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Imperfect things about Steve Harvey we have to accept

Imperfect things about Steve Harvey we have to accept

We all know that Steve Harvey is the funniest man on the planet. He is a celeb who is no laughing matter. However, a survey conducted that Harvey has some sketchy things.

He doesn’t treat his staff well

Harvey sent an astounding memo to his new staff

Before his big talk show in Los Angeles, Harvey sent an astounding memo to his new staff. That demanded things specially reserved for tour riders. ” No meetings in my dressing room. No one can stop by or popping in. Unless invited, don’t you come to my dressing room. I dare you to open my dressing door. IF YOU OPEN MY DOOR, GO ON YOUR OWN BEFORE I REMOVE YOU”.  Harvey wrote that in the memo (reported in May 2017 by Chicago blogger Robert Feder).: ” You have to make an appointment.” (The letter stated!)

He also explained that the memo was sent to fix the open-door policy. He allowed that during his show’s in Chicago. Harvey said that he just wants to seek more free time for me. He also explained that the memo was sent several days later while discussing with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m in my dressing room, they open the door. I’m enjoying my meal, they walk in. They don’t knock or ask me. People with friends that come to the show and having me sign this and do this when I’m on my way to the show. I just want a little bit private. Generally, I should’ve dealt with it a little bit differently.”

To Los Angeles: Good luck!

He participated in an odd lawsuit about a private jet

2. He participated in an odd lawsuit about a private jet

In November 2015, Harvey was accused of backing out of plans to rent a private jet. He had allegedly asked for the aircraft more than $400,000 worth of refitting. The requirement consisted of “custom carpet, big cabin seats, a custom seat designed and new cabin sidewalls”

Harvey handled the lawsuit. However, a year later, he sued the Federal Aviation Title Company with an effort to recoup the $250,000. He had put that money to hire the private jet. Harvey received the money by default after the FATC failed to respond to his lawsuit, according to TMZ.

We think that Harvey has flown commercially since then.

He’s still conflicting with his former wife

3. He's still conflicting with his former wife

Harvey is someone who loves to dish out relationship advice. He has had his fair share of romantic beliefs. He married his ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey, for example. In 2011, Steve received a court injunction against Mary Lee because she posted a lot of videos on YouTube. That videos allege that Steve had turned their son against her and made her homeless.

In spite of the injunction, Mary Lee still threatened her former husband’s fame. She stayed in jail for 30 days, in 2013. Because she leaked the sealed documents to the media. That stuff is about an incident in which Steve was accused of beating their son. (Harvey had acquittal of the allegations). In May 2017, Mary Lee sued Steve for $60 million because of “child endangerment, torture, collusion against rights, kidnapping, murder, break the contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress” linking to their terrible 2005 divorce.

Steve’s lawyer closed the allegations in the lawsuit. He also claimed that the complaint is unworthy. The allegations are completely wrong. We will defend against the complaint.

4. His controversial advice about relationship

His controversial advice about relationship

Steve Harvey has made so many shocking comments about men, women, and dating over the years. People have put them together in a YouTube video. He claimed that people who don’t believe in God are idiots and men cheat because women allow them to. Harvey has been accused of promoting gender-normative and anti-intellectual stereotypes.

For example, he replied to a viewer question on Good Morning America about why men love unintelligent and shallow women. Harvey responded that continues barrier to this day. “You don’t want to inform this news to a really smart woman. He stated! ‘Hey, I just want to make you surprised this evening.’ You shouldn’t tell that to a clever person. Because she’ll tell you what to do. You want to find a shallow girl, really simple. You can tell them where to go and what to do, ‘That sounds interesting!'”

Excuse me but what?

His meeting with Trump was so weird

5. His meeting with Trump was so weird

In January 2017, Harvey came under pressure, particularly within the African-American community, because he made a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. During that time, Trump was accused of being racist. Even more surprising was Harvey’s view after their meeting. He illustrated Trump as “an amazing guy,” “genuine,” and “congenial and sincere.”

Harvey elected Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, for president. However, he protected his meeting with Trump. He also claimed on his radio show: “Change can only happen when we sit at the table. If we do that, then we can have a say as to what we should eat in the menu.” He added, “I have to join the table when invited.”

Several months later, on his radio show, Harvey claimed that meeting with Trump was the worst decision that he’d ever made in his life.

Miss Universe 2015 was unlucky when having a hosting gig with him

In December 2015, Harvey made a big mistake when he read the wrong name the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant on live television. Harvey apologized for that. But he later blamed on a whole lot of miscommunication.

Radar Online alleged that Harvey had previously refused to host the pageant twice. He only took the gig at the last minute. That made everyone scrambling to prepare. Even more, cameras for TMZ found Harvey drinking and playing at the high-end roulette tables some hours before the pageant began. Yeah. Not great.

His disrespected joke about Asian men

7. His disrespected joke about Asian men

Harvey offended members of the Asian community on his talk show in January 2017. During the segment, he told a few boring jokes while poking at the book How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men. “Asian men? Really? I can’t even like Chinese food, dude”.  Harvey talked to the audience:  “It doesn’t stay with you. I just eat what I can pronounce.”

The segment brought a lot of controversies. Eddie Huang wrote on The New York Times titled, “Hey, Steve Harvey, I Might Not Steal Your Girl? Who Said That?”. The show stated that Harvey looked like he had no idea about the controversy while talking to reporters. I haven’t been laughing that much a few days ago. They’re really beating me on the internet for no reason. But, that’s life, you know?”

He finally apologized on Twitter: “I’m sorry for offending anyone, particularly those in the Asian community. It was not my intention. And I did not mean malice or disrespect whatsoever.”

Bill Cosby is his friend

At least 60 women accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault over his long career. However, Harvey still appreciates the former Cosby Show star.

He said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published in September 2015: ” The last time I talked to him was a few months ago. But when I’m your friend, I’m your true friend,”. ” Cosby helped my sons at his college, and he taught me how to do this business. He taught me how to do this business when he didn’t know me.”

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