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The cast of Friends and darkest secrets

The cast of Friends and darkest secrets

Carmen Rebecca and Nicki Swift

They may have shown the happiest BFF on TV. But in fact, members of Friends are not really as simple as we think. Some people have struggled with war with reputation and luck. And as a result, they got a lot of popularity thanks to the popular sitcom. Other artists struggle with the classic personal movie. They related to lovers, family members. They even let themselves get into complicated legal procedures. It said that many fraud scandals attract terrible attention. Even pictures of strippers, political issues or laws. It means that the links in the content of personal works by Joey, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross complicated. It is exactly like the mischievous antics on their screens.

Carmen Rebecca and Nicki Swift

Who didn’t receive the wedding invitation in the mail ?. Who has had excessive plastic surgery? And who is the real culprit in marking their neighbors ?. In a recent shocking statement, Matthew Perry revealed a terrible secret. “I couldn’t even remember what happened during the three seasons of the program.” How surprising!. Therefore, after this sharing, we decided to find out everything. We planned to investigate the horrific secrets of the Friends cast.

David Schwimmer used to make NYC – old neighbor crazy.

In the film, David Schwimmer takes on the image of Ross Geller, a paleontologist. With profound and erudite knowledge, this character’s life seems very gentle. Everything revolves around my passion for eternal research. Is everything true to what the audience sees? The answer is “No”. However, he has made crazy decisions. He affects the routine of all his neighbors. He owns a townhouse 1852. It has preserved for a long time. But for some reason, he decided to destroy it and turn it into a new home from scratch. The construction made his neighbors feel extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, someone among them sprayed the words “Ross Is Not Cool” on a nearby fence. (According to Gawker). Although a bit too much, that’s what all of the Friends’ fans have felt for decades.

David Schwimmer used to make NYC

Jennifer Aniston and her mother are not really close.

Jennifer Aniston – the actress plays a clumsy barista named Rachel Green. About her poor private life, her mother estranged from her for over 10 years. Nancy Dow – the actress’s mother publicly shared her slanderous stories. She defies everything to publish. From mother and daughter to friends: A Memoir. She did not care about the honor of her daughter and herself. But brought all the secrets of her daughter’s private life to the public. Thanks to the reputation of the actress, the book attracted a lot of attention from the community. Because of this, their relationship is becoming more and more stressful.

However, Aniston denied this rumor. She spoke in a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I and Dow are still very peaceful! Thank you all for your interest. ”Emmy beater added:“ I admit everything is quite difficult for me for a while. Especially when I grew up. She doesn’t like me. That’s why she often criticized me. “Aniston was quite sad when it came to Dow. So she invited her mother to marry Brad Pitt – her first husband. When the reporter mentioned this, She said: “She is a hot model. She always appeared gorgeous, beautiful. But I do not. Never. I never really thought about myself being in that light. That’s fine. She will not forgive anyone if they hurt her. She remembers very small grudges. “Dow divorced Aniston’s father. He was the star of our Living Day John Aniston, 1980.

Jennifer Aniston and her mother are not really close.

Aniston only invited a few close actors to the wedding.

Unexpectedly, Aniston did not invite more than half of Friends of Friends to the wedding. Although it was a wedding with his second husband Justin Theroux. Yes, that’s not just a rumor. After the news about the wedding made public through TMZ, many people dissatisfied. A source said the co-stars like Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer confirmed not attending this party.

“If she sends me an invitation, I’m ready to go,” LeBlanc shares with People. He also added, “I respect her opinion. She will be happy. And that’s all my feelings.”

“That?” I so quite surprised!. But it was her wedding. She has complete discretion.”

Matthew Perry tries to detox for a long time.

Matthew Perry, actor plays Chandler Bing. A funny, kind guy in this program. He was open about his detoxification process. During the peak of the success of the film Friends, he was extremely abusive of addictive substances. He also added that he had to go to rehab twice in a short time.

The actor was so familiar with funny and sober roles. Therefore, when this news released, it shocked the public. He did not hide and continued to acknowledge in an interview with BBC2 Radio (via USA Today) in 2016. Thanks to his addiction, he could forget about filming Friends for three years. When asked exactly what happened. He said: “I also quite confusing. I don’t really remember anything about three years about it.” And in a challenge, choose an episode of his favorite friend.

