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The big stars that we have lost in 2018

The big stars that we have lost in 2018

Mac Miller

In 2018, the world has lost many legends in journalism, art, politics, and so on. Their contributions are undeniable. However, the lucky star had not come to them. Their death actually left many pain and loss.

In this article, we will look at some celebs sad stories. We also provide their contributions as well as their histories. Notably, we will discuss the main reasons for their deaths. Besides, we also mention about their relative’s feeling and the legacies behind them.

Stan Lee      

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the Marvel Comics co-creator. He died on Nov 12, 2018, when he was 95 years old. When Stan Lee was 16, he started his Stanley Martin Lieber’s comics. He worked as an office assistant at Timely Comics in New York, then an interim editor in the 1940s. In May 1941, his iconic pseudonym represented for the first time in Captain America. Lee helped create iconic characters. They are Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk… Furthermore, they included Marvel’s Thor, Black Panther, The Fantastic Four… Lee became a publisher and editorial director in 1972. At that time, Comics changed to Marvel Comics.

Lee brought Marvel Comics from a niche market to a famous household brand. On one side, he revealed that it was not his strength (The Hollywood Reporter). In 1998, he exchanged his earning from Marvel films to own $10 million flat. Moreover, he had $1 million per year. It was not a bad deal. In fact, Avengers: Infinity War grossed $2 billion internationally.

Although movies starring his beloved characters met successes, his life covered with trauma. In August 2015, his former assistant sued him. The assistant claimed that he suffered from severe mental abuse. Joan, who was Lee’s wife, passed away in July 2017.

Moreover, sexually harassing commitment came to him. People said he did it with his nursing staff. A month later, an irregular heartbeat and pneumonia attacked him. They sent him to the hospital. In February 2018, Lee lost $1.4 million of his funds (TMZ). Lee’s daughter, Joan Celia Lee, faced elder abuse against her father (People). However, the comics icon refused it.

J.C. expressed her feelings after her father’s death. It was: my dad loved all his fans. To me, he was the greatest man ever (TMZ).

Burt Reynolds       

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds died on Sep 6, 2018, due to a heart attack. He shortly appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood before dying.

His niece told Variety that he had several health problems. He was tough by that time. He was really looking forward to working with Quentin Tarantino. Then, his dream became true.

Burt took part in some Westerns and some TV shows. One of them was The Twilight Zone. In Reynolds’s career, his first important role was in 1972’s Deliverance. In addition, he had a good image as a centerfold in Playgirl magazine. He also scored another hit with 1974’s The Longest Yard. Particularly, His household name began from the 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit.

Reynolds’ career gained hits as well as misses. He actually turned down the Han Solo role. And he had a difficult personal life. Burt Reynolds divorced with actress Loni Anderson. However, an Oscar in 1998 belonged to him due to his role in Boogie Nights. Reynolds participated in TV works late in his career. One of them was a beloved Golden Girls cameo.

Reynolds had gone at the age of 82. However, his bravado and mustache will live forever.

Sen. John McCain 

John McCain

Senator John McCain passed away on Aug 25, 2018. He had to suffer from glioblastoma. It is a type of brain cancer. At that time, he was 81 years old.

Prior to his service in the U.S. Congress, McCain lived in the Navy for 22 years. According to some sources, his father and grandfather were Navy admirals. McCain worked as an aviator. He overcame war and became a prisoner for 5 and a half years after falling down while serving in Vietnam. Next, he kept serving for 8 years. Then, he moved back to the US. Notably, his injuries and the torture still stayed inside himself.

After nearly 10 years, McCain ran for Congress in Arizona when he lived with his second wife. Her name is Cindy. He won 2 terms in the House of Representatives. Also, that number was 6 in the Senate. As a moderate Republican, McCain became famous. He went against his party to support the things he believed. He was right with that decision. This event made him became one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal rival. Also, he became one of the Republican senators. They resisted then-President Ronald Reagan’s Marine deployments in Lebanon (1982). He also opposed the tax-cut policy of then-President George W. Bush (2001).

McCain stood for the President 2 times. In 2000, George W. Bush won the general election. This meant that McCain lost his chance. In 2008, McCain ran against Barack Obama. McCain was well-known for protecting from racist and Islamophobic conspiracy theorists. In a final show of his well-known loyalty and resolve, McCain required Obama and Bush to speak at his funeral.

