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How is the cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High today?

How is the cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High today?

Fast Times

Fast Times at Ridgemont High premiered in 1982. This film based on real events. They were from Cameron Crowe after spending a year in a California high school. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was a hit that became a cult classic. It launched careers for many young actors. Let’s take a look back at the cast making Fast Times succeed. In addition, we also find out how they are nowadays.

Sean Penn – Jeff Spicoli

Sean Penn - Jeff Spicoli

Jeff Spicoli spends his school days to dive in endlessly battle with his teacher. His teacher name is Mr. Hand. He did not drive Mr. Hand to his clowning and truancy. Also, he plans to deliver the most unforgivable lines.

Spicoli took a role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Besides, he played a part as a military cadet in an action drama Taps. Both of them helped him move into Hollywood. Although he had some flops, Penn’s career included a lot of well-known movies. They are the 2008 biopic Milk and the 2003 crime drama Mystic River. Because of them, he had earned an Academy Award. Penn also stood behind the camera. Particularly, he directed the 2007 drama Into the Wild. Most recently, Penn conducted a secret interview with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. This meeting occurred before the 2016 kingpin’s arrest.

Judge Reinhold – Brad Hamilton

Judge Reinhold - Brad Hamilton

After irritating a customer, Brad had to get out of his job at All-American Burger. Fortunately, in the epilogue, he became a manager at a convenience store.

Reinhold’s role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was his significant break. He often took part in many movies and TV shows. Especially, Billy Rosewood in the Beverly Hills Cop plus the “close talker” in Seinfeld 1994 episode “The Raincoats” brought Reinhold an Emmy nomination. Otherwise, Reinhold took part in Bad Grandmas. It is the crime comedy in 2017. He starred with Henderson. This collaboration was her final film role before she died in November 2016.

Jennifer Jason Leigh – Stacy Hamilton         

Jennifer Jason Leigh                                                    

For Stacy Hamilton, life became more sophisticated because of finding romance. Stacy lost her virginity to a customer. This story happened in the place she worked – the pizza parlor. Stacy briefly dated Mark Ratner. However, they separated because of several mixed signals. After a period, she got pregnant due to a one-night-stand with her classmate. Due to difficulties, Stacy decided to cut her baby’s life. At the end of the story, Stacy and Mark fixed their wrong things and they got back together.

Jennifer played roles as a child star in many TV shows and movies. Her part as Stacy in Fast Times improved her acting career path. She appeared in a list of famous films and TV shows. Those programs are Backdraft, Weeds, The Hudsucker Proxy… Notably, Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight also belongs to this list. Quentin Tarantino helped her gained an Academy Award nomination. Furthermore, in 2017, Leigh starred in a horror film Amityville: The Awakening. She also held down a role of the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks. Jennifer also co-operated with Natalie Portman. They acted together in the anticipated science fiction thriller Annihilation (2018).

Robert Romanus – Mike Damone      

Robert Romanus

Mike Damone (Robert Romanus) scalped some concert tickets to generate money. Besides, he pleased his shy friend, Mark Ratner, to support his plan for succeeding with the ladies. Later, Damone understood how immature he is when bad things came. He made Mark’s crush get pregnant due to a one-night-stand. Mark’s love is Stacy. Moreover, he bailed on her when she needed him to pay for an abortion. This disclosure led Mike and Mark to blow in a room of confrontation.

This role in Fast Times helped him jump into the acting business. In addition, a part in the TV series The Facts of Life also made up his most memorable moments. He still continued to act in TV shows and also his starring business. Most recently, people can see him in the family dramedy The Remake (2016). Otherwise, Romanus also owned a coffee shop in North Hollywood. However, he closed it down.

Phoebe Cates – Linda Barrett

Phoebe Cates

Facing with young relationships may be a kind of distraction. Linda does her best to persuade her inexperienced and fool friend, Stacy. Linda helped herself with aplomb after walking in on Brad in an awkward situation. After that, she came to help Stacy during her abortion.

Phoebe Cates did not prepare to become an actress. To say, an injury destroyed her Juilliard dancing career. After that, she learned to be a model for a few years. Then, Cates starred in her first roles in Fast Times and Paradise as well. She continued to play a role in movies and TV programs. However, in 1994, she retired from that path. To continue, Cates introduced her boutique gift shop in New York City. She surprisingly returned to the big screen in 2001. By that time, she starred in the romantic dramedy The Anniversary Party. Her friend Jennifer – a Fast Times castmate – directed and wrote this film. In recent days, Cates dubbed for a character Kate Beringer in the Lego Dimensions video game (2015).

