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The best of Netflix we are about in April 2019

The best of Netflix we are about in April 2019 


As we can see, March 2019 was not an easy month for Netflix. It was a truckload of the crazy month with new programming. And Netflix got ready for an April 2019 that would be full of standout shows. The audiences can expect to see a bunch of new shows and films. Of course, we are seeing at the quality over quantity ahead. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that you may not be able to see.  There are new episodes waiting for you. Therefore, April is a promising month that you shouldn’t miss.

One of the newest and most attractive series is Black Summer. Zombie is never an old theme to exploit in the movie industry. This time we will be able to see another product about Zombie. The doom day of the world this time will be in the same universe with Z nation and Chambers. Of course, this new movie will contain new qualities.

We are waiting to welcome a lot of pieces of stuff first presented in April on Netflix. This is the list that we make, to sum up, the streaming giant’s upcoming releases. And this list contains all the new licensed films being about to come on Netflix. Then what are you waiting for but check it out?

We will see Netflix’s Ultraman on April 1


Ultraman is a famous superhero in Japan since the 1960s. For many years, this movie’s producer has released a bunch of series about Ultraman. And fans from Japan, as well as other countries, have accepted and loved this giant hero. We call it “giant hero” since it is a giant literally. In fact, this hero looks like a giant robot coming from space. Because of some reasons and incidents, this hero came to the Earth and stayed there. Then he decided to defend the earth from the monster.

Ultraman of Netflix is a product from the inspiration of the original Japan Ultraman. However, Netflix will only inherit the appearance of Ultraman. Because it will make its Ultraman in the style of 3D animation. Therefore, Netflix will open and create a new look for this hero. And the movie’s story will be also ambitious if Netflix wants to impress the audiences. After all, the reputation of Ultraman made by Japanese is a big deal to get over. According to Netflix, they will follow an Ultraman manga published in 2011 to make the live action. This manga’s story is about the son of the original Ultraman. Taking over his father’s will, this young Ultraman became the next protector of the earth. The audiences are familiar with the fight scenes between Ultraman and Monsters . Which people call Kaju in the Japanese version).

Monsters will appear and threaten to destroy everything. Some kind of human’s special force will try to fight back the monsters. But they fell to stop the monsters and Ultraman will come in time then take down the monsters. However, this time we will not see rubber suits and miniatures. The Ultraman and his enemies will not have to fight in a city that can’t be more counterfeit. Netflix will make its Ultraman in the cosmic scale.

After all, Ultraman is a promising project on Netflix. We should get ready to see Ultraman on April 1.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 is coming on April 5

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

It was October 2018 that Netflix presented The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 1. Luckily, this show became one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix. Thanks to its character created by Archie Horror who quickly created a rope in a legion of fans. The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina focuses on the Sabrina Spellman when she is a teenager. The audiences will see Sabrina Spellman thought her adventure. Of course, she will meet and get over the dangers with her friends. Kiernan Shipka is the actress playing as the half-witch Sabrina Spellman. According to what we have seen in part 1, this movie is darker than it seems. The movie seemed to focus on the dark corners to explore.

Therefore, part 2 of the movie will be not much brighter. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 continues describing Sabrina’s life. According to the trailer recently, the audiences are about to see a darker season. However, getting into a witch world with thriller incidents is a good choice for April. Then catching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 on April 5 on Netflix.

On April 5, we also welcome Our Planet

Our Planet

To the audiences who are fancy with nature, the following news is a piece of happy news to them. BBC has many shows choosing to discover the natural world. Of course, this topic is never getting bored through time. We can name some typical documentaries like The Living Planet, Life, and Planet Earth. In fact, many people like to see documentaries about the nature of the BBC channel. Moreover, Sir David Attenborough works as the voice as well as the guide. This is the reason that people get fancy with these shows.

Once more time, the BBC decided to make another documentary about the natural world. Our Planet will be the name of the next product of the BBC. Frankly, the team created BBC’ Planet Earth comes back and make Our Planet. And this time, they are about to give people a new look at nature. Of course, it will be a look that no one used to have a chance to see. Moreover, Sir David Attenborough also comes back to the narrator. He will lead us in a new adventure to discover Our Planet. The plane we know as Earth.

On April 5, Roman Empire: Caligula: The Mad Emperor will come on Netflix

Roman Empire

It is sad to admit that not many people seem to like the Roman Empire. Roman Empire has shown 2 seasons on Netflix already. But its success didn’t meet the expectation. In fact, it contained the many materials that we found similar to History Channel. It was like a combination of violence and gratuitous nudity. At some points, you can see it looks like Game of Thrones. Actually, it is hard for people to fell in love with the way it tells the history story. You can see how it’s weird when Giorgio Tsoukalos pops explain about Troy.

Despite the mix of history and drama, there are a number of audiences likes to see the Roman Empire. After all, learning history through a show is much easier and funnier. The upcoming season will be about Emperor Caligula which is interesting to see. The great Greek will live again in Caligula: The Mad Emperor. You should be ready for this show on April 5.