In an interview on State of the Union (via AOL), the host Jake Tapper mentioned McCain’s legacy and mortality. It was: people left us through different ways. He always understood that nobody could live with us forever. However, there could have one exception, but you have to be happy. In addition, the ever-humble McCain had an incredible response. It was McCain contributed to his country. Maybe he was not always right. He used to make a lot of mistakes in his life. However, he just wanted to serve his country with his heart.

Aretha Franklin 

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin died on Aug 16, 2018. By that time, she was 76 years old. The Queen of Soul’s rep verified her death to the Associated Press. Franklin’s family revealed that she passed away due to pancreatic cancer. In fact, Franklin denied battling in an interview with Jet (People). No one knew the severity of her sickness until just a week before she died.

Franklin was a musical legend. She was the Rolling Stone’s most wonderful singer of the history. Aretha Franklin owned 18 Grammys plus 44 nominations. She was the first woman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her songs “Think” and “Respect” becoming the hymn for equality. She was also the main factor in the Civil Rights Movement. Franklin even performed at Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial.

Franklin’s family also gave a speech within her death. “In one of the painful moments of our lives, it is typically difficult for us to express our true feelings in our heart. We suffered from a big loss. Franklin’s love for her children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and cousins still alive”. They added: we loved to thank all. Thank for the incredible love and support of our best friends and fans all around the world. Thank you a lot for your passion and pray. We knew clearly your love for Aretha. It let us know that her legacy would live on.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Rapper Mac Miller died on Sept 7, 2018. He left us when he was only 26 years old. His real name is Malcolm McCormick. TMZ reported that his friend had called but it was too late. The reason for his death was a fatal overdose.

Miller used to speak out his struggles with substance abuse. This issue led to the separation between him and the pop star Ariana Grande in 2018. She called that relationship was “toxic”. Additionally, Grande wrote on her Twitter that she was not a babysitter/mother. She looked after him. She tried to support him and prayed for him for years.

Just a few days after their breakup, Miller crashed his car. During that time, he allegedly was driving intoxicated. In August 2018, he received a fine with two counts of DUI. He directed his charges with Apple Music’s Beats 1. He said: I lived a life for 10 years. I faced nearly no real consequence. I did not tend to end up this thing without fine. And I admitted that I made an unacceptable mistake. However, I think it was the best thing. I should run to that light and stop the whole thing.

Miller had an interview with Rolling Stone (Aug 2018). During that meeting, Miller claimed that he did not addict to drugs. He said although he used it, he did not abuse it. In February 2016, in a mini-documentary for Fader, he made a statement. He would be the corny white rapper rather being a drugged-out mess. Overdosing is definitely negative. You do not drop down because you overdose. Eventually, you just die.

On the other hand, Miller’s family made a statement (via Rolling Stone). It was, in part: Miller was a sunlight in this world in the heart of family, friends and his fans. Thanks for your prayers.

Jerry Van Dyke 

Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke is the younger brother of TV legend Dick Van Dyke. He passed away on Jan 5, 2018. At that moment, he was 86 years old. Van Dyke died because of heart failure (via The New York Times). Also, Jerry’s wife (Shirley Ann Jones) said Jerry’s health became worse and worse due to a car accident in 2015.

Jerry got his start in The Dick Van Dyke Show. He came with the role of a guest appearance. After that, he appeared regularly on The Judy Garland Show and The Ed Sullivan Show. He came with a comedian position. Jerry used to be an Emmy nominated actor in his right. He earned 4 nods for his position of an assistant coach Luther Van Dam on Coach (1989 – 1997). Coach ended, and then Jerry made regular appearances on TV shows. They are Yes Dear, My Name Is Earl, The Middle, and Raising Hope.

Verne Troyer 

Verne Troyer        

Verne Troyer gave up on his life on April 21, 2018. By that time, he was just 49 years old. To date, his real dying reason is unknown. However, people said his death might link to an alleged suicide.

An actor’s Facebook page also commented. “For us, it is a deep sadness and extremely broken hearts to announce that Verne had gone today. Verne was a person who cared for everyone. He loved to see everyone smile. He always wanted to make everyone happy. If anybody needs him, he would come to help. Verne always hoped he could change all the bad things based on his platform. He tried to spread that message every day in his life.

