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The funny things on Marvel movie sets

The funny things on Marvel movie sets

The funny things on Marvel movie sets

To the Marvel fans, MCU has done such a great job in making blockbusters the last 10 years. The movies coming from MCU all contain the funny aspects in them. Let’s be frank about this issue. Don’t you find it ridiculous at all? The most powerful living creature in the Galaxy is a purple guy. And if you notice, you will see he has scrotum-chinned. They really put a talking raccoon on the screen. Common, it is Guardians of the Galaxy, not Zootopia. The most recent hero that people call the strongest hero in the universe.

We will not discuss this character’s power. But she is glowing with flaming mohawks and flying everywhere and talk about woman right. Actually, the weirdness of Marvel movies don’t stop in the movie but also on the film set. Before and after the camera is on, there are a lot of funny things on Marvel movie sets. Besides, the audiences like to see Marvel for this. And the around information about Marvel movie stars is hard to ignore. Moreover, these funny moments of the heroes also make them more real to the fans and audiences. As you can see, heroes are just imaginations of mind. Seeing the funny moments of the actors playing them is an interesting thing.

However, not many of us have the luck to see the movie-making process in the first hand. In fact, Marvel movie stars also don’t have a chance to see this whole process first hand. As the reason seems to be easy to understand. The movie producers are afraid of what they can make spoilers. But they are right when they doubted the actors/actresses. There are many possibilities that they can’t keep the secret. And the consequence of the leaking news is worse than it may seem. The possibilities for us to get the news about those stories are short. We only know about them in the interviews with the cast and crew.

In Blooper footage, we are also able to know more about what happened in the background. In fact, these stories will satisfy fans’ curiosity while they are waiting for the movie. Or we can wait till Tom Holland says something by accident. This Spider-Man is famous for not being good at keeping his mouth closed. He used to make a lot of spoilers before. Another name being famous for spoilers is Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. There were many things that these actors shouldn’t say before the release. But sometimes, they can’t help spitting it out in their normal saying. Yet we give an easier way to catch the latest information by articles like this one. Here are the wacky things that happened on the Marvel movie set and in normal life. Let’s find out what our heroes look like behind the screen.

You will never have a chance to see a music video like this before. Especially the cast of Avengers: Infinity War made it

Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War has been one of the most epic Marvel movies up to now. The movie has a fast pace and an attractive storyline. It focuses on describing the battle which can be the last battle to many members of the team. And it was also the first time on big screen that Avengers lost the fight. They have fought with many fierce enemies. Most of their enemy seems to be too powerful to take down. Every time they thought they could defeat our heroes, they lost in the last minutes. Our heroes always find a way no matter how strong their enemies are. You can check back when Tony Stark fought with Mandarin. He pulled out everything he got to defeat Mandarin.

If Pepper didn’t show up, he would still have many armors. Even Captain America nearly died in the fight with Winter Soldier. Or Thor had a struggling battle with Dark Elf Malekith. With the strong will and skills, our superheroes were able to take down the villains and save the world. However, Infinity War was another story. You have seen the Avengers split and come back together again. But it was the first time, they met an enemy that they couldn’t fight back. And Thanos truly broke down the strong will of our heroes. They lost in the most important fight to save this universe. Now we have to see till End Game to see they’re coming back.

Therefore, people say that Avengers: Infinity War is a sad story. Because it gives us a hard breath to see our heroes fading away into dust. It makes us stop putting fate in joy, redemption and the power of love. We always believe that these factors will help superheroes get over any obstacle. But now they can’t do anything about it. And that can be the reason why some of Marvel superheroes have a heavy burden. They feel that they have to find a way to relax. Surprisingly, they tried to make a music video in their downtime. And they did praise their spirit

But things are not that simple. We know that you are too eager to see the videos but you may not be able to see them easily. Because some of these music videos turn out to be too embarrassing to exist. The main in these music videos will not be able to see the daylight if people in the world have seen them. You can check out somewhere in Disney Studios or storing files somewhere on the internet. It will be like you look for a needle in a desert.

Anthony Mackie who plays as The Falcon said about this at 2017 MCM London Comic-Con. The Radio Times informs the news. “Actually, we had come up with the idea of making a music video. And people agreed to make it in the first sight. Everyone loves that idea and we already have made half of it. But when it came to the dancing scenes, things were different. We started to know how bad we are at dancing. Therefore we have to put the way that idea. You know, we don’t want to crash out images to fans.”

