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Which one is the best comic: superhero or another?

Which one is the best comic: superhero or another?


Chris Sims is the author of many comic books. It is inevitable that the reader has questions for this author. Fans often send him questions to turn around the topic of the stories that he created and pop culture. If you have questions for him, please interact with him on Twitter and send questions to @theisb. There is a necessary condition that you do not forget the hashtag #WhatsUpChris.

A question is taken from the account @Ettore_Costa. This person seemed to be very interested in comic books of superheroes. The superhero characters have been much noticed. In the past, the reader paid more attention to them than the usual comics. This person didn’t know what happened but the reader is slowly forgetting about superhero comics.

The Power Team is known as a group of real-life Christian weightlifters. These are the guys who appeared in the series since 1992. They have used the power to make great achievements. This is stimulated by Jesus at school assemblies in the South. Nobody knows exactly who has forgotten the superhero comics? But one thing is for sure, the creators of superheroes have made great efforts to shape and promote their characters in the media. This helps their characters get closer to the public.

2019 is a complicated time. A spiderman version has been battered.

The mass media starts the process of creation and innovation. The appearance of the Senate hearings has resulted in a completely new set of rules for comics. This may lead to the internet having a completely new look. In 2019, the influence of superhero comics has decreased slightly. Superhero comics have appeared on Next Big Thing as the most popular choices. Then they were switched to a second-class hobbyist’s media. The change in the journey of creating mass media has led to this transformation and explained the origin of the most prominent media during the past 10 years. Before Superman was debuted for the first time, these things have been around for 10 years.

Summary about every step of the development of comics

Clark Kent

The release of Clark Kent with the audience was an important milestone marking the development of the first superhero comic genre. Action Comics #1 ignited the beginning of his bullet-racing, locomotive-stopping, building-leaping alter-ego. The author used a prototype and placed it as a platform for his later characters. The typical prototype he chose was Batman. Later characters were based on this platform such as Zorro, Sherlock Holmes, the Baroness Orczy, and her famous Scarlet Pimpernel. The most influential character to mention was Shadow. By the way, the recent platform was Superman who was expected to have a lot of versions in the near future.

The history of comics has begun and lasts very long. The events have changed a lot over time. Comics appeared in two newspapers with names such as Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon and Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant in 1934 and 1937 respectively. Readers knew Scott because of cave paintings that show extreme art. Image language is an attractive thing and it will help pull readers back to the writings. Comics began to have a great influence since the 30s because they were beautiful and popular. People can easily have a comic book because the producers distribute them widely throughout the newsroom. The author can attract readers by increasing the composition time to about one page per week.

If anyone had a story for themselves, they were experiencing the feeling of an adventure. Let’s forget Foster and Raymond if you want to see the media success of the works. Before the emergence of superhero works, the most popular comic series was Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse and exciting adventures

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and Little Nemo used to be great work. Winsor McCay released Little Nemo for the first time in 1905. So Mickey’s adventure was still not the first. Mickey mouse differs from Little Nemo because Mickey is action-packed hijinx. The use of this type of action will help the comic become an ideal model for future development.

Mickey Mouse comic has been converted through 2 authors. After 4 months co-operated by Mickey’s creators, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, the official author of the series was the great comic artist named Floyd Gottfredson. He was known as a talented and true painter at the time. Unlike any modern versions, Mickey’s pose was more friendly and closer than ever under Gottfredson’s artistic hands. He has made his Mickey a completely new, powerful and smarter appearance. Mickey Mouse appeared in front of the readers very flexible, this character can do a lot of things like unlocking, shooting, whale hunting. This character was very talented and has tried many jobs like a free detective, drive mail carrier to join the Foreign Legion. Mickey had a sworn enemy named Peg-Leg Pete. Despite the emergence of new characters who bring much trouble, Mickey still had a great adventure, experienced with the Phantom Blot.

