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The dark secret of the cast in ‘Friends’ that you don’t know!

The dark secret of the cast in ‘Friends’ that you don’t know!

The dark secret of the cast in 'Friends' that you don't know!

The cast of Friends may be the happiest BFFs on TV, but they always have dark secrets that you don’t know yet. In the real life of each member, there are always problems that they want to hide or simply don’t want to mention. Talking about the sitcom Friends, there’s no denying the effort plus a little luck of the cast. They were successful and famous after this sitcom. But did you know that during filming, some members face headache problems that relate to their loved ones, or legal procedures? In addition, we will also explore fraud scandals, strippers, legal quarrels, and dark personal stories of Friends. Clearly, their life in real life is as complex as their screen roles.

In addition, you will also get to know other interesting stories. It was a lost wedding invitation. An actor was angry with neighbors! Or a person who has a passion for plastic surgery. Also, did you know that Matthew Perry used drugs? He even revealed that he couldn’t remember the three seasons of the show he filmed. It’s time to learn more about the dark secrets of the cast Friends.

David Schwimmer was angry with his NYC neighbors

David Schwimmer was angry with his NYC neighbors

If you’ve ever seen Friends, you’ll find that this story is like David Schwimmer’s character, paleontologist Ross Geller. In David Schwimmer’s personal life, he is always looking for ways for people to live quietly. And in real life, David Schwimmer caused trouble for his neighbor. He bought a townhouse that was preserved since 1852, and then he destroyed it. David’s goal is to build a new and more beautiful home. However, the construction caused a lot of noise for a long time and his neighbors felt uncomfortable. Finally, they sprayed the words “Ross Is Not Cool” on a fence near the building (a source from Gawker). This is annoying, but it’s always part of Friends and its cast is used to it!

Jennifer Aniston and her mother did not have a good relationship

Jennifer Aniston

For those who do not know, Jennifer Aniston is an actress who plays barista clumsy Rachel Green in Friends. Despite being a successful and famous actress, Jennifer Aniston never had a good relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow. They haven’t looked at each other for more than a decade. According to some sources, the crack comes from a 1999 Dow memoir. She has published “From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir” which contains many of Jennifer Aniston’s dark stories.

However, in a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston said that she and her mother were fine. The actress who won Emmy also revealed a bit more. She felt things were quite difficult for a long time, which was when she grew up. Aniston also talked a bit about the relationship with Dow. She thinks her mother criticized her. And then, Aniston did not invite Dow to attend her wedding and Brad Pitt (Aniston’s first husband).

Talking about Aniston, Dow said that her daughter was a model, she was gorgeous and she was not. However, Dow revealed that she felt the hatred was small while her daughter would always remember it. Dow married John Aniston, father of Aniston. She and the star of Days of our Lives divorced in 1980.

Aniston didn’t invite half the cast Friends to her wedding

Aniston didn't invite half the cast Friends to her wedding

Although you always meet each other on set, that doesn’t mean you are important people of each other in real life. Aniston’s second husband is Justin Theroux. They had a memorable wedding. But in the guest list for this wedding, Aniston made a surprise when she did not invite half of Friends’ actors. According to a source from TMZ, a few days after the wedding of Aniston and Justin Theroux, the guest list never included her co-stars including Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

In an interview with People magazine, the LeBlanc said that if Aniston wanted him to be at the wedding, he would definitely attend. LeBlanc also added that he thought Aniston was happy. And that’s all LeBlanc cares about.

On Perry’s side, he said it was a surprise. When he doesn’t have a wedding card, he can’t attend Aniston’s wedding!

Actor Matthew Perry battled his addiction for years

Actor Matthew Perry

Next, we come to a dark secret of Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler Bing. In sitcom Friends, Matthew is a funny guy. However, in real life he has been involved in addictive substances. In an interview, Matthew Perry shared his detoxification process. During filming Friends, the actor was in the rehab twice!

For anyone, addictive substances will cause adverse effects on their lives. And the actor of Friends is no exception. In an interview with BBC2 Radio reporter (via USA Today) in 2016, Matthew Perry said that addictions really caused him trouble. Matthew has forgotten about filming Friends for three years, this is a shocking news! The reporter asked him again and the actor said he didn’t have any memories of the 3-year period with Friends. That was the period between the third and sixth parts of this sitcom.

In an interview with People magazine in 2013, Perry talked about alcohol and pills. He said he couldn’t stop at that time. And things get worse. When Perry can’t hide this dark secret, everyone knows about it!

Courteney Cox and passion for cosmetic enhancements

Courteney Cox

In the sitcom Friends, Courteney Cox is the actress who plays Monica Geller perfectionist. In real life, she is a follower of “the fountain of youth”. There were rumors about Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery, and she finally admitted it. After opening New Beauty in 2017, Cox freely talked about her passion for maintaining youthfulness.

Cox shared that looks are the most important thing for her. She also revealed that this caused her trouble. The actress tried her best but things got worse.

Courteney Cox talked about the experience in carpet surgery. They inject here a little, or inject the filler there. After that, the change in appearance is clear, and this opens up recommendations for procedures in plastic surgery.

