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You can realize that the cast of Captain Marvel is familiar

You can realize that the cast of Captain Marvel is familiar

For the past decade, the Marvel studio has played a casting game for the whole time. And we can see how they are good at finding perfect matches for the characters. All members of the Avengers tried their best to express their character perfectly. They wanted to bring all aspects of those superheroes to the silver screen. Therefore, finding new actors/actresses is an essential mission to care about. So far, Marvel’s new additions to their big family have been good as it should be. Recently, Tom Holland played as Spider-Man in 2 Marvel movies. And he received many compliments from the public. Even the father of Marvel, Stan Le admitted that nobody’s played spider-man like Tom Holland. Hence, choosing the right woman for the role Captain Marvel requires many considerations.

In 2016, we got the news that the Marvel studio had already made its choice for the role of Captain Marvel. At that time, they already have believed Brie Larson would be the perfect decision for that. This character is much more important than any other characters in MCU. Because she will be an essential part to push MCU to the next phase. Kevin Feige informed in a 2019 featurette. “From now, Captain Marvel will be the one leading the Avengers. And she will be at the front line of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio head got a strong belief that Carol Danvers will be able to become the next leader of the Avengers. However, we can’t predict anything as we have to wait for Captain Marvel appears in cinemas.

Having Larson as Captain Marvel is a wise choice of Marvel studio. We can believe in Larson to bring the character on screen in a perfect way. After all, she is an actress who used to win an Oscar Award. How about the rest of the cast? Surprisingly, there are many names in the list that you may find so familiar. Then let’s check out the cast list of Captain Marvel.

Gemma Chan plays as Minn-Eva

Gemma Chan

We have Gemma Chan as Minn-Evra who is originally a Kree scientist and loyalist. This female scientist intended to come to earth for Marvell. This original Captain Marvel with his reasons decided to stay on Earth for time. Then Minn-Erva hoped that she can mate with him literally. By that way, she would be able to reach the hidden potential of their species. As you can see, The Kree is a noble proud people in the MCU and so is she. In comics, she is in a squad fo Thanos whose mission is eliminating 90% of the Kree. Through this way, she and Thanos believed that it would boost The Kree’s evolution.

Here is a little information about Gemma Chan for you. Chan used to have a chance to work as an international law firm, but she denied it. Because she knew that acting is what she really love and want to pursue a career in it. After that, she got a role in sci-fi series Humans and many minor roles in Hollywood movies since then. They are Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; and Transformers: The Last Knight. However, she hadn’t impressed Tinseltown before she took part in 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians.

She was an attractive socialite Astrid in the smash-hit rom-com. Another Hollywood movie that contained all Asian actors/ actresses. The first movie they made like this was The Joy Luck Club in 1993. She answered to Deadline in 2019. “I just wanna say how lucky I am and how grateful I am to be a part of this.”

Algenis Pérez Soto plays as Att-Lass

Algenis Pérez Soto

Att-Lass was one of the members in Starforce alongside with Minn-Erva. And they are together when the war between Kree and Shi’ar broke out. However, Att-lass had no ideas that the Kree Supreme Intelligence was behind all of this. Later, he knew about Minn-Evra’s intention with Thanos to kill 90% of his race. Having no choice, he killed him with his suit’s self-destruct and he would bring Minn_Erva down with him

In this movie version of Captain Marvel, Algenis Pérez Soto will take the role as Att-Lass. Soto is not an experienced actor but he used to appear in some movies before. 2 co-directors of Captain Marvel, Anna Boden, and Ryan Fleck, used to work with him. It was in Sugar 2008, their baseball drama. But the thing didn’t work out with Roto. Then he joined another boxing drama in 2017, Samba which was a good fit for his career. And now, he will be a part of a big movie in 2019, Captain Marvel

You can easily see how exciting Soto is to be a part of this film. On his Instagram, he claimed that he loves Captain Marvel and it was a really big deal to him. To this Dominican actor, this is not just a chance for his career but an honor. He answered to Hip Latina. “Being a part of this big movie is such a great thing. And I hope they would pay more attention to us Latinos. As we can also do it well.”

Rune Temte plays as Bron-Char

Rune Temte

At the time Rune Temte informed that he would have a part in Captain Marvel, he seemed to be eager. He expressed this on his website. “I am so happy to be able to play as Bron-Char finally. I and my fellows from Starforce will kiss The Skrulls’ ass out of this universe”. However, do you know the reason they put in this character.?

His character, Bron-Char just plays a small part in the whole comics. His attribution to the comics is nothing much to mention. However, Bron-Char is also one of the small group people that are able to destroy Cap’s shield. In Temte’s last movies like The Last Kingdome or his role as Ubba, we can see how good he is in fighting scenes. Moreover, he used to appear in Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude and Eddie The Eagle. In Eddie The Eagle, he even got chance to work with Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine.