Although he was a talented painter of the era, his weakness in composing was that he had the racial patterns that he inspired for the series. The problem here was that these patterns caused discomfort and compulsion for the reader. It was the biggest gap that made it impossible to consider it as a product of the times. The author wrote Mickey Mouse from a manual perspective during the first 10 years.

Mikey appears on small newspaper clippings


Mickey had become very popular on the big screen. Mickey first appeared in 1929. Then this character covered widely with a frequency of 50 short films over the next three years, in 1932. Mickey appeared dense as the lead role in these films. The fact that fans paid to watch movies has led to the Great Depression. The consequence that it left was that the memory needed to spend money to meet the favorite character. Comics seemed to be an added feature of journalism and there was definitely a certain cost to this feature. Newspapers are mass media that help bring information to readers in the fastest and most convenient way. But besides that, there is a clear division of the item to be paid. Comics are considered one of the items like that in the ‘30s.

Newsletters are distributed to households every day. Family members all use the newspaper for their own purposes. Family members from the elderly to children see Mickey Mouse’s appearance on the small corner of the newspaper day in and day out. Everyone, especially children, is definitely looking forward to the moment of being notified and seeing images of favorite cartoon characters. The newsroom has been very successful in this particular approach to readers. They stepped by step approach, made the reader familiar, made the reader develop feelings, nostalgia for the character. Gradually Mickey Mouse became an ideal role model and had many fans. Fans have come close to dreaming of meeting their favorite characters on the big screen, not on a small corner.

Mickey’s success comes from the media aspect. By reaching out to readers every day, Mickey became an extremely popular character in the 30s. This can be explained by the character being performed under the artistic hand of the great cartoonist writer – Gottfredson. The work has become familiar and closer than ever. The transformation into a movie will satisfy the fans’ wishes.

Success on the radio


Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were the two authors who had a period of slowdown because there were no outstanding compositions. The comic books that they created before 1938 were not noticed by readers and did not bring success to these two authors. They finally decided to launch a completely new character named Superman.

Since the appearance of this superhero, a series of new characters have been created. Superman’s success created a loud bang that attracted readers. Along with that is the birth of a famous figure named Batman. Superman is not only honored to appear as the head of Action Comics but also to be an active superstar in his adventures. He was so famous that he excellent appeared twice a month on Action Comics. The publication of Superman really made a big buzz to prove this fame. Let’s see how this character succeeds in the media to the reader.

Kellogg’s Pep Cereal! is a daily radio broadcast that brings superheroes closer to readers than ever before. The radio is close and familiar. Every family had its own in 1940. If at that time you had a radio, it would be like you had a smart television in 2019.

Comics began to encroach on connecting with the radio. Superman covered all radio shows. Actor Bud will take on the voice role but then the producer decided to make a choice to improve the Kryptonite elements. The director chose Jimmy Olsen to be the storyteller for the Superman series. His presence will make the story natural in terms of content. Moreover, when you listen through the radio, you will feel the voice that makes you feel excited. The combination of storytellers and superhero stories will become the best possible. On the other hand, newspaper publishers still used the form of publishing a small piece of comics as before. But Superman’s adventures appeared denser.

Impressive figures about publishing

Superman actually had a peak period above all other superhero stories

Nothing explains Superman’s success more than its revenue. 1 million copies are a huge number that Superman comic books have sold. That’s the sales that people saw after the release of Superman. In fact that the number of readers and fans is much more than that. Everyone handed and read comic books. Superman appeared to engrave the neighborhoods, which was a bedside book. Try multiplying the number published many times, maybe 3.4 or 5. The number you get will be 5 million copies. The author was very proud. What was more amazing in the 20th century when the author collected such a large number?

Superman actually had a peak period above all other superhero stories. It was estimated that the total release of comics Superman was up to 20 million in the heyday. This was understandable because it has appeared on 300 newspapers – an impressive number. The number of readers surpassed expectations greatly.

