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NBA star Steph Curry has a car accident after Thanksgiving

NBA star Steph Curry has a car accident after Thanksgiving

Professional basketball player Steph Curry related to a car accident the day after Thanksgiving.

Steph Curry

TMZ reports that on the morning of Friday, Nov. 23, 2018, Curry got into a car crash in Oakland, Calif. According to Celebrity Gossip, Curry was driving on Highway 24 at about 9 am. And then a car “spun out” and hit his car. Then another car crashed into the back of Curry’s Porsche.

The remarkable thing that it’d been raining and the roads were wet.

Steph Curry related to a car accident the day after Thanksgiving

Fortunately, although it was at the accident, Curry was still okay. Still, an ambulance and the California Highway Patrol has responded to the accident. And the officers at the scene clearly took time to take pictures with the famous basketball star. Maybe after evaluating the situation, they posted that photo on their Facebook page.

In another article published in their Facebook, the California Highway Patrol described details about the accident. And they stated, “Thankfully, everyone walked away uninjured due to everyone wearing their seatbelts.” Urging drivers to use caution when driving in the rain. “We want to remind people to slow down in inclement weather.”, they added

After the accident, Curry’s Warriors teammate Klay Thompson, asked about the crash during a press conference. “I haven’t seen him. However, I heard that he was okay. Hopefully.”

Curry’s NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, expected to play against Portland Trail Blazers on the night of Nov. 23. But even if Curry doesn’t have a car accident, he will not play in the match. As he reportedly has an “groin injury but unrelated.” So, he’ll be sitting out.

According to CBS San Francisco, Curry injury stems from an incident in the game against Milwaukee (in early November). However, regardless of his injury, Curry has started to participate in “light workouts” with his team.

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