his successful role in Black Panther, he was nominated for an Oscar. All the girls who have seen his acting in the cult movie cannot deny that he has a great physique. That is evidenced by the act of not wearing his shirt in the movie.

The comic about Superman once recorded one of the African-American Superman – Kalel, a.k.a. Calvin Ellis. This character appears in DC Comics of Earth-23. The audience cannot deny that Superman is an alien with supernatural abilities that ordinary people cannot afford. Superman comes to our planet with the mission to help people from the evil people trying to sabotage the earth. This superhero comes from our extraterrestrial side and has the power of the gods. So it wouldn’t be strange if he didn’t have white skin, right? That is the most logical explanation for changing Superman’s skin color.

The second and also the worst option: Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

According to USA Today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a bright candidate because he has a muscular appearance that fits Superman’s body. His participation can be an attraction and selling tickets. The evidence for this is that he often appears in extremely blockbuster movies. In the past year, he recorded 2 to 3 blockbusters that he participated in.

However, apart from the advantages of appearance, there are still two main reasons why he should refuse to play the role of this superhero. The incarnation on the right shoulder of Black Adam was recorded in the list. He simply made commitments to the villain, so he couldn’t become Superman in the same story. This is very absurd. One more important thing to mention is Superman’s mission. This guy will take those who are frightened out of the plane directly after helping to prevent the plane from crashing. Moreover, this guy needs big, muscular and especially his hair. But Johnson is not that kind of character. The fact that Johnson created a Lex Luthor was not a bad idea.

Another best choice: Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer

People mentioned Cavill’s co-star from U.N.C.L.E .. that’s Armie Hammer. The actor did not participate in any movies adapted from comics of DC. Hammer can play Batman in Justice League: Mortal of George Miller (although they haven’t really started the project yet). During the process of selecting an actor for Superman, the director thought of Armie Hammer. He is the last bright candidate. However, in the end, Cavill is the one who will play Superman.

Hammer is one of the most potential candidates for a superhero role. His advantage is his ideal physique and height. He has a work of his own named 2017’s Call Me by Your Name which shows his talent. Intellectual and handsome are the two biggest advantages of the actor. However, we cannot ignore the only obstacle and also the biggest. Will this substitution affect Hammer and Cavill’s friendship? They are not only colleagues but also close friends.

What will happen to their relationship if Hammer is the next choice for Superman’s role? They were reported to be disruptive on Instagram. The audience will be pleased to know that they are just joking with each other. Humorous complaints should show up at this time. If both guys like Superman, the costumes dressed as Superman will be suitable for them at the costume party. Moreover, betting on who will wear Superman and who will wear Batman with a coin is not a bad idea.

Another worst choice: John Krasinski

John Krasinski

John Krasinski is a name not mentioned much in the list of candidates that could replace Henry Cavill. But Mark Hughes of Forbes doesn’t think so, he thinks the actor will be a perfect choice. A comparison between Krasinski and Chris Evans was made by Hughes. Superman is an ideal, serious and somewhat out-of-date character who has not kept up with new times or new styles. These are the qualities that Krasinski fully meets. The Krasinski performances in 13 hours have shown him to be very suitable for action roles. He can solve them easily. Another proof is Krasinski’s The Office character with Clark Kent which has proved this comment.

However, it was just a random product of typecasting because the fact that to accept that he became Superman was no one thought. Hughes created a problem rather than a comparison of Jim Halpert to Clark Kent. Krasinski is actually Clark Kent, which is not too difficult to recognize. But he has not been able to describe the true half of the symbol. Efforts to separate the actor’s brilliant work on The Office’s fallible and a Jim Halpert of the alpha male All-American superhero were not possible. The explanation for this is because they are too difficult for a difficult audience. Although his work is done at A Quiet Place, he is not really suitable to replace Superman. He is more like a saved person than a man flying around our planet and trying his best to free the victims from the bad guys.