Brian Backer – Mark ‘Rat’ Ratner       

Brian Backer

Let’s talk about a shy but friendly guy – Mark “Rat” Ratner (Brian Backer). He found it difficult about how to make the acquaintance of his crush, Stacy Hamilton. Knowing his friend is falling into trouble, Mike Damone gave some advice for Mark. Then, Mark dated with Stacy. However, this relationship did not live long. Mark left his girl. In this movie, Ratner represented for a real person: Andy Rathbone. This man succeeded as being the author of the “…For Dummies” series.

About the actor Brian Backer, his character as Rat in Fast Times put him on the reputation. Backer continued his acting career path regularly in TV shows and films over the next period. From 1991 up to now, Backer has only appeared in the 2012 film Vamps. This role is the most prominent gain of Backer. Additionally, Vamps’s director is the same as the Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Amy Heckerling.

Forest Whitaker – Charles Jefferson

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker is the Ridgemont High’s only “star” player. He played for a lackluster football team. In the film, Forest’s little brother and slacker Jeff Spicoli took his 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. They brought it out for a joyride and wrecked it. Spicoli tried to blame for the accident. He parked that car in front of the school and colored it with insults. His aim was to make the car look like the responsibility for Lincoln High. Jefferson put his anger into the football field. He led Ridgemont to win against the Lincoln High team.

Charles’s internationally reputation came after filming. He widely dedicated and respected on every role he took. In addition, Charles brought numerous accolades. He owned an Academy Award for his presentation in The Last King of Scotland. Besides, his character – Forest Whitaker – was his first prominent role in his career path. Otherwise, he appeared in a set of movies as well as TV shows. Whitaker played the Zuri in the 2018 superhero movie Black Panther. Notably, Star Wars fans still remember Charles. It is all about his performance of the eccentric militant Saw Gerrera in 2016’s Rogue One.

Amanda Wyss – Lisa

Amanda Wyss

Amanda did not play an important role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. However, people still probably remember Lisa character. She continued to step on Brad Hamilton’s series of bad things. Lisa rejected Brad since he lost his job at the All-American Burger. After that, Actress Amanda Wyss had her own breakout in 1984. She starred in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. During the ’80s and ’90s, Wyss took part in regularly in many other movies and TV shows.

One of her programs included the reporter Randi McFarland in the Highlander TV series. In these years, Wyss has engaged in some episodes of Dexter, JAG, and CSI. CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. In addition, her most prominent and recent project is a horror TV movie. Its name is The Sandman, which was on Syfy in October 2017.

Ray Walston – Mr. Hand

Ray Walston

Ray Walston stands for Mr. Hand in RH. The nonsense Mr. Hand spent much of his time competing with Jeff Spicoli and all of his students. In the end, Mr. Hand made revenge. He showed up Spicoli’s doorstep the graduation night dance. Spicoli asked him to spend hours in an extended study class so as to pass his course.

Before taking role Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ray Walston acted like a Hollywood veteran. He made his name engage in parts of the 1973’s The Sting and the ’60s TV series My Favorite Martian. Walston later repeated his role as Mr. Hand in the short-lived TV. It is Fast Times spinoff. In addition, he kept acting in movies and TV shows within the rest of his acting business. It is pretty important when mentioning him in this part. Stephen King fans may remember him with the role of Glen Bateman in miniseries The Stand (1994). After a period, Walston had to nearly get out of his acting career because of his lupus diagnosis. He only participated in several roles in 1994 before dying in 2001.

Vincent Schiavelli – Mr. Vargas

Vincent Schiavelli

Vincent took a role as an enthusiastic science teacher Mr. Vargas. He had a lot of chances to perform among the educators at Ridgemont High. One of the most memorable scenes was when his class came to see a morgue. Mr. Vargas also returned to the TV series depends on the film. Within his four-decade career, Vincent Schiavelli was an excellent acting character. People also remember clearly his unique facial features as well as his stature. Unluckily, Schiavelli had to suffer from the linking tissue disorder Marfan Syndrome. Despite that illness, he did not allow himself to slow down his work.

Vincent did not only act in films, but he also interested in food. In fact, he wrote a list of cookbooks. He also took part in a PBS cooking show. Notably, Vincent had won a James Beard journalism reward. That achievement based on his food articles in the Los Angeles Times. However, Vincent passed away because of lung cancer in 2005. Sadly, he had to stop his success when he was 57 years old.



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