Previously, around 2013, Perry had revealed about the use of stimulants. Specifically, it is his alcohol and tobacco addiction, he said: “I can’t stop myself.” (Through People). However, it has become so bad! To the extent that he could not hide it forever. And then fans and everyone knows everything.

Matthew Perry tries to detox for a long time

Courteney Cox and the excesses in cosmetic improvement.

Courteney Cox, a beautiful actress who plays Monica Geller perfectionist in the Friends series. And indeed, her personality in real life is identical to this character. She was to perfectionist for her beauty. Like many other famous stars, she pursued the title “fountain of youth”. However, she went too far in this. She always had rumors about plastic surgery. And to clarify this, Cox opened New Beauty in 2017. This is where she shares frankly about her methods for her youthful beauty.

“For me, appearance is the most important thing. Therefore, I grew up thinking like that.” Cox said: “I am quite regretful about what happened. It caused me a lot of trouble. Although I tried to keep up. But it seems I made things worse.”

She admitted that she had ever interfered in aesthetics. There is “A little injection here. Therefore, this abuse of hers led to recommendations along with more procedures. “There is one other thing you all know about. It’s an area on your body that you will class, class, and class. When I see those images, I so surprised that it’s the body. I believe when I ask my friend’s opinion about this, they will amaze and say, ‘Oh my God, no. In the end, Cox has it all’. ”And the truth is that. The surgery, your living routine is very important, more than laser treatment, you need a special diet, and you need to add something called “microneedle”.

Courteney Cox and the excesses in cosmetic improvement

Matt LeBlanc put a lot of effort into fame

Fame also means a lot of burdens. The dark corners after the public Schwimmer’s aura have caused the great buzz. And after the event, the LeBlanc announced that he withdrew from the spotlight. Although there are some rather unfortunate personal reasons.

In an interview with The Mirror, the actor who played Joey Tribbiani shared very openly. He extremely surprises because of the popularity of this program. Sometimes it makes you feel scared. The incredible success of the program made him “almost leave home”. Because he felt completely exhausted with special attention from the crowd. “It was the darkest time I ever experienced.” He continued: “My health is hardly stable. I have a nervous breakdown.”

Therefore, LeBlanc retreated from entertainment in 2006. After that, he returned to his “California ranch”. Here, he tries to fulfill the responsibility of a good father. He spends most of his time with his daughter – Marina and her family. Because his daughter suffers from “cortical dysplasia. A condition affecting the brain, bones and motor skills”. LeBlanc spent too much time on the limelight. So now, I will focus on my daughter. “Spending time with her is the happiest thing in my life. We have a great connection.” (Through The Mirror). Fortunately, Marina’s health condition was much better when she was 11 years old. And now, she is completely healthy.

Matt LeBlanc put a lot of effort into fame

The large shadow of Brangelina prevents Aniston’s success

In 2005, Aniston and Pitt officially brought each other to court and signed a divorce application. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Pitt has a hidden relationship with Angelina Jolie. She is with Pitt’s co-star in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A long time later, people often talked about it.

According to some sources, Pitt has told many people: “He was wrong to choose Aniston.” Therefore, whenever his ambiguous relationship with Jolie spread, his affair with Aniston repeated. Whether she wants it or not.

“I feel so annoying. We have finished. Everyone should stop with that little doctor. Begin to celebrate outstanding work. Stop scrutinizing small things.” It was her share with Entertainment Tonight before the 2015 Critical Awards Ceremony. At that ceremony, both Aniston and Jolie became potential artists to work in Cake and Unbroken. “It’s both outdated and boring. It’s like an old leather jacket. Buy a more fashionable shirt.”

The large shadow of Brangelina prevents Aniston's success

Perry is absent in a friend reunion

In January 2016, the Internet had a cookie loss event. While NBC announced that all Friends actors will reunite for the first time in years. It will be an interesting recording program to honor the career of James Burrows – the film’s talented director. “We will invite all six of them. As expected, they will come in at the same time. But I do not guarantee that it can happen or not!”. Quote Robert Greenblatt, president of NBC Entertainment.

Indeed, even though the news has a huge interest. But Friends fans everywhere must disappoint. PERRY’s management company soon announced that the actor will be absent from the event. Because you’re doing rehearsals for a play in London. It was a pretty reasonable excuse for his absence. In addition, he recorded a special message and sent it to Burrows. This message will be broadcast in a special time frame. However, except for him, every other actor of Friends attended the celebration. Unknowingly makes Perry’s absence become strange. There is a bit of contradiction, deliberate and slightly unfair.