A part of Mackie’s story, he came to what he called extra-super tragic. He revealed the worst dancer in the members of Marvel cast. It is Mark Ruffalo or we know him as Bruce Banner. ”You see. Mark Ruffalo turns out to have a unique dancing skill. Which will make people behold once in their life. Twice will be too much for them to suffer. Wearing with polka dots and a skintight, Mark Ruffalo can be the next nightmare”.

And we will never be able to see it. So we must thank Anthony for telling us what we miss.

Paul Rudd was the person that Anthony Mackie liked to prank

Paul Rudd was the person that Anthony Mackie liked to prank

On the Marvel sets, there were many pranks occur. And Anthony Mackie was the writer of many of these. And he seemed to love them a lot. In fact, he also answered about this at MCM London Comic-Con. He admitted that he loves making prank with people. And he said it was to release the stress and make happy time with partners. It was one time, he came to the set of Ant-man. And this was filming down the street from Infinity War. He came there with only one reason which was to prank Paul Rubb. “I came to the Ant-Man set and met Paul Rubb. I started bullying him for nearly an hour then come back to my set. We were all having a good time and felt better about ourselves.”

However, Anthony liked to bully Paul as Paul made him a target for that. He seemed to be good-natured. While the rest of the team showed that they were not easy to bully. They proved to be less vulnerable to Mackie’s antics. However, Mackie could get a decent shot at Tom Holland. Mackie talked about this. “I was nearly able to push Tom in a lake. Then he started getting angry and wanted to jump in the lake.

Of course, he did that to push me in the lake. Oh my god, that was so much fun”. He added. “I nearly pranked Paul Rubb every day of the week. After all, he is an easy target to The Falcon. The Spider-Man was always using his six sense and stayed alert. But the Ant seemed to be too happy to think what was coming from above. So he’s an easy target to me.”

Dave Bautista and his improvisation in “Why is Gamora” line

Dave Bautista and his improvisation in “Why is Gamora” line

In Infinity War, we saw a greeting fight between The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. When Star-Lord got Spider-Man and started asking Tony “Where is Gamora”. Tony, of course, answered with “who is Gamora”. And we had no idea why Drax (Dave Bautista) added: “Why is Gamora”.

However, this was not in the script. Dave Bautista just came into this idea one day during filming. And the screenwriter Christopher Markus also admitted that he did a good job. Dave Bautista seemed to truly become Drax.

Dave Bautista was not the only members of Avengers that had improvisation. Spider-Man Tom Holland also improvised when he faded in the arms of Tony Stark. His last words seem to be the now-legendary last words. “I do not wanna go” were what he said to Tony in that heartbreaking scene. This helped to make the final moments of Infinity War have more sorrow and blue.

In Age of Ultron, there were a lot of delightful scenes. Which showed that our superheroes liked kissing each other

Age of Ultron

There was a bunch of fun on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron. And just right before they released the Blur-ray and DVD, the internet started having news. Your favorite members of superheroes seem to like each other very much. They are so much kind to each other till now. They are truly a strong team in the movie or on the movie set. But they will not sit down and drink beer with each other. After all, they are not Knights in Game of Thrones. They are earth mighty heroes so they use kisses instead. We can see Steve Roger was learning how to kiss on the blooper reel from Tony Stark. And we can see Thor and Vision. They were wearing their capes and the wind blows hiding a romantic kiss. This was all before the green screen.

This is good news for them and for us. Because they seem to have a strong bond with each other. Whether they are filming or not. And this can make a foundation for us to see them work with each other in the future. Director Joss Whedon also showed how proud he was as his team got along well. In fact, he thought of counting on a little on-set friction. Then he could use it as some real on-screen drama. “But they are working so well with each other. Luckily”. Joss added.

It was on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. there was someone making Tom Holland a set chair out of a toilet

the set of Spider-Man

No matter how Anthony Mackie felt and what he talked about Tom Holland. In fact, he thought Tom is an a**hole or an awful dude. But Tom proved to the audiences that he is a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He is a sweet guy with a lot of sense of humor. On an Instagram post, he posted a photograph of three set chairs while he was filming for Homecoming. One of the chairs had the name Peter Parker on it and it was a toilet.

Holland wrote about this. ”I do love my new chair guys. Thank you but why you guys treat number one like number two like this.”

However, the chair is just a prank and it made from a prop toilet. At least it will be less gross than a normal toilet. Which can come from any trailer or something? But the trailer toilet seems to be a nice double-sided practical joke. Especially with ones ended up missing a toilet at the end of the day.