Troyer suffered from achondroplasia dwarfism. This is a condition in which cartilage do not convert to bones. It usually occurs in long bones such as arms and legs.

Troyer was popular due to his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers. He owned over 50 acting credits. Mike Myers (Austin Powers star) honored Troyer through The Hollywood Reporter. He claimed: Verne was the excellent professional. He was a positive person. Everyone working with him also appreciated him much. It is an upset day. However, I always hope he is Rest In Peace.

Stephen Hawking 

Stephen Hawking

The famous physicist – Stephen Hawking – died on March 14, 2018. Hawking was a victim of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease (BBC). This disease visited him when he was just 21 years old. Hawking had gone peacefully in his home in Cambridge. He lived long 76 years. He living passion was his children: Lucy, Tim, and Robert.

His children spoke out (via E! New). Their statement was: we deeply sad that our father passed away today. Our dad was an extraordinary scientist. His contribution and legacy will live for years. His persistence, courage, his brilliance, and humor passionate all people throughout the world. Our dad used to teach us: it would not be a universe if it was not home to the people you love. Dad, we will love you forever.

Dolores O’Riordan 

Dolores O'Riordan          

Dolores O’Riordan died on Jan 15, 2018. She was the frontwoman of The Cranberries.

Her publicist said she was in London because of a short recording session. However, according to Ireland’s The Journal, there were no further details. The U.K. coroner made a statement to The Associated Press. It said that O’Riordan died in a hotel room in London. Her passing was “unsuspicious”.

O’Riordan suffered from bipolar disorder. It came after an argument at an airport in 2014 (The Telegraph). She later told that her mental health problems began from sexual abuse when she was a child. Those problems were depression, eating disorder, and an attempted overdose in 2012.

O’Riordan’s boyfriend – D.A.R.K. musician Olé Koretsky – also commented. He said: my close friend, partner, and the love of my life has gone. The pain insides my heart. Dolores is a beautiful woman. The energy she kept radiating is unavoidable. I feel lost. I miss her so much.

Anthony Bourdain 

Anthony Bourdain

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide on June 8, 2018 (by CNN News). He was well-known for his Emmy-winning TV set Parts Unknown. By the time he died, he was 61 years old. The network found that Bourdain was in France. He was working on the next episode of his big series. Then, his friend chef found him in his room. After that, CNN issued a statement. They said: it is extreme sadness. We finally have to confirm Bourdain’s death – our friend as well as our colleague. His great adventure, friends, and noticeable stories let him be a unique storyteller. His talents never let us disappoint. To say, we will miss him forever.

Bourdain made his reputation from an outspoken chef. Besides, he was also reformed bad-boy fame. He fell into substance abuse problems in the past. However, he surpassed that problem. Then, he became a successful renowned journalist and food & travel connoisseur. Parts Unknown had to say something about Bourdain. To make a note, it received a Peabody Award in 2013. This organization said: He was truthful, irreverent, curious, never obsequious and never obsequious. When seeing him, people often find out more about their homelands. To say, he did better than a traditional reporter.

President George H.W. Bush   

President George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush is the 41st President of the US. He died in his 94th year. He had gone at Houston, Texas on Nov. 30, 2018 (CNN reports). Bush contributed to his country in a lot of capacities during his entire life. He was a child of a rich banking family. He became the youngest combat pilot of Navy in World War II. During this period, Bush won the Distinguished Flying Cross within his 58 missions. After the war, Bush married Barbara Pierce. Both of them came to Texas. This place was the place he started his career as an oil prospector.

Bush was the man of the House of Representatives in 1966. Also, he was an envoy for the United Nations. Moreover, Bush also conquered the head position of the Republican National Committee. It was the period of President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. In 1976, he was the head of the CIA for just one year. Notably, Bush ran for presidential election in 1980. This meant that he challenged his fellow Republican Ronald Reagan. But, Reagan won the nomination. Bush then became his running mate. Reagan kept this position for two terms. After his terms over, Bush continued to run for President in 1988. Fortunately, he won. It is necessary to know that he was the first vice president to be the US President. Bush served only 1 term before losing Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential election.

