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List of stars who don’t like Jennifer Aniston

List of stars who don’t like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has a large number of fans. The actress brings positive lifestyles in eating. Her diet is very healthy including organic fruits and vegetables. Another thing that made her characteristic is that the iconic hairstyle has not changed over time. There is a list of celebrities including her colleagues who expressed their interest in the actress. Former co-star Gerard Butler believes that her kissing ability is better than Aniston’s. Meanwhile, Billy Bob Thornton expressed his romance for Aniston. Brad Pitt’s mom even supported her former daughter-in-law even though Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ended their relationship with divorce for years.

Elsewhere, quite a number of emerging names did not support Aniston. Typical as Joan Rivers and Rupert Everett. They made the Aniston’s myriad rom-coms allegations of disaster as well as the actress’s box office bombings. And there are a few other names that express dissatisfaction about her. Most likely, they may doubt Aniston’s popularity. Let’s prepare for a journey to learn about the unbearable names Jennifer Aniston. What happened to them has such negative thoughts?

Perez Hilton has a deep aversion to Aniston

Perez Hilton has a deep aversion to Aniston

Hollywood gossipmonger Perez Hilton has given Aniston an unfriendly name “MANiston“. He gave more of a grievance to the actress. In Hilton’s eyes, Aniston is not only a good person but she also has no sense of humor. He used the sharpest words possible to talk about the actress. The dealer gave a series of testimonies to the disdain he gave her. Typically, Hilton doubts Aniston’s talent and beauty. He thought that Aniston had no excellent appearance, and her acting ability was only temporary.

At the same time, he also accused the media of flattering her too much, she should not be so famous. Not stopping there, Aniston’s actions were not good and she made fans disappointed. Finally, with a series of evidence, Hilton announced that Aniston was an obnoxious person (through a 2006 article in The Guardian).

However, things went in a completely different direction when an accidental meeting between Hilton and Aniston appeared at the garage. All the excitement between these two people seemed to have been resolved after the fateful meeting that helped Hilton took a different view of Aniston. Perhaps Hilton should change his view that Aniston could not do anything better. At least the actress has been able to resolve the deep anger between them.

Joan Rivers expressed extreme disgust

Joan Rivers expressed extreme disgust

The late Joan Rivers is one of the celebrities known for contempt for Aniston. Aniston’s hair or movies have all become reasons for comedians to hate her badly. Rivers couldn’t give a good reason for Aniston’s stupid films being sponsored and praised on television (According to Us Weekly interview from 2011).

There have been more than once Rivers expressing contempt for Aniston. Talking about the appearance of Jenifer on the Oscar red carpet in 2011, Rivers used sharp words to dislike Aniston’s crying and confessing about the breakup with Brad Pitt (through Hollywood Life). Daughter Melissa Rivers and very close pal Scott Currie was the two who played a co-editor of the book Joan Rivers Confidential. According to Page Six, an Aniston-razzing zinger is mentioned in the book. I heard that if Jenifer had children, that child would also belong to Angelina Jolie.

Aniston cannot be famous without competition with Angelina

Aniston cannot be famous without competition with Angelina

Hollywood gossiper – Perez Hilton has put a title on the tabloid that Kristen Stewart who has a long list of stars that she hates returning in 2013. To prove this, he recounted a story from National Enquirer. This story has revealed some of Stewart’s secrets.

Famous actress Aniston has shown negative emotions. She didn’t accept what happened to her and she was too jealous. The loss of calm caused Aniston to leave reality. She lost herself! Aniston has defamed some celebrities including Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence. Fans still think that Stewart is Aniston’s supporter. But Stewart is struggling with confidence and she doesn’t understand the reason behind what Aniston has done. Jennifer Aniston accidentally became famous in the fierce competition between Stewart and Angelina.

An Aniston desperately Tim Gun’s eyes

An Aniston desperately Tim Gun’s eyes

These two people are thought to be so deeply enamored that any accidental encounter between them becomes a fierce battle. Tim Gunn shocked the audience when there was a share of famous actress Jennifer Aniston.

The relationship between Aniston and the playful young musician John Mayer is said to have ended in 2008. Through some elitist launch party for Tide and Downy Total Care, Gunn thinks that Aniston has something desperate in her person. Not stopping there, Gunn continued to give sarcasm about the fashion style of the actress. He thought that the clothes that Aniston wore could not bring a message or any message as we did.

Aniston is expected to have a slump

Aniston is expected to have a slump

Rupert Everett had a long list of celebrities who were attacked by him. He was said to be gay and tends to ruin his own career. Everett directly attacked George Clooney in a 2008 UK Independent profile that Clooney was not the most outstanding or talented (per Huffington Post). By the way, a host of other stars including Niro Robert Deford, Robert Redford, Al Pacino, Woody Allen, and Diane Keaton were just people who couldn’t escape the shadow of their former selves in the same interview. Impressively, Aniston did not feel lonely on this dense list.

Everett used highly lethal words to Aniston during a talk with BBC Radio 4 in 2010. He thinks that even if he is a famous star, one day in the future they will be pushed out. Aniston is not an exception and she is expected to have a lot of failures. Everett has cited a reference to his assertion. When she is at the peak of fame, she will have everything and be loved by the audience. But at another moment, she will fall quickly, becoming tasteless, rigid. In the end, she was only a glowing light beside the Crab Nebula (According to Daily Mail).