Djimon Hounsou plays as Korath

Djimon Hounsou

We are so familiar to the character Korath-Thak the Pursuer. His first appearance was in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Then what do we know about this character? He is cyber-geneticist and he is also a Kree warrior. He invented and used his invention of himself to gain the superpower of Kree. And later he would be also under the command of Thanos. The role as Korath-Thak will go the actor Djimon Hounsou.

This actor’s defined his name since his performance in Stephen Spielberg’s Amistad. Then he started receiving success in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator as an enslaved Juba. In Hounsou’s career, he got the chances to work with many famous names on the screen. For example, we have Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Another time he worked with Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. And the latest one, he worked with Keanu Reeves in Constantine. Moreover, this is not the first time he tried to play as a superhero. Hounsou used to voiced King T’Chall in 6 parts animated Black Panther series.

 When he answered to Slashfilm, the actor reveal some information about Captain Marvel. “This movie will have no connection to the Guardians. And my character will have the same manner as it used to appear on the screen.”

We again can see Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser

Lee Pace

Ronan the Accuser who lost Star-lord in his dance battle will come back in Captain Marvel. Because Captain Marvel will happen before all incidents before. And Lee Pace will take the responsibility to be as Ronan the Accuser. Joining the Public Accuser Corps early, Ronan later became the Supreme Accuser. More history and information about him will come to light in the upcoming Captain Marvel. And we believe in Pace to demonstrate another chilled-out version of Ronan as he informed.

 “You will not see the same Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. This is before he becomes a Kree psychopath. In this movie, he will be a Kree.” Pace claimed. When they suggest he come back with the role of Ronan, Pace was happy to do so. This kind of space terrorist character really amazed him.

To someone, playing as a space terrorist seems to be weird and hard to get the spirit of the character. But it is a different story to Pace who used to become a vampire and an elf. As you recall, he was Garrett in Twilight and king elf, Thranduil in Hobbit

Jude Law plays as Yon-Rogg


 The attribution of Yon-Rogg is still unknown. During Captain Marvel’s production, we don’t know more about this character. we also so know Law will be commander Yon-Rogg from a Marvel’s youtube channel. It was a few months after the confirmed information about who will be Mar-vell revealed. Jude Law had to makeup and wearing lenses to turn to the Kree commander. But I will not prevent fans from recognizing him.

He gained the attention of people since he worked with Matt Damon and many famous names. As you can remember, it was in The Talented Mr. Ripley. After that, his career started to go up when he got chances to work with top directors. Some of them are Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, and Wes Anderson. Recently, you might be able to recognize out professor Albus Dumbledore in his young age.  Law has defined his talent through his roles and audiences loved to see that.

However, Jude Law hasn’t taken part in many action movies or one requiring battle sequences. Actually, he answered to Slashfilm. “I have already been 3 movies having a physically demanding role”. If he wants to fulfill the role of the Kree commander, he has to get used to fighting scenes.

And we have Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson

We all know this A-class actress in Hollywood since 2015. Brie Larson gained the title Best Actress in 2016 for her role in Room. From then, her face became more familiar to audiences. In Room, she was as Joy “Ma” Newsome and she played this character perfectly. But before that, she was also the most welcoming face and received much love from audiences.

Brie Larson used to appear in some comely hits like Scott Pilgrim vs the World and 21 Jump Street. These movies also created a big impression for her name but wait for the Short Term 12. In Short Term 12 we had to admit her performance was so cool. Then her name appeared next to other famous celebs like Mark Wahlberg and Amy Schumer. And many bigger offers continue coming to her.

As you can recall, she was an anti-war photojournalist in Kong: Skull Island. In this movie, she got a chance to get used to Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson who she will work again in Captain Marvel. Moreover, they worked together in Unicorn Store which is about to be on Netflix this year. After Kong: Skull Island, Jackson informed that she tried to get in a good shape for her Captain character. “This is not the same girl in Kong and Unicorn Store. She must have worked out a lot”. Jackson answered Collider.

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos

Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn was an Australian actor who also gained outstanding performances after years. His name became famous from the Aussie drama, Animal Kingdom. In this movie, he was a Melbourne-set crime flick. Thanks to it, he became a new villain in Tinseltown’s list and came to Hollywood’s names.