There is a myth that we can’t help but mention was Captain Marvel — a.k.a. Shazam. This was an extremely famous superhero who was said to have more publications than Superman (in a few hundred thousand) in the ’40s. But the influence of Caption on readers has never been as widespread as Superman. This is understandable because Captain Marvel’s producers never let him appear in the newspaper. What a great shortage!

Batman also has a similar approach, appearing later in 1943. Bob Kane is the author of the series. The assumption was that he drew, no one who ghosted for him. This job created more trust and credibility. Jerry Robinson is a manga artist at that time. He compared Batman to other comic books which led to the conclusion that Batman was very charismatic and more charming than the others. Robinson speculated that Kane had spent a long time, only for his character and his work.

Events that happened later

Superhero comics are a genre of stories created specifically to serve children.

Do you remember the original question posed that what happened when newspapers became a matter of concern in the early days? To answer this conundrum, let’s find out Frederic Wertham and Seduction of the Innocent.

It sounds strange. Wertham was a psychologist who had a deep understanding of the effects of comics on young people, especially negative impacts. Batman has promoted superheroes and people with unusual minds to use violence. Negative effects of comics came from horror pieces, frightening elements, and crime. It is lacking if we do not mention a suspicious quote about homosexuals – a dream to live together.

Seduction of the Innocent is a poor book of construction and superficial research. It was the obsession of many readers at that time. It has had a bad impact, causing Congress to embark on hearings. A harsh hearing about comics takes place. This means new rules will be in place. As a result, a series of basic rules were applied which led to DC and Archie’s general competitors being eliminated. Opponents will no longer be allowed to do business. This was not at all, the reader remembered a bad time of comics.

Superhero comics are a genre of stories created specifically to serve children. Despite being perceived as a low art by the public, we cannot deny that it has made a big sound. The comic code stood before the superhero comic which was the last genre.

The media relies on comics to lay out their information processing. The TV show about Batman was released in 1966 based on the foundation Serious and Important. Not only that, it also came with fun. Not only Batman but Superman’s film also followed this direction 12 years later, in 1978. Action Comics #1 had a fake cover, opening the strange origin. No one knew why this appearance was made while this cover was very famous at that time.

The revival of superheroes

The revival of superheroes

The press has made great efforts to re-ignite the superhero appearance on the pieces of the newspaper. This is demonstrated by a series of Batman debuts released in 1966. This was also the time when Batman TV series were relocated.

The press believes that this combination will help revive superheroes, but they are really having trouble coming from outside the comics. A series of world superheroes began to operate. Superman made his debut in 1978. Batman launched in 1989 with a companion work – Tim Burton movie. But this release of Batman did not last long, just only 2 years, from 1989 to 1991.

Not all works ended so quickly. The proof is that The Amazing Spider-Man was born in 1977 and it continues to last until now, with no signs of stopping. There is no better reason than people who like this guy. Whether spiders existed for a long time is an exception or not?

Marvel created a strange connection between the parts of the comic. In the past 10 years, every time a part of the Marvel comic book has been adapted into a movie, the characters of the series appeared on the newspaper as an honored guest. Wolverine and Sabretooth always have an impressive and vibrant appearance. Meanwhile, the spiders appeared not so loud, just stood from the side. Luke Cage is the second runner.

The press has officially collapsed in the race

Superheroes are the biggest concern of the mass media

Superheroes are the biggest concern of the mass media. In other words, these characters are the center of attention that no one else can overcome. The position of the mass media has been turned upside down.
No longer holding the dominant position as before, newspapers have lost their position in the competition with other forms of communication. The more popular media are 24-hour television and the internet. Superhero movies were gaining a huge amount of money on about billions of dollars on television. While the superheroes that appeared in the newspaper were not noticed too much.

It was no longer the golden age for superheroes to appear in newspapers. J. Jonah Jameson got mad all the time. Newspaper Spidey had put a lot of effort into keeping readers interested in their newspaper. Everything seemed not so good. Nancy did so well that no one could compete.


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