Brie Larson can’t work with Goose

Brie Larson can’t work with Goose

Among the stars we have seen in Captain Marvel, there was the most famous one Goose. Goose is an alien cat so they got a cat to play it. In fact, they used 4 cats in filming this movie but we will only talk about Reggie. It will make this a lot simpler. It was easy to understand why people seemed to love Reggie. And it has the fluffy adorableness as well as the weird tentacle explosion thingy. Besides, Brie Larson revealed that she can’t work with cats. “Brie Larson is deathly allergic to cats” is the hottest news today.

Answering to USA Today, Brie shared why she doesn’t love cats. “I could really make crazy things on set with this cat. It was the biggest difficulties for me as it made me hard to work on the movie set. You can train and force your body to do crazy things. But not for allergies”.

To make things right, the movie crew have to consider when to let Brie and Reggie work together. Being in the same scene is hard enough for Brie. They sometimes had to use a fake cat for filming. In some scenes that Brie had to touch the cat. Then someone had to come in and clean her hands immediately. Reggie and his friends will be out of the set whenever they don’t need to show up. We can see how they underappreciated these cats. Surely, they also didn’t have good pay.

Paul Bettany seemed to wander into a small town. Because there were too many trailers coming in for Infinity War

Paul Bettany- Infinity War

In Infinity War, there were many secrecy surroundings. The actors were unable to know every partner that we would work together. For example, Anthony Mackie didn’t know that he would work with Winston Duke (M’Baku). They knew that when they both accidentally ran into each other on the way to Atlanta. It was where most of the principal photography took place.

Paul Bettany (Vision) shared in an interview. He said that he had to work in an undisclosed location while filming the Infinity War. And the number of trailers stunned him. He thought that he was wandering into a small town. “I didn’t know where we were going to film the movie. It was like in the middle of nowhere. I only knew that we were about to film an outdoors scene, that’s it. But I couldn’t imagine that was that f*cking town. No building, no cellphone. It was the first time I have seen anything like this during my 20 years working.

Tim Story said to Jessica Alba that she wasn’t crying pretty enough

Jessica Alba

In the superhero movie, we have seen many strong women with amazing abilities. From the beginning, comics wanted to bring equal sexism and give rights to the woman. But the following thing can be not wacky to someone. Jessica Alba played as invisible woman Sue Storm. And she only appeared in 2 parts of Fantastic Four. In fact, this movie was a failure to the producer and actors/actresses. After Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Jessica Alba nearly wanted to give up acting. The reason was her trouble with character or script having problem. But it was because of Tim Story, the director. This guy still had the thought of people about women in 1950s.

In a scene that Sue Storm had to cry. Jessica was able to make her cry for that scene. But the director started giving bad words to her. “Can you have a prettier cry? Cry pretty or just let us do the CGI for that tear”. After that, Jessica started feeling bad about herself. She questioned her ability in acting. “Why do they hate my instincts and my emotions so much? Why do they want me to be like a robot having no feeling? I don’t want to work in this business anymore”. However, she took back her spirit and continued in acting again.

Chris Evans got hurt when he tried to hang on to the helicopter

Chris Evans

We have seen an epic scene in Captain America: Civil War. It was when Captain America tried to hold back the departing helicopter. From the beginning, we all thought that was a product of CGI. But it turned out to be the real stuff. Mashable confirmed that the scene was real.

No matter it was real or not, Chris Evans got the injuries after that. Robert Downey Jr said in an interview alongside Evans. “You know, that scene was going to injure my partner. And it wasn’t the other 3000 stunts you know. Holing a helicopter is not a joking guy.”

In the movie set, Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evan are good friends. Robert Downey Jr gave things over Chris’s arm after he went to the trailer. And they were the components of a pulse massager. “Actually my arms still hurt. Let me borrow your things more”. Chris answered in the interview. “Of course, I will get it ready for you pal”. Downey said back.

Baby Groot became so cute that Chris Pratt was jealous of him

Baby Groot became so cute that Chris Pratt was jealous of him

In fact, it is harder than it looks when you have to work with CGI. You have to pretend your wearing-green-clothes guy is your partner. You must not find it funny when you see a guy crawling with all fours. Instead, It was a member of your crew, a talking raccoon. Or sometimes, you have to pretend to talk to some while there is no one. Talking alone is what you should get used to. The CGI character baby Groot is an example. Actors will have to talk to stand-ins instead.

Director James Gunn answered at a press event that they had a Baby Groot statue. “When we want to film him with other actors, we will put it there. The other will talk to that statue and filming will work well. It made the actors easier in acting with baby Groot.”

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