Unicorn Store be on Netflix on April 5

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson

We recently see Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson on the big screen. Brie and Samuel have many times working with each other. We used to see their cooperation in Kong: Skull Island. And the latest Marvel’s movie, they worked with each other again in Captain Marvel. Now we will another team up of Brie and Samuel in Unicorn Store. This is a Larson’s directorial debut in fact. Unicorn Store is a movie about a middle-aged woman who was being in a personal crisis. And a mysterious man will come to her in her crisis and get her to store. And this can be the Unicorn Store as we think.

In fact, there is much information about this film now. They finished the movie in 2017 but things didn’t work out well. After the Toronto International Film Festival, Unicorn Store fell off the radar. Luckily, Netflix will give it another chance to come to the screen. Because Netflix got the distribution rights, we will be able to see Unicorn Store on April 5.

You vs. Wild will be on Netflix on April 10

You vs Wild and Black Mirror

The audiences are familiar with You vs Wild and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. You vs Wild is the show of Bear Grylls which attracts people with surviving skills in the wild. This time You vs. Wild will come as a combination of the above two shows. It is like an update on the “Choose Your Own Adventure” format. Because you can choose the option and decided the course of the story in Bandersnatch. Let’s imagine that you can choose the decision for Bear Grylls. Whether he jumps off a waterfall or uses vines to climb down, it is all up to you.

However, Netflix chose younger age audiences are the potential viewers for this show. But we believe that You vs Wild can become a show for all ages. You should get ready for it on April 10.

Black Summer coming up on April 11

Black Summer

As we mentioned above, Black Summer is the new movie about Zombie. This time Black Summer is promising to bring a new color to this kind of movie. The Walking Dead used to gain a lot of love from the audiences. Thanks to this series, the viewer rate was getting higher and this was good news. But Netflix knew that it had to change the way people know about Zombie. It had to as people seemed to be tired of the Walking Dead.

Black Summer will give a new look at the opening of a zombie apocalypse.  Sharing the same universe with Z nation, many fans will Black Summer an interesting show. It has a new cast which fans will love them. Therefore, you should get ready for Black Summer on April 11.

We will see The Silence on April 12

The Silence

Sharing the same content with a novel by Tim Lebbon, The Silence is an amazing movie to see. Tim Lebbon published a novel in 2015 named A Quiet Place. Describing the world after an invasion of monsters. These monsters set out and hunt for people by sound. Which means that they can only catch you by your voice. Keeping silence is the only way you can survive. Of course, The Silence shared the same surface with A Quiet Place. And we can expect that The Silence is worth watching.

The movie is about a young woman who is also the main character. Sabrina plays as Kiernan Shipka who is a deaf woman. And she is the only one that can fight back the monsters. However, her unique skill is also the reason for making her a target. A gang of cultists wants to use her as a weapon to defend against the monster. Let’s wait for The Silence on April 12

The Protector: Season 2 coming up next April 26

The Protector

The Protector is a movie about a man in Istanbul. For some reasons, he has some mystical powers after he wore a magical shirt. This magical shirt helps him be the protector of the city. From the opening shots, we can see that this will be a logical movie instead of a fairy tale. According to the first season, we can see the movie containing modern-day fantasy. It was with magic talismans as well as ancient evils.

In December 2018, Netflix got good reviews with The Protector season 1. Only with 10 episodes, this movie made a good reason to boost the process of season 2. let’s see more thriller in The Protector season 2 on April 26.

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads will come on April 26

Devil at the Crossroads

For years, we have seen many myths about the famous musician. Among them, there is the most fascinating case. It was Robert Johnson meeting the devil at a Mississippi crossroads. The myths told that Robert Johnson had his unique skills thanks to devils. It was when he wandered on the crossroads at midnight. Then a devil came and made a deal with him. He would be a famous musician by giving away his soul.

It is just a story that people tell each other and no one confirms it is true or not. Now Netflix will explore more about this myth. The show ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads will be a tool to learn more about Johnson’s story. It will explore every fact about Johnson’s life, death, and his music. Let’s wait on April 26 to see this show on Netflix.

Street Food will be on Netflix on April 26

Street Food

On Netflix, we can see the show Chef’s Table as an eight-course dinner. This show gained love from the audience. Following the success of Chef’s Table, Netflix will come back with Street Food. The creator of Chef’s Table will make Street Food with all new countries and cooking skills in the world. As the title implies, this show will focus on showing street food.

People will be able to see a lot of street food culture in many countries. The experience of trying street food will be amazing. However, a lot of information about this show is still unknown. We only can know more about Street Food on Netflix on April 26.

Chambers coming up on April


The supernatural topic is something that Netflix has liked to make lately. Another product will come this April. Netflix also had The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Protector. However, Netflix may think that it is not enough for the audience. Chambers is a new supernatural horror show. There is no more information about the show that we know. According to some rumors, this show is about a girl undergoing a heart transplant. But after that, she had changed something. She seems to share some personalities with the donor. And this is the point that everything started messing up and getting scared.

The showrunner will be Akela Cooper. This was the producer on American Horror Story. And the lead role will belong to Uma Thurman. We only know that Chambers will come on Netflix In April.

Let’s get ready for New stand-up comedy

Kevin Hart

Keep your eyes up for the upcoming in this special month. First, we will have Kevin Hart back on the stage with Irresponsible on April 2. Then we will welcome Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward on April 30.

That is what Netflix intends to do in April 2019. After that, we will be ready for great movies coming up next month on Netflix.

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