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Strange secrets of Gisele and Tom’s marriage you don’t know

Strange secrets of Gisele and Tom’s marriage you don’t know

Gisele and Tom

They may be one of Hollywood superstar couple. But according to some tabloids, Tom Brady marriages and Gisele Bundchen may be odd than superficial. From an awkward start to a rigid diet. Here are some strange facts that will make you feel less crazy than when not marry an NFL midfield or Brazilian model.

Their relationship started very awkwardly

Strange secrets of Gisele and Tom's marriage you don't know

In mid – December 2006, Brady and his girlfriend of three years, Bridget Moynahan actress, announced they had broken up. The following month, People magazine has linked Brady with Victoria’s Secret Angel Bundchen. Sources say they have started dating just before Christmas.

If that is not an awkward moment, People reported in February 2007 that Moynahan was a pregnant child of Brady. The news threw a sorrow into Brady and Bundchen’s hot-and-heavy new romance. “It’s a difficult thing because I’m here. I think I was dating this guy. And you know we met, we started dating, and everything is wonderful. And this happens. “Bundchen told CBS This Morning in 2015. “I felt like I did not know what to do. It was one of those moments like, do I run away?”

Moynahan and Brady have welcomed a son, Jack, in August 2007. Bundchen, obviously, stuck around a decision that she now very grateful. “I couldn’t require for a sweeter bonus child.

Brady involved in Ben Affleck’s nanny scandal

Brady related to Ben Affleck's nanny scandal

One of the strangest twists in the story of Ben Affleck divorce and Jennifer Garner in July occurred in 2015. That’s when Us Weekly has alleged that Affleck sticks to the couple’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Affleck quickly denied the allegations, but that was not enough to stop the rumors posted on some ragged tabloid. For example, the time Page Six reported that Ouzounian went private jet to Las Vegas along with Affleck. To make matters worse, Page Six even had a photo of Ouzounian wearing Brady’s Super Bowl rings on the plane.

A subsequent report from Page Six has downplayed the events on the plane, claiming that they were on their way to a charity event with others. However, need we say it again? Awkward

‘Deflategate’ affected their marriage

'Deflategate' affected Gisele and Tom's marriage

The nanny scandal reportedly happened during a trying time for Brady and Bundchen, who dealing with the scandal from the scandal “Deflargetate” of Brady. In fact, the year said to be too chaotic for them, Bundchen threatening divorce. “Tom thought it was just a threat. ” a source told Us Weekly. “But this is surely a rough patch.”

Bundchen shot down the reports, told a local radio station in Boston that they are in a “great place.”. And then she discussed the toll the scandal took on their relationship with CBS This Morning. “I think we have gone through some tough times together. I think that’s when you know who is your friend and who love you.”, she admitting. “I think no matter what challenges come, we always support each other. And I think that’s the most important thing you can have in your life. You know, a system of support and love.”, she added.

Do they support Donald Trump?

Do Gisele and Tom support Donal Trump?

Both during and after the bidding successfully the White House, President Donald Trump boasted on many occasions about his alleged friendship with Brady. President Donald Trump boasted repeatedly about his friend said to Brady. “Tom Brady, great guy, a great friend of mine, a great champion, a great winner cannot believe,” Trump told a crowd in November 2016, according to Us Weekly. “‘Donald, I support you, you are my friend and I voted for you.’ he said”. The New York Times also quoted Trump called Brady, ” my really good friend.”

Given that we now live in a world where “true alternative” is a thing. Many people have been unable to figure out whether Trump’s words are legal or just an exaggeration. Brady’s silence on this issue certainly does not help clarify anything.
The truth to their alleged friendship maybe lies in Bundchen. Asked by a fan on Instagram if she and her husband support Trump, Bundchen definitely replied, “NO!” Then, in January 2017, amid growing concerns over Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration, she posted a message on Instagram on the importance of diversity in the world. “The beauty of humanity lies in its variety,” she said. “All of us connected and we are stronger when we come together. The only ego, faith and fear can separate us.” Well, guess we know where she stands, at least.

Their diet is insane

Gisele and Tom in their wedding day

 The New York Post posted a wild rundown of Brady and Bundchen’s supposed diet. According to the report, Brady told Sports Illustrated that his diet is “80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic.” More specifically, he ate “80 percent vegetables and whole grains, and 20 percent of fish”. And he’s gotten fat from “extra virgin olive oil on raw foods, and coconut oil on cooked foods.” according to a summary of a report from That report also claimed Brady avoids “sugar, white flour or nightshade fruits, and vegetables.” as well as coffee, pastries, and milk powder. The Post went on to claim that Brady “limit themselves to bananas, blended in a smoothie”. Quote New York magazine, adding that he had never touched a favorite strawberry but cocoa buttercream for dessert. Bundchen reportedly follows the same diet.

Although Brady declared his menu will help him longer play football. Some health experts told the Post has doubts about the validity of it. With one dietitian referring to parts of the meal plan as “sketchy.” In other words: good luck for anyone to attend one of their parties.

Gisele is strict about Halloween candy

Gisele and Tom's family

If you think the aforementioned diet Brady and Bundchen is a headache problem, wait until you hear about the approach of her Halloween candy. “We do not really have a type of sugar in our house,” she told People in November 2016. “I let them try a piece, but they really only eat one piece and then they do not want it anymore. So I told them if they did not like it, I’ll let the other kids and they actually let me give their candy away.”

“It’s a different kind of sweets, so they’re not used to it, “she added. “I told them: ‘You know, there are so many children not getting candy. But you have a lot; some children do not even get candy! And they’re like, ‘Oh, Mom, you can give them if they do not get any.'”

Happy Halloween?

Brady will act like a kid to get Bundchen’s attention

How Brady act to get Bundchen's attention

Being a Super Bowl champion four times, one would think that Brady is a perfect expert. A mature guy knows how to mature. Well, think again. Speaking the magazine Man of the World in 2014, Brady admits he can be quite cynical and stubborn receiving attention from his wife. “I like the attention from her. So, when I do not get it, I’ll let her know by how immature. Maybe as a child is immature, ” he said (via Page Six). “You pout, you throw fits and you whine until you get what you want.”

“She is at my side, ” he added. “So now I have to study new tricks.” Well, it seems a good idea.

Bodyguards at their wedding fired gunshots at paparazzi

Bodyguards fired gunshots at paparazzi in Gisele and Tom's wedding

According to the New York Post, two guards hired for the wedding of Brady and Bundchen 2009 in Costa Rica, sentenced to 5 years in jail after allegedly shooting at paparazzi covering the nuptials. Reports said two photographers involved, who said to have clearance to take photos from the owner of the property, not hit by any bullet, fired from the distance of 300 feet. What did get hit were the front and rear windows in front of the SUV of the photographer. Apart from imprisonment, a bodyguard also must pay fines $ 10,000, according to the Post

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