I think it is good. Today there are better and safer techniques. Beauty is not a bad thing!

Matt LeBlanc struggled to cope with fame

Matt LeBlanc

When talking about fame, we have Schwimmer’s reactions. Besides, LeBlanc also shared about the reasons for his retreated from the spotlight.

In an interview with The Mirror, Matt LeBlanc said that the incredible success of Friends has created a memorable milestone in his life. However, this situation made him tired, nervous breakdown, and “he almost did not leave the house”. The actor who plays Joey Tribbiani admits it was a very dark time.

After Friends’ success, LeBlanc lived in his “California ranch” around 2006. LeBlanc tried to become a good father. He has a daughter named Marina and he loves her very much. Marina had “cortical dysplasia” when she was 11 months old. It is a condition that affects the brain, bones and mobility.

LeBlanc spent most of his time with his daughter. The actor actually left the spotlight. He shared that his time with Marina was the best thing he ever did. They have a great bond, and the actor calls it the best thing in his life, through The Mirror. Marina is really a strong girl. LeBlanc’s daughter won this situation when she was 11 years old. Currently, she is a healthy person.

Aniston can’t escape Brangelina’s shadow

Aniston can't escape Brangelina's shadow

We have another secret from Aniston. The beautiful actress and Pitt divorced in 2005. During this time, there were rumors that Pitt was dating secretly with Angelina Jolie. They are acting partners while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. This is hot news and people talk about it for years.

Pitt has declared a lot about the love he has for Aniston. So, everyone thought Pitt was wrong when betraying Aniston. And every time Pitt’s relationship with Jolie has interesting news, journalists are always looking for ways to bring Aniston inside the mess. And this made the actress uncomfortable!

There is an interest in the 2015 Critics Choice Awards. Aniston and Jolie were nominated with Cake and Unbroken. Earlier, Aniston told Entertainment Tonight that everyone should stop (learning about Aniston’s personal life). Let celebrate the successes of work and ignore the small clumsiness. Aniston also added that her stories are very old (like an old leather shoe), they make her feel tired. Find and buy a new pair of beautiful shoes!

Well, Perry missed a Friends reunion

Perry missed a Friends reunion

After many years, NBC announced that cast of Friends will reunite. This statement created a wave of public opinion in January 2016. It was so loud that the Internet lost cookies because people accessed it too much. It will be a very special program that is recorded. The purpose of this program is to honor the career of famous director James Burrows. Robert Greenblatt, president of NBC Entertainment, revealed that he wanted to have all six of the Friends’ cast on stage at the same time. But he was also unsure about this. And if that comes true, it needs a great effort from NBC!

However, Robert Greenblatt’s idea did not come true. Perry has said that he will not attend this event because of his busy schedule. Perry is training for a play in London. This made fans around the world disappointed. However, we cannot criticize Perry because he has a life for work. In addition, Perry sends a message to Burrows and they will broadcast this message during a special time. All the remaining members of the Friends cast attended the celebration. Perry’s absence is a strange, deliberate, and kind of lame thing.

Did you know that Schwimmer turn into a recluse?


At the ‘Awards Chatter’ ceremony of The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, David Schwimmer revealed the popularity of Friends again. He became a celebrity immediately after becoming a member of Friends in 1994. But that’s not all. David Schwimmer adds that popularity is rather jarring. It messed up his life. David Schwimmer’s relationships with others become a mess. It took him years to get them back to normal and comfortable.

But we all know, David plays a paleontologist named Ross Geller. This popularity has even become a problem in the actor’s acting. It really affected the way Schwimmer approached a role. As he described it, it was “observing life and observing others”. This is a habit that Schwimmer can no longer do when no one is paying attention to him. As a result, the Schwimmer wanted to escape everything. He described that “hiding under a baseball cap and no one saw him”.

Schwimmer felt “difficult” to balance his life. He must change roles and adapt to them. It is friends, how to focus, develop acting skills, and become the director and founder / producer of the Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago.

Hmm… LeBlanc got two DUIs

LeBlanc got two DUIs

In an interview with the US Telegraph in 2014, LeBlanc talked about a dark side of his life. LeBlanc often drives under the influence and the police “visit” him several times. LeBlanc thought that he had to explain to the police twice. For those who don’t know, in season 3 of the sitcom Friends, LeBlanc is related to his character’s DUI arrest.

Sharing about LeBlanc’s feelings, he said it was a time when he was young and stupid. He drove very fast, and even crooked. The actor also added that he felt lucky that no reporter was taking pictures when he was doing these crazy acts. Or maybe they couldn’t shoot because he drove so fast!

Again… Aniston angered her ex-boyfriend’s widow


Do you think Aniston is the star in this article? We come to another secret from this actress. According to a source from The New York Times, Aniston told a story about an ex-boyfriend. They broke up after decades. This seemingly harmless story is about a person who died of cancer. Aniston revealed that it was an interesting man. She was only 25 years old at the time and she felt stupid. Aniston also thought that this man sent her Justin [Theroux, her then-fiance] to compensate them all.