Perry is absent in a friend reunion

Schwimmer restricts public information about themselves

In 2016 on The Hollywood Reporter podcast, Awards Chatter, David Schwimmer publicized the dark parts of celebrity-making. It said that Friends’ quick popularity in 1994 is not everything. Schwimmer revealed: “It’s quite noisy. It complicates my relationships with other people. I will take years to adjust. So I think, let me think and do things comfortable yourself, “Schwimmer shares.

The popularity associated with paleontologist Ross Geller is a double-edged sword. It gives him a glorious stage. But the problems are also many. It has even become a problem for most of Schwimmer’s acting approaches. An activity that he could not complete while not paying attention.

Schwimmer restricts public information about themselves

Finally, Schwimmer says that he receives balance is very difficult and complex. He has to change roles so far. So he needs to focus on developing the skills behind the camera. After that, he will debut as director and founder of Manufacturer of Theater Company. This company based in Chicago.

LeBlanc owns two DUI

In an interview in the United States in 2014, LeBlanc shared some secrets. He told me that he had broken the law many times because he was driving illegally. Then, he affected by Friends. “About two times, I think so. I wasn’t mature then. But I didn’t drive fast, just crooked. And the media never got those pictures. I felt very lucky.”. He shared with the Telegraph.

Aniston makes it difficult for his ex-boyfriend’s widow

In a conversation in 2015 with The New York Times, Aniston told an interesting story. It is a seemingly harmless story about an ex-boyfriend who died after more than 10 years of farewell. But the reason is cancer is evil. She revealed: “That person is him. But I’m 25 and I’m naive. He sent Justin to me to make up for it all.”

Aniston makes it difficult for his ex-boyfriend's widow

That old lover is actor Daniel McDonald. His ex-wife is a widow, Mujah Maraini-Melehi. She did not respect Aniston’s point of view. During an interview with Inside Entertainment (via Ace Showbiz), Maraini-Melehi revealed many things. She said that Aniston had “exploited” the memory of her ex-husband. Due to his old relationship with Jennifer.”

LeBlanc and divorce blinded his wife.

In 2006, LeBlanc surprised everyone, including his wife, Melissa, when he filed for divorce in court. The information said at that time Melissa “completely ignorant” before the decision.

That turned out to be impossible because LeBlanc had publicly announced a relationship with his co-star Joey. Ms. Andrea Anders, they dated in early January of the same year. According to People, LeBlanc’s relationship with Anders is one of the reasons his family shattered. But LeBlanc did not confirm anything about this.

LeBlanc is intimate with the stripper

LeBlanc had a shameful statement in an interview in 2005. He said that he dated a “sexually aggressive” stripper. While riding a motorbike on the road with five other friends in Canada.

“Stripper is all for me,” he affirmed to the National Enquirer. “I was a bit drunk. She was crossing the road. When that situation happened, I felt I was irresponsible. That’s why I have to leave.” He also shared that most of the boys used to dance lap at a strip joint.

LeBlanc is intimate with the stripper

Lisa Kudrow and lawsuit with the former manager.

In 2014, a jury publicly announced that Lisa Kudrow violated the contract. After a long legal dispute with the former manager, Scott Howard. Because he sued her in 2008. He claimed Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, the flying musician, owed him.

After years of trial, it decided that Howard would benefit. Therefore, Kudrow has to spend over 1.6 million dollars to pay a fine. However, that amount is not worth it. While it’s just a bit more than the remuneration she received after a 2004 episode of Friends.

Lisa Kudrow and lawsuit with the former manager

Cox’s divorce with David Arquette is a lot of curiosity

Cox and actor David Arquette had a romance. They met on film studio Slasher in 1996. However, more than 10 years later, they announced they separated. So after 11 years of marriage, they broke up. But what is odd is that the couple did not file a divorce on the court. And until about 2.5 years later, their divorce officially ended in June 2013.

The couple has since remained peaceful and assured of raising their only daughter, Coco. In fact, they treat each other as friends. That explains the delay in filing an application. “When you divorce, you will have to regret it. “I and he have married for a long time, it is not like not trying.” Perhaps what just happened in Hollywood?

Cox's divorce with David Arquette is a lot of curiosity


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