Colin O’Donoghue is also on the list of the best choices

Colin O'Donoghue

Henry Cavill had a lot of opponents in the battle to become the last to be honored as Superman – 2013’s Man of Steel. Colin O’Donoghue is an Irish-born actor who has become one of the toughest opponents that Cavill has to be wary of. After many years, the audience remembers O’Donoghue with a dense appearance in the “Captain” Jones on the show Once Upon A Time. In addition, another memorable role he could not forget was Michael Kole in 2011’s The Rite. These are the roles that helped him to shine in his career as well as make the audience have a good impression of him. O’Donoghue’s name is now appearing more than once for Superman’s next replacement. In other words, he was one of the top choices after Cavill (through The Irish Post).

The replacement of O’Donoghue may be a suitable option but is it really perfect? The actor is fully capable and acting and a muscular and tall appearance to transform into this superhero character. He appeared in a few photos that had a comparison with Chris Evans who had an older appearance. At another angle, O’Donoghue doesn’t look too big. The superhero character in the Man of Steel tends to be strong, mature, and thoughtful. Meanwhile, O’Donoghue tends to be mischievous in a very natural way.

The reason for this was because of his one eyebrow cocked that made the person opposite relation to the disobedience but sometimes thoughtful and know how to care for others. The fact that the actor has excellent acting in Superman’s costume is no longer a controversy. However, have you ever wondered about his ability to play another role in Lex Luthor’s office? Can this transition bring any trouble to the actor?

Tyler Hoechlin is on the list of the worst choices

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin is an actor who has been looking forward to a lot of Superman in the second season of Supergirl. The audience was too nervous for his appearance because they didn’t see the marquee heroes in CW’s Arrowverse shows. This absence makes the appearance of the actor become more anticipated than ever. His name appears continuously but infrequently throughout the newspaper for Superman’s next replacement. The Ringer’s Austin Elias-de Jesus stated that his work is the Kryptonian. This is a great combination between Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh. Austin Elias-de Jesus also did not forget to emphasize that the appearance of Hoechlin creates a good-looking, gentle, warm, pleasant and especially a feeling of trust with the opposite. His fans cannot deny that Superman’s role is for him.

Should a person ever appear as Superman in another direct action aspect, should it be a follow-up to Cavill? Think seriously about this question whether you are a regular audience of the Man of Steel or not. This will directly affect Hoechlin’s involvement in Superman’s outfit. Separating and classifying different superhero stories is not easy for many people. Therefore, the casting session will confuse many viewers. Have you ever wondered why Batman was not in the Avengers?

This is a question that not only fans of comics but also those who have not often set out. There are two Supermen appearing and there are direct actions taken by two completely different men that will be confusing. The same guy auditioned with both characters, right? This is unreasonable and unacceptable. One thing that we cannot ignore is the participation of the stars of CW shows. They did not feel nervous or expected on a regular basis about the fact that they did not participate in the audition. There are a few names emerging like Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, and Melissa Benoist who disagree about Hoechlin’s presence in the movies. When they discover the actor’s involvement, they will have negative reactions that are not public.

Henry Golding expanded for the best choices list

Henry Golding

DCEU will have a lot of new projects in the future that need to include a promising alternative. Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding is not outside the list of candidates. He is even one of the brightest names to play Superman. What could prevent a rising Hollywood star? He even has a great appearance and the ability to make the other person feel comfortable when exposed.

The priority for an Asian Superman or in other words a “New Super-Man” is something that has never happened. This replacement is a bold and unconventional decision in the history of this famous superhero. China gave the final answer to the Last Son of Krypton. Not another character, it’s Kenan Kong. The company launched the New Super-Man title on the occasion of DC’s 2016 Rebirth event. This character has gained outstanding power when his inner strength is combined with Kal-El’s power despite him not being a Kryptonian. When comparing the power between him and Superman, his power does not have the exact same points and energy as Superman’s. He appeared in his own version of Justice League.

Warner Bros expressed their desire for new, more diverse changes in the new replacement. It was a very public statement to find a new face that brought a fresh style to his character. Golding emerged as a promising name. The talented and handsome actor is very much noticed by the media, which will give him more opportunities and prospects. If Golding aspires to put on Superman clothes, that’s not too difficult. There were too many priorities for this guy.