You could know Ben for his role as Imperial Military director Orson Krenn. It was in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and he appeared on screen again in 2018. This time he will be Nolan Sorrento, the CEO of OASIS. As we mentioned before, he is good at being a bad guy. His reputation came from his ability to change like a chameleon. In fact, his acting skill helped him have many successes in his career. And this time, we expect for his outstanding moves in his Captain Marvel character. Playing as Talos may be difficult but it’s worth waiting for him.

Talking about his new villain character, he made fun at why he is the villain in the movie and comic. “You know, I am the commander of the Skrulls. And to the Skrulls, the rest of the universe are punks, then we invaded their world. It is easy to understand, right?”. After all, we are waiting for the Emmy-winner performance as new villain Talos.

Lashana Lynch plays as Maria Rambeau

Lashana Lynch

The English actress Lashana Lynch is so strange to people. In fact, you can be able to see Lashana Lynch before in some British TV shows. She used to show up at many movies and shows before. Hence Lashana gained a lot of experiences playing as many characters. She could appear in police procedurals, crime dramas or murder mysteries. In 2016, she gained the lead role in ABC’s Still Star-Crossed which is a symbol for her success.

This was a show about things happening after the events of Shakespeare’s tragedy. However, the show wasn’t as popular as they expected. Then the producer decided to cancel the show and put the second season into a plan.

And now, Lashana Lynch will have a chance to get her name back to the list once again. Taking part in Captain Marvel could give her a bounce. This time she will be Carol Danvers’ Air Force buddy, Maria Rambeau. Which means she will appear alongside with the Brie a lot. Though it is just a minor character we believe her role in the move will be bigger. After all, it is definitely a good opportunity for her. Lashana Lynch answered to Collider. “Maria and Carol are good friends to each other. When her friend disappeared and came back from nowhere, she was through a lot of grief. You know.”

Akira Akbar as Monica Rambeau

Akira Akbar

Not many people know the name Akira Akbar for sure. However, he used to play as a young version of Beth in NBC’s hit dramedy show. But it was not some big things to mention. Clearly, her role as Monica Rambeau will be the biggest one for her. This time she will be as the daughter of Carol’s best friend and colleague.

However, this girl will play an important character. In comics, she will become a superhero after contacting with extra dimensional energy. Later she will be the legacy of Captain Marvel. She became a leader of the Avengers for a while then change her name into Photon.

But Lashana Lynch confirmed that something like this will not happen in MCU future. Answering to Rotten Tomatoes, she informed that Marvel didn’t have any plans for Monica. “They always found the way to keep us excited. They never totally based on the comics as they don’t want to make it predictable. And that is the reason why so many people love Marvel movies”. She added in her interview with Inverse.

Samuel L. Jackson as young Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson

One of the most interesting roles in Captain Marvel is young Nick Fury. From many movies before, we are so familiar with Samuel L. Jackson. This old guy always appeared in a need time. And like he used to say in Avengers 2, “The last man’s standing”. Hence it is amazing to know him before he becomes the director of SHIELD. Samuel L. Jackson is a famous actor and nearly all Americans know him. However, his new role in Captain Marvel makes everyone confuse and wait for it.

How can he return to his youth like this? Like we mentioned above, this movie happens before all incidents in MCU movies. Which means it will be back to 1990s and they have to make him younger. It is when they come to special effects wizards at Lola VFX. Marvel has used this in its recent movies like Antman, Civil War, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. However, it is the first time they will use it the entire movie. Then we can guess that Nick will also be a big man this time

Samuel L. Jackson totally agrees with this technique or we can say that he is happy with it. He posted on his Instagram account. “I can’t believe in this Marvel de-aging technique. Getting back to 1990s means people can be able to see the other eye of Nick. I mean when it is still in good condition”. Samuel L. Jackson also comments that Nick will come back to his eye patch soon enough.

Clark Gregg comes back as young Agent Coulson

Clark Gregg

This time, Phil Coulson will be not one of the main agents of SHIELD anymore. Actually, this time he will be a new guy learning to be a professional agent later. Clark Gregg answered to Den of Geek about his return. “This time I will a new guy in SHIELD. Do you remember Coulson used to talk to Iron Man this isn’t his first rodeo? Maybe he means this time.”

Clark Gregg also need helps from the de-aging technique. However, he didn’t admit it from the first trailer released day. He also claimed that they really didn’t use it on him. “Just need to have a 4-day nap then I can look like that”. He commented on Twitter when people talked about it. The fact is that his face seems to not change much since his latest appearances.

Back to his ‘90s, the actor was trying to get small roles in movies and then he made it. Later he appeared in Sex and the City and Will and Grace. Then he joined in The West Wing as Agent Michael Casper. It was somewhere between 2001 and 2004. In 2008, he became the director and actor in Choke. It was the movie sharing the same name to Chuck Palahniuk’s book.







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