Propaganda of single motherhood and self-raising from Aniston may destroy society

Aniston spoke out against O'Reilly's comment

Jennifer Aniston had a press conference while her movie The Switch was about to premiere in 2010. Aniston had renewed thoughts on family notions (per Telegraph). Her upcoming movie revolves around a bachelorette ISO character who decided to donate sperm. Aniston openly supported becoming a single mother. She emphasized how children would have a home without their fathers.

TV news guy Bill O’Reilly has spoken out against the actress’s judgment on an episode of The O’Reilly Factor. A husband or father is a cell of society. The statement did not need any men and the propaganda of girls who became single mothers would contribute to the destruction of society. Aniston spoke out against O’Reilly’s comment. The actress said that the TV news guy had given more anger to one person, not just her. He was trampling on the women out there trying to raise a child alone and become successful every day.

Jennifer Aniston is cute

Jennifer Aniston is cute

In part of a Daily Mail profile in 2010, Joan Collins posed a question about the destination of Hollywood’s glamorous women. Angelina Jolie was the only name Collins mentioned. Then, Collins thought that Jennifer Aniston had a cute appearance that could not be said to be beautiful. She further asserts that Aniston is not Ava [Gardner] or Lana [Turner].

Aniston’s representative is said to have spoken and said on her fan page that the actress is not interested and will not participate in that senseless remark. However, was this counterattack the beginning of a war that Aniston has been implicitly involved in?

Collins absolutely did not have any regret after the fireworks of Aniston’s representative. Collins was definitely not. A series of other beautiful actresses that Collins certainly mentioned in articles like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson were removed from the article before its release.

Did Elisabetta Canalis accidentally or deliberately compare the actress to the rock star?

Elisabetta Canalis is known as George Clooney's ex-girlfriend

Elisabetta Canalis is known as George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend. In 2010, she made a comparison between Aniston and Iggy Pop – a rock icon that cannot be overtaken over time. Italian television presenter posted a cover that she gave her teeth where Iggy Pop looked a lot like Aniston. However, not long after that Canalis corrected his mistake by making a hypothesis that it was a lie, she never said something detrimental to Jennifer Aniston. She had made excuses for herself that she had just learned about the tweet through Google.

Canalis confirmed that she did not deliberately attack Aniston publicly. She transferred back to the original comparison. As a new Twitter user, she completely didn’t know how it worked and Canalis accidentally put Aniston’s name in her post. Everything was random and there was no arrangement here. Do you believe this argument? Or the fact that Canalis deliberately attacked the actress openly, and then blamed an untrue reason?

Piers Morgan’s prejudice about the nudity of the actress

Piers Morgan's

A live Q&A at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy recorded by famous actress Jennifer Aniston in 2016. She expressed sadness and sent advice to everyone that no one should punish themselves for doubting themselves.

From Piers Morgan’s personal point of view, he argued that it was unnecessary for Aniston to have nudity in magazines while half the world was facing hunger. From Piers Morgan’s personal point of view, he argued that it was unnecessary for Aniston to have nudity in magazines while half the world was facing hunger. A statement by Morgan that Aniston tried to get attention (According to The Sun). A 2016 Huffington Post story was one of the works that Aniston wrote. Despite the busy schedule, Morgan did not forget to remind Aniston to remove her preconceptions by a caustic op-ed for the Daily Mail. Aniston has criticized the media for examining her body through her work. In response to Morgan, Aniston voiced that he was a hypocrite in 2017.

John Mayer thought his ex-girlfriend couldn’t catch up with technology

John Mayer

According to John Mayer’s account through Page Six, his ex-girlfriend is the type to go back compared to the technology of the era in an interview in 2010. In their relationship, there was always a barrier. While Mayer was engrossed in his career and caught up with the trend, Aniston always lived in the fog of the past. He did not even hesitate to put Aniston into the Luddite group. Mayer thinks the actress wants to return to the 1998s.

Sharing in the interview, Mayer argued that Aniston did not support his ability to keep up with the development of technology. According to The Associated Press made the audience feel puzzled when talking about their age gap while Aniston was 41 years old (through the NewsOK).

Aniston was accused of taking negative actions with Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr

In a TV show in 2010! The host, Elle, asked Jay Mohr to share an awkward experience with a female celebrity. A mysterious woman mentioned by him with an action to shout at him. He refused to reveal the star’s identity despite the speculation that it was Jennifer Aniston – playing Mohr’s ex-lover in the 1997 film Picture Perfect.

However, on his Mohr Stories podcast, he claimed that the woman was Jennifer Aniston. The actress acted straight into Mohr’s face and shouted in the first rehearsal that she hated him. It didn’t stop there when she finished using the restroom, she did not stop harassing by continuing to shout and use unfriendly words to talk about him for costar Illeana Douglas.

Mohr never forgave Aniston after the incident on the set that day. In 2016, Sports gave him 2 choices including kissing Jen Aniston or firing Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry Maguire. However, Mohr would prefer to fire Tom Cruise and not care about Aniston.

















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