The man we’re talking about is actor Daniel McDonald. And his widow, Mujah Maraini-Melehi, disagreed with Aniston’s opinion. Through an interview with Inside Entertainment, Maraini-Melehi criticized Aniston for “exploiting” Daniel McDonald’s memory. Maraini-Melehi revealed that Aniston accused Daniel. Aniston said that Daniel would not accept all the unwanted attention that came from his past relationship with Jennifer.

Maraini-Melehi even emphasized that Aniston understood the results when making a comment like this in the media. Maraini-Melehi wants Aniston to be aware that statements will be “dissected and exploited”.

During the interview, Maraini-Melehi assumed that Jennifer did not realize ‘treasure Daniel’ when they fell in love. They had loved each other long before Maraini-Melehi became Daniel’s wife and long before his death. Therefore, the fact that Aniston was not involved in Daniel’s long and difficult illness. Maraini-Melehi thought the only gift that Daniel gave Aniston was the way of loving and appreciating Justin Theroux.

After that, we did not see any public reaction from Aniston to respond to Maraini-Melehi’s comments.

LeBlanc allegedly blindsided his wife with a divorce

LeBlanc allegedly blindsided his wife with a divorce

The secrets become more interesting. In 2006, LeBlanc filed for divorce. This not only shocked his fans but also shocked his wife, Melissa. At that time, Melissa was “completely blind”. She thought that this decision was only temporary and she hoped that everything would be reconciled.

But we need to know why LeBlanc wants a divorce. Actually, he has been dating his co-star Joey for a while. LeBlanc and Andrea Anders dated in early January 2006. According to People magazine, LeBlanc’s relationship with Anders was one of the reasons for his divorce. But on LeBlanc’s side, he didn’t have any reaction to this incident. Perhaps he understands the value of sayings at a sensitive time!

Cox mysteriously halted production of Cougar Town

Cox mysteriously halted production of Cougar Town

After Friends’ success, Cox is known for producing the hit sitcom Cougar Town on ABC. However, while things were going well, Cox suddenly halted her sitcom production in November 2009. Responding to questions related to this decision, Cox’s representative said she had some private family problems. Cox paused production of Cougar Town for a week. And that is a strange secret. Nobody knows the reasons because they never “go out to light”.

LeBlanc and the relationship with a stripper

LeBlanc and the relationship with a stripper

In the dark secrets of celebrity life, we always find that there are sex-related secrets. And the actor LeBlanc admitted that he had a relationship with a stripper in 2005. That’s what he “sexually aggressive” on the motorbike. At that time, LeBlanc was on the road with five friends in Canada.

LeBlanc told National Enquirer that the stripper was on him. At that time, LeBlanc was drinking and he saw a girl crossing the street. The actor revealed that he felt careless and irresponsible. In that situation, LeBlanc thought he had to leave it. However, the boys must have a lap dance on the road.

The former manager sued Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow worked with her former manager, Scott Howard. However, in 2014, Scott Howard sued the actress. After a long time, the legal dispute came to a result. The jury announced that Lisa Kudrow violated the contract. If you didn’t know, earlier in 2008, Scott Howard sued Lisa Kudrow that Phoebe Buffay owed him some money when Phoebe Buffay was the manager of Lisa Kudrow.

After a long time, the jury finally decided. That was a good result for Howard. Kudrow had to transfer more than $ 1.6 million into her former manager’s bank account. However, if you remember an event in an episode of sitcom Friends in 2004, you’ll find it quite familiar to Kudrow!

Another LeBlanc’s dark secret, this time he cheated…

LeBlanc's dark secret

In November 2014, there were rumors about LeBlanc. These rumors are about the actor cheating his longtime girlfriend. Rumors appeared after the report of In Touch (via E! News) captured interesting photos. In these photos, LeBlanc is close to many different women at a Halloween party in Austin, Texas. The reporter even revealed that LeBlanc has ‘connected’ with some women wearing discreet clothes during the party.

LeBlanc’s representative later quickly responded to the allegations. They say that absolutely does not happen. It’s just the fans of the actors and they try to have a picture taken with their idols!

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding, or not. But in January 2015, LeBlanc announced that he and Anders were officially parted. They have been together for 8 years.

Cox’s divorce from David Arquette was kind of weird

Cox's divorce from David Arquette was kind of weird

Cox and actor David Arquette met when they filmed Slasher in 1996. Later, they married and had 11 years of happiness. In 2010, the couple divorced. The strange story is that Cox and David did not file a divorce application for nearly two and a half years later. By June 2013, the couple officially divorced and completed all procedures!

Maybe they gave each other some time to take the relationship seriously. And the decision to divorce in 2013 was a decision after much effort. After that, Cox and David still have commitments in parenting. They shared the teaching of their daughter Coco. It was once a beautiful love, and now they are good friends. In an interview with More magazine (via Us Weekly) in 2014, Cox shared that divorce is an event that you will always feel regretful about. Cox said that she lived with David for a very long time, because this is a strange thing in her life. Do you think in Hollywood there is a divorce in happiness? Take a look at Cox and David and how they connect to teach Coco. So admirable!

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