Bush retired and lived with a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. However, he never lost his adventure blood. Despite being old, he still held his 75th, 80th, 85th, and 90th birthdays. During his birthdays, he skydived and donated his money. He and Barbara generated over $1 billion from charities after leaving the Oval Office. In 2011, Bush received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

The New York Times reports that Bush stayed at home with his family at his final time. Bush did not want to go to the hospital. He loved to be with Barbara. His wife actually died on April 17, 2018. Besides, their daughter – Robin – died because of leukemia when she was a kid. He had a final talk with his son, 43rd President George W. Bush. His son told that Bush was the best man ever. And, H.W. Bush answered: I love you, too.

Fredo Santana

Fredo Santana

Rapper Fredo Santana died on Jan 19, 2018. Sadly, when he died, he was just 27 years old. To be worse, Santana had an 8-month-old son.

The Chicago-based MC suffered from a deadly seizure (TMZ). Santana, born Derrick Coleman, had to go to the hospital in his last months. It included hospitalization for kidney and liver problems in October 2017. When he got out of the hospital, Santana immediately moved back to the studio to produce more music. Notably, Rolling Stone reported that he considered moving to rehab.

The drill rapper one spoke out his addiction to lean. It was sizzurp. Sizzurp is a mixture of prescription cough syrup (codeine) and many different substances. This may lead to his fatal seizure. According to reporters, his girlfriend came to his home at 11:30 p.m. She found him lying on the floor. He died.



XXXTentacion killed on June 18, 2018, due to an assassination. The rapper was just 20 years old. TMZ reported that 2 strange men shot him outside of a Florida motorcycle dealership. The police reportedly believed that 2 men were a robbery. To say, a Louis Vuitton bag lost from the rapper’s vehicle by the time.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department awarded $3,000 for any related information.

Tentacion made some hit songs in his career. Also, he made a No. 1 album with 17. Moreover, he was famous due to the harrowing violence accusations against him. It started from an ex-girlfriend. She claimed that Tentacion had kidnapped and beaten her many times. When she had his child, he still kept attacking her. However, he denied all of her statements.

The rapper seemed to be able to predict his passing.

In his Instagram (per The Independent), he published a video. It said something like: This wish was in the case that if he was going to die or had to sacrifice. He wanted to ensure that his life could make at least 5 million children feel happy. Or they could find some answers in his life without caring about his negative reputation. Do not allow your depression to control yourself. Do not allow your body to lead your soul. Instead, you should let your soul find your body. Your mind is infinite. You are more valuable than you can imagine.

Jason Wayne Miller        

Jason Wayne Miller

Jason Wayne Miller died on Jan. 9, 2018. He died at home in Chicago when sleeping (TMZ reported). By that moment, he was just 36 years old.

Additionally, Heavyweights (1995) writer and producer was Judd Apatow. This man told Page Six that he felt joyful when being around Miller. He said: We definitely preferred spending time with him more and more. Actually, he made everyone around him feel peace and fun. This new is a horrible loss to me.”

Co-star Aaron Schwartz is the one who played Gerald Garner. He told the site that Joe always made fun for everyone around him. He obviously was a person you always loved to stand by his side. Too sad and too young. Rest In Peace, Joe.

Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison 

Richard 'Old Man' Harrison    

Richard “Old Man” Harrison left the world on June 25, 2018. He was the Pawn Stars star. The 77-year-old fought with Parkinson’s disease. Rick Harrison (his son) said Richard stayed beside his loved ones before dying.

Richard was a Navy veteran. He became a lover on the History Channel hit series (debuted in 2009). By that time, his appearances were far and few. Richard and Rick opened the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas after moving to Sin City in the 1980s.

Rick confessed in a statement. He said: Richard was my hero. I was a lucky person to have a very cool dad like that. I really wanted to share him with so many other people. And I aimed to show them what a great man is. To be honest, I was so grateful to earn experiences with him. He lived a meaningful life. In the History TV show ‘Pawn Stars’ touched all the people. It always taught them the value and the meaning of your family, humor, and hard work.

A rep for the History Channel told TMZ. They said: we are deeply upset because of the loss of Richard Harrison. We will always miss him for his candor and wisdom.









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