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The Dream Merger of The Disney House and The Fox Is Going to Take Place Soon

The Dream Merger of The Disney House and The Fox Is Going to Take Place Soon

The Dream Merger of The Disney House and The Fox

What an unexpected piece of news for you guys! The Fox is about to become one with The House of Mouse. The Walt Disney family is, consequently, going to cooperate with Marvel Studios.

And well, no matter you are a big fan of comic characters or you are interested in the heroes, they will satisfy your expectation. On top of that, the X-Men series seem to be the most outstanding candidate once the merger deal between these two names legalizes.

With no doubt, this will make a great change on what you have already seen in the past 11 X-Men movies. You will absolutely discover new sides of the X-movies which will make you surprised.

If you are addicted to X-Men, I am sure that you are getting more and more excited than ever. A number of this movie’s fans are thinking of the new ideas, as well as the new story that they wish for X-Men. Therefore, Marvel Television should be on the fire right now since the fans are very passionate. And this case applies for the executive vice president of this company, Jeph Loeb.

Destiny of X-Men after Walt Disney acquires The Fox

Destiny of X-Men after Walt Disney acquires The Fox

He has recently spoken up with the press about the destiny of X-Men after Walt Disney acquires The Fox. The Walt Disney team may bring this franchise on television soon. You know that one of the Marvel products named Legion is about to end after the 3rd season.

Everything is still a secret now, but we can get out hopes up since there are some positive signals from Loeb. He did show his passion for the future of the X-Men after this enormous merger deal.

He told the press that Walt Disney would make the decision when the deal was finalized. And then, they can easily make the plan for the characters, together with how the characters will turn into. So, let’s just wait for no more than three months!

At this time, our heart is getting exciting since a great thing is going to happen in a short time. Many fans, including me, cannot stay still to wait for this miracle. But let’s get a hold-on until there is an official confirmation from the Disney House.

How many movies can be released in a year?

x men films in 2018

You should know that all of the current X-Men movies are getting delayed and wait for this century acquisition. The matter here is the time. I am not doubting the quality of these movies, but how many movies can be released in a year? It is a big question for Walt Disney that they need to figure out after acquiring all of the assets from The Fox.

In case they only produce numerous movies for a specific hero, the audience may get tired of it soon. They may think that spending money on the same character is waste. Or they may get bored with the superhero that they have already seen two months ago.

Anyway, I still believe that the future of the X-Men is bright and shining. But can it maintain glory after a long time? It depends on the talent of the team and especially Loeb. What he chooses to do with X-Men makes everyone awaiting much.

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