Nicolas Cage expanded for the worst choices list

Nicolas Cage

More and more Twitter accounts expressed their desire for a new test for Nicolas Cage. The role they headed for was the Last Son of Krypton. This may surprise the audience and doubt the accuracy of the information. Is this an irony? Whatever it is, Twitter accounts these definitely have extremely low standards in the movie industry. Did they drink alcohol and were not alert when giving this information? Let’s find out with us.

Cage is an extremely loyal fan of comics. He loved his characters so much that he named his son Kal-El. Another detail proving his love for comics appeared in the Ghost Rider films. He transformed into Johnny Blaze, a.k.a. Ghost Rider – a very cool, masculine and powerful character with tattoos. A Ghost Rider tattoo made on Cage’s body even required the intervention of digital technology. The actor seems to have tattooed a real picture on his arm in order to successfully complete the film. Another role that helped boost his career was in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives. The universe seems to have so much appeal for him that he never stops passionate about it.

A reasonable explanation for his not being a perfect choice for the next replacement was given. He is no longer young or in other words too old to perform a large-scale role. The actor was no longer suited to wearing a tight outfit, circling around our planet, eradicating bad guys and saving the Earth. Audiences need faces that may not be new but youthful and dynamic. Warner Bros can direct audiences to any movie they release. However, if they are preparing for a daring, crazy, non-traditional film Superman release, Nicolas Cage may be one of the options. But, we, the audience and the comic fans or superhero characters all understand that Superman is not a character to do crazy things.

Maybe… the best options is Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

In USA’s White Collar, Matt Bomer is the top man most remembered by audiences. The actor is also a bright and early candidate for a role in Man of Steel. Superman: Unbound has noted his participation in voice acting for our friend from outside of Earth. In Superman Returns, Brandon Routh was chosen to play Superman. But we can not forget Bomer is the most suitable choice before. Why didn’t he receive that role?

Explaining this, he made a public statement about himself being a gay person at an awards ceremony. Author Jackie Collins removed him from the crew after his statement. But another source from E! News in October 2012 gave another reason. The film’s original director, Brett Ratner, chose the title Superman Flyby and Bomer as a top priority for the main actor. However, Bryan Singer replaced the first director and made changes to the entire cast and composition.

Bomer has many suitable conditions to play Superman. He has the appearance, talent, and high-level acting to play the superhero from outside the Earth. The diverse range of acting, his pinnacle and his voyeurism in 2017’s Walking Out is something that this critic cannot argue. Besides, he has been on Superman twice. There is no doubt about his ability.

Warner Bros has promised to create diverse commitments and continuous innovation. Featured names such as Jordan and Golding may be bold but likely options for movie producers to travel on a long journey. However, the call to not choose gay actors for superhero characters will create a big obstacle and pressure for Warner. Movie producers not only have to choose new gay faces and talents for the next alternative but also superheroes.

The end of the list of the worst options is Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney

There have been many members killed in Deadpool 2’s original X-Force team. Rob Delaney is one of the few survivors. On the day that Cavill announced his departure, Delaney threw his hat battle in the ring for Superman’s next replacement. The character Peter has jumped and is thought to be temporarily dead in Deadpool 2 has appeared in a GIF that Delaney has posted to the comment that how attractive they look while looking for a new element to replace Superman. He wants to show his acting ability to the media and the audience. And the fact that it has a very good attraction. With this state, he collected a massive amount of feedback with 18500 likes and there were 2300 transitions recorded.

GIF not only highlights his flying ability but also creates a positive effect on the audience. He attracted the audience with his outstanding performance. However, can this act make him a good candidate? Warner Bros was complained about poaching Dalaney’s franchise if the actor decided to play Superman for one or two films. Ryan-Reynolds-as-Deadpool can complain about this problem and the ability to receive support from the audience. The number of supporters Nicolas Cage was recorded quite east. So there is no reason to criticize the support for a radical replacement.



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